30 October 2015

Coping with Laryngomalacia...a special message to LM mommies

Dear mommies,

I know how's the feeling when we have to go through series of endless nights.

I know most of us are sleep deprived,  becomes a zombie at daytime, while still needs to juggle with cooking, laundry, attending to our other kids, and whatnots.

I can totally relate when your baby wakes up, screaming in pain in the middle of the night because of the reflux spell.

I can really understand when feeding solids takes a lot of time and patience.

I can understand the feeling of fright, anxiety, panic and worry, all the times, whenever we see our baby chokes during feeding and mealtimes.

I know we all hate viruses, because that could means another ER visit, ICU, or a long hospital stay for our fragile lm baby.

I know how people can get mistaken and misjudged lm, as lm is not just a noisy breathing. LM for most of us could also means failure to thrive, bad reflux, developmental delays, speech delay, feeding issues and so many other problems, which at times we wish not to think about it.

I know how anxious we are during each follow up appointment, wanting to know whether there's any substantial weight gain with our lm baby.

I know it hurts a lot when the doctors and professionals shrug us off, making that mocking face and just refuse to listen to our opinions.

But dear mommies,

Remember that you are not alone walking in this path. Believe in yourself that all these shall pass, and there will be lights at the end of the day. That day will eventually come, sooner or later, God Will.

Our child is a fighter, so do us their mommies. Keep fighting, be persevere.  You are your child's advocate. Do not let other people belittle you. Always listen to your instinct. No one knows better about your child than you, their mothers.

We never know what we'll go through the next day or months after, but we just need to move on. Lets take one day at a time, a meaningful advice from a dear husband, which i shall always remember and keep in mind.

Best of luck to me, and all of you, strong malacia moms! You are not alone :)

27 October 2015

9 months young

Berat: 7.265kg (adoi naik sket je dr last mth huhu)

Milestones: army crawl, duduk dah independent, suka berdiri pegang orang, angkat2 bontot mcm nak merangkak tapi blom dpt ilham lagi caner hehe

Insiden: so far 3x dah jatuh katil. Siang tdo atas toto je sekarang huhu

Yang disukai: all the weird things u just name it ...toys kurang layan. Menyembur time makan, ni mmg mama geram sgt!

Yang dibenci: car seat, stroller

Watak kegemaran: boboiboy!!! Upin Ipin jatuh no. 2. Kalau nangis mama kena nyanyi lagu boboiboy jer, terus senyap. Haha

Current obssession: mama mama mama. Tak pernah berubah sedari dulu.

Of currency exchange

Despite Ringgit continues to become weaker mostly against any other currencies, i accidentally has just profited from my previous hotel deal.

Booked a hotel at Aud189 few mths ago at 2.87 exch rate, cancelled the hotel yesterday, and got full refund via my cc for an extra of RM15 at the bank's rate of 2.95, despite the current selling price of 3.11.

In short, jgn risau kalau terlebih tukar duit byk kengkawan. Habis holiday nanti kita doalah RM makin jatuh haha. Lagi satu, nampak tak guna cc lagi untung dari bayar cash? So apa lagi, jom srettt srettt je nanti kat sana!

Thanks Space Hotel for your prompt action. Never expect to see the money been credited within a day. Excellent!

24 October 2015

Traveller's tips

1. Know where you are and how to getting around places of interests.
2. Study the map beforehand, always bring the map wherever u go.
3. Locate for free wifi area, tourist i centre, tram stops circle n bus stops.
4. Prioritize prioritize prioritize. Dont be too rigid with your itinerary, be prepare to forgo some of ur favourite places in your quest of hunting ur most wanted items :p

Okla..sambung study map balik. Pening pala byk kena study. Pasrah jela hiks

23 October 2015

Drooling pad & cloth shoe by The rose bud by ily

Accidentally bumped into her ig when i browsed thru the #babywearing. Now i know the importance of placing a # into your pics :)

Absolutely loved the drooling pad, and the soft cloth shoe. Very neat stitches, with nice, comfy n breathable material, suitable for babies.

I bought the drooling pad for my ergo baby ssc since Irfan loves to suck and lick the ssc's strap, till it gets wet. Certain times there were traces of milk, or even porridge, pumpkin, carrot, u just name it! Am not that rajin enough to wash the ssc frequently, hence drooling pad comes to the rescue :)

So here's my eiffel tower drool pad+london cloth shoe, and another 2 sets of repeat purchase for baby Azfar and Husna. Hope they loved it as much as i did :)

Thanx Ilyana for attending to my personal requests. Your service was superb! For those interested, u may browse thru her ig ok. Serius rambang mata :p

Cheezy wedges

Playing around with aperture, shutter speed and ISO. Never had i imagined that i could now say, understand and pronounce those jargons.

Usaha tangga kejayaan!

22 October 2015

Food preparation for vacation

This is the part that i liked most when planning for a vacation, that is listing out our family's daily menu (apart from discussing with the girls what jacket to wear so that we can look good in front of camera hiks). I don't even mind updating the list every single day, unlike reviewing an itinerary which is the most tedious, challenging, and takes up lots of reading and blog hoping.

