10 December 2013

Happy 9th Birthday my dear Idlan Farhan!

He is my only boy who made the mother having to undergo the c-sect procedure somewhere 9 years ago. It was a painful labor experience as compared to his other two younger brothers, but i believe Allah knows better what is best for His servant. Raising him was far more difficult than what we can ever imagined as a first-time parents, but syukran to Allah, we do learnt a lot during those days. Now he grows up as a healthy boy, very obedient, sensitive, rajin bila disuruh, and most importantly, he doesnt miss his 5x solat fardhu everyday. He is doing quite well in school, though not consistently stay at the top, to us he has already performed and did his best. Most importantly, we hope he can strike the balance and always put Islam and iman as his pillar in whatever undertakings. May you be protected by Allah all the time, jangan tinggal solat, kena sayang dan jaga adik2 baik-baik tau. Mama, Abah, Firas and Ammar luv u loads abang Idlan!!!

 My very first card for him...hope he will keep this properly sampai lah besar nanti :)

 Ok it was not easy to have the me-time to write on this card. Kena menyorok dlm bilik sebab Ammar sibuk nak 'tulis' atas kad tu sama!

with his abah during his school's appreciation day. He landed at no 4 in class..jatuh 2 anak tangga dari mid term hehe..and got mata pelajaran terbaik for Bhs Arab. Next yr he got selected as a prefect, i know well he's gonna like the job sebab dpt tulis nama budak nakal atas buku nota! Like what he always did at the Kafa :p

07 December 2013

Donut lembut dan sempoi!

Tiba2 datang semangat dan keazaman nak buat donut. Lepas baca blog kak tie mmg terus nekad balik ofis nak singgah kedai runcit beli yis! hihi

If i can recall correctly the last time i made donut was back in 2005. Those days considered the peak of my 'rajin-ness', i made donut, pau, karipap and even chicken pie. My first chicken pie turned out disaster, its pastry cracked and tasted too salty haha. The subsequent ones, after series of improvement and re-engineering, passed quite well ehemmm.

Well, those were the days masa anak masih sorang. Now that i have 3 to control, i guess my energy level was not as good as before. The body gets tired easily, so does the muscles n joints.

But nevertheless today's donut project still proceeded as planned! Well some people called me a baker, but a baker is all the way different from pastry experts. The tricks and tips to yield a good donut are not the same as making cakes. That is why i googled from one site to another just to find an easy yet promising donut recipe! Thanks to kak tie and my SIL for the tips, my donut turned out pretty well this afternoon. Here goes the recipe taken from Dapur Mamasya, it is very simple and helpful for a non-pastry expert like me :)

Donut Mudah
Sumber; : Mamasya

Bahan-bahan ( 20 - 25 biji ) - mine yield close to 30! kenyang sampai ke mlm haha
3 cawan tepung gandum
1 cawan air suam kuku
2 sudu besar mentega
6 sudu besar gula pasir (boleh kurang bagi yang tak suka manis) - i put 4tbs, but i think 6tbs is still ok
3 sudu besar susu pekat manis - i omit this, jarang beli susu pekat manis
1 paket yis (jenama mauripan) - kedai runcit rumah i jual 90sen sepekat :)
1 biji telur

Cairkan mentega dan ketepikan.
Gula dan susu disatukan di dalam air suam, kacau supaya gula larut. masukkan yis, kacau lagi. Biarkan selama 10 minit. - i rested the mix for 20min as what SIL told me. Dia akan berbuih2...means sudah aktif. Kak Tie ckp kalau tak buih means yis tu dah mati. Yis jgn letak tpt panas nnt rosak.
Pukul telur sedikit dan campurkan bersama mentega cair tadi.
Selepas 10 minit yis akan naik berbuih-buih, masukkan pula mentega yang dicampur telur tadi.kacau.
Masukkan campuran yis kedalam mangkuk yang berisi tepung gandum, gaul sebati dengan senduk kayu. biar adunan lagi selama 45 minit. - ni yg bosan sebab kena tunggu. i tutup adunan dgn kain, mmg giler tak sabar nak bukak kain and tengok size dia berganda ke tidak hihi mcm experimen dlm makmal rasa! Sambil2 tunggu tu sempat lagi goreng drummet utk bebudak tuh :)
Banyakkan tepung ditangan supaya adunan tak melekat.(adunan memang agak lembik). ambil sedikit adunan, bulatkan dan leperkan atas papan pencanai. tekan acuan donut yg telah dicelup sedikit tepung.
Sediakan minyak untuk menggoreng. gunakan api sederhana. alih selalu supaya dapat warna yang sekata. setelah agak kekuningan bolehlah diangkat. Tabur gula caster atau hias dengan coklat cair dan ditabur dengan coklat rice..Ok time ni agak kecoh sebab ramai assistant nak volunteer. Firas punyer ball menjadi, Ammar gave up and stop after few attempts. Batter agak lembik, so agak mencabar nak canai. Last skali buat small balls je sudahla..malas nak susah2kan diri. Sambil2 buat ball tu gosokkan tangan dgn tepung utk elakkan adunan stick to ur hands. Lepas dah jadi balls, i rested the balls for few more minutes...huish mmg dia makin mengembang u ols....lepas tu baru goreng hihi. Disebabkan dah penat, rasa malas plak nak buat choc ganache and coat atas ball, so sudahnya jadilah donut versi original bersalut gula kaster :)

