29 December 2005

farewell 2005, welcome 2006...

Looks like we have few more days left before we bid goodbye to the year of 2005. There're so many things, events and stories that i'd like to write down but again am not good at rearranging all those stories into proper sequence so allow me to write whatever things that cross my mind now...

I started 2005 with myself grounded at home for confinement period. And yes, alhamdulillah idlan was safely delivered at SJMC on friday, 10th dec 2004. Though i was on c-sect because the baby was breech, and confinement period was quite tense and tiry for i couldnt move around at ease due to the pain, im so grateful for having pruzz, the greatest hubby on earth and my mom aka umi to accompany and help me throughout the period. First few weeks was tough, i was bed ridden on the first day, the next day i could already stand and moved with my body halfly bended, the following days things got easier and again the credits shd go to my hubby, he was the one who mandikan idlan, changed diapers, etc etc...and he was truly good at it tho it was his first time :) Luv u!!!

Days flied with us having new responsibilities, being the mother and father to a little cute baby. Not an easy job for first timers like us, definitely there were flaws here n there, but alhamdulillah we can coped with that. But dugaan Allah tiada sape yg tahu..we fret when he was diagnosed having pnuemonia at 7mo. I was on leave for a week, plus a few more days on mc (courtesy of the doc yg baik hati) to take care of him. The anxiety that we had that time, hanya tuhan yg mengerti. And i guess our prayers were heard...he recovered and till now he grows as a healthy little boy, no more major illness except the normal flu yg sekali-kala dtg bertandang :) At current stage, he can already stand on his own, meniti from one end to another, climb the stairs (i guess he just figured out that the stairs are interesting enough for him to play with :p) till upstairs dgn lajunya, but lucky enough for me he didnt notice that apart from climbing he can also descend the stairs! And the cheeky part about him, he likes to imitate some of the things that either me or hubby did. When we chat and laugh over something, suddenly he laughs as if he understands us, we clap hands he also claps, abah tampar peha mama he also tampar me but mind u the intensity was much higher sbb tgn dia kocik kan, abah buat2 batuk dia pon ikut batuk, abah sembur dia sembur, ask to show hands for salam he also salam and cium tgn kita with the saliva, etc etc....the list is too long to be written over here but ya allah, thank u so much for giving us the opportunity to witness all these things. It was indeed such a great experience that no one can trade it off with anything.

Career wise, well i got nothing to be impressed upon to share with u, overall things going well in 1090, i develop some of the skills of which i hardly used when i was in finance before. Good relationship was established with 'some' of the customers, bad ones still do not exist lucky me :p, negotiating over things that usually of not in the interest of the customer, well am also good at it..now that they should know they're not always in the 'RIGHT' postition. My beloved hubby alhamdulillah settled his master already, so moving on next to c0mplete his journals and later, the phd. As for myself, i didnt intend to pursue, no doubt i had difficulties to decide but after thinking and digging every single views i have, yes i've decided not to. Not in this very short term but who knows i might continue when i reach 30 years old...hehe iyola tuh :p I've no specific reason, not that i'm afraid to face all the challenges or obstacles awaits ahead, ntahla, the determination is not there. I dont want things to be running halfway like before, so better dont than quit in the middle. Well maybe am not ready to sacrifice the time that i have now, lazying around with the family every weekends, tgk tv, tgk movie, shower the utmost attention and love i can give to idlan and hubby, bla bla bla....byknyer alasan aku eh?? hmm i just try to be honest to myself :) So to my dear frens out there (specifically aini and julie), my very best wishes to the both of u, may u all fulfill and complete the course wth flying colours! Aku tumpang gembira utk korang jela ok!

Moving on to the new year, i've already marked my calendar for our jalan2 habis duit activities! Yes am sure there'll be lots of fun waiting ahead, but of course i have to forgo something in order to get something, nothing is free in this real world we're living in right? My cuti my money...ohhhh i keep on looking and calculating and organizing my budget, though sounds pathetic but hey, i need to do proper arrangement so that i can go for the holidays with complete peace of mind kan...hehehe

And hopefully we can move in to our very new/own house next year...though it's not our dream house and it's not that BIG compared to others, it still mean a lot to us because we're forking our very own hard earned money to buy it :) but to move in means another sum of cashflows going out kan? hehe pening pening tp takper, still have time to save and save....

