11 October 2017

Cheesy Chicken Fritters

Cheesy chicken fritters:

2 pcs chicken breasts (diced), 1/2 cup flour, 2 eggs, 1 cup mozarella/cheddar cheese, 1/4 cup mayonnaise, diced capsicum, salt, black pepper. Can also add fresh chillis, diced carrots, shredded potato, onion, etc to your likings.

Pls try, they are so yummy!
Suitable to freeze as well.

09 October 2017

GP 21 Days Fitness Challenge

Just a small effort towards a better and healthier lifestyle, so i decided to join this fitness challenge organized by another unit in my division. Not really to challenge myself or to reduce more weight, i just hope my cholesterol reading gets better, and the body fat % shows some reduction at the end of the program.

So 2 weeks had passed until it was launched. We had salsation, piloxing and tabata to date. Some were done after office hours, some during lunch hour. I noticed i need to take enough calories during lunch so that i can keep and sustain my energy level till the end of each exercise session. There was one day where i almost lost my breath and felt lack of o2 after the 1-hr piloxing session, lucky i didn't collapse haha.

Anyway, need to remember that for a balanced lifestyle it will always work at this ratio 80% eat: 20% exercise. To practice the 'eat clean' habit is easy, but to stay istiqamah like forever is the hardest, agree? I admit i fail at this part, for i cannot live without cakes and chocolates :p I can take wholemeal bread or Belvita biscuits for a week and forget about my usual nasi lemak dose, but to forgo cakes and chocolates is like to transform myself to a wholly different person altogether.

This is my body reading, for personal record.

Body weight: 51.1kg
% fat: 29.1
Visceral fat: 2
Muscle: 28.1
Body age: 32
kcal: 1147
BMI: 19.5

Body weight: 50.2kg (i think because i puasa the day before)
% fat: 28.8
Visceral fat: 2
Muscle: 28.2
Body age: 31
kcal: 1134
BMI: 19.1

 So the program will end next week, but we're going for a short holiday next week. Holiday means makan-makan and breaching your strict adherence to eating clean. Konfem takde harapan nak menang lah nih! :)

But again we also need to remember, you are what you choose to be, if you want to be happy, do what makes you happy.

08 September 2017

Conversation with kids

#1. My eldest holler me late this evening.
He: Mama esok dtg tak?
Me: Ala taklah, kan baru je blk dr cuti. Nx wk boleh outing. Kenapa nk mama dtg..rindu ke?
He: Takdela..dtg ajar Maths ke mcm aritu. Td blaja theorem pitagoras.
Me: Emm idlan tanyala kengkawan lain yg terer tu, ada kn..tanya diorang yer. Nnt paham la tu...
Me: Ok mama! (sounds cool n relax as always)
* This has been circling my mind quite a number of times. Probably one of the cons of sending him to boarding school, i cant be there for him at all times. But on a positive note, he will learn to be more independent, responsible n survive on his own. Sedih. Full stop.

#2. After the younger two were done with their Maths revision tonight.
We talked about so many things, from syaitan to iblis yg refuse to obey to Nabi Adam, how iblis promised to sesatkan manusia and heret us to neraka, syafaat Rasulullah, how Allah destroyed kaum Luth and their belongings, few things that they read in their Science book but were actually already explained in Quran like bumi beredar mengelilingi matahari, bulan beredar keliling bumi, mlm dan siang, how Allah made gunung sebagai pasak bumi, sungai mengalir n suburkan tanaman, hujan turun dr awan utk suburkan bumi and finally tercerita pasal satu laut yg mama dh lupa nama dia tapi air dia ada 2 color yg slightly berbeza dan ada garisan pemisah antara keduanya. I googled n showed them the pic and they were both awed n blurted out "hebatnya Allah!" Haa kannn mmglah Allah hebat semua Dia dh explain dlm Quran dan ada jawapan. Esok bila dh besar bole baca tafsir..memcm korang jumpa nnt!
Firas: hishhh kalo firas citer kt kawan ni mesti derang x percaya.
Me: Kalau nk kasi derang percaya, firas kena quote surah apa ayat berapa lah 😅 Nah cuba igt nih 🙃