07 November 2006

the study of OB

I think i have fall in love with OB. Its very interesting when you get to know and learn how certain behaviours impact the employee's performance as well as satisfaction they get from the jobs. It got more interesting when you actually studied your own behaviour, how u perform and react to the surroundings of your work environment.

And another simple concept I'd like to emphasize here, deviant work behaviour (DWB). When the lecturer asked us, did any of you guys ever engaged in this kind of behaviour? None of us wants to admit that. But when the lecturer listed out sample of the behaviours that are considered deviant, haa barula kena kat muka memasing!
- amik pen ofis bwk balik umah
- guna kertas A4 ofis print for personal use
- tumpang print assignment (guna paper and ink office nih!)
- surf internet
- guna email for personal use
- chatting

.....................now dah faham tak what it means by deviant work behaviour? im so sure nobody can ever refrain themselves from engaging in this type of activity...at least mesti penah buat punyer sekali seumur hidup time bekerja right!

p/s: i took the text book pic so as to reminiscence in future that...ohh aku penah amik subject ni dulu hehe...
Im gonna engage myself with the book for this whole week and then comfortably say tata to OB :)


ummi said...

OB? My God, you like it?
During my degree, among subject yang tak suka. But we have to do what we have to do kan...

and deviant? like blogging from the office you mean?

yatipruzz said...

hehe saje takmo letak contoh blogging...u doing great in grasping the concept :p

(see, kena btg hidung sendiri kan hoho)

mardhiah12 said...

aku selalu deviant from work. masuk office cek email, baca suratkhabar online. sambil buat kerja pun, mesti sambil baca blog org etc etc...

p.s. last semester, group assignment kita org 15 page je, nak compare dgn org lain (50 ada, 100 pages), yg terkejut tu, groupmates aku reramai dpt A/A- wpun assignment kita org 15 page shj..hohoho..

yatipruzz said...

15pg vs 100? giler jauh gap tuh...bagus aar lecturer ko values quality rather than quantity. Aku takut jenis lect yg evaluate based on qty...so utk kurangkan kecuakan aku, aku tambah last minute hoho

ff said...

yeah..OB is such a great subject to learn esp when it comes to managerial level where we can really utilize the whole idea of people behavior, value management etc.fall in love in OB also...apsalla tak amik subject ni dari degree dulu ..ishk

yatipruzz said...

hehe FF ni sape? saya dulu time degree mmg tade this subject sbb major acctg