29 May 2007

jeng jeng

Breakfast bersama Dato' CE?
6 June @ Menara TM

waaa terpina-pina sekejap beta hehehe

May highlights

Things going on pretty well for this month, and ends up great too I’d say!

- Final exam is over, such a huge relief even tho I did not set high target for this paper
- The whole family will be going back to kelantan tomorrow after a year of not seeing my grandmother (just figured out am not the only one being considered ‘bad’ cucu in this case :p) And don’t get envy with me, am already plan to eat 2 bungkus of nasi dagang and nasi berlauk for the whole 3 days spend there hehehe. We’ll be heading to Terengganu to spend a night there near the beach before driving back to KL.
- My hubby finally got awarded with his Master of Philosophy after one dreaded year of waiting and hoping. It’s time for him to move on and gear up for the next stage; i.e p.h.d.
- Two of my BP2008 insya Allah will materialized…thanks Pn Limau for the fruitful chatting and sharing of info :) Alhamdulillah…
- Presenting my official cake blog, Hot StoveHappy viewing!

25 May 2007

PENANG: A 27-year-old woman miraculously survived when her Proton Iswara plunged from the sixth floor of Mutiara Heights multi-storey car park in Jelutong here.
Clerk Jenny Tan, who broke her left arm, was said to have been negotiating a sharp turn at her flat's car park at about 8.15am yesterday when she lost control of the vehicle and rammed it into a wall. The car landed on its top, with both the front and rear badly damaged.

More stories http://thestaronline.com/news/story.asp?file=/2007/5/25/nation/17834038&sec=nation

Tu org kata, ajal maut semua ditentukan Tuhan, sape duk kondo ke apartment ke cuba pi intai tingkat 6 tinggi wooo :)

22 May 2007

Since am too lazy to set up a special blog for Hot Stove (for time being la :p), feel free to browse my fotopages for our cakes collection :)

I'll be taking a LONG sweet LEAVE from 31st May until 4th June (yabedabeduuuu), so appreciate any orders placed before or after the said date range. I'll try to find time to upload previous cake pics later if time permits ok.

Have a nice weekend peeps!

21 May 2007

towards the end....

1] Things that I hate most about take home exam:
- the questions are usually more than one
- the questions are tricky, requires high level of critical thinking, and far from straightforward
- need to look up for journals/articles/external source to support your answer
- are usually complex and 3-4 times harder than normal exam

2] Latest collection from Hot Stove, Blueberry Chocolate Delight (with cream cheese frosting). It’s special coz you get to taste 3 different flavors in one cake; chocolate, blueberry, and not forgetting cheese. Thanks Farra for convincing me, the cream cheese indeed tastes good! For those who doesn’t want a very rich cheese cake, but still wanted to have a taste of cheese, this is just perfect for you. You can opt to omit blueberry if you want though….

(9' round pan)

Blueberry Chocolate Delight (with cream cheese frosting) RM35
Chocolate Delight (with cream cheese frosting) RM33

17 May 2007

Happy Teacher's Day!

Finally i'm done with my last assignment...cant wait for the final xm next week before i get 'awarded' with TEN precious days for break before we enroll for the new subject. Elated and satisfied, i decide to bake a chocolate moist cake for Idlan's teachers and friends at his nursery last night. While the cake settled inside the oven, took the opportunity to do my presentation slides...it's good to do things 2 in one shot and see the result hehe

Chocolate moist cake (9' round pan, 1.1 kg, RM30)

It was a 24x7 well spent yesterday. Slides done, the kids got cake, i burned a few calories after a short yet tiring badminton games with hubby in front our porch...what else eh....oh i am one HAPPY lady today!

15 May 2007

Penat update tapi tetiba hilang..hampes. Disebabkan malas, silalah klik sini for idlan's latest piccies.

