22 October 2013

kids' talk :)

It was quite funny when we talked about it last night..that i still find it amusing when the conversation replayed in my mind. Whatever they want to be when they've grown up, i'll just pray that Allah will ease their ways, and may they be guided in the correct path in all undertakings. Amin ya rabbal alamin.

Mode sayu plak rasa isk isk

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11 October 2013


Ok walaupon dh agak lama saya x baking...bila terima sms.camni rasa agak terharu. Felt so appreciated gitu hehe. At least it lights up my day...yg sudah agak lama gloomy dgn masalah2 di ofis nih. Rasa mcm nak cuti setahun pon ade haishhhhh

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06 October 2013

my leg hurts

For the 1st time in life, i sprained my leg n it hurts badly. En suami came into assistance, he massaged the swollen part n placed a bandage. I cried like a lil tod in front of the kids that Firas laughed over me n said...org besar pon nak nangis ker! Arghhh rasa mcm nk cubit-cubit je mulut budak nihhh isk isk. He didnt laugh once...he, as a matter of fact laughed all the way until i asked hubby to put a stop on what he was doing. Mmg nakal!

p/s: Mode tak sabar nak tunggu cuti sekolah. I am not a teacher but i just need a good n long break..full.stop.