24 October 2014

Resepi Grilled Salmon with Lemon Butter Sauce

Punyelah mengidam salmon grill, sampai sanggup lari ke AEON Mid Valley time lunch minggu lepas utk cari ikan salmon. Farra kata kekadang AEON ada promo, so kite terjah jelah. Rezeki ari tu salmon cut tak berapa mahal sgt, dan paling best jumpa asparagus tgh promo..satu pek dlm RM5-7++ depends pada berat...mmg cun sgtlah salmon grill pekena dgn asparagus!

Sempoi je nak buat grilled salmon nih. Utk ikan, saya cuma perap dgn garam, lada hitam, butter dan olive oil. Tabur jugak dgn mixed herbs nak kasik wangi. Then grill jelah atas pemanggang ajaib both sides sampai ikan masak. Asparagus dan cherry tomato pon saya grill sekali bersama-sama dgn ikan...tabur jugak garam sket. Kalo rajin, boleh pair kan grilled salmon ni dgn steamed carrot, kacang buncis and brocolli ala2 Chillis..pergh konfem sedapp!

Bahan2 utk lemon butter sauce:

2tbsp butter, sedikit bawang besar didadu, 1tbsp tepung gandum, 1/2cup - 1 cup fresh milk, sedikit garam, sedikit lada hitam, sedikit mixed herbs/daun parsley/rosemary/etc.

Cara nak buat sauce tuh:

Panaskan butter, then masukkan bawang goreng sampai layu sket, masukkan tepung, susu, garam, pepper and mixed herbs...kalo pekat sgt tambahlah susu tuh ok..if taknak lemak sgt tambahlah air masak sket. Last skali squeeze kan sedikit lemon juice dlm kuah tadi...done!

J-Card Day Mid Valley

3 jam je pegi JCard day nih..tu pun dah sakit pinggang yg amat. Ditambah dgn sesema yg berjangkit dr kekanak..lagilah rasa x sedap badan.
Anyway hasil tangkapan kali ni majority brg baby. Beli sket2 je..yg lain recycle baju abg2 lah! kihkih untung ape semua boys..turun-temurun jer brg2 depa semua :p

Bag Deuter ada certain model promo..kami bli seketul utk Firas masuk school nx yr. Bag transformers Ammar ni pon sgtlah value deal at 70% off! Tapi simpan dulu..nx yr baru guna :)

Brg mama? langsung takder! Mama off late mmg kurang nafsu nk bli brg2 sendiri..alhamdulillah!!!
Setel jcard kami singgah ke Public Bank..mama bukak acctn baru and submit form utk UT online services. So lepas ni senang nk trading online and monitor real-time UT fund prices :)

19 October 2014

Resepi homemade muesli bar yg sedap!

This recipe is a combination of several recipes that i googled from the internet. Honest confession, it's my very first time eating oats so to speak. I am not really a fan of oats, or muesli, or any other fibre-related food, but the fact that i've gained 3kg within just a month during my last pregnancy check up somehow sent a red alert to the body. The mind is telling that i must do a lil bit of modification to my breakfast meal, no more nasi lemak Pak Man everyday yer!

Before trying out with this recipe, i've recently bought 2 boxes of on-the-shelves ready made muesli bars, Nature Valley roasted almond and Yogood blueberry and cranberry flavours. My review: NV was lil bit too hard to munch, lack of sweetness and pretty bland. Yogood, on the other hand was way too sweet even for a sweet-tooth person like me, probably because of its yogurt coated cream. My staff had also introduced me with her favourite brand called Carman's. Taste-wise oklah but i don't really like it due to the strong hint of cinnamon unless u are a die-hard fan of cinnamon.

 So now lets get back to the recipe. I used 2 cups of rolled oats (brand Pristines, well i just picked up one of the cheapest brand on the shelves haha), 2 cups of honey cornflakes, 1/4 cup of brown sugar, 1/4 cup of honey and 150g butter (i didnt really weigh the butter, pakai agak2 jer hehe). Melt the butter, sugar and honey together in a medium-sized saucepan. Once melted, mixed together with the oats and cornflakes. Oh u can also use any other cereals to ur liking e.g. rice pops, cocoa pops, bran flakes, nestum, etc.

Then add in your favourite chopped nuts and fruits. In my case i used toasted almonds, walnuts, black raisins and cranberries...tu je pon yg ada dlm fridge sebenarnya :p Again i didnt measure them exactly, just agak2 jer ikut preference memasing la yer. Bila all ingredients dah mixed together, boleh la rasa tahap kemanisan dia. If u find it too sweet, boleh tambah oats and cereals lagik...if kurang manis, add in some honey/melted brown sugar.

