22 July 2018

T-1 : Malam sebelum berangkat ke Madinah

Alhamdulillah, ramai tetamu yg dtg ke rumah hari ini..dari pagi hingga ke maghrib. Meriah rasanya, anak2 pun semua happy bukan main dpt jumpa cousin2 depa. Terasa bertuah sungguh dpt berkumpul ramai2, terasa yg diri ini disayangi..sungguh bertuah dikurniakan sahabat, kaum keluarga dan jiran yg sgt2 mengambil berat perihal kami..terima kasih Allah di atas nikmat kasih sayang dan ukhwah yg Kau beri kpd kami.

Malam ni, air mata seperti tak boleh berhenti tika ini. Irfan di sebelah dah lena dibuai mimpi, abang2 pun dah tidur..hanya mama yg tgh feeling2 syahdu mengenang hari esok. Irfan ckp kpd saya tadi, irfan tak sedih sebab nek umi nak jaga irfan. Kalau irfan nak susu nek umi buat, kalau irfan nk eat nek umi suap, kalau irfan 'yak' nek umi wash, esok mama balik mama suaplah irfan okey. Masya Allah so clever boy, tapi hati saya sgt tersentuh bila ayat2 itu dilontarkan oleh anak kecil seusia 3 tahun...sori sayang i need to leave u for a while!

Esok, hari yg sgt2 kami nantikan. Ramai bertanya, apa perasaan menjadi tetamu Allah? Saya jawab..gembira sgt, terharu, sebak sgt2...sebab Allah sudi jemput hamba yg penuh dgn dosa ini ke tanah suci..ke rumah Allah..tpt yg sgt membahagiakan bagi mereka yg pernah sampai ke sana. Allahuakbar..nikmat terbesar yg kami pernah terima, x dpt digambarkan..sbb tu sgt sebak.

Dalam masa yg sama, rasa sedih sebab terpaksa meninggalkan anak2 di bawah jagaan umi..terpaksa menyusahkan umi..walau saya tahu pengorbanan seorg ibu tersangatlah ikhlas, namun sebagai anak, saya tetap sedih..sedih sgt2.

Moga Allah permudahkan urusan umi dan keluarga saya yg ditinggalkan di sini. Saya hanya berserah dan bertawakal kpd Allah utk pelihara dan jaga mereka, kerana Allah lah sebaik2 penjaga buat mereka.

Saya sedih, tapi saya sgt2 tak sabar nak ke sana..mengabdikan diri hanya kepadaNya, fokus kpd amal ibadat dan melupakan hal duniawi buat seketika. Perjalanan dan moment yg amat2 dinantikan, anugerah dan nikmat paling besar yg Allah beri kpd kami insya allah.

Doakan urusan kami dipermudahkan dan dikurniakan haji yg mabrur. Saya harap saya dpt share our hajj journey sekembali ke sini nanti. Ya Allah, mmg saya x sabar sgt! Terima kasih Allah!

14 July 2018

Jemputan Istimewa daripada Allah

Alhamdulillah, i can never be thankful for everything Allah has bestowed upon me and my family. Alhamdulillah, Insya Allah, me and hubby will be leaving for Madinah on this 23 July 2018, to be part of the millions of jemaah to walk through and join the 1439H hajj journey, a lifetime journey, that hopefully will be an eye opener that lead us to be a better person, in the eyes of our Creator.

I always ask myself, how can Allah be so kind to me? He always listened, He always answered my prayers, and He always there when i need Him.

Menjadi tetamuNya, digelar dhuyufurrahman, Masha Allah layakkah aku?

There are so much things that i want to share with you, but time does not permit. Hopefully when i come back i would be able to share and document my experience, before & during Hajj.

I am still in the process of writing my doa...doing it bit by bit, type then save, type then save :p I'm on page 6 already, didnt realize that i have a lot of things to ask from Allah. Each time i write, i'll cry, hence why it took me days (in fact weeks!) to complete my doa. Personalizing and customizing your doa are very important, you felt closer to Him, as each time you read the line it touches your heart..it makes you feel so low, so hina, so timid, in the eyes of Allah.

Ya Allah, aku bersyukur kepadaMu kerana engkau telah menjemputku dan suamiku ke tanah sucimu, kau sentiasa memakbulkan doaku, kau memilih kami daripada ribuan dan jutaan hambamu. Kau terimalah kami sebagai tetamuMu yg istimewa, tetamuMu yg paling istimewa, tetamuMu yg paling istimewa. Terimalah kami Ya Allah, permudankanlah urusan kami Ya Allah, terimalah amal ibadat kami Ya Allah, ampunkanlah kami Ya Allah.

Sahabat2 yg saya sayangi, doakan perjalanan dan urusan manasik haji kami di permudahkan, doakan agar keluarga kami yang ditinggalkan di sini sentiasa dipelihara dan dipermudahkan segala urusan, doakan kami selamat kembali dan beroleh haji yg mabrur. Saya akan sentiasa mendoakan sahabat2 semua, saya akan bacakan satu persatu setiap kiriman doa yg diberi kpd saya, mudah-mudahan Allah berkati segala urusan dan perancangan kita semua. Allah Maha Mendengar, Maha Pengasih dan Penyayang, do not stop praying, do not lose hope, for He always listen and be with us.

