17 February 2013

Post CNY break

Pardon me for leaving this blog unattended for the past few days. It feels lazy to jot down something, even though at times i feel like there are a lot to tell, and share at this space.

We went back to hub's hometown in Kedah during the last CNY break. 5 hours on the road from KL-Tapah..what a tiring journey!  Tambah another 2 hours baru sampai ke Kedah perghhh dahsyat penangan cuti kali nih. As usual, i piled up some weight whenever we were away for long holidays...apa taknya keja tak habis2 makan..makan..dan makan lagik! Right after the break, i.e. the first day i came back to the office, i decided to fast ....ok jgn gelak yer, puasa ganti (laaa belum habis2 ganti lagi!) while at the same time cuba menginsafkan diri dgn kurang makan :p But i had a bad migraine the whole day that i felt like vomiting every now n seconds...iskk dah lama tak puasa mmg lemah betul badan. If only i didnt have to chair a nego meeting on the evening mmg dah lama i chow balik rumah :(

This is a super large 3kg red velvet cake that i made back in hub's hometown the other day. Saja buat sempena majlis bertunang anak sulung makcik hubby...but this is not the hantaran tunang la of course. Buat utk family mkn2 jer. Apparently the making of this cake was full of drama - pinjam mixer SIL (kitchenaid tau kalah mixer i kahkah), nozle pinjam maksu, piping bag mintak ihsan maksu...that colourful hundreds n thousands pon maksu yg kasik! :p Godek almari mak mujur ada red coloring alhamdulillah! Other ingredients like cream cheese, fresh milk and butter were bought at Tesco :) Alhamdulillah now all the relatives know what is rv...and they acknowledged the distinctive taste of this cake...ramai suke :) Nx time saya buat lagik ok!!

This is marble choc cheese brownies ordered from a colleague cum a return customer in Annexe 2. Thanks k.Ita!
and another tray of the same cake also ordered by k.ita on behalf of her colleague. thanks Ad!
This is carrot walnut cup cakes ordered by k.arny, were taken to the groom's side at ulu yam for a majlis bertandang (kenduri dah lepas yer). Penuh drama jugak penghasilan kek nih. Mula2 kak arny nak 2-tier carrot cakes sbb nk potong time majlis, but since i'll be leaving to kedah on early saturday morning, susah plak nk buat pick up arrangement. takkan dia nk dtg rumah ai sebelum subuh kan kihkih. then k.arny said she'll try to find alternative, and i got to know that my travel partner in crime cum baker friend Farra yg akan buat kek k.arny..ok cun! Then farra texted me over the weekend asked if i can make the cup cakes while she handled the cakes...so i said okla kalau k.arny willing to pick up on friday. and then farra pulak, instead of 2-tier cakes akhirnya jadi 2 ketul whole cakes sbb tak muat nk simpan dlm fridge :p

this is a 1.5kg red velvet cake..ordered by my ex-colleague kak wan from PDM. dah jadi hajah dah dia...alhamdulillah and thanx kak wan...doakan saya pula yg akan dpt jemputan menjadi tetamuNya di tanah suci tak lama lagi insya allah :)
another 1.5kg rv, made special for my good friend back in mmu - my classmate, my thesis mate, also my jiran in Putrajaya :) He whatsapp me and asked...best sgt ke rv? and i said...rv is special on its own class..susah nak cakap. He then ordered and said...ya allah tak sabarnya nak rasa...sedap tak? then i replied again...ko tanyer tukang buat mestilah ckp sedap...tekak org lain tak tahu la kan hehe! alhamdulillah after i delievered the cake his msg somehow made my day ~ thanks yati..marvellous sedap giler. You're welcome my friend..aku doakan kau cepat ketemu jodoh :)

Another lace design on rv cake...made special for cik ippa as the mother called it hihi. Happy birthday dear Iffah..may u hv all the happiness in this world..and blessed with iman n amal insya Allah. Thanks k.ija for the repeat order :) 

and that's about it.
no cake for myself ya.
it's hard to resist from not whipping up something for me while i bake for orders....arghh kena igt mau diet diet diet..berat dah naik tulungggggg!

but still i cheated anyway. whatever rv crumbs left on the pans...i took them and ate with the cream cheese haha...jgn marah yer! baker can do anything to satisfy her own craving isnt it? wakakaka

08 February 2013


I waited until the 5th day before finally surrendered to the doctor. Muscle-strained as he called it. Both knees in severe pain especially when climbing down the stairs. Apelah nasib. Anyway these were the root cause. Over worked out on last Saturday. Now must remember that i am not that young anymore!

