31 December 2015

Photobook Melbourne-New Zealand Part 1

Dah sampai yeay! 1 lagi in production. Pb paling pantas siap...tepat2 deadline met walaupun voucher lamat lg expired...sendri yg letak pon deadline nyer..apa2 task wajib ada deadline betul tak. Barula gigih dan komited gitu. Stay up sampai 2am..mcm wat assemen MBA tau..mujur takde markah jer :)

Hasilnya biasa2 jer..tp dah cukup cun di mata akak yg mmg x kreatip nih akaka. Cover x cukup vibrant la pulak...lesson learnt nx time kena pilih gambo cun2 sket..ohh kalo la ada lagi 'nx time' tu hikss

Ok so now yg masih pending:
1.  PB 6x6'
2. 150 pcs of 4R prints

...dan misi mencari album gambar!

Selamat Tahun Baru semua!

Saya dan Ammar dah viral fever masuk hari ke5..harap2 senin dah recover. Akak bersemangat nk jejak kaki ke Menara nih..rindu! Doakan kami cpt sihat yer..tq.

Moga rakan2 semua sentiasa sihat dn dipelihara olehNya selalu. Moga segala impian menjadi kenyataan.

Impian saya mmg byk. Tak larat nk buat wish list. Tapi pengajaran paling berharga yg sy dpt tahun ni...bila semua ahli keluarga sihat, that is more than suffice...and is my definition of happiness. Saya x kaya harta benda...tapi apa yg Allah bagi setakat ini mmg dah cukup membahagiakan saya. Punya keluarga dan rakan2 tersayang yg sentiasa di sisi during my ups n downs.
Terima kasih Ya Allah.

I can see 2016 will be more challenging. Its idlan's big year, and of course lots of unexpected things accompany our journey with Irfan, which i dare not to say or think right now. I just hope we can embrace it together with full strengths n positive minds, believing that whatever happens is the best thing that Allah has planned for us.

Title psl pb tapi jauh dh melalut.
I should've become a full time blogger instead of keje ofis kan hikss

29 December 2015

Perth 2012 #throwback

Bila nk sambung citer nz ni isk isk malas benar nk type.
Meh la throwback sket pic lama.
Photobook korea pon x buat2 lagik...travelogue pon x abis tulis hikss.
Byk btol pending tasks.
Nx wk dh koje. Cfmla lagi malas nk ber pb.

Missing everything about Perth. So serene n peaceful. Except that hungary-looking kangaroos kt Currumbin yg berjaya buat anakanda2 acik menanges dan lari bertempiaran kuar menyelamatkn diri. Kenangan sungguh :)

23 December 2015

His new-found hobby

This packing thingy was supposed to be an easy job, but it got me dragged from morning till night bec of this boy.

Irfan, who is turning 11mo in less than a week is now seems to be enjoying his new-found skill very much. Memanjat..onto whatever things he can grabs or reachs within his means. Tangga, badan orang, sofa, katil, and today luggage included!

p/s: baru baik demam 3 hari + ulcer dlm tekak. Sukalah tu mama x antar pi nursery :p

22 December 2015

Mybuddies Run @ Cyberjaya

I made it yeay (5km je, jangan gelak!) Though the timing was out, its the end result that counts right haha. In fact one of its banner says "we run to complete, not to compete "

Anyway this is one of the many things that i've wanted to do most when i was pregnant with Irfan. I'm not sure why, probably all the running hypes and pictures of ppl looking cool in their running attires that sparked my intention.

To be honest, I didnt get the chance to practise enough. Only twice before the event, and of course those were the only times i exercised after 2yrs! Badan berat and lemau toksah cakapla hihi. To make things worst, i had migrain during the event because irfan was sick and went cranky the night before, he woke up every less than an hr going merengek2 but refused to feed :(

Post-run, i told Idlan that we should do this more often. It wasnt as bad as i had imagined. But lets just stay at 5km-7km only shall we? And night run is preferable, so that i dont get my head being exposed to sun and later causes migrain huhu

Frankly that day, we walked more than we ran. The moment you start walking, you just tend to keep on walking instead of running haha. I told Idlan to just leave me behind if he wants to, but this guy always decided to pace-walk with me..haish x memberikan example yg baik utk mama tau!

Running was fun i must say. In fact i know people were really enjoying their times, especially those running with their families. Kuddos to those that run while pushing the strollers, and few others that carry their babies in baby carriers. Kagum sangat!

So running - checked.

There're a lot more awaiting. Antaranya #demirinjani  #beranganitufree hahaha

Fried tempura mushroom

Been cooking this for 2 consecutive days already. Simply bec kids just loved it.

