24 November 2006

There's so much to write yet so little time i have.... It seems that the 24hour per day i used to have before is no longer the same 24hr i have now.

Well the second class has commenced last week, it's HRM and the doc has managed to make the whole class wide awake till the end. He kept on using bombastic words, jargons we never have heard before, and the likes. And now i'm all scared for the individual assignment given. Find any HRM topics of your interest, and do write up/review on it, must relate to some dependent variables in hrm. And after doing extensive surfing and whatsnot, i'm stuck, i'm scared, i dunno what topic i like, dunno what should i write. argh bencinyer bila stuck camni!

and now the terrible headache i got since last nite getting worst, im running out of stock for ponstan, and i feel like vomitting anytime soon. Yesterday evening i drove from seri kembangan to menara tm for our group discussion and it took me 1.15 minutes to arrive. Discussion ends at 910pm, and alhamdulillah i safely arrived at home walaupun kepala tgh pening yg amat...what a tiring day.

enuff on class, the good part of my life, we will soon be getting our house key...tak sabarnyer! Hope there's no major defects on our unit so that we can start doing our grill, kitchen, etc soonest possible. Weekend ni nak spend on surveying and buying some little things like sink, lamps, fans, kitchen accessories....nak survey colour cat...walla bestnyer....and oh yes tomorrow ade MMU family day, harap2 kitorang menang lucky draw :)

Idlan? hoho dia ok..makin garang skang, dah pandai cekak pinggang marah abah! He is so crazy into the incredibles, tapi mmg berbaloi we bought the cd for him. At least i can play the cd so that he wont distract me at kitchen, etc. He can watch it 5-6x per day sampaikan mama can already memorize some catchy phrases of the story..mmg interesting citer tu,dan comel! He now weighs 12kg, and the paed says its within the normal range for a 24-m-o kids. We just discover he loves mc d chicken's foldover, and this week mama prepared toast bread+scrambled egg/chicken sausage+salad+tomato+mayo for his breakfast pack. Dia suker! For his upcoming birthday, i've planned some small celebration amongst the family member, in fact i've drawed out the list of menu inside my head nyeh nyehh (tak share ngan abah pon :p)....kalo boleh cake besday pon nak buat sendiri (tadi pegi bakery yen beli piping bag, semangat giler!). Tapi tgkla camner, planning awal2 ni sometimes when it comes to the day itself, ade plak halangan dan cabarannyer...tgkla nanti.

ok dah pjg dah...deviant brape minit dah ni hehe...have a nice weekend ppl!

15 November 2006

of here and there

Im having a very good time this week around. Exam was over, the questions were much simpler than expected (B commented "ni lagi senang dr soklan degree ni "). After the exam i rushed back home, performed solat, had lunch and abah took us to a relative's open house. Met up by bro and sil, managed to catch up lots of things with my sedara of which we last met over a year ago, stuffed the already-full stomach with a nice laksa penang. Mmg puas hati! From there we went to JJ, simply to fulfill idlan's request. Jgn memain skang dia dah pandai ckp "mama abah jom jom...JJ!" The next day was more like a get-together kronis gathering at safurah and halim's house. Jumpe ramai kroni alhamdulillah...dan spt biasa acara mkn2 dan sesi bergossipan berjln dgn jayanyer :) This week there's another call for open house...dekat je ngan umah so i'll make sure to slip in to my already tight schedule.

My second module will start on this saturday, so perjuangan baru bakal bermula yeay :P The not so good thing is that idlan's nursery will be organizing a birthday bash cum concert for all the kids, also on saturday. So definitely we wont be able to turn up for the event, so unfortunate for idlan isk isk..taun lepas pon takleh attend, so as this year...sian idlan! Nanti mama and abah compensate celebrate besday idlan best2 ok!

Tomorrow me and lots of my colleagues will be having interview for the scholarship application, doakan kami berjaya ok. If not i'll end up scratching my head to find the money for my mba huhuhu

Last night i stayed up till 230am baking cookies for my husband's officemate. She asked hubby if she could order 4 jars of cookies from me and since i still have balance for all the ingredients needed, i decided to proceed. Rezeki dtg jangan ditolak hehe :) A few ppl did ask me but to go for commercial i would say NO for time being. Kudrat dan masa tidak mengizinkan..tunggula esok2 bila dah free sket. Skang ni ade empat title, isteri, ibu, employee, student...hoho tu dah cukup byk tu! Sehari ade 24jam je beb, tolak waktu tido lagi tinggal brape jer hehe

ok ok enough for now, dah 4 paragraph ni dah considered major deviant ni haha....happy working peeps!

