28 March 2006

7 Weird Habits

aini, here goes mine...pening tau nak pk :p

1] i cant stand looking at messy living room. will collect whatever toys/stuffs tossed around by idlan and put it back at where it shud belongs to. and this will be repeated again n again as n when the toys get scattered phewwww lotih den

2] i love flipping thru my fotopages..its becoming my everyday routine actually, looking at idlan's pics is more like a therapy to counter the 'boringness' at the office hehe

3] i'll go for tomyam whenever i catch headache or migraine...be it tomyam plus plain white rice, or maggi tomyam pon belasah jer, janji tomyam! somestimes i'll get better, sometimes the headache still persist, but i still think tomyam as the best medicine ever!

4] it's a new habit actually...i'll ensure not to miss eating the delicious Hwa Tong chipsmore biscuits in the pantry. the biscuits taste good, more or less the same like the original Chipsmore, many chips, cheap somemore, what else r u looking for rite? setin costs u only rm36, murah kan?

5] me no good at keeping whatever long term memory i used to had in life, hence explains why i study last minute like mad. but still i'll go to sleep by 12am midnite tho i didnt manage to catch up the whole syllabus, praying and keep soothing myself with this sentence...taper taper, soklan tu sure takkan kuar punyer esok! so far tips ni menjadi alhamdulillah hehe

6] i'll become the most LAZY BUM daughter whenever i go to my mom's house..sbb sumernya mak tolong buat :P but back at home, definitely i'll be the busiest mom/wife in the house, unpack brg, mop lantai, sapu lantai, lipat kain...bla bla bla...hish never ending chores la basically kan kan?

7] i set my hp alarm at 610am, and when it rings, i'll switch it off, back to sleep, and automatic terjaga around 630am..amazing rite..tapi merbahaya kalo terlajak hehe

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27 March 2006

Horas Horas Horas!!!

Horas horas horas!!! That was part of the language we learnt from our tourist guide during our visit to Medan. We left home around 615am, went to mmu to park our car and got a good friend of B to send us to airport. Arrived klia at 730am, rushed to the counter to check in our luggage, then headed down to Gate 10 for flight to Medan. We had about 15 min before the flight departure and still we managed to 'mandikan koboikan' idlan, with me and B went into the same toilet (ladies to be specific :p). And yes thanks to AA, those tagging their babies along got the priority, hence we faced no trouble to board the plane :)

It took just about 40min to arrive the Polonia Airport in Medan, and our dear son behaved so well inside the flight...cayanggg Idlan! and i think he didnt had the ear pain when we were about to touch down, no cry at all..macho anak mama :) And there the tiring journey was about to begin...jeng jeng jeng...(penat woo)

DAY 1 (Medan-Parapat)
After meeting our tourist guide, Pak Anwar, we board a bus heading to Parapat (4-hr journey). Stopped at Siantar for 'kaum ibu-ibu' shopping langsir. My mum really got herself a good bargain, it only costs her RM220 for 2 peices of curtain (for sliding door), pleated, plus sewing charge. And we got enough time to lay back and rest in that air-cond shop before continue the long-hr journey to Parapat. Idlan siap main lari2 lagi dlm kedai tu, mmg dia syok duk dlm kedai langsir tuh. We arrived at Parapat late afternoon, around 6pm, checked in at Danau Toba International Cottage, and lepas dinner terus sleep! sesungguhnyer hari yg teramat exhausted utk kitorang huhu

DAY 2 (Parapat-Berastagi)
After breakfast at hotel, we boarded a big boat, crossing the beautiful and magnificent Lake Toba, and stopped at one of the island at the middle/edge of the lake, that is Samosir Island. Visited kampung org2 batak, called Kampung Ambarita and Tomok. We could get plenty of souvenirs over here, range from t shirts, skirts, caps, hand-wooden crafts, etc etc...but do ensure you got a good negotiator by your side to counter the bargain to the max ehehehe...they org2 batak pon pandai nego tau! We just bought a t-shirt for idlan and a bunch of keychains. It was frightening since a few dogs were scattered around here n there, and one of the dog passed by just next to me selamba dek jer..hish mujur tak kena samak. Pak Anwar took us to tpt org2 batak adakan upacara memancung, and apart from that n the souvenir shops, there was nothing much at the island.
We continued our journey to Berastagi, which took us another 4-5 hr journey..penat giler duk dlm bas! On the way to Berastagi, we stopped by at Simajarunjung, a place well-known for its ginger tea. The weather here was so cold, hence tourists were suggested to drink the ginger tea to heat up the whole body. A cup of tea, plus a free goreng pisang costs us RM3. And me, the one yg tak suke halia, never even dare to have a sip of it hehe...
Ok sambung perjlnan lagi, stopped at Sipiso Piso waterfall, but we didnt get down of the bus because of rain. My brother bought a sweater, nicely knitted, for only RM8 for his darling Hana because of the frequent rain ever since we got here. Arrived at Danau Toba Cottage hotel around 7pm, and as usual after dinner terus dozed off berselimut tebal (hotel ni takde air cond, tp sejuk bangat tak hingat!)