The verdict? mmg fluffy dan lembut di dalam...sedap di makan time panas2...marvellous kata orang putih. Tapi rupa donut i takdela lawa macam Mamasya...ball tak serupa ball sangat....senget benget ikut sesedap tangan yg membentuknya hihi. Tengok si anak bujang yg sulung tu pulun byk ketul gak time panas2 tuh...alhamdulillah :) We have donut and apple pie for today's tea time...5 happy tummy indeed :)

yatipruzz's donut balls...apology for the not-so-handsome-looks

06 December 2013

of Firas

Geeshh my blog has been left unattended for quite some time, thanks to the never ending office workloads, i lose the energy and mood to write. I even missed doing things i used and loved to do in the past i.e. baking, baking and baking. The kitchen mixer must have been longing to whip up something and spread the love to the household :p

My dear Amir Firas in a white jubah. So innocent, pure, suci murni gitu. I couldn't stop smiling when looking at this pic, courtesy of his kindy's teacher. Last month we went to his kindy graduation day at the Jade Hills Clubhouse. He did not graduated yet, but we got the chance to see him up on the stage performing coral speaking with his other 5yo and 6yo friends. Sangat hebat mereka semua, they could remember such a long story narrated by their teachers. It was more than 5 full pages of wordings if i can recall correctly. Well even if they missed out certain sentences i still think the kids were just superb! Guru2 yg mengajar apetah lagi...mmg sangat hebat :) Anyway this yr Firas walked away with 2 piala. Hafazan surah terbaik dan bacaan Qiraati terbaik for 5yo. Alhamdulillah moga sentiasa diterangkan hati ye sayang.

okla time's up...till the nx entry ya :)

22 October 2013

kids' talk :)

It was quite funny when we talked about it last night..that i still find it amusing when the conversation replayed in my mind. Whatever they want to be when they've grown up, i'll just pray that Allah will ease their ways, and may they be guided in the correct path in all undertakings. Amin ya rabbal alamin.

Mode sayu plak rasa isk isk

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11 October 2013


Ok walaupon dh agak lama saya x baking...bila terima sms.camni rasa agak terharu. Felt so appreciated gitu hehe. At least it lights up my day...yg sudah agak lama gloomy dgn masalah2 di ofis nih. Rasa mcm nak cuti setahun pon ade haishhhhh

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06 October 2013

my leg hurts

For the 1st time in life, i sprained my leg n it hurts badly. En suami came into assistance, he massaged the swollen part n placed a bandage. I cried like a lil tod in front of the kids that Firas laughed over me n said...org besar pon nak nangis ker! Arghhh rasa mcm nk cubit-cubit je mulut budak nihhh isk isk. He didnt laugh once...he, as a matter of fact laughed all the way until i asked hubby to put a stop on what he was doing. Mmg nakal!

p/s: Mode tak sabar nak tunggu cuti sekolah. I am not a teacher but i just need a good n long break..full.stop.

16 September 2013

the ups..and downs...