Line up your baking pan with greasing paper, masukkan muesli mixture tadi and press them thoroughly and evenly throughout ur whole pan. Tekan2 byk kali kasik mampat yer. Then bake in the oven for 30 minutes or so until the muesli turns into golden brown. Cool them completely, then cut into rectangular shapes or squares & keep into an airtight container.

My review - rasa dia chewy gooey but not too chewy macam Carman's, taklah manis sgt macam Yogood, texture-wise tak keras mcm Nature Valley. In summary it matches our tastebuds perfectly! Surprisingly idlan pon suke and i notice hubby took them as snacks in between meals. Anyway korang adjust lah tahap kemanisan tu ikut citarasa masing2...selamat mencuba!!

Rolled oats+honey cornflakes+walnuts+almond+raisins+cranberries. Mixed all of them together.

Next, add in melted butter, brown sugar and honey. Stir thoroughly the mixture until well-blend.
tossed them into ur baking pan
and press thoroughly sampai mampat!
cut into squares/rectangles once cooled completely
say bye to ready made muesli bars! cewahhh

18 October 2014

Resepi homemade chicken fingers

Senang je nak buat chicken fingers sendiri..yang penting anda dpt kontrol kandungan bhn2 yg digunakan..tak payah letak lemak or bhn2 lain yg tak sepatutnya diletak mcm instant frozen food yg lain. Tapi tak dinafikan kena extra rajin sket la kan...kalo x gagahkan diri ke dapur mmg tak jadi jugak hehe
So bhn2 yg saya letak adalah isi ayam, kentang, carrot, sedikit daun parsley, garam dan black pepper. Kentang & carrot rebus and lenyekkan dulu. Ayam kena blend hancur..then baru campurkan dgn bhn2 lain tuh.
Kemudian boleh bentukkan ikut citarasa memasing..bulat bole..leper bole..mcm fingers bole..ikutlah! masa nak bentukkan tuh mix sket dgn tepung jagung, then celup dlm telur, last skali baru coat dgn nestum atau bread crumb..ikutlah apa bhn yg ada kt dapur korng.
Kalo nk trus ngap, bole goreng or bakar dlm oven. Kalo nk frozen, susun chicken fingers dlm loyang n frozenkan dlm sejam dua...bila dh keras sket baru transfer dlm ziplock bag or apa2 bekas yg korng ada. Sonang je kan! :)
chicken fingers lined up and ready to freeze!
fried version.
Extra chicken fingers tossed into the zip lock bags, sealed and went into freezer :)

17 October 2014

Cheezy chicken quesadillas

Breakfast yg simple tapi sangat mengenyangkan.
Senang je nak buat.

Utk fillings, korang boleh varietykan ikut kesukaan masing2.
Isi ayam, daging, chicken strips, chicken burger, fingers, etc.
Kalau rajin tambah button mushroom...kena msk tau isi ayam/daging/mushroom nih.
Masak atas pan buh minyak sket je..nak sihat gunalah olive oil. Tambahkan salt + black pepper sket.
Then lepas masak isi dia, susun atas tortilla wrap, bubuh cili sos+mayonis+any dressings...last skali tabur grated cheddar/parmesan byk2...and bakar for few minutes.
 Lepas tu utk mak pak, saya bubuh salad and tomato cherry.
Utk kekanak, sayur is a big no-no...kalau bubuh mesti depa reject :(

Potong bentuk pizza..jadiklah cheezy chicken quesadillas. Rasanya sama je mcm chicken wrap betul tak? Cuma chicken wrap dibalut/digulung...tak dipotong mcm bentuk pizza.

the last batch of instant chicken fingers. Weekend ni nekad nak buat homemade chicken fingers sendiri...at least boleh control kandungan isi dalam dia :)

13 October 2014

Yogood muesli energy bar

the cranberries flavour is too sweet to my likings. Guess because it was coated with white chocolate. Perhaps hv to change to nutty flavours after this.

12 October 2014

Cream puff and salted caramel cheesecake

...of satisfying the endless sweet cravings hence i baked these beauties over the weekend.
Lepas makan gigih naik scale just to ensure the kilos do not go overboard teheee. Takut kena diabetic wooo therefore i would try to balance up by drinking lots of plain water. Also to refrain myself from eating that delicious nasi lemak Man everyday on weekdays and instead just taking roti peanut butter and grapes. P.a.t.h.e.t.i.c.