Salam sayang,
Yati & Pruzz
~1439H hajj~

06 November 2017

Hello November!

The clock ticks very fast and without realizing we enter into November already. I can still remember we (read: the Nz gals minus our hubs) were so busy doing our last minute checks before we finally flew to the land of the middle earth, on this November two years ago. November last year I was so busy with my back-to-back pitching while at the same time attending the umrah course and tried to finish reading the book, so that I am well-prep for the spiritual journey. Alhamdulillah everything turns out well, though I had a very bad stomach cramping on the 1st day we landed on the Holy land, the very same day we completed our 1st umrah wajib. Frankly I couldn’t remember the details now, blame it to my laziness, I should’ve documented my journey right after I got back to Malaysia.

But a lot of things happened after that, I went to Terengganu for our GPMM retreat 4 days after I came back, then come January 2017 I moved to a new unit and tried to cope with new things and responsibilities, Idlan went to a boarding school, well so many other things happen that somehow change the routine and environment within our little family. Go visit Idlan every alternate week (I cooked nasi lemak sotong/ayam goreng rempah each time we visit him, sweet tak mama haha), listen to the arguments between the middle and younger brother each time they berebut the handphone, Irfan with his new-found sentences and non-stop questions which at times made me amazed with his milestones, hubby busy with his weekend training, I got a pneumonia for a week+ after we came back from Langkawi that made me went to the clinic twice for nebulizer (while hub was away from home, sedih ok) and just two days ago I got a jab due to severe senggugut pain that I had for the first time in my life (so tragic that I thought I had a fibroid or cyst kind of thing, or maybe the IUD got displaced and moved to a wrong position, and the pain and contraction was so severe mcm sakit nak bersalin that I couldn’t do anything for the whole day except lying down on the bed on a supposed-to-be nice weekend). 

So that’s what happened and is currently happening in 2017, and pejam celik now we’re in November already. Idlan has done with his final exam, alhamdulillah he did it quite well this time, as compared to his 1st term. ‘Well’ does not means he got a straight As (he got D for Maths ok, turun menjunam from a B that almost made me screamed at the phone when he made the revelations that day haha) but he recorded a major improvement nonetheless, which was a huge relief. At least we knew that he’s happy, he’s on track, he’s coping well, and he loves staying there. His hafazan is also very well on-track, now on the 10th juzuk. Alhamdulillah Allah terangkan hati dia and eases his journey to become a huffaz. So for what he has achieved thus far, I always tell myself that I must not complaint when he didn’t get top 10 in class, or scored straight As in the final exam. His challenge as ‘budak tahfiz’ is tougher, and I just adore his spirit and perseverance in pursuing this. Moga terus istikhomah anakku :)

Irfan Faris is also doing very well in his speech department. Some may not knew that he once saw a speech therapist, has attended a few therapy session before I slowly (read: purposely) start postponing his session and finally decided to disappear just like that because he has shown major improvements and a mother instinct told me that he doesn’t need one anymore. Allow me to recall few of his sentences that made us laugh, or even mad at him. That tiring moment when we ‘hiked’ uphill towards the famous Sky Bridge in Langkawi and stopped few times to catch some air while complaining penatnyaaa, he uttered ‘kenapalah korang penat ni, Irfan tak penat pon!’ Well he tak penat simply because myself and idlan yg bergilir2 dukung dia dlm hutan tuh, ofcoz dia tak penat mendaki!! And there was another moment when Idlan and the other brothers walked fast ahead of him inside the Oriental Village, obviously he was left behind and suddenly he screamed….”abang-abang tunggulah Irfan, abang-abang janganlah laju sangat!” I was like OMG how on earth he got that kata ganda ‘abang-abang’..bijaknya :p So that’s my Irfan, my miracle boy who once fought for life due to severe laryngomalacia.

my cheekiest lil' monster

Ok don't be fooled with that sad-looking face, he's not tired at all trust me!

the middle and younger brother, they can become best friends and turn into rival in split seconds!

Now u know siapa yg letih, tgk muka si abang yg mencuka tuh :p

Irfan has taught us a lot of things, that hardship won’t last, sadness won’t last, and that nothing lasts in this world. Time shall passed that one day you’ll be thankful to Allah for things or challenges that happened to you. Insya Allah with His will.

So now we have less than two months till we parted with 2017 and welcome 2018. I foresee this whole week the middle and younger brother must be busy sharing and comparing their final exam results, my mom is busy preparing some simple hantaran for my adik’s engagement day next two weeks, come Dec we’ll be going to Legoland and Melaka (again!) to celebrate though the results are not out yet (thanks to their mama yg sgt baik hati janji macam2 before exam :p) and soon after 2017 is over.

Alhamdulillah for everything Ya Allah. I am thankful for all the good things that happened to me and my little family. May tomorrow be better than today, may we always remember you and do not neglect our obligations, and may we always be grateful for all the rezeki and nikmat that you have conferred upon us. Amin ya rabbal alamin.
our obligatory shot - hotel's mirror!

1st pit stop, before reaching to that 'precious' Sky Bridge..haha