Goshh it has been close to a month since i last blogged in this space. I obviously lose the energy to write..physically and mentally tired with things that have happened recently. Ever since before Eid i have stopped taking cake orders, and decided to concentrate more to the family, and of course to my full-time job. Alhamdulillah life becomes easier and more structured i would say haha..no more unfolded clothes piled up on the sofa, i got to cook more often for the family, i got to iron more office clothes than usual, and i realized i have more free time than usual that i can sleep like hours during the weekend! :p

Works are becoming more hectic these days. Last Friday some of my colleagues tegur and said "lamanya tak jumpe kak yati!" Hehe i was around ok, it's just that i was not in the office but instead forced to lock myself in the tender room doing the evaluation. On last Wednesday's evening, our first car got bang by a school bus inside my taman, just after i picked up the kids from their kindy. Dented and scratch at the back, lucky it didnt hit the back lamp. After exchanging few calls with the bus owner (well i must say it was not easy to locate their number! mcm nak giler carik okehh) finally she agreed to pay for the damage. So after 2 days stayed in a workshop nearby our matrix was back at home. This happened when myself was busy finalizing the report, of all the days during the month it happened when i cannot take EL and leave the pending tasks unattended. So imagine how serabut i was last week...keta problem, report belum siap, tak boleh cuti!

On the very same day, our second car also got problem, which i think it was not appropriate to disclose it here. Ibarat jatuh ditimpa tangga seriously...but when we think over and over about it, we tried to console our heart, and redha with what have happened. Until today we still could not find the solution to it, and just keep on praying for Allah to show us the way. I must say this is one of the biggest test befalls on us this year, it hurts us...mentally n physically. But life goes on, and must continue. Allah tests us with something that we can actually bear, only to realize it or not. Allah challenges us because He wants to make us closer to him, to ask and pray before Him, to surrender to him. Alhamdulillah, apart from depending on Him, i still have people surrounds me, my loved ones, my friends, neighbours, who i can always hang on and share the stories. May Allah bless all of us, and give His rahmat in whatever undertakings...Amin.

19 August 2013

Happy 5th Birthday dear Amir Firas!!

He was borne on 8.8.2008 (same with me! hehe) at 1041pm, apparently it was the start of an Olympic Games in Beijing for that year.My gynae suggested that i go for induce, so that we can share the same birth date haha. Giler tak panik time dengar tuh...as his initial EDD was 15.8.2008. So we had several round of calls to my mil, colleagues n friends just to get their opinions...should i give it a try or just wait for natural birth :p
well we finally settled for an induce. Dari 9am menunggu....pukul 1041pm baru dia kuar phewwwww. My gynae had actually said...rasanya takde harapan awak nak dpt baby 8.8. That time i was like uwaaaarghh menyesalnya induce! That's why for Ammar's case i waited for natural birth hehe serik woo!

Despite us sharing the same birth date, our character was different altogether. Dia ni keras hati, susah nak menangis (unlike mama dia yg sgt la senang meleleh hihi), sentiasa ceria dan suka benar sengih. Perangai dia pon sgtla kontra dgn Idlan...tapi takper, kami percaya setiap anak tu ada kelebihan dan kekurangan memasing :)

Cup cakes project for his birthday celebration at tadika today. 120 cuppies altogether, a mix of vanilla buttercake and choc moist flavor..with buttercream frosting. Sgt penat ok. Sabtu mlm start membakar...Ahad pagi sambung ke petang pulak mendeko...ntah brape jam terperap di dapur uhhh sgt penat! Nevertheless i hope he will have a great birthday celeb today with his friends....

tahun depan konfem takmo buat cup cakes dah...serik!! haha

We luv u loads Amir Firas. Moga Allah sentiasa melindungi mu dalam apa jua keadaan. Moga membesar dgn sihat, dan menjadi anak yg soleh, dan hidup berpandukan iman dan agama dlm setiap tindakan. Amin.

18 August 2013

Salam.Eid.from.Yatipruzz n family

We had a blast Raya alhamdulillah. Spent our 1st raya in Ampang, with delicious raya menu spread hasil air tgn mak lah sape lagik hehe...beriyani, ayam msk merah, nasi himpit wth rendang tok, kuah kacang n lontong. ohh did i mention i lose 2.5kg during Ramadhan n gained back 1.5kg within just a week? haha

On the 2nd day we headed up north to hub's hometown in Kulim and spent almost every day outside the house. We covered Alor setar, Sg Petani, Sunway Carnival, the war museum, jusco queensbay mall..n of coz jln raya to the relatives houses. Syukur we managed to catch up with almost all the pakcik n makcik sedara hubby, the cousins, n yess i catched something precious from Primavera at jusco queensbay haha sempat lagii tuuuh.