Anyway the back pain that im having is getting worsen as days goes by. Bangun pagi sakit, bangun dr solat sakit, berdiri lama masa ironing sakit...adoilah there's still 4 mths+ to go not sure how to overcome the pain. If i can remember correctly i did not have much pain during my last 3 pregnancies except towards nearing the full term. This time around could it be due to aging factor perhaps? hurmmmm

Have a nice weekend peeps. Im done with cooking sup tulang (my 1st time ever msk tulang!) and ayam msk merah for lunch. Later to continue reading 'Mudahnya Menjemput Rezeki' suggested by hub. Been trying to avoid watching k-drama n switch to reading instead!

1 adunan yields around 12pcs only. kejap je masuk perut :p
 plain cheesecake with salted caramel sauce + dark choc ganache + strawberries...mmg heaven :)

dah baca halfway..mmg recommended! easy to comprehend, real life examples given...sgt dekat di hati. Antara caption yg paling terkesan di hati...'milik kita bukan semua rezeki kita'. Contoh: pendapatan sebulan kita, ada portion yg kita beri pada org lain..maka menjadi rezeki orang itu dan bukan hak kita.  Antara cara yg paling mudah 'menjemput rezeki'...utamakan solat di awal waktu, buat solat tahajjud dan dhuha, dan bykkan berzikir. 

01 October 2014

Hepi 4th Birthday Ammar Fitri!

Nothing fancy planned on his birthday. Nevertheless i made an effort to bake a special cake for him, although a week before that i've actually determined to just buy chocolate indulgence (his favourite!) from SR :p

I started to bake the cake quite late, around 4pm++. Too tired after running some errands from morning till noon. Cake came out from the oven around 5pm++, so while cooling the cake I made a baked macaroni for dinner. In between that I run the mixer and whip the cream cheese, as well as made the salted caramel sauce (nyummssss!). Right after solat Maghrib I rushed again to the kitchen to assemble the cake and prepared the ganache. Ahhh byk steps betul kek kali nih sape suruh buat susah2 haha.

As planned around 9pm, I called out Idlan and ask him to get Abah to come down as we intend to off the lights and turn on the candles. Abah kalut cari lighter (tak jumpa ok hence he resorted to mancis jer), idlan kalut cari hadiah yg kami sorok bawah katil, Firas kecoh2 dekat living hall and hence triggers Ammar whom finally seems to sense that something is going on when the lights went off suddenly. Last skali tak sempat mama nak bawak kek ke living hall Ammar dah lari masuk dapur dulu dan nampak lilin atas kek tuh…haishhh tak sempat nak surprise nyanyi utk dia!!

Hepi 4th birthday my dearest Ammar Fitri. Anak yang paling mudah dijaga, paling senang dibesarkan dan jarang jatuh sakit, paling lama breastfeed dgn mama, dan of course paling attached dgn mama! Bila difikirkan agak sedih juga bila dah keluar adik baru nanti, takut mama kurang fokus dan perhatian kpd dia. Harap2 Ammar akan terus manja dgn mama walaupun dah ada rival nanti hehe. Moga anak mama sentiasa dilindungi Allah, membesar dgn sihat, bijak dan menjadi anak yg soleh. We all luv u loads dear!!!

Cake topper recycle yg abang Firas punye jer...yg kaler biru tu je google baru :)
Muka hepi...first time kasik derang tiup lilin
Devils food chocolate cake with cream cheese fillings, frosted with dark choc ganache n drizzled with salted caramel sauce...atas skali chocolate cadbury yg sgt yumsss :p Aduss penuh kemanisan!
hadiah besday optimus prime..to be fair beli 2 ketul utk abg Idlan skali. So now semua dah dpt transformers sorang seketul.
keratan rentas dlm kek hehe...cheese layer tebal giler..i like!!

24 September 2014

of 21 weeks and counting!

I had my regular monthly check up at the clinic yesterday. Adik baby's growing well, so does his mama! I gained nearly 3kg within a month, lucky the gynae said that should not be alarming and I don’t require a sugar test yet, unless if the weighing scale continuously shows a 3kg increment every month! hikss

And oh yes, this is the prenatal check up that I was most looking forward for merely one reason. To know the baby’s gender! If u notice, I mentioned ‘his mama’ in the first para. So that’s the answer, we are expecting another boboiboy in the house!! haha

I am all ok when the gynae confidently uttered…nampak bebird la mama. Well I guess a mother’s instinct never goes wrong, and so did myself this time around. I don’t feel anything unusual or weird with this gravida 5, hence I’ve been putting and keep reassuring myself not to expect a baby girl, and yesterday I was correct. A boy or girl, it is still a precious gift and creation from Allah to us. I whatsapped hubby and he replied…kena train sorang jadik chef laa :p

Yesterday’s evening when I broke the news to the kids, Alhamdulillah they took it quite well especially Idlan since I knew from the beginning he had always wanted a baby girl. He said…takperlah boy pon mesti comel jugak mcm adik xxx (kawan dia). hihi syukur!

