03 February 2013

Weekend - piling up more kilos? :)

Things that i love about my weekend is that i got to cook some proper meals for the family. Also bake some desserts for the week's supply. And to have some family gathering, chit-chatting and of course to eat, eat and eat again :)

 This is bawal sweet sour, with tomato cherry, salad and fresh lemon..yummsss!

 vegetable tomyam ala Johnny's style..with Enoki mushroom! Farra ko kena try beli enoki ni sedappp!

Hah pulut kuning for no special occasion? saje teringin, plus it's my hub and eldest's favourite :) I think this is probably my 2nd or 3rd time cooking pulut kuning after 9 yrs of marriage haha! Terpaksa call umi tanye the steps and bahan2 yg diperlukan. And i went to Tesco the morning before just to buy the beras pulut. gigih ok!
 Here go my pulut kuning and kari ayam...sedappppp. But my mom said it could be better if i add more santan to the pulut..baru rasa lebih lemak. Ok bos next time shall improve further! Surprisingly Ammar also loved it alhamdulillah. My mom and bro went to our place yesterday's evening...saje gathering makan2 before we off to bring the kids to the Mines Splash Park for kids' pool time :)

Gathering last week at my mom's in Ampang. Kids posing in front of the pecan butterscotch cake...specially made for nek umi's and atok's birthday :)

now i think everyone in the family hooked to this cake already..yumsssssssss!
my 2nd pecan butterscotch cake for the week. tinggal 1 slice je lagi...mmg konfem the whole family loved it :) Recipe improvised to result in a lower density cake...alhamdulillah menjadi :) If not before this the cake is too moist and dense...sgt mengenyangkan.
 our little Ammar had a close watch on the cake...x sabar nak potong!
1 slice je yang tinggal!
After had some dosage of pulut kuning, butterscotch cake and laksa Kelantan, we went off to the Mines Splash Park and let the kids enjoyed their pool time to the max :)

 gaya solo

Grated carrot-chopped walnut-chopped raisins to kick off my Sunday morning. Oh this is not ours but my customer's :) Takkan nak pulun 2 ketul kek dlm masa 2 hari ye tak...giler ke ape :p 
 Today we gonna have black pepper roasted chicken and probably bread pudding as dessert kalau mama rajin...till then peeps! Have a beautiful Sunday!


Smiley said...
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Smiley said...

dah buat pom tom yam tu today letak mushroom!
makan dengan ayam goreng ala kfc..sedap

sos butterscotch ko tu cam cairkah?

y@tipruzz said...

kali ni buat cair...ari tu pekat n manis :p

bila cair...bila ko nk mkn kek tuh leh sapu sos tepi2 kek tuh..if nk manis lg la hehe