Organic mushroom
1/2 scoop of normal flour
1/2 scoop of corn flour
A pinch of salt n black pepper
1 egg

Soak mushroom cuts into egg. Coat with the flour mixture. Fry with enough oil. Best eaten hot. Cuba sekali pasti mau lagi hiks

19 December 2015

Travel tips: How to pass through the NZ immigration?

The flight from Mel to Chc took approximately 3hr++, so we arrived at  Chc Airport around 5.20am. The immigration process, again was tiring and exhausting. After we passed the counter for passports checking, came the dreadest part, that is food checking. We filled up the declaration forms earlier in flight, declaring all the foods and medications that we brought in. Counter 1 by officer 1, done. The friendly guy screened through our food list and checked our luggages, very thorough i must say, we chit chatted about few things, i told him how much i have been wanting to come to NZ, NZ is beautiful yadaa yadaa and after a few minutes he gave a 'yes' for us to proceed to the next pit stop for luggage security scanning. We thought everything was fine just like the 1st counter before a lady officer dropped us a bombshell and showed us one piece of very ripe banana inside a plastic bag, together with few other rubbish which we intend to throw away before boarding onto the flight. I was like adoiiiii kenapa boleh lupa nak buang pisang nihhhh!!! Muka pucat lesi toksah ckplah. and so our conversation went something like this...

She: Do you really understand all the declarations that you've made as per the declaration forms?
Me: Yes mam. I understand and fully aware. I know what is allowed and what is not.
She: So now i found this in your bag. This is not allowed into our country. But it's ok mam you don't have to pay the fine now. I shall bring this to the officer and come back to you later.
Me: We're really really sorry. I thought we've already thrown it away before boarding the flight. We didn't intend to bring it in. This is a mistake and I know it shouldn't happened. We have declared everything just now..and that guy already gave us the green light to proceed here. (muka panik, pucat, musnah harapan, terbayang2 denda NZD400 dlm kepala yg pompuan tu ckp tadi, Ya Allah memang tak terkata apa dah time tuh. Bila lady officer tu pegi report ke officer dia, mulut ni tak berenti zikir and doa minta dipermudahkan urusan kami)

And to our luck, she let us go. Yes she did, and i could have never thanked her enough for letting us go. Syukran Ya Allah kerana Kau bantu kami...selamat NZD400, kalau idak mmg nangis kat airport dah kot! I knew and i can felt that the guy at the 1st counter was actually our saviour. Moral of the story, please be friendly with all the officers in charged, be it at the counter, during food checking, when passing by at the airport, in fact just be nice to all of them at all time! You never knew how your little smiles and probably some honest compliments about their country can actually save your lives! Alhamdulillah tiada tragedi berlaku di hari pertama kami sebagai musafir di bumi Kiwi :)

When I recall again, the other night during checking in our flight at the Jetstar counter, i talked a lot with one of the lady officers. She was pregnant, with 1 small kid, almost due, stayed in Melbourne CBD, etc. She kind of impressed with me travelling with 4 kids, all boys to be exact, one infant precisely. She asked how did i handle it, and I admitted to her that it wasn't easy, with all the chaos and dramas, but we survived and loved every bits of time spent. She loved talking to Irfan, who couldnt stop exploring every inch of the counter and her computer, messing up with the free bookmarks for customers. I talked about Malaysia (of course only the good things!), and she said how she would love to come here one day. I asked for her courtesy for us to be seated in 1 row (i didn't buy the seat selection, kedekut dan dalam masa yg sama berharap ada rezeki duk sama2), before we parted our ways, i wished her for a smooth labour, and she said she has reserved 1 empty seat in our row, for our convenience, on top of us being seated in 1 row! TQ so much dear, i know you won't read my entry but i do hope you really had a smooth labor and is now enjoying your confinement days with a beautiful baby girl next to your side :)

Good deeds surely get return with good things as well. Alhamdulillah.

Tips for passing through the NZ immigration:

1. List down all the foods and medications you are bringing in, together with their ingredients.
2. Print it out, and voluntarily hand it over to the officer(s) in charge. Explain to them.
3. Speak nicely to them, give your best smiles all the time.
4. No hiding of any info please. DECLARE everything.
5. It is safer to buy commercial packs of rice, instead of you buy, re-package and re-seal it. Buy 3 packs of 1kg rice each if you aim for 3kg, instead of buying for a 3kg pack. Chances are that you'll get 2 out of 3, or all of them passed through, rather than that single 3kg pack being seized sbb ada kutu! haha
6. Strictly NO fresh products (eg: meat, fish, chicken, peanuts, veggies, etc) and dairy (eg: cheese, fresh milk, mayonnaise).
7. Place all foods/medications in a single luggage/back pack only for ease of checking. You'll be praised for neat packing. Help them to help you.
8. Go through your packing again and again. Make sure you don't fall into the same mistake like us.
9. Refer to their website for list of prohibited items, example of declaration form, etc. I sent an email to them attaching all the pictures of foods we're bringing in, just to be safe.

