24 August 2006

of latest updates

Answering to ummimon's question, am still here. Everything's fine, except works pilling up not as usual :p
(in other words, jadik busy bee kejaps hehe)

Idlan still wakes up at nite, min 2x..max could go up to 4 times. We found ourselves getting immune to that already. Ever since he borned until now, he never failed to wake up, except once, but it was only for a few days. Then the routine continues. He eats porridge around 630-730pm, and usually sleeps at 8-830pm. So early isnt it? and oh he takes 70z of milk before doze off to sleep.

Am lucky that we takes turn to prepare milk (thanks sayang!). As for me, once i wake up at nite, it'll takes time for me to get back to sleep. Hence sometimes you find me performs solat isyak at 2am, or turn on the washing machine at 330am, folds the clothes, or washing the dish, also around that time. The result, i become laloks at the office. Tapi kejap je, after getting the tune i am 100% READY for work again :p

Idlan's nearing 21mo soon. His interest in books and animals grows bigger. We actually quite amaze to find him never gets bored to ask us to keep on repeating and reading the same old story in a day. His first book is The Ugly Duckling, and until now he remembers each character inside the book. Now is Pinocchio time...esok lusa kena cari buku lain (kitorang yg dah bosan sebenarnyer ulang2 benda yg sama hehe). He becomes extra manja nowadays, dunno why. Not defensive of himself, hence leaving him got bitten twice by the same 1 yo kid and left bekas until now...pity him. Am not sure how to teach him to become more aggressive, defensive and the likes...he's just too delicate huhu.

Our house, well we still do not know exactly when we can move in. Pending with CF. Hopes by the end of the yr bolehlah masuk.

Okla hv to get back to work..till then!

18 August 2006

Anak teruna lately bangun mlm average 4 kali utk minum susu! Kalah baby-baby bawah setahun kots :p
Abah ngan mama dah macam zombie kat opis....

(mama yg tgh lalok dan mengantuks)

10 August 2006

The trip

(suppose to be yesterday's entry tapi blogger slow yg amat semlm)

Finally im back to office. But suprisingly this time it wasnt that hard to wake up early and resume the daily chores as before. Its been four days since i last prepared idlan's porridge, and this morning it feels good to cook for him again (after 4 consecutive days we fed him with bubur ayam mc D ehhehe)!

The trip? hmm it wasnt that good in the beginning, felt very upset and tired, just too tired to handle idlan's God-only-knows-why tantrums. Be it at the airport, before we depart, inside the plane, after landed at kk...god im just too tired till i felt like staying at hotel and sleep throughout the day doing nothing. He refused to walk, refused to sit, the only thing he wants is for mama to carry him all the time. No gilir-gilir with tok, tok wan, mak ude or even his abah! He behaves nicely inside the hotel room, jumping and running here n there, but the moment we stepped out of the room, dunno what happen all he wants is dukung dukung and dukung! My body ached all over, my pinggang and belakang running flat, at times i did put him down, left him crying and ignore him...but you know ppl might be staring at me saying what a bad mama i am (hoho) so basically i got no choice, still have to carry him around...:(

We stayed at Zaharah Hotel Apartment, same place with Promenade, but under different management. The best thing is, we get cheaper price than promenade. The room is ok, equipped with kitchen cab some more (kekonon nak masak seafood tp tak larat pon :p), its just the toilet tiles looks a bit old and usang.

Arrived KK around 1245, headed straight to hotel, had Mc D as our lunch and rest. Evening came, we went for a stroll near the sea/waterfront, had a quick peek inside the center point and went back empty handed. Dinner time we had tosei and fried mee at mamak stall nearby. The tosei, together with its dhal and curry seriously finger licking good hehe

KK time is one hr earlier than KL, so there at 6am is already terang benderang. We took heavy breakfast i.e nasi lemak that morning, and our journey to kundasang begins as early as 830am. Lucky we made a wise decision to engage local ppl, to be specific En Shamsul as our tour guide. If not i dont think we manage to get to kundasang on time. Before that we stopped at UMS and masjid terapung to enjoy the beautiful scenery and taking pics. Arrived at kinabalu park around 12++. Saw some ppl including mat salleh with their 'tongkat hikmat', assuming they just came down from their mission of conquering the mount kk. Weather is extremely cold, with the strong wind blows sehingga mencucuk2 tulang. Taking pics is a must, but quite disappointing for we couldnt see the peak clearly due to bad weather. From there we went down to Ranau town for lunch, before checked in at TM Resort Kundasang. After lepak-lepak and having enough rest, called En Shamsul to pick us up for a visit to Pot Spring. Such a serene and tranquil place, with trees everywhere, and yes it also has jambatan gantung but not that scary to cross over :) The pot spring is different from Kolam Air Panas in Baling, Kedah where it has many small and separate hot ponds available for visitors to rendam their kaki inside. But we didnt try any, malas nak tukar2 baju plus its getting dark at that time. After taking pics (as usual), moved to several souvenir stalls outside, MIL bought some pearl bracelets. On our back to resort, stopped by at a night market in Ranau, hubby tried their nasi kuning/kunyit, and we took away KFC as dinner.

