28 November 2008


Salam korang,

Jum kite hang out together nak…mom’s/girl’s outing! No kiddies, no hubbies…us only!

What: bowling, makan2 dgn hebat, tgk wayang (tgkla kalo ade citer best), shopping, bergossip, dan ape saje yg bley dislotkan in that day
When: 3/12, 4/12 --> sila vote
Who: korang2 dan ajakla sesape lagi kroni yg ader…kite malas nak type bebyk hehe
Where: midvalley (or ade cadangan lain …welcome!)
Tentatively from 10am – 530pm (ewah cam opis hour plaks)

So what say u?
Let’s vote!

p/s: above excerpt from my intra email....and we've decided to make it on the 4th.
So sape nak join lagi jom laaa!

19 November 2008

spot the difference?

Mmg ade org kata derang cam twins :)

Dan ni sesi mendera adik....dulu idlan kena, now adik nyer turn plaks :p

18 November 2008

sebelum dan selepas


jeng jeng.....baby shaolin!


Rasanye lately aku sgtla emotionally unstable. Firas dah start tunjuk tanda2 lebey prefer bottle than direct bf. Tapi aku still keras hati, masih paksa dia bf memlm even tho dia ngamuk sakan. Berperang la dua beranak ni tgh2 mlm. Mlm Ahad tu kepala sgtla 'weng' sbb tak cukup tido.

Aku EL kelmarin. Dan ape yg aku buat utk 'de-stress' kan diri?

Gi tgk Madagascar ngan Idlan! hehehe syiok giler tak terkata....i even felt like dancing together with Alikay! Dialogue catchy, lagu best2...tersgtla berbaloi. As for Idlan, that was his first time catching a movie at cinema, habis movie tu dia tanyer..pasnih citer ape plak mama? ewahhh takmo balik anak aku ni :p
Well, it was indeed an enjoyable mother-son outing :)

Dan alhamdulillah semlm, Firas ok. Unpredictable sungguh anak mama yg sorang ni. Harap2 lepas ni dia akan terus ok. Dulu aku stress time train dia minum bottle, dia protest giler. Tapi skang aku akan lebih stress kalau dia takmo direct bf. Ya Allah moga semua ni hanya sementara......

* Terasa cam nak pegi shopping sakan menghilangkan stress tapi budgetnyer enggak ada...camner eh? :p
Tanduk dah kuar....rasa gatal nak swipe cc hehehe

13 November 2008

on breastfeeding

I'd say Firas is a fussy baby, especially when it comes to nursing. Yep see my EBM stock, people would say...wow bestnyerr dia nih! Nevertheless my breastfeeding journey is wayyy harder than one could ever imagine.

Thank god i found this useful link that has answered all my questions pertaining to fussy babies, distractible babies and what nots. Hopefully i'll persevere on way forward, though at times i do feel like giving up especially when he turned on his speaker...OUT LOUD macam org sakit!

Some excerpt from the link: http://www.kellymom.com/babyconcerns/distractible-baby.html

Latch on, suck a moment, pull off... latch on, suck a moment, pull off. Nurse a minute, pull away to smile at mom. Nurse a minute, pull away to see who just walked in the room. Nurse a minute, pull away to listen to the TV...

But in Firas case, he'll cry his lungs out during the first few minutes before nursing....or even during the nursing...macam la ade org pukul dia :p And these are what i did so far to overcome the problem:

- Nursing in a quiet, darkened, boring room
- Nursing while in motion (walking, hold him and gently bounce, sway back and forth ) - ni mmg mencabar kesabaranku...sakit pinggang nak dodoi2 dia

Moga Allah permudahkan perjalananku ini.....

10 November 2008

my kids

Hepi 3 months old Amir Firas!
Hepi 3 yrs 11 months Idlan Farhan! Another 1 month to go before u turn 4 :)

My EBM stock --> as requested by Pn Limau :)
Dah tak organize dah sejak dua menjak nih....mmg kena rajin wat clean up pasnih :p
Nampak tak hashbrown kat tepi skali tuh...hehe tak habis2 lagi stock bulan pose dulu kots!

07 November 2008

There’s so much thing to write, yet so little time I have.

Work has really taken a toll on me. Analysis tu, analysis ni.
Found myself stucked even from the beginning since I don’t have the basic…what more to proceed and complete the whole analysis.I even stunned when looking at the P&L as if that’s my first time having a look at it. Padahal back 6 yrs ago I eat and sleep with the P&L…everything is kacang putih je. Now all looks strange to my eyes. To further elaborate, I couldn’t even remember the meaning of accrual, what more to interpret the figures. The word just doesn’t seem to ever register inside my head. OMG where goes all my accounting knowledge? tahu dek Ms Aliza mati den! (she was my bestest accounting lecturer back in MMU)

Firas is coping well at nursery. He sleeps well, behave well…that’s what being told to us la kan. Nevertheless he doesn’t drink that much as compared to other babies of similar age. On average he only takes 4 bottles/day (around 10-12oz). He’s scheduled for his 3-mth jab this coming weekend, and I hope his weight will increase proportionately, at least within the line. Talking about EBM, as for now I take pn limau’s advice not to invest for a new freezer to store the EBM. Will do clean up occasionally; toss away the old EBM to make way for the recent ones. Our budget is quite tight, further we just splurged ourselves with few house-deco thingy, hence this wont be the right time to spend on something BIG as this.

Si abang is doing ok as well. His attention span in class seems to improve as informed by his teachers, after I’ve allocated more time with him during night time. Yep it’s not that easy to take care of two babies, especially when you arrived late at home, some more having to face bad traffic almost everyday. Exhausted giler, yet I need to persevere. Tak sempat bukak tudung si adik dah bising nak susu, si abang nak susu, nak simpan EBM, basuh botol2…etc etc. Lucky B always stand by my side, if not flat makcik.

Ah my final result is out, alhamdulillah ok, in fact far better than my degree hehe. Dulu sibuk plan nak buat itu ini after habis mba, but as for now, all those plans remained as plan jela nampak gayanyer.