29 March 2015

La tahzan innAllaha ma'ana

Tonight is somehow different unlike any other nights. Irfan n i will be spending our nx few nights in the hospital starting tomorrow.

Ya Allah, sembuhkanlah anakku Muhammad Irfan Faris dan kuatkanlah semangatku. Hilangkanlah kesedihan dalam hati ini...jadikanlah kami hamba yg sentiasa redha dgn ujian dan ketentuanmu.

27 March 2015


Irfan will be headed for an airway surgery next Mon or Tues. A f/up check up yesterday wasnt going very well. His weight is only 3.7kg. For a 2mo baby this is considered way below the percentiles for normal babies developmental milestones. Dr Anura said he looked tired while breathing. She performed another round of scope yesterday, and said that the airway sometimes were blocked quite significantly when irfan is breathing :(

Pls pls pray for Irfan. While i was puting high hopes n is so looking fwd for the surgery, i at the same times couldnt help not to shed tears while talking to Dr Anura yesterday. Post -op for the 1st few days may be hard for him due to swelling, but i hope irfan will be doing great and pull through it. The surgery may not 100% cure him, but i hope it will at least help him to breath better. The past few weeks have been rough for both of us, i hope there'll be an end to this some day.

Moga Allah sembuhkan anak mama. Tq to all dear frens for ur support n words of encouragemnt. It really meant a lot to me.

23 March 2015

i am 8 weeks old


Here go some smiles for u mama..pls dont cry because of me coz i am sure will outgrow it with Allah's will, just pls be patient with me.