Tomoro is Monday...going to be my 2nd day back to the office. hoping the perasan lemau will go away very soon as i hv quite a no of outstanding tasks to finish off....tolonglah rajin wahai diri!!!

06 August 2013

Red Velvet for him. Carrot Cake for her.

Done baking these two birthday cakes today. Melepek acik..especially time deko kek si bujang tu. Playing with the colors was not sooo cool!! haishhh

He wanted for a cake with Ultraman edible image. unfortunately almost all images were sold out. Only few.pcs left...the one with dora...n barbie the princess. konfem kena reject bulat2 kalo beli tu haha. So i resorted with ready made sugardoll with animal.characters...kiut la jugak...bolehla utk budak 5 tahun :)

si abg ckp cantiknyerrr mama!! i told him...ala takkan jeles kot...ni kan kek budak kecik...takkan idlan nk kartun2 camni jugak kot? hihi

baking for Eid

it's good to be back after a month of hibernating! harum semerbak bau nya...moga kuat nafsu nak menahan diri sampai ke pagi raya ahaksss

i'm on EL today. initially i thought of taking my raya leave starting tomorrow. but hey it's not cool being in the office while ur body mind n soul were left at home. kalau antar email pon asyik dpt out of office reply from the recipient...ohhh sgt mentensikan diri jika anda masih bekerja dont u think so? :)

i've got lot of things to settle today. done baking 2 cakes, packing some clothes, basuh baju raya n few matching shawls (omg its sooo cloudy today tlg lah kering plisss), hubby washed our sofa cover, langsir malas basuh halal jelah....n the list goes on. now tgh men strectch kan otot2 badan before i resume with cake decorating job...the part that i like most..which happen to be the most tiring task hoho

ohhh mendungnya cuaca di luar..must keep on praying! kang anak sumer glam di pg raya..mama kena pakai baju ofis jer huwarghhhh

05 August 2013

Going western!

Everyday makan nasi pon bosan gak. so last weekend we had these for our iftar. Grilled lamb with black pepper mushroom sauce, chicken wings, mashed potatoe, fries, buttered rice, wedges n grilled vege. Just perfect :)

02 August 2013

Tafsir Al Quran

...ibarat google dalam kehidupan seharian kita...antara sedar dan tidak.

Semalam masa flip through kitab tafsir kepunyaan Idlan, saya terjumpa part ayat yg menerangkan pasal Tayamum. Ohh rupanya ada Allah terangkan dlm kitab...cuma saya tak pernah tahu dan ambil tahu. Terkesan di hati..sebab baru je buat revision subjek2 kafa dgn Idlan sbb dia ada ujian minggu nih...termasuklah subjek Tayamum.

Baca dan baca lagi...terjumpa kisah pasal harta dan anak yatim...yg mana Allah berpesan supaya kita tidak menganiaya anak yatim..sentiasa berbuat baik dgn mereka...menghormati mereka. Oh terkesan lagi di hati...sebab baru2 ini Idlan ada cerita tentang perihal seorang rakan kelasnya....yg duduk di rumah Pengasih walaupun masih ada ibu dan bapa (sudah bercerai). Rakannya cuma pulang ke rumah si ayah time cuti sekolah. Bawa duit belanja cuma RM1 setiap hari. Dan katanya si ayah membawa kereta BMW...idlan sendiri pernah nampak...masya Allah sedihnya bila memikirkan. Walaupun cerita budak2 mungkin hanya 40-50% tahap accuracy dan kebenarannya (setelah ditolak timbang dan ditapis hehe), saya tetap masih terkenang pasal cerita rakan dia ni setiap hari. Kesian budak tu...moga ini adalah yg terbaik buatnya..dan moga dia berjaya dunia akhirat.

Hampir 33 tahun Allah pinjamkan usia, tidak pernah sekali pun saya khatam tafsir. Betapa diri ni sgt alpa dan tergolong dlm orang yg rugi. Moga hati ini tidak malas2 lagi selepas ini...subhanallah Maha Suci Allah alhamdulillah segala puji buat Allah...terima kasih Ya Allah Ya Rab....yang menyedarkan hati yg mudah lupa ini....di bibir kita sentiasa ckp Islam itu indah..tapi antara sedar atau tidak kita tidak peduli dan malas utk menyelami keindahan Islam itu sendiri.....hurmmmm

31 July 2013

Hargailah mereka....

sementara hayat masih ada. Seorang rakan sempat berpesan dlm whatsapp kami...hargailah ibu bapa anda...selagi mereka masih ada. juga adik-beradik...dan saudara mara kita. Bila dah tiada, pasti akan terkenang. Pasti akan terbit rasa sesal...kenapalah dulu jarang call mak bapak. kenapalah dulu aku tak belikan baju tu utk mak. kenapalah dulu aku degil taknak dgr cakap ayah...etc.