10 May 2007

May updates

1] I guess time flies very fast recently, am quite tight with lots of important and urgent things to do.
Sorted out a few tasks and am left with several others...termasukla update fotopages (x penting pon kan hehe)....breath in breath out :)

~ My current subject is halfway completed, cant wait to submit the final group project (of which the progress is still zero!) and xm and then join the whole family going back to my mother's hometown back in kelantan yeyey!
~Pics shown above...my yellow and
pink highlighters that can be considered my bestest fren throughout the whole course...apart from the support i received from hubby n idlan of course :p
Saje amik gambar wat kenangan hehe, sok abis blajar sure tak pakai dah. From mmu till now i still favor yellow and pink colors over green, or blue, or purple, etc etc

2] Chocolate almond brownies and choc cheese tart for my ofismate cum loyal customer (u know who u are :p) Thank u for all the support given, am always open to any comments, be it positive or negative for future improvement..so sila la komen jgn malu2!

To those out there yg query on my price list, here goes the details fyi:

Chocolate almond brownies 10' x 10' - RM22
Marble choc cheesecake 8' - RM35
Royal Blueberry Oreo cheesecake 8' - RM38
Cheese tart:
10 regular - RM15
16 regular - RM23
20 regular - RM28
(a choice of blueberry/chocolate topping)

3] To my darling B, congrats congrats alhamdulillah! Pasnih no more potato couch in front of tv during nightime yeh :p He once said to my, he was inspired looking at me working hard to complete my assignments/cases..so i guess now the both of us must exchange inspiration for the betterment in future :) I think now i've changed, if previously during the initial course of study i only set target to PASS, now the target was slightly adjusted, i wanted to complete the course with flying colors! justified la why am in desperate mode to maintain my cgpa throughout the finishing line.........amin amin. So study comes first, baking goes second ingat yati ingat!

4] my dear Idlan got bitten by something, and now the spot got infected and turned into 'bisul'. He has eczema btw, so his skin is more sensitive compared to others. The paed said his bisul is still under control, and we need to wait until dia masak sebelum dipecahkan huhuhu. Lucky he still active and behaves normal....doakan idlan sembuh yer kengkawan, tq

5] me and B accidentally bumped into a person from a company doing bone test at klinik gomez this afternoon. The test concludes am lack of calcium, a bit off-track from the normal reading while B performs well at his test...the test suggest he is PERFECT in terms of his calcium intake! (ntah2 silap test tuh hoho)

ok ok pegi wat keje nuh...till then frens...off~

07 May 2007

May sensation

Here goes our latest collection @ Hot Stove...introducing Royal Blueberry Oreo Cheesecake!
It's my first owned recipe, modified from the marble cheesecake recipe released earlier. It's special since i add in quartered oreo biscuits for the filling, covered with creamy whipped cream and hundreds of chocolate rice, and of course topped with fresh sweet n sour blueberries. But for those who doesnt like oreo dun worry i can omit it if you want! Price at RM38 for 8' round mould.

And this one was baked last friday for Vatsala's niece birthday. She wanted marble chocolate cheesecake covered with cream and choc rice, and 3 cutie mickeys seated on top of the cake. Thanks madam! Glad the whole family like it :)

This is supposed to be a last week post...

We were blank on where to go and what to do on the labor day. After a few brainstorming session and sms sent to a few ppl, we at last decided to go for bowling
@ mines, only the three of us, to introduce idlan to the world of bowling, and to see all the big fat ikan keli over there. Mama made the day by beating abah, leading both of the games we played nyeh nyehhh...7 strikes for 2 games considered ok la kan, considering the last time i hit the bowling lane was about a year ago kots :p Idlan obviously enjoyed himself, stroking and counting the ball for how many times God's only know....thank u sayang for being a very good boy throughout the day :)

On the next day we went to PD to celebrate abah's besday...supposed to go there with tok and wan as well but both of them could not make it. That left only the 3 of us again, spending our one nite at tm's resort. One thing we learnt from the trip, Idlan takut mandi laut!! takut sesangat sampai takmo jln langsung atas pasir laut huhuhu. That explains why our pics only featured view at swimming pool and its surrounding huhu sgt boring! Click here for photos.

04 May 2007

a special cake for a special person!

berebut pisau dgn abah...

terpaksala abah guna pisau potong daging :p

Abah now turned 27 already!

Royal Blueberry Oreo Cheesecake specially made for abah :)
a slice of cake anyone?
To Abah, Happy Birthday to u! Semoga panjang umur, dimurahkan rezeki kita sekeluarga, sihat sentiasa, dan berjaya dunia & akhirat.
Mama & Idlan sayangggggggggg abah muahhss!