DAY 3 (Berastagi-Medan)
Pegi Pasar Buah, nama je pasar buah but apart fr selling fruits, there were lots of souvenirs with even good bargains than the one we could get at samosir island. Plus ppl here didnt chase and force us to the max like the one in the island, so bley bershopping ngan tenang sket hehe. Kat sini basically they sell the same things like other places, tshirt, caps, hand crafts, table runner, pen, etc etc....so here we spent money on idlan's vest/sweater, snow cap, table runner made of kayu lidi, and cap abah...sweater idlan yg lawa tu pon baru RM8 hish murah bangat dong! Then bertolak ke Medan town, stopped by at the curtain shop to pick up my mum's curtain, bought few pieces of embroidered kain ela utk myself, mum, MIL, and SIL, and not forgetting kain pelikat 'samarinda' for ayah and BIL. Our journey continued to Kedai Batik Danarhadi, which was more like an exclusive boutique, and we left the shop bought nothing eheheh sumer memahal beb. Last visit was the Medan Mall, the biggest shopping complex in Medan town but much smaller than our favourite Midvalley :p
Again here there was nothing interesting, i was hoping to spend most of my money here but instead none catched our interest huhu...igt nak sambar handbag ke kasut ke, but the range of brands on racks were not that popular at all..huhu sedey sedey..nyesal tak shopping bebyk kat tpt2 sebelum ni hehe. We got to fill our stomach with Mc D, here they serve fried chicken with rice, they have spaghetti, they have sundae chocolate served in cute plastic glass, and majority of them mkn nasi kat mc D hehe. Our last night here were spent at Garuda Plaza Hotel, it was rated as 3-star but if u look at the pics, it was almost like a 4 star hotel in kl.

tade ape yg menarik, pas breakfast terus gi airport nak blk KL...bubye medan...this will be our first and the last :p. Feel free to visit http://peruzyatee.fotopages.com

- medan best utk kaki shopping, be it utk yg kaya raya, atau sederhana cam kita2 ni...
- not recommended to those who wish to tag along your baby..sbb perjlnan fr one place to another gonna took u about 4-5 hrs..such a long and tiring journey! anak sure ngamuk dlm bas nanti hehe...tp idlan good, dia ngamuk kekadang je time nak tido, the rest dia behave jer :)
- jgn gopoh nak beli brg, try bargain sehabis-habisan, sbb sumer tpt jual almost the same stuffs
- food sedap2, try carik restaurant masakan minang/padang. Ni highly recommended: restoran Istana Rest kat Parapat. Serve 10 jenis lauk yg sumenyer lazat-lazat!
- kat sini yg kaya tu betul2 kaya, rumah cam villa, cam istana. Keta hebat2 belaka, majority pakai toyota..unser paling byk kat sini...al maklum kat sini takde cukai pak!
- org indon yg nak travel outside indon kena bayar fiscal tax 1 juta Rp, that equals to RM400! ni government imposed, sbb sape yg kaya2 je bley travel luar indon kan...hehe giler mahal. Tapi sape yg miskin pon terpaksa bayar gak kalo nak ke luar negara...
- toilet kat sini dipanggil 'kamar kecil'. Kalo sebut tandas org tak paham.
- jgn lupa bwk sweater, kat berastagi tptnyer sejuk bangat seh!
- jgn layan org2 yg menjual kalo takmo beli brg dia, jgn pandang langsung, kalo idak sure dikejarnyer tourist dr satu place ke satu place ngan motor...pathetic betul.

20 March 2006

1] Congratulations to Farra and Deman for the newborn baby girl. I received the good news fr Farra's sms on 6.30 in the morning...hehe awalnyer sms eh! The baby weighed 3.2kg, and was safely delivered at Pusat Perubatan Naluri, KL at 2.55am 20/3/2006. Mus'ab dah dpt adik...jaga adik bebaik ok, kena cayang adik tau!

2] Idlan still hasnt fully recovered from his cough and cold since last friday...and we intend to go to another clinic this evening to get another different set of medicine for him. Hope he'll get better soon, as we'll be off to medan tomorrow morning. B mentioned that this whole week will be rain and storm in medan according to the weather forecast...iskkk what a bad news..hope things wouldnt be as bad as i can think of rite now huhuhuhu. Kalo idak hancur punah harapan cuti-cuti mesia ku ini isk isk...(poketku dah penuh ngan berjuta-juta rupiah dah ni :p)

3] sooo itu sajela buat ari ni..will be back for more updates on medan and a short review on the new LCC in klia...till then, have a nice weekend ahead all!

.....eh lupa (this is more like luahan perasaan tak puas ati)....