Namun jika mereka sudah pergi...rajin2lah titipkan doa buat mereka. agar mereka mendpt sedikit pelepasan semasa dlm proses perhitungan dari Dia. Bila kita meninggal, antara 3 perkara yg dpt membantu kita...solat, doa dr anak yg soleh..dan segala amal jariah kita.

Selalu ku pesan kpd si sulung...kalau sekolah atau cikgu minta derma...jgn lupa kasi. 10 sen pon takpe..janji ikhlas. Jangan sombong dgn anak yatim...kawan dgn mereka...bantulah mereka. Lagi byk yg kita hulur...lagi banyak yg Allah akan balas dan janjikan utk kita di masa depan. Nabi Muhammad sendiri sudah menjadi anak yatim ketika 2 bln di dlm kandungan Aminah...kemudian jadi yatim piatu tatkala berumur 6 tahun. Pd umur 8 tahun, datuknya pula pergi meninggalkan baginda. Namun Nabi masih boleh menjadi org yg berjaya. Jadi ikutlah akhlak Nabi...yg sentiasa sayang dan kasih pd kanak2...juga menghormati org tua dan para sahabat.

moral of the story utk hari ini...takpe shopping sket2....asalkan dpt membahagiakan org lain. peace!! :)

Biskut Sarang Semut dan Almost Famos Amos Chocolate Chips Chunk Cookies

Ok projek biskut raya #3 adalah Biskut Sarang Semut. Biskut oldies kiranya...ala-ala tak lapuk ditelan zaman hehe. Bahan-bahan agak sempoi (kan semlm saya dah ckp tahun ni semua buat biskut sempoi je...takde masa nak merenyahkan diri!)...resepi saya amik dari blog chef Hanieliza again. Memang dulu dah pernah try buat sekali...rasa sedap..so kali ni stick pada resepi chef yg sama :) Tak berapa manis sangat, gebu, dan bebudak pasti suka (mak budak apetah lagi akakaka).

Cantik dan meriah kan u ols! Manik yg colorful tu baru beli dari kedai 99 Speedmart..habis adunan sarang semut manik pon habis..just nice :) Saya buat 2 adunan...so dpt dlm 3 balang tak silap. Chocolate rice baru beli kirim kat farra...byk lagi yg lebih, lepas ni buat chocolate cake kita pakat tabur choc rice jela bebyk hehe

Kali kedua saya ikut resepi Rima dari bisousatoi.com. Biskut dia mmg wangi, dia ada special steps yg membuatkan aroma coffee tu harum semerbak ala2 famos amos :p So kalau nak tahu, ha pegi cepat jenguk blog Rima. Saya buat 2 version...version kecik comel standard size...satu lagi............
Chocolate chips chunk cookies version gemoks!! Saja buat besar2 konon nk macam cookie Subway tuh...chewy dan tidak rangup ala2 lemau tapi sebenarnya bukan lemau..haha paham tak ayat saya nih?

Antara hasil kerahan tenaga selama 4 hari...adalah dlm 14 balang in total kalau tak silap...bengkok pinggang mak tauuu!

Ok lagi seminggu dah nak raya...bermakna lagi seminggu besday saya dan Firas!! Ish dah nak makin tua dah kan hoho. Hadiah besday sampai sekarang masih belum muncul idea nak beli apa. Ada ke org tu nak belikan saya beg Deuter hiking 40 Litre tuh..ish mana kelas hadiah besday beg Deuter...tu dia kena beli sendiri before cuti2 korea kami nanti :p Dalam hati teringin nak beli jam baru...dah lama aim jam CK ala bracelet tali halus bentuk elegant giler tuh...tapi harga dia pon oppss whooppss a whopping 700 bucks for a watch arghh giler bila pk! haha Nak beli handbag, hmm dah takde keperluan lagi sekarang ni sebab pegi ofis dah jaranggggg amats bawak handbag. Mana tak asyik kena usung beg laptop ke hulu ke hilir..sakit bahu den yg sudah semakin tua nih...dahlah susu malas minum :p Agak2 kalau korang jadi saya, apakah hadiah besday yg korang harapkan pada tahun ini?? cer citer sket kalo rajin yer macehhh :)

30 July 2013

Projek Biskut Raya #1 dan 2 - Cornflakes coklat dan cornflakes madu

Ok bila dah masuk minggu ke-2 Ramadhan, haruslah gigih utk start projek biskut raya. Almaklum kena buat sikit2..nak buat byk sekaligus dalam masa sehari confirm i tak larat :p Ditambah lagi dengan bantuan sukarela yg dioffer oleh junior2 assistant di rumah tuh...hmm harus kena ada back up plan dan buffer!

