22 February 2016

Why celery for babies?

Sharing some of the benefits of celery, which i often used in Irfan's everyday meals. In fact i've started using celeries in most of my cooking, be it ayam goreng kicap, ayam masak merah, mihun goreng, and tomyam campur! The aroma that it produces is simply awesome! Celery has longer 'life span' than leek or daun sup, hence decrease the possibilities of wastage :)

All #teenytummy menu contains celery in it. Celery can also become a good finger food for your baby. Kasi je baby pegang and hisap or kunyah, one of the 'healthy' oral exercise for them :)

Last but not least, this is pretty interesting n exciting.

Celery does contain sodium, but it is not the same thing as table salt. The salt in celery is organic, natural and essential for your health.

So tak payah susah2 tambah garam dalam food baby korang ok :)
Seronok kan!

#teenytummy No.5 Irfan's Special - Carrot, celery, pumpkin, potato, chicken and cheddar cheese
#teenytummy No.2 Chicken Vege Casserole - Broccoli, celery, carrot, sweet potato, chicken and onion
Sweet potato, pumpkin and celery

15 February 2016


Mommy is so stress. He refused to eat since last tuesday, means it has been a week already! Org tua2 says maybe nk ringankn badan, sbb tu duk sakit seminggu while at the same time sakan prektis bertatih. Tapi kenapa sampai takmo makan dik oiiii...aritu baru je puji bdn dh makin bambam, perut pon dh buncit, now suddenly berubah angin plak.
Tlgla kuat mkn blk sayang. Mama risau tau..risau sgt2. Kat ofis pon duk teringat2. Buntu dh ni semua benda awak reject. Mama sedih ok.

13 February 2016

Irfan @ 1yr 2 weeks

He now walks already yeay!
Sakan prektis..siap bole brek2 and pause utk balance kan diri :p
Irfan dh 5 hari sesema dan berkahak..batuk x sgt. Demam on off. Dh 2x amik neb di klinik. Selera mkn mmg out terus, semua favorite food dia x layan. Yang dilayan cuma yogurt je. Pisang pun cuma mkn half je..kalo idak selama ni pisang la makanan favorite dia seketul laju je habis huhu. Tlg cpt sihat ye sayang..nx wk abah takde seminggu..mau pengsan mama kalo awak duk cranky mcm skarang ni. Mlm punye lah susah tido..bgn pagi mama cfm migrain sbb takleh tido lena.

08 February 2016

Movie review : Ola Bola

I'm not really a football fan, but Ola Bola seriously worth viewing. Lots of lesson learned, morales n values to be remembered as we embrace our lives.
These are some of my favourite quotes:
- lift up your dreams way up high
- lift up your goals up to the sky
- dont be afraid, dont surrender
- lets win together, lets lose together
- dont worry, i cover you.

Ok byk lg sebenarnya tp x larat nk tulis, but to be frank, this is by far the best movie i've ever watched. Its not really a Malay movie per se, its actually a symbol of unity across diff races, diff religions. Cried few times sbb sedih dgn jerit perih yg dialami org miskin, how they struggle to live their life,  mmg rasa insaf (mujur irfan tdo 3/4 throughout, dpt mama amik feel haha)

Bawalah anak2 menonton, bagus sgt to boost their spirit. Mengajar anak to strive for their best in whatever endeavours they are pursuing. I hope Idlan got some of the essential messages n remember them by heart. Its not about football, its about everything in life, things we're facing thru every single day.

Lets not dwell further. Pls go watch. You wont regret. Promise. Lagi best dr Avengers, star wars dan seangkatan dgnnya. Jgn marah peminat Marvel sekalian 😃 Oh Bront Palarae mmg hebat sgt, patut menang Best Actor Award.

Oh yes Irfan did well for his 1st cinema experience😃 pasnih bole bwk tgk Boboiboy the Movie plak 😃