15 November 2015

myBuddies Run - 5km Masked Fun Run

Done registered for the above event, for both Idlan and me. Going to be my 1st run ever, hence 5km is good enough (hoping that i wont get fainted in the middle of the run!). Idlan's presence is indeed important. I need a good buddy who is willing to share our grunts and tears, and endless mental support to each other :)

Registrstion fee is RM55/pax. Late entry fee is RM65. Event to be held on 20th Dec, starting point at MMU Cyberjaya, end point i dont even bother to know hihi.

Ok i dont know when i should start training, time is my real enemy nowadays. Obviously Idlan is more fit than me since he plays football every evening.

So mother-son run sounds cool dont u think?

Hepi weekend peeps!

13 November 2015

4R Photo Prints

Back to old skool. Sesuai utk org yg malas buat PB. 1st time order ni, 200 pcs. Dah bahagi sket2 utk nek umi dan tok Junjung..bila atuk nenek rindu bole tgk gambar the cucus :)

Pasni misi mencari album comel plak!

11 November 2015

Irfan Faris @ 9.5mo

Milestones: Pull himself up to stand, and finally he has started to crawl since few days back.Terima kasih Ya Allah kerana Kau telah memudahkan buatnya. Terima kasih Ya Allah, kerana Kau mengurniakan anak yg istimewa ini kpd kami. Dia mengajar kami erti kesabaran yang tinggi, dan meletakkan sepenuh keyakinan ke atas setiap takdirMu. Alhamdulillah Allahu akbar.