Tahun ni decide utk buat biskut yg senang2 jer....kata orang biskut buat amateur. Semperit confirm out of list tahun nih...akak dah serik u ols terpaksa berdiri dan menunduk nak picit dough tu keluar dari tip semperit. Sakit pinggang dan kaki nak menghabiskan 1 adunan...ohhh bila difikirkan dan dikenang...cukup cukup sudahhhh! Walaupun sebenarnya semperit mmg biskut favourite i sedari dulu...bila pergi beraya rumah orang mesti balang kuih semperit yg di aim kan...biskut lain tak berapa pandang cewahhh berlagak :p

Projek dimulakan dgn memotong almond whole...huish azab rupanya nak potong benda alah ni jadi kecik. Saje carik pasal ye dik non! Actually boleh je nk beli almond nibs yg sedia dijual dekat kedai barang kek, tapi akak teramatla malas nak keluar dan bersesak2 dlm kedai tuh...considering stok almond whole ni banyak (mak yg kasik beli kat mekah dulu), maka bertabahlah hati caiyo caiyo!! Lepas dpt 1/2 cup, terus stop dan tidur haha! sakit pinggang tau...serius tak tipu..tangan pon lenguh :( Sape yg tak cukup tabah, lupakan lah hasrat suci murni nk potong2 almond ni jadi kecik...dia keras tak macam walnut atau pecan. Pegi jela kedai beli yg dah siap!

Selepas tidur hampir 2 jam (wahhh lamanya usah dipersoalkan yer!), maka kugagahkan diri utk start projek biskut raya nih. Kids dah bising actually..mama bila nak start...mama cakap pukul 2pm nak start...mama cepat lah....etc etc..ok ok kidssss mama bangun sekarang!!

Gambar mama in action tgh kacau2 dlm kuali malas nak amik. Ni jom layan gambar kids in action hehe. Alhamdulillah ada bebudak ni utk tolong mana yg patut. Sambil i kacau cornflakes dlm kuali, diorang boleh asing2kan small cups tu satu persatu...then diorang tolong tabur manik/almond nibs dlm cups tuh. Considered sgt2 membantu jugaklah :) Sekali sekala mama toleh jugak ke belakang tgk are they doing ok? hehe

the most junior assistant on that day. Kalau nak kasik markah, mama kasik dia 6/10. Kejap dia ok, kejap bila naik mood tak ok, dia pegi main baling2 cup tu dekat abang no. 2..ada sekali tuh sampai terduduk atas cup2 comel ku huwaaarghh naik suara jugakla mama time tuh..mmg menguji kesabaran bila ramai assistant kat dapur nih :p Kadang dia pegi kacau cup2 yg abang no. 1 dah susun cantik dlm loyang..mana tak marah kawan tuh bila si adik kacau arrangement dia hehe. kesimpulannya, mmg syok kalau derang ni tolong kat dapur, tapi bila depa start bergaduh, huish rasa tensi jugak si mama nya! Terpaksa kawal suara dan nafsu nak marah hoho. Nevertheless, utk projek biskut yg seterusnya i tetap ajak derang tolong...sebab derang mmg suka and were soooo looking forward nak tolong mama buat biskut raya! isk tak sampai hati kalau tak involve kan derang nih :) Kata orang, melentur buluh biarlah dari rebungnya. Haaa tahun depan mama dera korang buat biskut susah2 ok...bole kite try menyemperitkan diri nx year hihi

Dan bila close up gambar biskut coklat cornflakes ku ini, haa baru perasan betapa byknya sprinkles aka manik2 yg dibubuh oleh junior assistants ku! Ohhh ni semua mesti kerja si kecik tuh! Dahlah manik tinggal sikit...terpaksa catu tau...isk isk satu hal kalo kena keluar beli lain malasnyaaa

ada bubuh manik, ada bubuh almond nibs :)  Almond nibs kena catu, sbb mama plan nak bubuh tu dlm biskut chocolate chips next week. Nak repeat proses memotong almond jd kecik halus konfem i tak rela dahhh