Since there're so many forecasted cashflows already parked in our book, we've decide to apply some cost cutting activities next yr, maybe i shd say our azam taun baru kot hehe...so rank top of the list are:
- no more unnecessary weekend outing to shopping malls (right now i can say almost every weekend we gonna have shopping trip either sat or sunday)
- cut daily expenses by preparing breakfast, both for me n hubby (that requires strength and will to be able to wake up early and cook not only for idlan's meal but also us :p)
- to be in control not to buy soooo many new clothes/other things for idlan (this only apply to me)

The second item works well for the past 2 days, hope we can maintain and sustain the rest of the activities for our own good.

So allow me to wish you all HEPPY NEW YEAR! May the year 2006 shines your life with prosperity, good health, happiness, and more.....thanks to all my visitors, am welcoming any comments/opinions on anything. Nice knowing u all, be it in reality or thru webbie. God bless us........amin.

27 December 2005

when we talk about patience....

A lot of things had happened over the weekend…of which I guess really challenge my ability to control my patience.

On Friday, we went to Poliklinik NurFaxxxxx to get medicines for Idlan’s allergy. He developed rashes and the skin got itchy and it worsen after he scratched it all over. We applied the cream prescribed by the doc while he watched his all time favourite, sesame street count 123. And about 3 min later he suddenly cried and wailed and oh god we did everything we could to comfort him yet he still wailed and crying and crying. Last resort, kami baca ayat2 pelindung dan sebagainya and thank god he felt asleep eventually. So our conclusion that night, he might have saw ‘something’ yg kita takleh nampak….

The very next morning, again before we send him to nursery, we applied the cream. And few minutes afterwards there he goes again like the night before…menangis tak igt. Then we decided to go to the clinic, something must be wrong with the medicine, else he wont reacted that way. We told the same doctor we met yesterday, the doc showed us 2 medicines, asked us to smell the contents and yes, her assistants had gave us the wrong ubat. The one she gave us is ubat kurap u see! No wonder it smells horrible and strong even after I washed my fingers. That time I felt like slapping budak kaunter tuh, even after the doc scolded her, she can still smiled and pretend to know nothing. Dahlah make up tebal giler…eii bley plaks senyum2 kat aku. Both the doc and her assistant apologized for their carelessness…but what if something happen to my son, say the skin get burns or hishh I rather not to say or imagine it here…do they want to bear the consequences for their negligence? Rasa macam nak saman je klinik tuh!

Ok enough about the medicine. Now the story about my new hp. Suddenly on Thursday afternoon when I made call to another party, or received calls, the B party couldn’t hear my voice. I godak2 the hp, checked the menu, take out the battery and put it on again, bla bla bla..but still no one can hear my voice. Time tuh rasa cam nak mendidih dah…ape ni hp baru mahal plak tuh pakai tak sampai 3 minggu dah rosak??? So the next day we went to the shop, I made the talk, my hubby just kept silent. And u know what, I think I’ve managed to frightened that mamat selling the phones. So being not the usual I am, I yelled him, and biasala bebel2 tak igt. He made me to wait about 40 min to check, and alhamdulillah hp tu ok. He said it was due to cross config error with the software, so he re-intalled the software. Ok fine then. And yes, I managed to get my casing changed (tu pon memula mamat tu ckp nak kena tanye bos la itu la ini la), the previous one got a bit scratch here and there, but it wasn’t my fault ok. Mmg dah calar2 sket but my mistake I didn’t checked it the moment he handovered the phone..hehe padan muka dia.

