31 December 2008


When everyone is jotting down his/her new year resolution, surprisingly only know I find myself thinking hard of creating my own one. And here goes the list :

- To exclusively breastfeed Firas till he reaches 1.5 y-o. If it lasted for 2 years, that considered a bonus :)
- To stop (or maybe reduce) impulse buying and splurging on handbags and shoes. I foresee it will be quite hard to fulfil the mission, considering every now and then I kept on browsing these few Co*ch webbies……..sigh
- To enrol into baking class. It’s a long overdue wish that has been postponed several times due to my tight mba schedules, and further delayed when we had Firas.
- If no 3 succeed, it’s a high time for me to get Hot Stove back into action (yet if time permits, and provided Firas turns into an easy-to-take-care-of baby :p)
- To board the aeroplane! (sounds pathetic isnt it but hell I dun care) Anywhere will do, but I aim for gold coast :p Tak dpt tu yg dekat2 pon jadikla….
- To spend more quality time with Idlan, and teach him religiously

okla that’s it…penat pk.

And yessszaaa we gonna go to PD and spend a night there tomorrow. Very impromptu yet thrilled all over the body ekekeke. At last berjaya book hotel...and berjaya kuar dari KL :p Thanx a bunch yang!

Sori Farra date kite ari jumaat cancel eh.

30 December 2008

Bosannyer rasa.
Office lengang, jln lengang.
Ramai org tgh bersyiok cuti2 mesia.
Kitorang padanla muka. Tak plan awal2...hotel sumer fully booked.
Duk hotel taman sutera la jawabnyer :p
Last week dihabiskan meronda ke alamanda, mines, and taman tasik cyberjaya.
Makan2 - bowling - tgk cicakman2 - tgk fish - sedikit shopping.
Emm nak tulis pon cam malas...layan gambar jela eh.

17 December 2008

Personal stats

Weight = 51.5 kg
Body Fat Range = 27.0% (Medium)
Body Water Range = 53.4% (good/excellent)
Muscle Mass = 35.4
Physique Ratings = 4 (Under exercised) ----yer sangat tepat sekali!
BMR = 1129
Basal Metabolic Age = 24 (perasan kejap diriku ini hoho)
Bone Mass = 2.1 (should aim 2.4 kg)
Visceral Fat = 3 (Excellent)

source: Personal Wellness Pass

(weighed by herba life scale)

What is Metabolic Age Rating?
BMR starts to decrease after the age of 16/17 years old. Your Metabolic age rating indicates what age level your body is currently rated at.

Visceral Fat
Fat that surrounds the vital organs in the trunk/stomach area of the body. High visceral fat levels increase the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

15 December 2008

Felt drowsy and giddy.
The little boy did not sleep from 2-5am in the morning!
Couldn’t even put him down since he’ll throw out all sorts of sounds. Enough to wake up the whole house.
Refused to sleep. Refused for direct bf. In fact since yesterday’s evening.
This time again he was driving me up to the wall.
At last I gave up. Expressed milk at 4am and fed him using the bottle.

On top of that….

He’ll cry his lungs out everytime I try to put him to sleep. This has prolonged ever since my confinement days. Sigh.
Ya Allah. Please spare me some more patience. At least until he turns 1.

And this is the 6.5kg little boy. Cute isn’t he?
How can I not love you despite all your xxxx manner?
Aduhai sayang cepatlah membesar!

05 December 2008

congrats B!

For grabbing two out of three awards available.
Tak sia2 diriku ditinggalkan semalaman (read: genting highlands jer).
And tak sia2 nangis time bersalaman (yes am so pathetic! further it was his first time leaving me behind with the kiddies)

so pasnih nak naik flight gi mane nih? nyeh nyeh nyehhh

mommies outing

breakfast @ mc d - chit chatting - bowling - nandos - solat - shopping mopping - END.

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01 December 2008

family outing

Firas has been doing well during our first outing to Jusco last week. Settled down in stroller quietly and it lasted for 2 hours. Such a good start eh adik? When he started to show signs of discomfort and making sounds, I ran into the bathroom to bf him, unfortunately there was not even a single chair available, and the odor of the place is too stench that I decided to go out. Last2 bf dlm car jer :p

Over the weekend plak we went to pasar malam on Saturday evening and tesco on Sunday. Sgt behave lagi :)This time around I expressed milk in advance, and we brought a carrier (bought during idlan’s time and worn only twice) just in case he didn’t want to sit in stroller. I babyweared him after feeding and wallah…after ½ hour he dozed off. Cayalah dik! Three outings and you scored well….pasni bley gi jejln lagi ok!