Anyway, i takde resepi khas utk biskut nih. Bahan2 dia sempoi je...cairkan butter, then off api. Bubuh coklat and kacau sampai coklat cair. i guna milk chocolate, then 2nd round saja test guna dark chocolate...both taste ok and sedap! Nak lagi sedap buh almond nibs dalam batter tuh. Last sekali buh cornflakes and kacau rata. Scoop ke dalam cawan kertas anda dan hiaskan dgn manik2 warna warni. Then biar coklat tu sejuk and kering baru transfer dlm balang kedap udara. Sempoi kan! Ada my friend tanye kenapa coklat dia tak lekat kat cornflakes...rasanya maybe butter anda terlebih dari ratio coklat. Ada juga kawan yg guna white chocolate...tapi katanya rasa sgt manis! org kelantan ckp manis leting haha....ok saya mmg tak penah try guna white choc sebab tau rasa dia manis semcm...mmg tak minat. Saya cuma buat 1 balang je biskut nih...tak sampai seminggu dah sold out...maka minggu ke-3 Ramadhan mama dgn hati yg tabah terpaksa repeat buat lagi sekali...terus dpt 2 balang, sealed and simpan!

Biskut #2 adalah cornflakes madu..my favourite! Resepi kali ni saya amik dari blog chef Hanieliza. Outcome mmg sedap!! Cuma saya kurangkan sukatan madu jadi 6tbs instead of 8tbs as per recipe. Biskut ni kena bakar, tapi bakar kejap je dlm 7-8 min..kalau lama sgt nanti biskut jadi keras..macam tahun lepas saya punyer agak keras kuikuikui. Cornflakes madu ni Ammar's most favourite...tiap2 hari ntah berapa ketul dia cilok dari tupperware tuh....lepas habis mkn dia akan sebut...hmmm memang manis! tu favourite tagline dia sekarang nih...ntah mane dia blajar saya pon tak pasti :p Biskut ni pon mmg sgt sempoi dan senang...bahan2 cuma butter, castor sugar, madu dan cornflakes. Last yr saya takde madu, so belasah substitute dgn golden syrup..boleh and jadik je :)

So next entry nnt saya share projek biskut #3 dan #4. Cukuplah 4 jenis je tahun nih..malas nk buat byk2. Minggu ni adalah minggu terakhir Ramadhan..jadi rasanya nak concentrate kemas rumah, dan iron stok baju byk2 hehe.

Huish lagi seminggu je nak raya..betapa cepatnya Ramadhan berlalu. Bagaimana check list dan achievement kita sepanjang Ramadhan ni...hmm sama-samalah kita imbas dan muhasabah diri. Kena sentiasa tazkirah diri ....sebab kita tak tahu, mungkin ini adalah Ramadhan terakhir buat kita. Hari ini ada forum perdana di office...ceramah terakhir bagi program Ramadhan tahun ni...mmg best bila dpt pegi ceramah nih..at least dpt ilmu, dan dpt kurangkan rasa mengantuk yg selalu melanda diri time lunch hour :p Ustaz2 yg datang pon sgt menghiburkan, cara penyampaian dan isi ceramah mmg menarik. Sekali sekala bila dapat menghadiri majlis ilmu di office nih, rasa sgt tenang minda nih. Yelah kat rumah mmg malas nak pegi program usrah atau ceramah di surau/masjid waktu weekend...jadi bila dpt selit hadirkan diri utk ceramah kat office...rasa bersyukur and beruntung sgt :))) Kurang2 intipati ceramah tu saya boleh share dgn kids dekat rumah...alhamdulillah.