BUT, on Saturday, haa ni mmg rasa cam nak meletup tahap gaban…time tgh charge hp tetiba dia stop. Charger plak rosak!!! Marah tak marah tak??? Eii rasa cam nak pelangkung mamat tuh…luckily I had the old charger in hand kalau idak, I’ll be handphoneless for the rest of the weekend ( tu pun terpaksa pegi ofis amik charger). I didn’t go the shop again to claim for a new charger, hati tak teringin nak tgk muka mamat tuh….i’ll wait till myself get calm and composed, then only im ready to go and face that mamat again. What a hectic weekend la :(

19 December 2005

antara study, career dan family...

Hm baru je selesai bace recent post Aini 'perihal study'. Last week masa on job training ade berborak dgn Erly pasal further study. Erly tgh buat master, dah final stage, tinggal tesis je skang ni. Erly tanye, kenape brilliant students cam korang2 ni takmo sambung dah eh? julie, chot, ko, etc etc.....aku hanya mampu gelak je heheheh...brilliant kah aku?? hoho mungkin tidak lagi sekarang ni :( Kami berborak pasal life bebudak batch aku after grad dari mmu. Erly ckp ramai budak2 yg sambung master adalah average student, yg scorer ape dah jadi? Dan buat ntah ke berapa kali aku pon bukak la story pasal diri aku...kisahnyer....

Right after grad dpt masuk telekom, aku attached kat FMA, financial mgmt & analysis. Dulu time interview depa tanye nak masuk unit mane? aku dgn bangga dan bersemangat menjawab, "SAYA NAK BUAT FINANCE/ACCOUNTING RELATED JOBS'. Dan mungkin dah rezeki, aku dpt buat keje finance. Mmg mencabar that time utk budak baru grad spt aku, keje byk giler, susah plak tu, penat tak terkata, bz toksah nak ckp, slalu stay back lamat balik...tp ramai puji aku cepat pick up..so aku stay lagik kat situ. At the same time aku, mafus, mama and halim pegi register ACCA..bayar dlm RM300++...pegi BCB buat bank draft utk bayar kat ACCA UK. Siap dpt membership card ACCA lagik..bangga bukan main. Taaapi, tak sempat aku nak start kelas, pressure keje dah bertambah & aku rasa dah takleh cope lagi. Kalau nak attend klas after opis mmg aku rasa tak sempat sbb slalu balik lambat. So akhirnya, aku decide utk quit. Duit burn, card dah tak bermakna, segala-galanya hancur. Dlm masa yg sama, aku berkira-kira utk tukar department. Rasa tak larat dah nak buat keje tu. Jumpa AGM, dia tak kasik kluar. Kena ade concrete reason. Hari berganti hari, aku try jumpe agm lagi mintak kluar dgn alasan baru " saya dah tak minat buat keje accounts, saye nak buat sales". AGM kata kena ade org ganti. Aku sibuk tanye bebudak lain kat opis tuh ade tak yg sanggup tukar tpt ngan aku, sorang pon takmo..sumer takut kot hehe...akhirnye dpt tahu ade sorang budak baru nak masuk ofis aku, so berjaye la aku handover keje aku kat dia. Dan bermulalah saat aku bertukar menjadi AE di CGG plak.

