20 April 2007

19th April

A few days back when a few frens of mine asked, ko pegi tak pegi tak?
I replied with confidence...tak gi, tak cuti pon!

My mind and soul (:p) is fixed with that answer...but you know, women and shopping can hardly be separated. When the actual day comes yesterday, angin tade ribut tade tetiba hati terasa nak cuti hampehsss!
Looks like i need to go for some kind of meditation to make my heart becomes more kebal and less influenced to any sort of temptation like this.

The result, i got another 4 shirts for idlan, a 3/4 pants and a nice brown pooh sandal (tapi dia takmo pakai geram takkk?). And for myself, finally i got to buy my ever dreamed handbag that i've eyed since the past 2 months nyeh nyeh..kat sogo slash 10% tapi semlm discount 30% saya amat happy! Dan disebabkan hati tak kebal saya telah menyambar 2 instead of satu :)

And here goes what i did yesterday for ummimon (sebenarnye cuti nak buat ni bukan shopping :P):

1] vanilla muffin with almond toppings

2] vanilla cuppies for kakak and iman...k.tie requested for no icing, no topping actually, but i scribbled something simple to make it look less plain...hope she doesnt mind :)

18 April 2007

i] Org ckp...there's always sun shine after the rain...and it does happen today!
Tak dpt L, dpt K dan B pun jadila...
Yang pasti kali ni tade omong2 kosong dgn idlan lagi hehehe

Oh semlm anak terunaku membuat 'sedikit' hal....blk dr ofis, terkebetulan geng kamceng dia (nama Farhan gak umur 5 thn) pon tgh nak masuk umah, ditariknyer tangan mama dia masuk ke umah geng dia tuh. Mama ni punyerla malu, mujur geng jugak ngan mak si Farhan ni...tapi still malu what! Bukan main syok dia main dlm umah Farhan tu, sampai buat drama swasta takmo blk umah even tho jam dah tunjuk pukul 7pm. Last resort, mama pon terpaksala tipu sunat ckp nak pegi JJ la ape la itu la...sumer tak menjadi, last sekali ummi Farhan terpaksa olok2 tutup tv, lampu, pintu umah depa...dan meng'escort' kami anak beranak blk umah (umah kitorang mcm menghadap satu sama lain).

.....harap2 ptg ni anakku tidak mengulangi kejadian semlm....dah pandai bertenggek kat umah org!

ii] Marble choc cheesecake utk Tini...

mujur semlm ade lord of the rings...so tadela mengantuk tunggu kek masak :)
Tengok LOTR teringat si wanie yg cukup obsess ngan Aragorn dier hehehhe..semah igt tak? zaman dolu2 kat putrajaya dulu :p

17 April 2007

last call

Dear frens,

I still have rooms for this week delivery as follows:
- marble choc cheesecake - 1 order
- vanilla muffin (24 cups/12 cups) - 2 orders

buzz me at YM! calx_88 before 12noon today, first come first serve basis!

Thank you.

16 April 2007

13 April 2007

the weekend

Planned to bring idlan to kelab komuniti cyberjaya's pool tommorow! He must be very excited upon hearing this hehe. Tapi sayang, we're not staying at hotel this time....lain kali eh..kite pegi duk hotel lawa and swim!

And to abah, gud laks and main elok2 esok coz both of us are going to watch you fighting :p

12 April 2007

cfm la Langkawi plan tak menjadi, lecturer dah balas email ckp ade presentation huhu

Blueberry Cheese Tart

It's good to have a kelab wanita at our taman, they're very organized, active, always have lots of ideas and activities planned on weekend, and many more. Last Saturday i decided to join one of their activities, despite myself being quite new in the taman (we're phase 2 btw) and hardly know them. Tagged zarid along to accompany me, we had assorted tarts class with the instructor specially invited by the kolej komuniti bangi. Pay only RM10 and we learned how to make 3 different tarts, i.e cheese, fruit tartlets and egg tarts. The task is easy yet tedious and consumes lots of time. I tried doing cheese tart last two night, and my biggest mistakes, i did 2 adunan instead of 1, resorted me only being able to go to bed at 330am :(

Lenguh satu badan nak buat pastry dia...tapi serius enjoy! Yang penting, pruzz kata lagi sedap dr instructor punyer hohoho

small tart
regular tart
csws1090 tart :p

baked cheese tart
Kalo nak order cam biasa email eh :)

11 April 2007

my oh my~

Dalam pada kami berbangga bila Idlan dah kenal warna, berjaya dlm speech departmentnyer, pandai kira sikit-sikit, recently mama dan abah Idlan start terasa betapa susahnyer the journey of parenthood ni.

Alkisahnya, lately si kecik sudah pandai melawan, bila ditegur, dibalasnye kite balik. Bila kita naik suara sket, dibalasnye balik dgn tone yg sama level. Mama cuba berdiplomasi, tegur dgn cara baik, intonasi suara punyerla lembut, tapi dia nangis plak in return. Diulang byk kali, still menangis dan takde improvement. Dan masalah paling besar, dia dah pandai jelir lidah, walaupun jelir sikit je kuar, tapi still considered jelir!