10 November 2006

mumbo jumbo

1] Yesterday evening as usual after we reached home idlan will request abah to take him out, riding the motor. The motor can sometimes become our saviour, and works best to persuade and comfort idlan whenever he dissastified with something. And mama, out of the blue suddenly felt like joining the both of them. Frankly speaking mama takut naik motor hehe...penah naik 2x je seumur hidup...but yesterday was different i guess. So then i rushed upstair picked up my trouser and there we go the three of us naik motor round keliling rumah (if u see a young lady wearing a brown kebaya on top and a maroon trouser, that was ME hehe!) We had a good time, i was indeed! Hilang perasaan takut sumer2 tuh. No wonder idlan enjoys every bits and seconds he had with abah all these days :) Ptg ni abah bawak kita naik motor lagi ok!

2] The long awaited moment finally arrived and we gonna get our house key very near soon. That is the good part of it, the not-so-good part is that we have to pay the late interest payment (blame it to the bank/lawyer/developer) amouting nearly to 1k. Hampes sungguh! Its frustrating when you as the consumers are not able to identify the loopholes and the cause of the delay and ends up you have to pay for it. We did our best asking, investigating, seeking and digging whatever info we had on hands and cross-check those things with our lawyers, bank and developer but obviously everyone was trying to protect and act for their best interest and kita consumer ni la yg tanggung hampeh! Our last resort, is to prepare an appeal letter to reduce the amount of interest charged.

3] Ptg ni aku akan raya insya allah....dan esok ade exam OB...so kiranyer esok macam hari kemenangan buat aku :) Bye bye OB. Ptg esok kena celebrate ngan choc indulge nyeh nyehh

4] We got two acara makan2 this sunday, one at safurah's house for Raudhah gathering, another is my ofismate house in semenyih. I'll bake vanilla muffin on saturday's nite, take some for the gathering and give some to my parents. arghh cant wait for the weekend!

07 November 2006

the study of OB

I think i have fall in love with OB. Its very interesting when you get to know and learn how certain behaviours impact the employee's performance as well as satisfaction they get from the jobs. It got more interesting when you actually studied your own behaviour, how u perform and react to the surroundings of your work environment.

And another simple concept I'd like to emphasize here, deviant work behaviour (DWB). When the lecturer asked us, did any of you guys ever engaged in this kind of behaviour? None of us wants to admit that. But when the lecturer listed out sample of the behaviours that are considered deviant, haa barula kena kat muka memasing!
- amik pen ofis bwk balik umah
- guna kertas A4 ofis print for personal use
- tumpang print assignment (guna paper and ink office nih!)
- surf internet
- guna email for personal use
- chatting

.....................now dah faham tak what it means by deviant work behaviour? im so sure nobody can ever refrain themselves from engaging in this type of activity...at least mesti penah buat punyer sekali seumur hidup time bekerja right!

p/s: i took the text book pic so as to reminiscence in future that...ohh aku penah amik subject ni dulu hehe...
Im gonna engage myself with the book for this whole week and then comfortably say tata to OB :)

06 November 2006

The weekend

Yesterday's presentation marks the end of my class for this semester. The presentation was ok, though it was not one of my best :p I asked for a permission to go out early before the class ended, merely to attend Selin's jamuan mkn2 cum engagement ceremony. To Selin, tahniah dan slamat menjadi tunangan orang!

Balik rumah, semua dah flat...terus tido depan tv. I took the opportunity to cover up my last night not-enuff-sleep due to the last minute touch up/adding up more points for assignment+prepare for my presentation.
Lucky i didnt look like a zombie in the class :)

Night came, we had a simple but very fun outing at uncle ronald.
Click here for more pics.

03 November 2006

1] We just had our division jamuan Hari Raya and the line up is way much better than what we expect, ending everybody up with sleepiness when we get back to our desks. We had laksa johor, nasi beriyani with ayam and kambing, lontong, sate, nasi impit, otak-otak, lemang and super delicious rendang...not to forget fruits and cookies for dessert. Byk giler kan? I can also tapau some of the food for hubby and idlan nyeh nyehh...mmg berbaloi dgn duit yg dihulur :p

2] To Selin, Selamat Bertunang! Sori we cant make it but insya Allah kenduri nnt kami dtg!
Sapekah jejaka yg bertuah itu eh?? to Raudhah, korang jgn lupa upload gambar selin bebyk ok.
Fren's function, open houses, weekend outings - well that are amongst the things that i need to sacrifice for the next 1.8 yrs...not to mention the time i used to have with B and idlan. I just pray for the time to fly as fast as it could be and persevere till the end...bayangkan konvo anda yeye!!!

3] Good news, we heard that finally the CF is out, and now all of us is waiting for the final notice of bank payment before the developer is ready to hand out the key :) So the searching and surverying activities shall resume within this short period yess lah!