Ok tu citer ACCA. Skang citer MBA plak. Since aku dah tak berminat utk buat keje accounts, aku decide utk amik MBA plak. So dpt enroll kat upm around may 2004 kots..time tu tgh pregnant 2 bln++. Amik upm sbb dekat ngan umah kami di seri kembangan. Klas start pukul 630pm till 930pm. Ofis time tu kat menara, so sharp kol 5pm aku blah cecepat naik keta terus direct ke upm. Oh jap, on the way mmg dah jadi rutin utk singgah kat drive thru mines beli beef burger. Kenape beef burger je? sbb tu paling kecik n cepat utk dimakan sebelum masuk klas. Slalunye sampai kat upm ngam2 kol 630pm, or 615pm...so sempatla telan burger tuh. Klasmate 98% chinese, lecturer sumer chinese/indian takde malay langsung, so pepahamla time break tu la kami kena solat and mkn. Nak solat kena panjat 2 tingkat utk ke bilik solat yg teramatla crowded nyer! Time tu jugak rushing utk mkn..kadang mmg aku dah mkn burger tp time pregnant ni aku senang loya kalo perut kosong. So still curik masa utk isi perut...mkn mane yg sempat. Dlm kelas kena prepare asam and sweets bebyk sbb time tu tgh loya tahap gaban. Aku rasa cam robot, dlm klas sure ngantuk, penat keje, penat drive lelaju, penat turun naik tangga nak solat, segala-galanye kena pantas. Balik umah everyday ade assignment, every week ade presentation. Giler ke ape..bila nak discuss ngan groupmate? depa ni tak paham ke kita ni part time bukan full time. Nak sacrifice time weekend utk diskusi? ohh tidakkkss.....so kekadang aku akan stay back utk berdiskusi..that means aku akan balik lambat ke rumah. i really hate that.

Dan minggu ke-3 kot tak silap aku adalah saat pengakhirannya proses pembelajaran aku. Habis dari klas, sampai gate rumah dlm pukul 11pm, aku muntah kat gate...gate baru bukak separuh kot hehe....kepala pening yg amat, tekak loya, bdn flat. Masuk je umah, terus ckp kat pruz, kite nak QUIT! pruz tenangkan aku dulu, tanye betul ke nak quit ni nanti tak nyesal ke bla bla bla...tapi aku nekad jugak. So esok pagi tu pegi upm, antar surat berhenti blajar, cuba dptkan duit refund, mujur sempat berhenti sebelum tarikh yg ditetapkan kalo idak langsung tak dpt refund hehe....dan itulah kisah aku.

sebenarnye apart from berhenti sbb tak tahan pressure, sbb utama aku berhenti ialah tak suke style upm. Lecturer tak mengajar sgt pon, cuma kasik case study and suruh kite buat assignment and presentation. Takde lecture notes, takde pepe. Dtg klas cuma utk berdiscussion. Walaupun subject pertama yg aku amik was accounting (dan sepatutnye aku tak pressure sbb aku dah penah blajar dulu), tp aku still tension ngan lecturer tuh and style dia.

kesimpulannya, aku tak cukup tabah utk hadapi dugaan blajar time keje ni..keje byk aku pressure, yes aku mmg salute kengkawan rapat aku yg dah slamat habis MBA/acca derang. Derang mmg tabah dan rajin!

so itulah yati...skang dah jadik yati 1090, no more accounting thingies in my head. Yati 1090 yg dah bergelar ibu dan isteri hehe...rasanye inilah kehidupan yg dicari-cari kots...and aku bahagia dan gembira dgn keputusan aku. Nyesal tak jadik CPA? takkkkk...nyesal takde master? takkkkkk....am truly really heppy with what i have now....:)

seperti jawapan aku kpd erly, mmg kita kena pilih antara study & family. Bukan sumer org berjaya dlm kedua-dua pilihan yg diambil. Dan aku, aku pilih family.

perjalanan weekend kami...

Sabtu lepas Idlan diberi jab MMR di az zahrah bangi. Sebelum tu kitorang beri dia ubat demam dulu, ni petua yg kitorang dpt utk takmo kasik anak demam lepas injection. Idlan nangis kejap time jarum dicucuk, pastuh good boy diam and sengih balik. Timbang berat, alhamdulillah anak mama dah 9.5kg. Lepas cucuk mama n abah round2 kat warta bangi. Abah nak carik sandal tp since idlan dah ngantuk2 campur rengek sket, lepas lunch terus balik. Ha idlan sempat membuat projek time kitorang lunch, so dlm keta terpaksa salin pampers dulu...kaki dah menendang2 nak marah tp mujur ta** idlan tak kena seat keta hehe

