26 January 2016

Off 2016

It's time to mark all the important dates in 2016. May 2016 brings good health, happiness n success in every endeavours we're pursuing insya Allah 😉😉

Irfan Faris turns 1!!

My shepet turns 1 today  Hepi birthday Muhammad Irfan Faris. Moga terus membesar dgn sihat, kuat, suka makan, cheeky dan terus menjadi penyeri hidup mama, abah, dan abang2. We love u loads sayang. Kisshhh sket muahhhssss 

25 January 2016

Monday run

Tried to make it a routine for once a week. Usually we settled at 2km only. Jadikla drpd x exercise langsung kan hiksss

Hv a blast Monday peeps! KL ppl must be smiling from ears to ears as we gonna enjoy 3 times no-working-on-Monday 😃😃

22 January 2016


Never thought that i would venture into this line of business. Honest speak, the idea never occurred to my mind at all.

Anyway, things started when i came back to the office, sharing and exchanging stories about our babies with a dear friend cum office-mate of mine. In 2014, we talked about our pregnancies, as hers and mine were pretty close. 2015, i was away from everyone, but we still contacted each other thru Whatsapp, once in a while, just to have a short catching up about each other n of course, our little ones. So now in 2016, we talked about baby foods, what do we feed our babies and whatnots and how she once ordered frozen solids from an IG but unfortunately sweety R didnt like it. So the next day i brought some solid food that i made for Irfan, for her to offer to R. Well some babies just happen to be a fussy eater, so we mothers need to keep on trying to figure out what are the foods that they love, and what foods to avoid. Some babies love sweet potato, some just hate it. As for Irfan, ohh this little guy always mesmerizes me with his big appetite. He basically eats everything, almost everything that we offer him. Broccoli, sweet potato, chicken, salmon, celery, carrot, apple, pear, potato, onion n lots more u just name it. Even a plain natural yogurt that is so 'masam' pun dia layan!  Alhamdulillah :)

So to cut it short, i had launched #teenytummy, which currently offers 5 different menu in its starter pack for 8+mth babies. Those are basically the extras that i made for Irfan. Those are basically some of the many variations that i had tested on Irfan, and of course he loves it. This so-called 'passion-turned-into-small-biz' is not aiming at big scale. I just hope that it could at least ease some of the working and busy mommies who just wants to give the best to their babies. Of course fresh home-cooked meal and air tangan ibu are always the best, this is the fact that i believe everyone will agree :) I don't know how long i will survive with #teenytummy, because time will always be my constraint, especially on weekends. My weekends are seriously super duper pack with endless chores, some more 2016 is a big year for my eldest guy. May Allah eases our day, and i just hope whatever i do and share will bring some benefits to other humankind.

May tomorrow is better than yesterday. Have a bless Friday peeps!

17 January 2016

Irfan Faris..2wks to 1yr old

My shepett. 2 wks to 1yr old. He took 2-3 steps for the past few days, quite too soon to ppl who had known about his past. He only rolled over at 7m+, after 3mths being in a hospital, and undergone 2 surgeries. The doctors kept on telling us, ur son gonna hv some delays in his milestones. He was arranged for OT and PT right after discharged, not to mention frequent f/up with all of his attending doctors; ENT, Paed & Paed Surgeon. Our schedules were tight, really tight i must say (thank God he hates the therapist, so we ended up doing the exercise at home ourselves). I've never thought i would be able to come back to work, looking at his condition that time. Sometimes we think that this is the best for us, but Allah knows best above all. Have faith in Him, and move on. Easier said than done, i know. I feel you. You are not alone. Stay strong mommies. This shall pass, i promise.

10 January 2016

Sweetcorn pumpkin delights

Sweetcorn, pumpkin, sweet potato, carrot, celery, onion, butter n fresh milk.
Not sure whether this recipe ever exists in any baby books bec im just using whatever ingredients i hv in hand. Taste-wise is delish! Smells good too, thnx to the butter :) Can even use it as a pizza base, or spread onto bread or pitta wraps for your older todds.

09 January 2016

Homemade baby food for Irfan

Today's menu:
White rice porridge with tenggiri, pumpkin n carrot.
I also restocked some frozen pear purees for his snack times. Pureeing fruits or vege sounds easy, but it was soooo time consuming. Imagine yourself peeling the skin of each pear/apple, take out the seeds n cut into cubes before tossing them into pan for cooking. This morning 1 big plastic of pears only yields 5 bottles of 5oz each. Haha i wish i have a helper to just do all the skin peeling n cutting process :p
Have a fruitful n productive weekend peeps!

