26 August 2015

Hepi 7mo sayang!

Semoga sayang mama cpt sembuh,
Semoga cpt2 meniarap both sides..so that kurng clingy pd mama,
Semoga terus membesar dgn sihat,
Semoga sayang sentiasa suka mkn mcm sekarang :)

20 August 2015

Irfan...1wk to 7mo

Alhamdulillah Irfan is getting better nowadays. We can hardly hear his stridor, stridor only presence when he is too excited, or too upset, or occassionally when sleeping.  I even sometimes went to check on him while he is sleeping just to ensure he is still breathing, since he is too quiet :) He is still on reflux medication, which i think needs to be continued for a long period until his LM symptom is completely gone.

He gained about 2kg for the past 2 mths, still below the chart but at least is making a good progress. He now weighs 6.575kg, 1 wk to 7mo. 67cm in length, which makes him on the 15th percentiles, ikut gene mama abah ni kot hehe. On EBM during daytime and Novalac AR at night time. He loves eating solid. He has had pumpkin, sweet potato, carrot, potato, dates, raisin, pear, apple and banana so far, all pureed. Some were mixed with rice, hence became a porridge that was finely blended before serve. Nevertheless i notice he didnt hv a good bowel movement when eating porridge, probably bec he took only a little of plain water, or maybe bec his digestion system is just not ready with rice yet. As such i plan to stock up enough fruits/veggies purees so that he can hv a combination of porridge + fruits/veggies in a single day.

He can roll from tummy to back and not vice versa. Obviously he doesnt like tummy time, and figure ways to roll back to supine position and just enjoy lying on his back :p sabor jela!

This little guy is so clingy to me, that he'll scream even when i'm out of his sight for seconds! I had to hv my lunch by sitting right in front of him, of course meal times takes less than 10min. He only sleeps around 1hr in the morning, hence i'll do the laundry, cooking, and shower within that precious 1hr. Mcm kilat buat keje :p He normally sleeps less than 1hr in the afternoon/evening..mmg x suke tdo kot budak ni. He wakes up about 3x at night, and starts the day as early as 530am! So mama jgn harap nk ada chance bgn lambat walaupun x pegi ofis!

How do i feel being a SAHM? 100x tired than being in the office so to speak. I dont hv the chance to lie down or take an afternoon nap, the never ending house chores makes me bored, everything needs to be done super quick, i miss my uninterrupted sleep at night, and yes i no longer hv the 'me' time. But this is my destiny at least for now, this is what Allah has planned for me though it has never been expected, after all He is the best planner and knows whats best for His servant :) Irfan is under my care 24x7, he grows up right in front of me, shower and fed by his mama, and i may become the 1st person to witness him getting a new skill when the moments arrived. Most importantly, he is less likely to catch any germs, especially cough and cold that are common for kids staying at day care and kindy. Byk kelebihan di situ Insya Allah. Membesar dgn penuh kasih sayang..manja pun sure terlebih2 nih hikss. Obviously he admires me a lot from the look and stares he gave everytime i hold him during feeding time. 

Today we had donated Irfan's kangaroo pump to the hospital as he no longer needs it. The pump was bought using the fund that was contributed by all of you. To all my dearest friends, officemates and family members, surely theres no way we can repay your kindness. Moga Allah membalas jasa anda semua, dan moga anda semua mendpt pahala di atas pam yg bakal digunakan oleh patient2 lain di hospital nanti insya Allah.

Tq very much all. Pls keep on praying for Irfan. We dont know when he will fully outgrow his LM and reflux, it may takes months, or even years before he is completely recovered. Kami kena yakin dgn janji Allah, dan insya Allah redha di atas segala qada' dan qadarNya. I also want to believe that there'll be rainbow after the storm, and there'll be shades of light at the end of the day. Reminiscing the past and what Irfan had gone through made me teary. I really hope tomorrow is better than today not only for Irfan, but all of us... insya Allah.

08 August 2015

Hepi 7th birthday dear Amir Firas

Alhamdulillah, makin besar anak mama yg sorang ni. Paling cheeky, suka sengih, suka ipad, bila tanya apa2 suka jwb 'emm ntah tak ingat'. Moga Allah terus kurniakan kesihatan yg baik buat anak mama nih, moga dikurniakan akal fikiran yg cerdik, kuat iman, jadi anak yg soleh dan taat pd agama Allah. Mama, abah, abg Idlan, Ammar dan baby Irfan sayangggg Firas!!

Besday kali ni agak special walaupun tiada sambutan yg meriah. Buat pertama kali kami travel blk kg. Irfan 1st time dpt jumpa tok wan :) Dan syukur kami dpt menyempurnakan aqiqah Irfan.

Syukur padamu Ya Allah di atas segala rezeki dan rahmat yg Kau kurniakan kpdku dan keluargaku. Limpahilah kami dgn kasih sayangmu dan iman, lindungilah kami dari segala azab dan musibah, terangilah hati kami dgn cahaya keimanan agar kami terus mentaatiMu Ya Allah.