30 October 2006

Cerita Hari Raya kami

Raya tahun ni sungguhla tragis. Macam-macam benda berlaku, yet im grateful, still we had the chance to celebrate the raya with our loved ones, yela kalau nak compare ape yg berlaku pd kami dgn mereka2 di Thailand, Afrika, etc...kira kami ni masih tersangatla beruntung.

Bertolak blk ke kg di Junjung Kedah pd Ahad, 22hb. Sehari sebelum tu, B kena diarrhea, i guess the culprit was ayam goreng KFC yg super extra pedas tuh :( Nevertheless aku tak kena, alhamdulillah la. So sabtu tu B bukak pose di rumah umi dgn mkn bubur ayam mc D jer...terpaksa lupakan makanan lain yg sedap2 tu hehe.

Ahad, perjalananan ke kg ok...B pon nampak dah stable perut dia. Kami selamat sampai tanpa sebarang masalah.

Isnin sebelum raya, everything was ok, except idlan yg buat perangai takmo mkn pepe langsung, he exhibited zero interest to any kinds of food, pening mama ngan abah pujuk mkn, sumer dia reject. Susu pon minum sket je, kami rasa maybe dia bz main kot, plus ramai org kat kg...dia sampai lupa mkn minum :p

Selasa - Pagi raya still ok. Lepas solat raya B mengadu gatal2 and panas kat leher and muka dia. Habis digaru-garu, merah seluruh leher and tengkuk. Muka pon naik panas and bengkak sket. Suspect allergic (tapi tak tahu ape allergen nyer!), so B ngan abg ngah rush pegi klinik di pekan, lepas pekena jab dah ok terus :) Kat umah plak, Idlan lepas mandi pakai baju melayu mengamuk2, aku tidokan dia...then time dia bgn tido kebetulan aku dlm toilet, dia nangis2 cari mama and abah dia, batuk-batuk sampai muntah. Habis baju melayu raya, tak dan amik gambar raya satu family...sedey kan :(
Ptg tu kami berjln sakan, habis 5 umah pakcik makcik sedara B kami round. Kira complete la raye first ni memvisit mereka sumer.

Rabu - raya kedua aku tak ke mana. Idlan nampak cam tak brape sihat so duk umah je ngan abg ngah n akak ipar. Abg pruzz plak tetiba demam. B ngan mak pegi alor setar, lawat sedara belah sana.

Khamis - raya ketiga lagikla tragis. B kena diarrhea (suspect mkn nasi kandar kat alor setar kelmarin), aku plak kena gastrik. Kol 9 lebey kami ke kulim mencari klinik, byk plak tutup, at last jumpe satu klinik cina yg kosong, mujur doc baik and ok. So raya ketiga seharian duk rumah, tak larat sesgt. B ke toilet lebih 10x, aku plak muntah2 dan lemah satu badan. Mujur idlan ok, cuma dia batuk and sesema.

Jumaat - balik ke KL, perut B masih kureng stable but getting better, dia tak berani mkn pepe, takut kena gi toilet lagi. Aku dah ok, idlan masih dgn perangai takmo mkn. Berat pon dah susut sket. Terus direct pegi umah umi and tido kat Ampang. Umi msk rendang, tp B mkn sup ayam je, for the sake nak jaga perut :) Mlm pegi beraye kat umah abg.

Sabtu- balik ke umah kami, alhamdulillah rumat selamat semua selamat. Resume daily chores as usual, kemas seluruh rumah, basuh baju 2 trip, lipat baju, unpack brg, etc....flat satu bdn (ni yg boring bila balik umah sendiri hehe). Mlm gagahkan diri bukak buku, nak study kekonon, exam next week hehe...tp mata duk jeling2 tgk tv, mkn eskrem, mkn biskut raya, last2 abis satu cerekarama aku tengok sampai kol 12am :)
Dan si teruna pon dah back to his normal self, mkn dah lalu, habis semangkuk bubur ayam dimkn..alhamdulillah.

Dan hari ni dah back to the office, buat keje macam biasa, network ngan server early in the morning down and lembab sesgt, dia pon tgh mood raya kots. Next week klas resume cam biasa, ade assignment and presentation menanti, so kena rajin2 ok!