Aduhai anak, tolonglah faham bahawa jelir lidah tu tak bagus dan tak baik, agak tak manis dipandang orang.

......takper, kami takkan putus asa, akan dicuba utk mendidik si dia sampai berjaya berubah!
Dan sayang, bila mama atau abah marah tu tandanya kami sayang...dun take us wrong ok :)

Ahad ni kita pegi swimming okeh, langkawi dah takde harapan, makanyer kelab komuniti cyberjaya will be our next target!

p/s: tadi dlm berani tak berani tu saya mengemail bakal lecturer, bertanye sama ada akan ade presentation tak pada 28/29 hb nanti, saya inform kalau tak penting saya nak skip klas. Tapi skang macam menyesal plak email dia, mesti dah jadi bad impression plak (budak ni klas blom start dah ade niat nak ponteng!)

09 April 2007

My head swollen inside, and things just slipped off plan since last saturday. We were supposed to start our new subject, and when i reached the class, nobody was there, called my frens, they asked me back, tak bace email ker? klas dah postpone ke 21/4. Still ok hearing that, but when she continued, klas kite 21, 28, 5, then exam 19/5...i was like OMG...Langkawi ku!!!

Dear my beloved lecturer,
I still dont know you, never meet you, expecting to meet you on last saturday but suddenly you postpone our class. I dont mind u shifting the class to suit your schedule, but plizz la why is it has to be clashed with my plan. You've screwed up my long-awaited Langkawi weekend get away dont u realize that? there gone all my correlle, corningware, chocolates and what nods. I've booked the hotel, tell my son that we'll be staying at hotel, jump to the pool, and you know what? my son is sooo looking forward to swim with his new suit (tak beli pon lagi la :p) Warned u, i may skip the class if there is no presentation involving myself, but dont blame me, i just cant let go my langkawi plan after all the angan-angan for the past two months. And my bonus money...i've put aside RM$$$ just for the trip, and now it seems that the rezeki might eventually go to TH.

.....me so sad huhuhu

new addition to Hot Stove - cup cakes!

Hi frens...

Hot Stove is back with another new product in line....that is cutie Cuppies!

Suitable for birthday wish, anniversary, engagement, new born, congratulations wish, etc...you just name it and HS will design it for you to suit ur request! (but warned you, i the amateur may not be able to design complicated character hehe)

Comes in 2 set (complete with box):
16 regular cuppies - RM20
8 regular cuppies - RM11

Cup cakes flavour- vanilla
Icing frosting - buttercream

Delivery F.O.C within Klang Valley area, delivered once a week.
Order must be placed 3 days prior delivery date.
Enquiry? mail me at calx_88@yahoo.com, or buzz at my YM! calx_88

Coming out next.....blueberry cheese tart :)

05 April 2007

of colours!

Few weeks back Abah got a free 'congkak' games courtesy of MMU for launching one of its traditional games events. Brought home the congkak, we played with Idlan at nights, but of course main tipu-tipu saje ok. What attracts us most is the colourful guli-guli, of which they look exactly like coklat Smarties tuh. Idlan is not the kind of toddler yg picking up things and tuck inside his mouth, hence we do not worry much to let him play the guli alone.

I play with him and i told him, yellow color belongs to pak su, green color is nek umi's, black is abah's, red belongs to mama, blue belongs to idlan, etc. After several repetition and practise he can now memorize the basic colours, and associated it with things surround him. He knows he's wearing a yellow shirt, mama has red pant, knows our curtain is green, so as the green wall. The pillow is white, the buai is red in colour, his power rangers watch is blue, and there are 5 power rangers with different colours. And not forgetting all trees are green!

Now we know he likes colours, apart from his hobby of singing alif, ba, ta, jim, ha, ho....(he always missed sa by the way hehe).

Does anyone has Tilmiz cd? i'll pay for the burned cd tq :)

02 April 2007

from the Hot Stove!

We had a small family gathering at my house last week and these are among the menus cooked that day.
1] Baked macaroni with mozarella toppings

Nak try? ni cara-caranyer.....

- Rebus macaroni hingga masak (masukkan a pinch of salt utk tak kasik dia stick with each other)
- Tumis bawang putih & besar, masukkan daging cincang, buh cili sket, masukkan tomato puree, masak lagi, then masukkan button mushroom, carrot (dan segala sayur yg anda suker), garam, gula, oregano, black pepper, dan teruskan masak...biar ade berkuah sket.
- Masukkan dlm bekas, then tuang white sauce (butter, tepung gandum, fresh milk, garam sket).
- Last skali garnish with onions, capsicum, tomato, and slices of mozarella nyum nyummm
- Baked at 170-180 celcius for 25 minutes or until cheese melt
- Ape lagi....hidangkan dan ngapp!

2] Chocolate marble cheesecake

8' (1.1kg) RM33. Interested? Do email me at calx_88@yahoo.com