-made the complex pecan butterscotch cake-vacum-basuh toilet-masak pulut kuning n kari ayam, sental baju sekolah (u know how boys' uniform looks like kannnn)-laundry-sidai baju- sapu porch. After zohor entertained my moms' n bro's family for some mkn2- then we went off to mines n let the kids enjoyed their pool time.

See...very ambitious n rajin kan....:p

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04 February 2013

Roasted black pepper chicken

This weekend we had roasted black pepper chicken, which was marinated a week ago together with my lemon butter chicken. Faster cooking time where u just need to get them defrost and later transfer the chicken parts onto the non-stick pan, grilled for 20 min until half-cooked before let them fully cooked inside the oven for another 30-45 min (depending on ur oven).

few chicken parts that were grilled until half-cooked and turned brownish

A stool aka high chair that came into rescue on that day! my knees ached badly that i can barely stand for long hours during that weekend, probably the muscles were over-worked beyond its limit kots.
tadaaa...my version of roasted black pepper chicken. I marinated the chicken parts with garlic, coarse black pepper, salt, black pepper powder, sweet soy sauce & oyster sauce. Those colorful vege really add colors to its overall look isnt it :)
we had kari telur (recycle kuah kari ayam semlm hehe), vege tomyam (again!) and that roasted chicken for lunch...alhamdulillah kenyang :)
A moist, flavourful and healthy carrot cake does not only suit older generation like our moms, but was also perfect for friends' birthday celebration. This was ordered by kak Rozita for her office quarterly pot-luck event..tq kak for ur repeat order!!
nyumsssss! I seriously felt in love with this ombre rosettes design and its overall simple look. simple yet elegant on its own :)

Both my knees still hurts when i woke up this morning. And i was like a nenek tua when climbing down the stairs...one after another...sgt slow macam kura-kura :( 
Time to drink milk i guess? blerghhhhh

Hepi Monday n hepi working peeps!!!

03 February 2013

Weekend - piling up more kilos? :)

Things that i love about my weekend is that i got to cook some proper meals for the family. Also bake some desserts for the week's supply. And to have some family gathering, chit-chatting and of course to eat, eat and eat again :)

 This is bawal sweet sour, with tomato cherry, salad and fresh lemon..yummsss!

 vegetable tomyam ala Johnny's style..with Enoki mushroom! Farra ko kena try beli enoki ni sedappp!

Hah pulut kuning for no special occasion? saje teringin, plus it's my hub and eldest's favourite :) I think this is probably my 2nd or 3rd time cooking pulut kuning after 9 yrs of marriage haha! Terpaksa call umi tanye the steps and bahan2 yg diperlukan. And i went to Tesco the morning before just to buy the beras pulut. gigih ok!
 Here go my pulut kuning and kari ayam...sedappppp. But my mom said it could be better if i add more santan to the pulut..baru rasa lebih lemak. Ok bos next time shall improve further! Surprisingly Ammar also loved it alhamdulillah. My mom and bro went to our place yesterday's evening...saje gathering makan2 before we off to bring the kids to the Mines Splash Park for kids' pool time :)

Gathering last week at my mom's in Ampang. Kids posing in front of the pecan butterscotch cake...specially made for nek umi's and atok's birthday :)

now i think everyone in the family hooked to this cake already..yumsssssssss!
my 2nd pecan butterscotch cake for the week. tinggal 1 slice je lagi...mmg konfem the whole family loved it :) Recipe improvised to result in a lower density cake...alhamdulillah menjadi :) If not before this the cake is too moist and dense...sgt mengenyangkan.
 our little Ammar had a close watch on the cake...x sabar nak potong!
1 slice je yang tinggal!
After had some dosage of pulut kuning, butterscotch cake and laksa Kelantan, we went off to the Mines Splash Park and let the kids enjoyed their pool time to the max :)

 gaya solo

Grated carrot-chopped walnut-chopped raisins to kick off my Sunday morning. Oh this is not ours but my customer's :) Takkan nak pulun 2 ketul kek dlm masa 2 hari ye tak...giler ke ape :p 
 Today we gonna have black pepper roasted chicken and probably bread pudding as dessert kalau mama rajin...till then peeps! Have a beautiful Sunday!