Gambar raye nanti2 lah...malas nak upload, tak byk mane pon gambar yg kitorang amik huhu

Kat klinik timbang berat, beratku jatuh lagik huhuhu..ni sure sbb gastrik ari tuh kots...bila difikirkan tragis jugak kali ni, mkn pon tak pulun byk (walaupun dah simpan azam nak mkn byk benda time raya), tu kot hikmahnyer, mkn kena berpada-pada :)

20 October 2006

Salam Eid

Traffic is much clear this morning, i guess people has started leaving Kuala Lumpur and heading back to their hometown. Myself still working, and tomorrow confirm a few of us have to standby to man the center.

Last nite i've finished baking all the biscuits as planned. All already divided into 3 portions, i.e for mak kat kg, mak kl and ourself. So tonight i can start packing in peace and back to my normal sleeping pattern....i miss my 7-8 hours sleeping time!

Tomorrow we'll break our fast at my mom's house, well my brother is coming back fr KK tomorrow, so it'll be a great time to gather and meet up with everybody before blk kg. Plus i cant wait to show my final piece of work to my mom hehe...the choc cheese cookies that i baked last nite, the recipe looks easy peasy but now i can conclude that would be the very first and the last. sangat leceh dan renyah!

So to all my dear frens out there, those whom i've met face to face, those that only knows me thru blog or chatting, or those yg mmg dah kenal, Salam Aidilfitri and Maaf zahir Batin from the 3 of us. May u all have a safe journey to ur hometown. Drive safely n take care. Raya jemput dtg ke rumah, tapi takde special open house ok :) We'll be in Junjung until 3rd hari raya and back to KL on the 4th.

17 October 2006

The final week

My list to-do-things pilling up over the final week but am all excited and gear up to finish up everything on time before we heading to Junjung, Kedah for raya....so here goes the list:

- buat biskut choc chips utk rumah and kg
- buat biskut quaker oats resipi mak - utk umah and kg
- buat biskut cornflakes - utk umah and kg as well
- abiskan individual assignment and slides for presentation - ni pas raya kena antar
- cari acuan, choc rice and dessicated coconut utk buat biskut kat atas tadi, lelain bhn sumer ade dah standby
- kek tayah buat..mak nak buat hehe
- bwk balik resepi muffin ( ni x perlukan tenaga tp perlukan daya ingatan yg kuat haha)
- svc keta ( ni pruzz yg buat :P)
- reload touch n go

eh tu jer kots....tu jer? tu pon dah byk ler tuh, belum campur packing baju and barang2 kitorang and si kecik tu lagi!

Terasa lega sgt bila order biskut sumer dah abis delivered. Terasa spt beban yg tersgt berat melayang ditiup angin :p

Well i still have to work on Saturday (yes the deepavali day) until 3pm, we're running a 24hr center so when it comes to festive season, some of us need to sacrifice to let others to enjoy n celebrate the big day. Im still considered lucky for i can extend my leave the whole week of raya!

Muffin special utk dilla bley buat kat umah mak....so sat nite bleyla rest and concentrate utk kemas-mengemas :)

Ari ni last masak, provisions dah abis...and malas nak beli...so pasnih bley relekskan badan after balik ofis yeye

Syioknyerrr raya! Oh taun ni kami theme coklat ala2 gold :)

11 October 2006

Thanks to Pediasure (i guess), Idlan's weight has finally increased to 11.8kg yesterday, that after a stagnant 10kg reading for the last 8-9 months :)

He has finished 5 tins in total, and now he's back to lactogen, until mama and abah shops for our provision at carefourre next week.

Like Aisya and Fawwaz, it looks like the haze has affected idlan as well. He puked after a series of cough since Monday while sleeping, and today he's getting better after a few dose of ventolin and clarytine. Hope we all get well soon and the Indonesia government will be more proactive in coping with the issue, rather than just sitting down and praying for the rain to downpour the earth.

Yesterday we had asam pedas ikan pari yg lazat, thanks to umi for the daun kesum, if not i dont think the taste will be as ummphh as it should be :)

And i got my hubby to buy a piece of cream caramel at bazar ramadhan (kes teringin la ni), and it costed me RM1.50! Mahal seh...and kurang telur plak tuh huhuhu

Idlan is so into carrots and potato lately. I prepared chicken soup for the past few days and he chose to eat only carrots and potato. And like Iman, he can ratah the un-cooked tomato religiously mcm tomato tu sedap giler! (thanx k.tie for the photo, kalo idak sure sy tak tahu idlan suke tomato hehe)

09 October 2006

UKM ranked at no 185 out of top 200 universities in the world. However I cant no longer see UM in the list. The top 3 goes to Harvard, Cambridge and Oxford.

the class....

Finally the tiring weekend is over and i can expect the same thing for the forthcoming one.