Orang Melayu, tekak harus Melayu. Hence you can still able to enjoy Malay dishes when you are thousand of miles away from home country. Janji tahu apa nak bawa, setel! Nevertheless this time around cooking will take some extra time as i also need to prep for Irfan's. Susah jugak bila pk, especially bila takde blender. Everything has to be mashed (ok masher yg pendek belum beli!). We already bought a La Gourmet food thermos jar which should be able to retain heat for up to 12 hours (tested & verified at home, lega!). We'll be on the road and outside most of the time, morning till evening, hence dinner for him will be on the go, not at hotel. Hopefully mama istiqamah nak bgn awal masak pepagi (dahla nek umi takde kali nih uwaaa), silap haribulan mengharapkan Heinz packed puree je karang isk isk.

ok i shall update more on our prep in our next next entry...till then~

21 October 2015

Testing manual mode of NX300

After more than 1.5yrs owning an NX300, only last wk i took the effort to download its manual and browse through the topics. Mind you its in pdf file, hundreds of pages and contains lots of jargons which i hate to admit i understand nothing but only few of them :(

Sorry if i spam you with lots of pics in my next posts. I just need to keep on practising, so that we shall come back with nice pictures (at least to my eyes hihi) in our next holidays.

Teories apparently do not work well when it comes to taking pictures. Hence kita main tekan tekan cuba jaya jelah most of the time :)

20 October 2015

Back to baking!

Kids' booster for the final xm week. Unfortunately the school is still closed due to the bad haze, and based on todays weather they predict that the closure will continue.

Kids dah stress penat belajar. They miss their Ipad, because we made the rules way earlier. No ipad until xm is finished. Makanya lambat lagilah bole main ipad haha

This is my usual dark choc brownie, with choc peanut butter+dark choc ganache toppings. I bet the whole tray will finish before xm is over!

Cara Membersihkan Tali Jam Fossil (Leather Strap)

I am not a big fan of leather when it comes to watch, because i've always think that the handle and care required for a leather strap is somehow tedious. Normally I would go for a buckle strap, which to me is faster and easier especially when you are rushing to the office every morning. Every second counts and is so precious for us, the working mommies in KL :) This is my current watch, with a buckle strap and black in color.

Nevertheless just now i had stumbled across this lovely watch with black leather strap which to me looks simple yet elegant. Probably another item in my next list? hikss

source: Zalora's website

Now lets take a peek at how to care for a leather strap watch. Trust that this shall benefits anyone who already has a watch with leather strap, or may become a useful reference for someone new to a leather strap watch like me! Oh the steps are in Bahasa Melayu, am just too plain lazy to translate it, apologies for that :)

Perlu diingatkan bahawa, jangka hayat jam tangan kulit adalah hanya setahun jika anda memakainya pada setiap hari.

Namun, tentu sekali anda boleh melanjutkan jangka hayat jam tangan tersebut jika anda mengambil langkah penjagaan yang baik, termasuklan dengan kerap membersihkan jam tangan anda itu. Berikut merupakan beberapa langkah penjagaan atau cara membersihkan tali kulit jam tangan Fossil;

1. Lap tali jam tangan dengan kain kering
Tahukah anda udara yang lembap mudah terperangkap di ruang antara kulit anda dan tali jam tangan kulit tersebut. Oleh itu, penting untuk anda mengelap tali kulit tersebut daripada udara lembap dan kotoran yang tersembunyi. Gunakan kain kering yang lembut agar tidak mencalarkan permukaan tali jam tangan tersebut.

2. Cuci dengan air dan sabun
Jangan gunakan kain yang basah untuk membersihkan tali kulit jam tangan anda. Tetapi, gunakan kain yang lembap dan tambahkan sedikit sabun tangan untuk membersihkan kotoran pada tali kulit jam tangan tersebut.

3. Bilas dan keringkan tali jam tangan
Kemudian, bilas dan keringkan tali jam tangan anda dengan menggunakan kain yang kering. Biarkan beberapa lama untuk memastikan tali jam tangan tersebut benar-benar kering. Ingat, jangan jemur tali tersebut di bawah matahari kerana ia boleh menyebabkan struktur tali tersebut merekah.

4. Gunakan pelembap khas barangan kulit (leather conditioner)
Selepas tali tersebut benar-benar kering, sapukan sedikit leather conditioner pada kedua-dua permukaan tali jam tangan.  Ia menjadikan permukaan kulit tampah lebih bersinar dan memanjangkan jangka hayat barangan kulit.

Not that difficult don't you think so?
Now i just know the existence of a leather conditioner..ingatkan shampu je ada conditioner :p

09 October 2015

Sayang mama

My manja kededek who is extremely obsessed over me. Sidai kain, masak kt dapur..pun kena dukung dia skali. Mealtime for me usually done in less than 5 minutes, tu pun amik pinggan duduk mkn bersila depan muka dia. By 6pm i can finally take a deep breath. Abg Idlan dh balik yesss someone is in the house to take turns!

Makin kronik budak nih...mcm mana lah nk tinggal pegi taska taun depan nanti isk

05 October 2015

at 8 mths 1 wk...

he is starting to creep, move forward and pick up stuffs. He can raise his chest and butt off the floor, but is yet to figure the skill to crawl. Prefers his abang's erasers, textbook, my Vicks inhaler and some other weird things than his own toys. Gear kereta abah pun sgt dia minat okey! Yang tak bagus, he likes to put everything into his mouth.

Keep it going sayang!