Night time, i had difficulty to sleep, due to the sounds of heavy wind blowing outside. The sound....huhuh so scary, cam bunyi org pompuan wailing camner ntah cam hantu hehe. But at last tertido jugak tu pon penat paksa diri :) And oh we were so unfortunate, water heater at the resort went kaput, and the water is no way like the normal water, its as cold as an ice. Amik air semayang terketar-ketar ggrrrgrgrgrgrrr

Early in the morning, managed to get a sight of mount kk's peak even tho its been surrounded by heavy mist. Starts the day by going to town to get some vege and fruits sold nearby the roadside. And thanx so much to B and mak for the flowers (celebrated my besday in Sabah this year hehe). Flowers are cheaper than cameron, so as the vege. Next En Shamsul brought us to shops selling local crafts, which is at Pekan Nabalu. There we got very good deal, and thanx to our Mr Bargain i.e my hubby...he's really good in doing that! We bought kain pua, kayu to hang the kain, frigde magnet and t-shirts. Our next destination is Kota Belud, to visit ayah's long time college friend. Been served scrumptious and wide array of lauk pauk including telur penyu (of which i dare not try hehe). Arrived back in KK town around 2++ and we straight away went to the phillipines market. Shopping sakan there (mak la...myself shopping biasa2 jer), again mr bargain managed to get us brooch, kain pua, bracelet and many more at such a good price. Habis shopping, back to Zaharah hotel to check in and sleep.

Evening came, we initially planned to go and have seafood dinner at Gayang or Tg Aru beach but the weather didnt permit us to do so. Heavy rain plus ribut sket2, due to ribut in phillipines if we were not mistaken. Hence we just had fried chicken rice from another mamak stall nearby the hotel.

Still rain in the morning, but that didnt stop us to go and had our last min shopping at phillipines market. Get another few sets of brooch, bracelet, etc...balik hotel packing and off to airport around 1230. Arrived KL nearly 5pm, stopped at masjid dengkil to perform our solat, and menjamu perut at Malee, the ever famous spot for tomyam (sape taknah try tomyam malee, silalah pegi, dijamin sedap gilers).

Ok tu la saje citer trip kali ni...got no time to describe in details. Pics will be uploaded later.

04 August 2006


1] My little tiny note book done progressively well so far, i've practically never miss to put every single things i've spent since the beginning of week. And doing this way i can see the expenses are much more controlled than before :))
2] Idlan has recovered from the fever alhamdulillah. Hope he's stable and ok for the trip.
3] We still havent pack for the trip, thanx to the laziness. Must drag myself to start packing tonite else we might miss out something... as usual :p
4]To go to pasar mlm this evening to get some chicken, meat and vege. Not that i've become extra rajin this week but my mil,fil and sil are coming tomorrow, surely i must prepare something right?
5]To bake the chocolate cake using home-made flour mix given by my aunt long long ago (say 4-5 months back) before it reaches the expiry date :p
6] To clean and kemas all the guest rooms, can hardly remember when did the last time we cleaned up the rooms ...sigh*
7] To book a car for our trip to kundasang. A Wira already costs you about RM120, that is the cheapest i can get so far, so expensive isnt it?
8] To adjust myself for a more proper meal time, especially breakfast. And to make it compulsory to have a cup of milo/hot drink in between lunch and tea time.

03 August 2006

the second attack

Tanpa disangka-sangka, selasa lepas lagi sekali aku kena attack gastrik. Tapi kali ni attack lebih teruk, start kena pukul 3.30pm kot, completely recover esok harinya iaitu Rabu lepas zohor. Time kena attack tu, dah terasa sesak dada, nafas tercungap-cungap, dan aku terus lari ke toilet sbb dah rasa loya nak muntah, tapi tak keluar. Last2 pegi lepak surau, menahan sakit. Tapi still tak lega, at last call pruzz mintak dia dtg (air mata dah kuar time tuh huhu). Terus lari pegi klinik, sampai klinik tak sempat nak register, terus muntah kat toilet. Abis sepinggan nasi paprik lunch tadi kuar. Doc cuma kasik ubat, aku mintak jab, dia takmo kasik lagi, dia soh mkn ubat dulu. So as per advised, telanla ubat...termasuk ubat tahan muntah. Tak lama lepas tu, muntah balik. Habis kuar isi perut termasuk ubat. Bila tak tahan sgt, ajak pruzz pegi klinik lagi, mintak jab. Doc kasik luckily. Tapi nampak gaya jab pon tak jln, rasa lega sekejap jer, lepas tu sakit yg amat balik. Badan mmg dah lemah sesgt, mungkin dehydrated, nak mkn mmg tak lalu, sbb mkn sket terus muntah. Dan yg lebih haru, idlan plak tetiba demam petang tu. Mlm tu mmg langsung tak larat nak jaga idlan, harapkan abahnyer la tolong jaga. Mujur demam dia tak tinggi sgt..tapi sian dia mama langsung tak larat nak layan dia. Aku cuma terbaring jer tahan sakit, last2 tertido dgn perut yg kosong dan sakit yg teramat.

Esoknyer, masih belum lega, pi klinik mintak jab lagi skali, doc kasik mc. Balik rumah terus tido sampai lepas zohor. Alhamdulillah bgn tido hilang segala sakit. Barula dpt mkn, isi perut yg mmg dah kosong tu ( in total aku muntah 8x kot). Tgh hari abah amik idlan dari nursery, sian idlan demam masih ade sket2, mujur badan masih aktif, still boley jerit2 lagi.

Aku rasa macam fobia plak bila kena gastrik ni, lebih rela kalo kena migrain atau diarrhea atau sakit perut daripada kena gastrik. Sakitnyer mmg takleh tahan, sesak dada tu yg paling horror, rasa tak cukup nafas. Lepas ni mmg kena lebih berwaspada, mkn kena on time, no delay whatsoever, takleh mkn extra pedas/masam, etc....(dahla feveret aku tomyam huk huk)

........hopefully idlan dah ok today....kalo idak abisla plan pi sabah next week huhu