Blk umah kitorang kasik idlan sleep..lama betul dia tido, kepenatan kots. Bgn tido lepas mandi mama feed bubur+sup ikan tenggiri sambil tgk Sesame Street Count 1 2 3. Mmg tak sia2 beli vcd tu, idlan suke benar tgk...so skang time feeding mesti kena depan tv sambil pasang citer tu...gerenti bubur habis dan feeding time pon berjaya dishortenkan kpd 1/2 jam jer :))) Tq soooo much to elmo, bernie, ernie and geng!! Sehari dlm 3-4x akan ade ulang tayang citer ni..so jgn tak percaya kalo aku ckp aku ngan pruz dah almost hafal sumer lagu2 dlm citer ni hehe. Kpd sesiapa yg nak ajar anak mereka mengira sambil have fun, di recommend kan beli vcd ni, gerenti seronok anak anda and sure cepat pandai!

Ptg pukul 6pm kitorang kuar pegi JJ IOI plak. Mama and abah idlan mmg jenis yg x reti duk diam kat umah...weekend mesti berjln. Akhirnyer abah berjaya jumpe sandal yg berkenan di hati. Skang tgh sales, tp tade plak kasut/handbag yg best, so mama just beli t shirt turtle neck yg bertag 'for men' :p

Ahad dihabiskan di rumah sahaja...mujur berjaya stay dlm rumah je, kalo idak sure duit abis lagi hehe. So rutin weekend berjln seperti biasa...bgn pagi masak bubur, masak sup, basuh baju, sidai baju (ni abah buat), breakfast, feed idlan breakfast (kali ni try kasik roti and cheese sekeping, berjaya dia abiskan!), sleepkan idlan..bla bla bla....rasa best dpt spend one full day dgn idlan, kasik dia mkn, mandikan dia, sleepkan dia, tgk dia main ke hulu hilir ikut kita, kitorang lunch dia pon menyibuk nak lunch, mama baring dia sibuk melenjan badan mama, abah bace paper dia sibuk renyukkan paper, etc etc.....hmm alhamdulillah dah setahun lebey anak mama...terima kasih tuhan kerana memberi kami peluang menjadi ibu & ayah kepada insan kecil bernama anak...sesungguhnya kami teramat bersyukur di atas peluang & nikmat yg Kau beri ini....

16 December 2005

1,500,000 FREE seats left

guys, in case anyone of you have missed this adverts, air asia is now celebrating their 4th besday by offering 2 mil FREE SEATS! and today when i opened the site, the number of seats avail is only 1.5mil. so get hurry ok, dont miss the opportunity. oh but one thing, you still have to pay for the airport tax.

you can fly anywhere, be it domestic or any asean coutries.

:: apart from booking the tix, dont forget to reserve your next yr leave!

on job training

Kelmarin & hari ni masa aku dihabiskan di Data MSC cyber utk on job training..aku partner bersama Ina. Dan kitorang diajar oleh En Erly..hehe mujur kenal Erly, kalo idak sure malu2 time nak blajar nih. Hari pertama dihabiskan dgn briefing pasal leased line, network, bla bla bla oleh Erly. Ptg erly bwk naik ke exchange ngan MDF, so buat kali kedua (selepas PUJ) aku dpt tgk caner rupa equipment2 dlm exchange yg sejuk bangat tuh! Skang aku dah kenal apekah node, ddf, channel, port, fiber system, , jumper, fiber cable, copper cable, coax cable, ntu, test gear, etc etc....haha rasa bangga & excited plak sbb dah kenal...so Mr/Ms Customers, pasnih jgn memain ngan yati 1090, yati 1090 dah pandai sket :p

Pagi tadi kami menunggu di ofis data msc, tunggu doket keluar..tp malangnya pagi ni takde doket plak..ish melepas nak ikut repair team pegi buat doket. So erly yg baik hati (dia sebenarnye cuti minggu ni) bwkla kitorang naik kembara TM pi round cyber and seri kembangan. So tadi aku and ina dah kenal mane satu kabinet (ade copper ade fiber), kalo fiber tuh org panggil RT/FTTS..pastuh dari kabinet kami trace D-side overhead/underground cable, pastuh straight trace DP (dari DP wire disambung terus ke umah kite). Ha aku dah kenal manhole, manhole tu yg kat tepi2 jln tu cam lubang ninja turtle. Tapi takleh bukak masuk ke dlm, berat & susah nak bukak yer. Dlm manhole bley muat max 20 org...nak turun kena pakai tangga & torchlight.