So now, a boy’s name hunting process shall begin! :)

Idlan Farhan
Amir Firas
Ammar Fitri

and that means mama remains as the minority in the house....huhu

22 September 2014

Petrosains Science Festival

 Yesterday, the whole clan went for an outing to Petrosains in conjunction with the Petrosains Science Festival. Kids had so much fun and so did us! (despite the cramped leg and aching all over of course hikss). We boarded a giant cup throughout a dark tunnel to go to the Petrosains exhibition hall entrance, there was a Dinasour uttering the same song that we heard about 5 yrs ago when we first entered the Petrosains, kids got to do lots of activities such as sand digging, car racing, watching a role play show featuring Turtles, Shark and pirates as well as a Dinasour 3D movie, wall painting using a real paint nearby the Esplanade area and what excites them most is that they got to bring back some free gifts after completing the activities.

We bought a family package tix that costs us RM30 (2 adults, 2 kids) and paid additional RM5 for Ammar. Kids below 2 yo enters for free. We then had a quick lunch at Signatures food court at Level 3 (ohh I just heart their westerns…lasagna, burgers or its pasta mmg super delish!) and later went back to enter the Petrosains Galleria. Nothing much over there, lucky we got free tickets from TM Rewards by ‘Like’ its Facebook page. Nonetheless kids enjoyed their 'sesi tembak-menembak' time using the 'Nerf' pistol over n over again for nearly half an hour..naik letih tunggu derang habis tembak :p Si abang siap mengayat "kalo dpt no 1 boleh tak dpt hadiah pistol Nerf?" erkkkkk

Demo - the art of balancing

sand digging using a digger

Kids get ready n standby at Station 1 for a Turtle Show

Male and female turtles

teknik bayang2

budak ni sibuk nak conquer the whole screen. mcm baca mantra jerk gaya :p

abah and his butterflies

at the oil platform. getting ready with a special uniform and a pair of shoes for emergency self rescue

getting down a hole direct to the sea!

cuba tgk gigi cantik takkk? hishhh
at the Esplanade area nearby the fountain...wall painting

Ammar pon join skali...first time pegang brush :)

bubye KLCC. Parking mahal giler okeh RM20 for 6 hours!

souvenirs sand art! Mlm tu jugak derang buat.

 proud with his creation...tapi abang Idlan yg tolong buat sebenarnya hihi

18 September 2014

Susu pisang di Korea...sedap ke??

Antara checklist yg ada dlm itinerary Jeju-Seoul kami adalah 'wajib beli susu pisang'! Glamer bukan main di kalangan para bloggers. Rata2 kata sedappp banget dan wajib beli. So kat sana, pestaim rasa susu pisang yg dibeli dekat Seopjikoji...selepas penat memanjat bukit dan tangga2 di situ. Time penat, panas, penat..bila pekena benda sejuk ahhh mmg heaven and sgt refreshing! So sedap ke susu pisang nih?? Idlan ckp sedappp dia suke...umi suke..aku and pruzz suke...firas ammar kureng suke..mak ude plak tak suke and ckp rasa mcm antibiotik! haha Harga tak mahal sgt kira okla..sebotol range 1500won - 1800won. Kalo beli 6 botol sekaligus dptla 9000won. Tapi pls jgn convert yer..kalo convert ofcoz rasa mahal hehe.

Susu pisang dan drinks lain yg dijual di vending machine.
Selain susu pisang, yg paling aku suke kat Korea ni adalah kopi2 dia...byk brand, byk jenis, merata2 jual kat convenience store depa. Amongst my favourite adalah Caramel Macchiato mcm dlm gambar kat bwh nih...1800won sebotol. Mmg sgt creamy!!

mentos dan biskut pon ada jual kat vending machine kat subway2 depa...senang!
Satu lagi yg sedap banget adalah honey almond Kellogg's cornflakes yg mak ude beli dekat Jeju and repeat lagi beli dekat Seoul...adoii mmg sedap tapi mahal giler lah lupa dah harga dia. Bila cari kat Mesia takde plak versi yg exactly mcm dlm gambo tuh...frust acik tauuu!! Idlan pon suke giler breakfast mkn cornflakes sepanjang kat sana..blk Mesia terus tak layan cornflakes sbb tak jumpa yg sedap mcm kat Korea..sabo jela :p


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