Overall the class is OK, much better than UPM ( no offend to the upm students ok :p) to be exact. Classmates all are ok, the lecturer is good and knowledgeable, and we all can understand better with lots of real life examples given when she explained on a particular theory.

My first subject is OB - Organisational Behaviour. Its a management subject btw, and i never took it before during my degree. The not so good thing about it is it involves lots of theory, hence requires lots of memorization and application. My first class was bad (it was a straight five-hour class), blame it to my migraine and drowsiness (stay up buat biskut the nite before), i couldnt concentrate and my mind wandered around and at times i did sleep while joting down my notes. But guess what, im amazed with the rest of the class, no one shows any sleepy sign except myself! Second day i was all awake, and the rest of the hours went well and smooth. We did handovered our first group case study, i didnt put much hope to score, we were quite blur but belasah n hentam sajelah labu!

Majority of the class consists of managers, some are project managers for IT co, some are managers from TM, and me, being the youngest of all, obviously im the one having less experience compared to them. One of my groupmate is a lawyer with 2 kids, another one is also a proj manager. The class is very proactive and we were having two-way communications most of the time. Myself...am still coping....am still not giving up my best, perhaps it was because my brain has had a good 4 years rest all this while.

Well, my exam is scheduled on 11th nov, another group case study is to be submitted on 4th nov, individual work paper to be submitted on the 5th, plus a presentation. And the next semester will begin on the 18th....cepat betul habis kan hehehhe bagus bagus!

We got a food packed every saturday, thanx to Rezzen (even tho that already includes inside the fees).

When i reached home, the moment Idlan saw my face, he screamed himself all aloud saying "MAMA MAMA MAMA MAMA" non stop! Adus sedeynyer mama...anak mama miss mama so much eh :) I asked my mum how he's behaving throughout the day, and my mum said he kept on asking mama mama mama? maybe about 10x in a day...and when my mum answered "mama go to work" , he'll forget and play again like usual. Good boy!

06 October 2006

Daging Black Pepper

Ni nak share satu lagi resepi (pruzz suke gak ni hehe)...so sape tingin bley try it out ok!

Daging Black Pepper (with mushroom sauce)

kicap - manis or masin bantai jer
sos tiram
tepung jagung
gula sket
garam sket
bawang putih - cincang halus
lada hitam - tumbuk
button mushroom

Tumis bawang, masukkan daging, masak sampai empuk. Masukkan mushroom, kicap, sos tiram, garam and gula...then masuk tepung jagung. Finally masukkan lada hitam....beres! Oh bley hias ngan tomoto kalo suke.

-i use lada hitam instead of serbuk sbb rasa dia lagi umphh!
-bley jugak guna daging steak tu, then just pour in the gravy on top

sori gambar tader..bateri out.

ok tu je entry hari ni...tersangatlah mengantuk ni huhuhu

05 October 2006

2nd week of Ramadhan

Today is already 12th Ramadhan, and i've been off for 5 days already. Nightime was spend baking and baking and baking. My oven starts working immediately after the little guy of the house dozes off to sleep. And it usually ends after 5-6 hours of baking per session. So just imagine how many hours on average i can sleep throughout the nite huhu. Lucky i didnt become a zombie at the office :)

Baking is fun, but using a small oven definitely is a mistake. I didnt expect to receive orders as much as i get now but thanks to you guys, my small business has actually materialized :) Thinking of next year, well i must get a bigger oven should the business is to be continued. But i dont know, with loads of assignments, presentations, etc etc, do i still have ample time for baking? even if i squeeze my schedule here n there i dont think i can manage to do that, plus what if we decide to get adik for Idlan? haha ntahler!

My class officially starts on this coming Saturday, after the registration. I feel so cuak, cuak for i dont know anybody inside the class, cuak of thinking what if i've lost the skills of doing assignments/presentations, cuak if i get groupmates that cant cooperate and unmanaged, kesimpulannyer i am cuak with everything!

On top of that, I've already got myself 2 pieces of exercise book, a cheap one with paper cover hehe...and that's it. And ohh the money for registration, well am going to the bank tomorrow to withdraw some amount for it. The scholar result is still pending for approval, but alhamdulillah my name is in the list. So harap-harap they wont be cutting my name off the list last minute.

I am going back to school............walalalla!

p/s: yesterday first time in life i made ikan cencaru goreng belah belakang (cilok resepi ummimon) for our bukak puasa. It was super yummy! And today we'll be having daging black pepper with mushroom sauce...nyum nyummm