Kejap lagi insya allah kalau ade doket bleyla kitorang ikut repair team pi buat doket..bley masuk SDF customer tgk2 ape ade dlm tuh...dan kalau takde doket, erly dah paksa anak2 buah dia utk bwk kitorang pegi bukak kabinet dan tgk bende2 dlm kabinet tuh...tak sabarnyer!

13 December 2005

double celebration

[1] HAPPY 2ND ANNIVERSARY TO US! (13 Dec 2005)

[2] HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY (10 Dec) to our beloved Idlan Farhan. Semoga anak mama & abah membesar dgn sihat, menjadi insan yg soleh & berjaya dlm hidup di dunia mahupun di akhirat kelak...insya allah. Mama & abah luvs u sooooo muchhhh!!

:: Kitorang celebrate besday idlan kat umah umi kat ampang bersama2 ngan besday cousin dia, Hannah Yasmin (29 Nov). Kami beli kek chocolate indulgence utk Idlan, mummy hana plak buat sendiri besday kek hana...atas icing kaler pink, dlmnyer strawberry+walnut kek. Kitorang pot luck food, so umi goreng mihun and buat nasi impit, mama idlan buat fetuccine alfredo and choc chips muffin (kali ni muffin ku menjadi dgn sedapnyerr hehehe) and mummy hana buat roti jala+kari ayam. Kesian mummy hana, mangkuk vision berisi kuah roti jalanyer terhempas dek buatan adik aku time nak angkat dari keta..so disebabkan serpihan kaca termasuk dlm kuah tu, makanye umi terpaksa buang the whole kuah+isi ayam..isk iskkk tensen betul ngan adik ni careless dan kasar betul. Tade rezeki kami nak rasa roti jala kali ni.

:: time nak tiup lilin dua2 besday boy and girl tgh keletihan sbb x cukup tido...idlan dah merengek2, so kami pump susu kejap kasik dia bertenaga balik, kak hana dia pon dah rengek2...kasik relaks dulu. So kami makan2 dulu, in the middle baru potong kek. Tu pon susah nak capture shot menarik utk besday boy n girl ni. Payah yg amat nak kasik depa behave depan kek huhu...so gambar pakai amik jela mane yg sempat janji ader!

:: Alhamdulillah perut sumer kenyang dan food byk lebih. So cam biasa at the end tu sesi tapau mentapau dijalankan. kek idlan hampir runtuh sbb dah lama duk kat luar :(

:: Mama & abah kasik vcd sesame street : ELMO count 123 and flash card to idlan (sori eh mama n abah tgh kopak taleh beli hadiah memahal)...to hana kami kasik vcd sesame street jugak...umi kasik idlan kasut garfield (tp mama yg belikan hehe), mummy hana pon kasik kasut kat idlan, mickey kaler biru. Papa kasik baju kat idlan n hana....and taun yg pertama ni cuma ade sorang kasik besday CARD kat idlan...that is mak ude!!! tq mak ude :)

07 December 2005

jalan-jalan habis duits

Maybe I shall declare yesterday as our ‘pokai’ day.

We went to IOI Mall, the bowling alley was our first target. We played 4 games straight till our legs and hands got shaking all over. But surely u don’t wanna miss the offer of RM2/game right? And yes I shall also consider yesterday as my lucky day. I did well in most of the games yeyy!

Right afterwards we had our lunch at Pizza. And honestly the newly lauched cuisine ‘greek mousaca’ (betul ke spelling ni?) doesn’t taste good. My advise for those who doesn’t eat eggplant (in bm they call it terung ok J), just forget to try it else u’ll regret for the money spent. It looks like lasagna with alfredo and Bolognese sauce on it, plus mozzarella cheese on top, but the fillings inside totally disappointed me….ade ayam2 hancur yg almost tak berasa ayam and lots of eggplants (I REALLY MEANT A LOT OK!) So just imagine u eating terung covered with spaghetti sauce and cheese, sedap tak hehehe..and the terung cut is quite big ok.