"to my 'beloved' brother, if u happen to read this, hehe tahniah la eh kerana berjaya pujuk umi belikan hang motor...cis hampeh...5A pon dpt motor...kalaulah kak nur duk dlm umah tu, jgn harap hang bley dpt ok! wekkk wekk wekkkkk.......(grrrrrr geram geram geram)

kak nur yg hebat :p

16 March 2006

1] pau yatipruzz/pruzzyati...pelbagai version ader, but last weekend's version were kaya and strawberry jem fillings hehe..pelik tak?

2] budak yg tgh blur dan kepenatan selepas mengexplore seluruh rumah dgn mama and abah...

......dan dia juga adalah budak yg sama yg telah menyembamkan muka ke bon*** seorang salesgirl cina di parkson, metro kajang semasa bermain 'hide n seek' dgn mama...imagine betapa malunya mama dia time tuh huhuhu

3] Im glad that i've finished the story...16 episodes altogether, and i was able to finish watching it within a week! what an achievement hehehe. Unfortunately (ke fortunately sebenarnyer :p), there's another one new story entitled 'Goong' stored in our server, and the inner part of self still battling whether to watch it or not. It's kind of hard to stop once you've started...im telling you, the force is too strong ok!

4] another 4 days to go...yeahh!!!

14 March 2006

1] i should be able to finish the story within this week...there's another four more episodes to go and after that i can happily go home, not to think about what's gonna happen next and next. Heeesshhh sape yg tak tgk lagi, this one is highly recommended, the story, the leads, the supporting casts, the song...sumernyer sweet ok! I've never got myself into these so-called 'demam citer korea' after the famous winter sonata, autumn in my heart and full house long long ago. ..yeah not until a colleague of mine recentlyoffered to download the stories from her pc nyeh nyehhh

2] we now know the trick of how to make idlan from stop bothering either of us...'bothering' here could means disturbing his mama doing house chores, wailing for no reason when mama is bz putting on her tudung, kacau2 bila either of us tgh mkn, etc etc...
So what we need to do is to SAY this: "idlan, where's your ball? idlan, go and take your ball...atau ckp in bm pon boley, "idlan, mane ball mane ball? ha pegi carik ball".

p/s: asal dgr perkataan ball je, dia akan terus pegi carik ball dia hehehe...so terus x jadi kacau kitorang :)

13 March 2006

my girl

I rarely left my blog unattended, not until recently when i was hooked up with this one korean drama series entitled "My Girl". It was amazing when you actually find yourself really eager to go to work, merely because there's something awaits for u there....and that was happening to me started from last week :)

But bear in mind, you can only spare ur time watching the series when you really doesnt have pending works to settle ok! Like my case, i watch it while answering calls and coordinating my dockets..both done in efficient manners cewahh jgn jeles arr.

I'll be back with more stories when am free :p

07 March 2006

nurhilyati, your colour is BROWN!

You're brown, a credible, stable color that's reminiscent of fine wood, rich leather, and wistful melancholy. Most likely, you're a logical, practical person ruled more by your head than your heart. With your inquisitive mind and insatiable curiosity, you're probably a great problem solver. And you always gather all of the facts before coming to a timely, informed decision. Easily intrigued, you're constantly finding new ways to challenge your mind, whether it's by reading the newspaper, playing a trivia game, or composing a piece of music. Brown is an impartial, neutral color, which means you tend to see the difference between fact and opinion easily and are open to many points of view. Trustworthy and steady, you really are a brown at heart.

the weekend

Unlike usual, our recent weekend was spent staying at home, no outing to malls whatsoever. But still we went to alamanda on friday to get the usual household stuffs and pampers for idlan. He made a short scene at the escalator, crying and wailing to get onto the moving escalator, maybe he thought that 'moving thingy' is interesting to play with. Abah dragged him away from that, and as expected, tunjuk perasan berlaku sebentar :p

On saturday and sunday, mama, the one that gets over excited on the new recipes she collected in the internet, tried two new recipes, that were baked macaroni and chicken pie. The macaroni was splendid, but the chicken pie was a bit frustrating on the pastry part. The pastry got cracked here and there, though abah had put his best effort to fold it into nice calzone shape like the one we can get at pizza hut. So here was the result (see pic). I really have to find better pastry recipes next time.

chicken pie

baked macaroni

On evening, for the first time ever we brought idlan to the playground nearby. He was a bit stone and blur initially, but later
on he quickly got over it and played cheerfully. Next time kita pegi lagi ok!

01 March 2006

bile mama rajin...

Last night instead of settled in front of tv watching my favourite Natasha, i made my third muffin of the week, that was apple and walnut muffin (see pic). Last saturday i've tried chop chips muffin and banana muffin, recipes courtesy of Farra. But as usual, all recipes been amended accordingly using my logical sense hehe...i really couldnt stick with what was written in the paper and the result, hmm truly satisfying!

Apple & walnut muffins
(makes 11 cups only)


banana choc chips in the making...

the result....

and last but not least...the all-time feveret choc chips muffin!