21 July 2013

Ikan siakap bakar tandoori style

Diam tak diam kita dah berada di minggu kedua Ramadhan..kejap je masa berlalu. Seperti tahun2 lepas, di bulan Ramadhan saya akan jadi extra rajin, pasang niat utk masak sendiri utk berbuka dan kurangkan aktiviti bersai'e di bazar Ramadhan hehe. Alhamdulillah so far KPI masih lagi cemerlang..cuma sekali je skip masak atas sebab2 yg tidak dpt dielakkan :p

Actually pengalaman membeli di bazar Ramadhan 2 hari lepas sangatlah tidak manis utk di recall. Salah satu juadah yg kami beli adalah pasembor, tapi bila nak panaskan kuah, masya Allah kuah tu keras berketul2 macam jeli! Kami suspek mesti dia bubuh terlalu byk tepung jagung utk pekatkan kuah...tapi terlebihhhhh tepung sampaikan dia jadi keras isk isk. Sedih giler time tuh...hubby mmg merungut..isk tak baik kalau berniaga buat macam nih :( Serik rasanya....tapi on a positive note ia memberi saya semangat utk terus merajinkan diri dan exceed the target KPI hehe :)

Seperti minggu2 yg sebelumnya hubby akan ke Tesco utk membeli barang basah. List barang saya yg provide (opss saya mmg takleh pegi Tesco, nafsu perempuan... benda2 yg tak patut pon sibuk nak beli!) dan salah satu yg saya pesan adalah cendawan! Tengah giler cendawan goreng tepung skarang ni :p Hubby beli organic mushroom, rupa dia gemuk2 belaka syiok tengok!

Siakap in action dlm magic pan! Siakap ni pon besar giler...kami makan hingga ke waktu sahur. Resepi siakap tandoori style ni saya google dari blog chef Hanieliza...tapi biasalah saya adjust and just make do with whatever bahan yg ada dalam fridge, measurement dia mmg saya tak amik...catit bahan2 jer :p Bhn2 dia: bwg besar, bwg putih, cili giling, serai, air asam jawa, belacan, garam gula...blend bawang, cili and serai tu, dan masak atas api kesemua bhn2 tu sampai masak. Ikut chef, ada byk lg bahan2 lain seperti daun kesum dan daun limau purut...ni mmg saya takde and omit :p Perap ikan dgn garam, kunyit dan sedikit pes ikan bakar tadi...dan bakar hingga masak.

Untuk taknak kasik ikan bakar tu terlalu kering, lebihan pes yg sudah dimasak tu saya tuang je ke atas ikan yg dah masak sebelum hidang. Jadi ikan bakar saya tidak kering :) Serai tu mmg membuatkan ikan bakar anda rasa umphh...kalau ada dedaun yg saya sebutkan tadi mesti lagi double triple upmhhh :)

Pengakuan ikhlas...ni lah pestaim saya buat air asam utk cicah ikan bakar. Selama ni tak pernah (or tak reti) buat haha. Sebelum tu saya buat talian hayat kat mak tanye apa bhn2 yg diperlukan...acik malas nk google ok :) Bahan2 dia - bwg besar, cili api, tomato, air asam limau, air asam jawa, sedikit belacan, garam dan gula. Guna air panas utk gaulkan kesemua bhn2 di atas. Measurement? As usual semua saya belasah je..mujur rasa ok! hehe

Cendawan organik goreng tepung in action!! Rasa dia lebih kurang je kot macam cendawan biasa. Tapi texture dia lebih kenyal dan pejal, cantik, dan kurang bau. Bila mkn pon terasa sihat haha pshyco plak rasa :p

anak2 kami agak kureng mkn ikan...so saya buat ayam goreng rempah utk mereka.....dan si putih2 comel gebu2 tu haaaa cuba teka ape dia???? Saya post gambar ni di fb dan suruh kawan2 teka. Semua teka salah....antara jawapan yg diberi - buah melaka, badak berendam, kimchi (omg tini sabor jela jawapan ko nih), mochi (ok pestaim saya dgr mochi terus gugel nk tahu apa kebenda mochi nih hehe), cek mek molek, etc. Tersenyum bila baca komen kengkawan....tak sangka syiok pulak main teka teka di bulan pose ni :)


Dannnnnnn inilah dia jawapannya! Tong yuen yer nama benda putih tuh....diperbuat daripada beras pulut dan intinya adalah kacang merah. Hubby beli instant di Tesco 10 ketul RM5 (saya baru tahu ade jual benda nih) sebab saya dah ckp awal2 yang petang nanti nak buat bubur pulut hitam...oh hubby mmg sgt memahami sbb ni mmg favourite kami. Selalu mkn di Sweet Chat cafe...dekat Paparich pun ada jual. Kids mmg suka giler bubur pulut hitam tapi Tong Yuen derang tak reti nk makan...insya Allah petang ni saya akan buat lagi bubur ni for the second round :)

p/s: lepas ni tak payah pegi Sweet Chat cafe lagi hihi