Then we moved on for our next plan at the next place, that is MINES! At last, after about 2-3 hrs of surveying and bargaining, I got for myself the nokia 7610 (org panggil nokia daun) and B took sony ericsson K700i. And it saddened me for the fact that I had to let go the one and only, my dark blue 3310, the one that gave its service up to the max level ever since I bought it on feb 2003. trade in for just RM50, huhuhu sedey kan? Initially the shop was willing to take it at RM70, then they figured out the phone ringing tone was totally out, the buzzer was damaged and they had to replace for a new one…so last skali dptla RM50 jek. Hp B pon dpt RM50 jer but to me the bargain was quite good since his was already outdated hehehe dah tade dlm pasaran pon :p

Our night was spent reading the manual.

Happy ke tak ade phone baru? Emm ntahla biasa je kots :p tho the functions are wayyyy much advanced than my old one, still rasa kehilangan. Dah siap jerit2 report kat B apsal tade calculator ni padahal diri ni still terkulat-kulat nak carik menu tuh haha

countdown: lagi 3 hari besday si bujang yg sorang tuh!

05 December 2005

blajar bersabar....

Weekend lepas mmg amat mencabar kesabaran aku.

1] time feeding idlan - skang nampak gaya dia dah kureng suka mkn bubur. nampak je aku sua bowl and spoon dia terus lari. puas memujuk dia still takmo mkn. sampai mama dah marah beberape kali, dia stare je balik bila mama marah, memula mata nampak cam nak berair tapi tak jadi nangis terus gelak n senyum balik...adoi terus cair hati mama. Try lagi pujuk tapi tak berjaya...ptg pon camtu..sudahnyer satu hari tak mkn bubur! instead dia mkn potato bun ngan roti jala sekeping (kat open house umah jiran). Adoi caner la nak pujuk anak mkn bubur...for info aku dah byk kali eksperimen ingredients dlm bubur tuh..carrot+potato+brokoli+ikan...utk buang hanyir ikan aku bubuh raisin. dulu bubuh ayam, tp nampak gaya dia takleh tolerate ayam sbb naik rashes...so stop ayam. Kadang kasik sayur and raisin je tak bubuh ikan. Anybody out there yg ade suggestions caner nak kasik anak suke mkn bubur? dulu penah mash nasi, tapi dia nak termuntah plaks...dia tak reti nak kunyah, instead dia cuma kumam je makanan yg masuk mulut dia.

2]penat hambat idlan during meal time dia ditambahkan lagi dgn penat pagi tuh buat choc chips muffin cilok resepi internet. first time bake muffin keras hehe..overbaked kots..luar keras dlm sedap. Second tray bake muffin cun...TAPI tak fluffy and berongga dlmnyer...bila citer kat umi aku bubuh 1 TABLESPOON baking powder umi terkezut giler..dia kata maybe sbb tuh kot muffin aku terlalu heavy/padat dan tak fluffy..ye ker kengkawan? kalau la betul, hishh maknanyer resepi internet tak boleh dipercayai cettt! Takper, still ade seminggu utk eksperimen sebelum tiba 10 december nnt utk idlan's besday celeb ehehe..akan mama usahakan sampai menjadi yey!

3]jadual ahad pon tight. pagi dimulakan dgn membuat bread pudding (versi bakar) plus castard serving dua loyang..satu utk mkn sendiri, satu utk kasik umah papa sempena open house utk close families kitorang. walaupun badan penat, tapi still rasa something missing kan B? rasa tak complete weekend tanpa outing ke shopping complex hehehe.....tp duit dlm bank dah menyusut..caner nak jln2 kat shopping complex yer?

