16 September 2013

the ups..and downs...

Goshh it has been close to a month since i last blogged in this space. I obviously lose the energy to write..physically and mentally tired with things that have happened recently. Ever since before Eid i have stopped taking cake orders, and decided to concentrate more to the family, and of course to my full-time job. Alhamdulillah life becomes easier and more structured i would say haha..no more unfolded clothes piled up on the sofa, i got to cook more often for the family, i got to iron more office clothes than usual, and i realized i have more free time than usual that i can sleep like hours during the weekend! :p

Works are becoming more hectic these days. Last Friday some of my colleagues tegur and said "lamanya tak jumpe kak yati!" Hehe i was around ok, it's just that i was not in the office but instead forced to lock myself in the tender room doing the evaluation. On last Wednesday's evening, our first car got bang by a school bus inside my taman, just after i picked up the kids from their kindy. Dented and scratch at the back, lucky it didnt hit the back lamp. After exchanging few calls with the bus owner (well i must say it was not easy to locate their number! mcm nak giler carik okehh) finally she agreed to pay for the damage. So after 2 days stayed in a workshop nearby our matrix was back at home. This happened when myself was busy finalizing the report, of all the days during the month it happened when i cannot take EL and leave the pending tasks unattended. So imagine how serabut i was last week...keta problem, report belum siap, tak boleh cuti!

On the very same day, our second car also got problem, which i think it was not appropriate to disclose it here. Ibarat jatuh ditimpa tangga seriously...but when we think over and over about it, we tried to console our heart, and redha with what have happened. Until today we still could not find the solution to it, and just keep on praying for Allah to show us the way. I must say this is one of the biggest test befalls on us this year, it hurts us...mentally n physically. But life goes on, and must continue. Allah tests us with something that we can actually bear, only to realize it or not. Allah challenges us because He wants to make us closer to him, to ask and pray before Him, to surrender to him. Alhamdulillah, apart from depending on Him, i still have people surrounds me, my loved ones, my friends, neighbours, who i can always hang on and share the stories. May Allah bless all of us, and give His rahmat in whatever undertakings...Amin.


Smiley said...

semoga dipermudahkan segala urusan Yati sekeluarga :)

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