Best of luck!

18 December 2015

Photobooking with love

Ewahh with love la sangat, padahal nk siapkn sebiji pun dh keluh kesah dan stress amats.

Mcm buat assignment mba dulu2, bila ada deadlines (in tis case voucher expiry) dan sendiri nekad nk siapkan before masuk keja, dudukla mengadap benda ni siang mlm. Semlm stay up smpi kol 1am. Pagi ni 3 jam straight, then 11.45am baru masak lunch. Sakit pinggang duk lama x bergerak. Extra komited gitu!

1 dh berjaya upload. Rasanya pb terpantas pernah dihasilkan seumur hidup kikiki. So ada lagi 1 buku (part 2) dan 50pcs 4R prints utk disiapkan.


14 December 2015

Irfan Faris @ 10.5mths young

Milestones: suka berdiri dan agak laju meniti2 di tepi sofa, kabinet tv, kerusi, katil, dan apa saja yg bole dicapai.

Habit suka menyembur still menjadi2. Air liur mmg byk, baju sokmo basah, maybe sbb suka gigit segala benda depan mata, and he is teething right now! 1 gigi susu atas belah kiri dh muncul.

Skarang ni mama agak nervous for 2 things.

1. Bila gigi dah muncul, it means sudah sampai masanya surgeon kena buat a small operation to detach his tongue from the lips. And it'll be under a full GA, in the operation theatre...tpt paling fobia when it relates to you. Mama harap this time it wont be hard for u in terms of recovery or anything. Moga Allah makbulkan doa mama dan abah. May Allah eases everything that is planned for you sayang. May Allah eases your journey.

2. Esok hari pertama mama akan hantar Irfan ke Addin. Hampir 11 bulan berkepit dgn mama, mama harap Irfan dpt sesuaikan diri dgn kawan2 baru, Irfan suka dgn cikgu2, senang mkn, senang tidur, suka main dgn kawan2, dan suka tempat baru tu. Jgn nangis byk sgt, jgn fikir2 pasal mama tau. Mama ada jer, bila dah petang mama amik Irfan ok! Be a good boy sayang, dengar ckp cikgu, sayang kat cikgu tau! Aduhai mama takleh sambung dah ni..dah berjurai air mata mama bila pk. Moga Allah permudahkan segalanya buat Irfan dan keluarga kita. Moga ini keputusan yg terbaik buat kita semua.

Terima kasih Ya Allah, kerana Kau pinjamkan Irfan kpd kami. Terima kasih Ya Allah, kerana Kau menjadikan kami lebih insaf dan bersyukur di atas segala nikmat dan dugaan yg diberi. Permudahkanlah segala urusan kami, dan janganlah Kau uji kami dgn sesuatu yg diluar kemampuan kami. Amin Ya Rabbal alamin.

13 December 2015

We are 12 today

The 1st half of this year was the most difficult moments i've been thru. But he was there for me, all the time. I cried, i almost fainted, i lost hope, i was not a mother, a wife or a person that ppl used to know me. But he kept me persevere, assured me things would be fine, though he wasn't sure what awaits us in the future. I could hv never gain myself back without him, on my side. He is the best father, son, son in law, and of course husband that Allah has granted to our family. Moga sihat selalu, dan sayang kami selamanya. Terima kasih terima kite seadanya. Luv u till Jannah. Ucapan terakhir dr kite, tlglah cepat siapkan phd!

We are 12 today. Terima kasih Ya Allah. Alhamdulillah. We may not be rich, but i am definitely the richest person in this world for having wonderful person surrounding my everyday's lives.

*mujur bole copy paste dr fb je hikss

12 December 2015

Day 2: Great Ocean Road (GOR) - Mel CBD

Our routes for today: 
Port Campbell - Melbourne airport via coastal route along the GOR
The route is longer than the inland scenic route via Colac, a little bit winding and buat members pening kepala but the view along the GOR is really breathtaking. Memang tak boleh bawak laju, so kuar awal pagi, lewat ptg baru sampai Mel CBD padahal tak sampai 300km pun.