:: B duk pujuk pi survey handphone. nokia 3310 biru tua ku dah amat nazak. cuma bley vibrate jer, ringing tones sumer dah ilang. angkara idlan termuntah 2x di atasnyer hehehe...sian phone mama. Dulu idlan suke main hp aku, tp sejak dah tak bunyi ni dia pon tak heran dah. aku plak antara sayangkan phone ngan sayangkan duit utk tukar hp baru hehe...kalo ikut hati nak je biar sampai dia langsung tak boleh beroperasi. nak beli hp baru ape pon tak tahu yg mane berkenan di hati. diri ni dah lama tak keep up to date pasal model2 hp di pasaran. nama model tak tahu, apetah lagi teknologi2 yg dioffer oleh setiap hp...oh terukkah aku? ade sesape nak suggest model ape yg best/lawa dgn harga yg tak brape mahal..say RM1k and below? oh kalau bley nak yg ade kamera skali lagik cun!

02 December 2005

chicken little chicken little!

Bila kitorang cakap "chicken little chicken little" sambil gelak2, terus dia kepak-kepakkan tangan dia cam ayam/bird nak terbang....hehe comel sungguh! ntah mane dia blajar ntah..mama ngan abah tade plak beli vcd citer tuh. Skang suke betul kepak-kepak tangan...dlm keta, sambil duduk, sambil tgk sesame street, etc etc...haa bila bukak cd sesame street terus dia kalut sibuk nak berdiri pegang skrin tv tuh...bila elmo and geng nyanyi, dia pon mumbles cam paham..ikut nyanyi sama kots...kartun bob the builder pon dia suker tgk, lagi satu kitorang perasan dia suke tgk iklan shampu, musykil plak aku...dia suke tgk wanita cantik ke suke tgk rambut pompuan tuh??

Pasnih nak mintak limaunipis burn kan vcd tilmiz, kang kalo asyik tgk kartun je payah gak! Bebudak nursery pon ckp idlan suke giler tgk kartun, mulut bising bukan main. Dan akak nursery cakap dia antara yg paling lambat habiskan makanan (kat umah mama amik masa dekat sejam nak abiskan satu meal)..makan lambat tapi mulut pot pet bukan main lagi yer???

Tapi kenape bila pegi umah orang mulut macam terkunci sayang? rumah org mmgla tak sama macam rumah kita..tapi kat rumah org ade ramai org macam kat nursery, tapi kenape mulut tak bising sama macam duduk kat nursery?

01 December 2005

pontianak II

We went for pontianak harum sundal mlm II movie last tuesday (both of us took off ok, bukan curik tulang :p) at GSC, sunway pyramid. The story? hmm so-so la...along the way i kept on asking B ---> why like this, why like that, ni hantu ke sape, bla bla bla...so conclusion is it's kind of hard to understand the whole story though u've seen the first one. My advice, go and get some gist of the story so u wont be sitting inside the panggung, berkerut-kerut muka sambil berfikir apesal laa jadik camni. But credits go to maya karin, she acted very well as a banshee (B in fact asking me, kenape panggil banshee, bukan vampire? hehe)...background music also ok, sinematography tip top, overall i rated 6/10. Not bad for a malay movie la kan? and make sure u pay attention to the baby, she's soo adorable and innocent..and kesian dia sbb asyik kena culik dek pontianak tuh huhu

Before that we had our lunch at chicken hartz and we were like haaa dah RM16.90 per pax? hish hish mahalnyer...we used to pay only RM12++ during our univ time and the place was indeed good for large kroni's gathering+chit-chatting. Unlike those early days, this time we just couldnt eat as much as we used to. Situation was different i guess, takde kengkawan yg ramai sebagai pembakar semangat utk pump in the food hehe

OK time to sign off, a lot of hassles in the office right now...just because of the lauching of THAT new system! we're supposed to move forwards and be advance in everything we do rite? but things happened in an adverse direction ..we're now struggling to cope up with this new thingy and going backwards like the old days where manual data input takes place...apolaaaa!