08 January 2016

Irfan @ 11.4mo

We went to see Prof Anura and Dr Anand (i.e. Prof Raman's right hand man, Prof Raman was the head surgeon for Irfan's second op last time) for his usual f/up apmt today. A scope done in Prof's office showed Irfan's larynx looks good, no inflammation whatsoever (this guy as expected cried his heart out during the scope even though the procedure wont hurt, so drama swasta kejap tadi).

So Dr Anand has scheduled for the surgery to be on 2nd March. That's the earliest he can slot in for Irfan and we're ok with that. To admit to ward a day earlier. He assured that this is going to be a minor one, first case in the morning, no bleeding, fast recovery, and probably he will get to be discharged within the same week. Now i have to allocate at least 4 days of annual leave for the hospital stay. Cuti agak semput this year since i dont have any carry forward from last year, kena berjimat cermat until the year end ahaks. We have to ensure that Irfan is fit and healthy a week before the op, no fever, batuk or sesema whatsoever, else the anesthetist won't give the green light for the op to proceed. May Allah eases everything for all of us...amin.

Irfan's current weight is 7.4+kg (1.2% percentile) and 75 cm length (50%). Obviously this little guy inherits my genes on the weight section haha

07 January 2016

Free Photobook 6x6

Tried my level best to finish up the project before 12th Jan. Deadline lagik haha!

Why sounds so dramatic? Bec photobook is giving away free voucher for softcover 6x6 pb. Yes its free, and i've never had this size before. So teruja nk collect seketul as kenangan.

Berusahalah! Demi memories terindah :)

06 January 2016

Day 3: Chc - Twizel

We arrived CHC at 520am. Flight was smooth via Jetstar, but the flight condition is nothing to shout about...sempit adalah, nama pon budget airline kan hihi

Immigration process was long and tiring, i've blogged about this in my earlier entry.

We performed solat Subuh, refreshed ourselves, had some croissants, biscuits n coffee as breakfast, kids having fun lepak2 sambil main gadget, bought simkad+data Spark (after doing a quick comparison using the airport wifi) and finally we were picked up by Jucy's rep at 8am to go to their office which is only 5-min drive from the airport.

We chose Jucy car rental because it was the cheapest. Rented an Estima with a GPS, 1 booster and 1 car seat for 8 days. Total cost is $729.10. The car is not new, but condition-wise is ok.

Our routes for Day 3:
Chc airport - Canterbury Museum - Westfield Riccarton - Rakaia Gorge - Lake Tekapo - Lake Pukaki - Twizel. Total distance approx 310km.

Lunch: Kebabland @ Westfield Riccarton. Very big portion, should have ordered a medium meal instead. Sedap bangat, you can google online for its menu selection. Went to Pak n Save after lunch to buy some groceries, bought 4 bars of Whittakers (limited to 4 only per customer) at a promo price ($3.79/bar).
Dinner: masak, tapi serius x igt menu ape

Canterbury Museum - highly recommended, some more it is free! I wish Malaysia also has lots of interesting museum with free entry hihi. We even went in again on our last day at CHC, nampak sgt best kan hehe. Nevertheless entry to its Discovery Center is charged at $2 per adult/kid, but it's still worth every penny. The exhibits, diff sections of play area, various educational toys for babies up to kids..all are interesting and interactive.

Rakaia Gorge - is nice and serene. You feel at peace just by looking at the crystal clear water. Kids having fun 'blajar' main lontar batu atas air..uncle Mizie yg ajar hehe. The other 2 families had some water fun adventure via a speed boat, which was unplanned.

Lake Tekapo – sooo beautiful and pristine, with purple and pink lupins everywhere near the lake! We got the opportunity to perform solat zohor asar jamak takhir nearby the lake, berwudukkan air tasik Tekapo…alhamdulillah.

Lake Pukaki – turquoise-colored lake with majestic Mt Cook sets as its background. My most favourite amongst the 3 largest lakes in the MacKenzie basin (tekapo, pukaki, ohau) in the South Island. You can just basically sit there staring at the still water and do nothing. Subhanallah. But anyway we didn’t get the chance to stay long as it was nearing dusk already.

Called off the day by checking in to High Country Lodge, Motels and Backpackers at Twizel. Contacted the owner earlier to inform on our late check in, hence he left the door unlocked and placed the room key inside the hotel. Very easy! Hotel is nice, it was a 2-bedroom suite fully equipped with kitchen facilities, a sofa, shower, 1 queen and 5 singles. It was actually very huge and spacious for the 7 of us. Parking is available right in front of our door. Cost: $195/night