23 October 2015

Drooling pad & cloth shoe by The rose bud by ily

Accidentally bumped into her ig when i browsed thru the #babywearing. Now i know the importance of placing a # into your pics :)

Absolutely loved the drooling pad, and the soft cloth shoe. Very neat stitches, with nice, comfy n breathable material, suitable for babies.

I bought the drooling pad for my ergo baby ssc since Irfan loves to suck and lick the ssc's strap, till it gets wet. Certain times there were traces of milk, or even porridge, pumpkin, carrot, u just name it! Am not that rajin enough to wash the ssc frequently, hence drooling pad comes to the rescue :)

So here's my eiffel tower drool pad+london cloth shoe, and another 2 sets of repeat purchase for baby Azfar and Husna. Hope they loved it as much as i did :)

Thanx Ilyana for attending to my personal requests. Your service was superb! For those interested, u may browse thru her ig ok. Serius rambang mata :p

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