Pit stops:
Port Campbell - London Arch (formerly London Bridge) - few other scenic spot in PC which i forgot to jot down their names - Apollo Bay - Aireys Inlet park - Split Point Lighthouse - return car rental at Apex office - Melbourne Tullamarine Airport

Brekkie: Nasi goreng Adabi
Lunch: Nasi putih + kari ayam yeos @ Apollo Bay
Dinner: Nandos, Melbourne Airport

We couldn't find koala at the Kennett River. Pasrah jela, dulu dah penah jumpa koala kat Perth kan :)
Nevertheless we spotted 4 wild kangaroos at the Aireys Inlet playground area.

21 Nov 2015 @ 00:15 - took our connecting flight to CHC via Jetstar Airways.

Ok dah malas nk tulis panjang2...layan gambar jela yer :)

Summers Rest Unit, PC

Port Campbell

London Arch (formerly London Bridge before it collapsed)

Apollo Bay

Split Point Lighthouse

11 December 2015

The 'what's in your bag' game

Mommy punyer:
Maybeline compact powder
Laneige Cc cream
Nature republic eco crayon botanical lipstick
Eye liner
Laneige multicleanser & gel cream (sbb once sampai airport terus jln seharian, mlm baru check in hotel)
Pen hitam
Minyak cap kapak
Vicks inhaler
Duit syiling oz
Ponstan - wajib ada spare sentiasa!
Ubat selsema
Hand socks - utk solat n extra coverage kalo sejuk sgt!

Si tecik punyer:
Baju n suar spare sepasang
Baby wipes
Pampers 2
Bib - budak ni air liur byk x hingat
Favourite toys - boboiboy, fish, rattle

Thanks to cik abe yg sgt understanding. Dlm pada mama tgh survey sling bag Kipling senyap2, tiba2 dia bwk blk Adidas pink ni. Sgt memahami, some more pink is my favourite color. Tq babah :)

Sling ni x besar and x kecik sgt. Just nice utk bwk travel. Kali ni purposely takmo bwk sling besar, nnt byk plak muatan. Nk carry si tecik dlm Ergobaby lagi..mau cramp bahu hoho. Yang syiok beg ni ada 2 main zippered compartment, 2 open pockets n 1 zippered pocket inside and 2 zippered pockets outside. Material mcm water resistant, kain x nmpk kotor, letak atas jln raya pon x nmpk comot :p Paling penting, rege mampu milik hikss

Bila penat sgt, cik abe n Idlan bergilir bwk sling ni walaupun kaler pink hehe

Day 1: 19 Nov 2015 (Mel - GOR)

Parked our car at Putrajaya Sentral (RM7/day) and later took an ERL to KLIA2. 

Flight time: 2230 on 18th Nov (kids ponteng sekolah)
Arrived Tullamarine Airport at 0920 on the 19th next morning. I couldnt slept well during the 8hr journey. Both hands and legs were cramped, penangan riba si tecik nih, plus sejuk yg amat dlm flight.

Immigration process was such a nightmare. Very long queue. It took ages before the counter officer let us go bec of confusion with our name/surname btwn the ETA and passports. Nama org melayu kn pelik sket, they shud hv gotten themselves familiarize with M'sian! Food langsung x check. Alhamdulillah.

Took a shuttle van to Apex car rental office. Another dreaded hours of waiting before we could finally get our car. Hubby wished we could get an Estima instead of Imax, but surprisingly driving Imax was much better according to him. Rent a Gps, 1 car seat and 1 booster as well. However Irfan didnt use the car seat at all, nk melekap je ini budak, mujur takde polis hikss

Our route:
Mel airport - Great Ocean Road (234km) via inland route, lalu Colac (ladang lembu jawa)

Pit stops - Westfield Geelong for lunch, the Twelve Apostles, Loch Ard Gorge, Gibson Steps

Brekkie: in flight AA meals
Lunch: beriyani & nan set ($12) and kebab & chips set ($16-18, super large and sedappp sgt malangnye x amik pic) at westfield mall food court. Big portion for 1 meal, can be shared with 2 person.
Solat: the Twelve Apostles i center (solat kt luar tu jer)

Notes: minyak isi penuh siap2 kt Mel CBD, sila beli ice coffee n chips..sumer sedap bangat!

My favourite attraction sudah semestinya Loch Ard Gorge. Truly amazing. Wajib pegi.

Checked in hotel around Maghrib. Sgt penat. Hence we had maggi kari and leftover kebab je for dinner. Alhamdulillah.