17 October 2008

abang dan adik

Today is the 7th day Firas was sent to nursery. Throwed tantrums on his first day, and as days passed by he’s doing quite well now. He didn’t drink much, the most he can go is 13oz, at certain times he only takes 10oz. Yesterday was worst, he didn’t even finished his 3rd bottle. It took me about 2 weeks to train him using bottles, and now I guess he started to show sign of rejection…or maybe protest? We need to find another NUK orthodontic teat like the one we bought for his pacifier. Dahla susah nak jumpe huhuhu.

Our freezer is already full with ebm, alhamdulillah for He granted my wish to exclusively bf Firas this time. The journey was not that easy as most ppl says – not enough sleep, backache, etc…lucky ppl around me especially B gives his full support and encouragement, hence I’ll try my best to exclusively bf Firas longest possible. It feels good when you’re able to share experience and tips with someone who needs it. After all sharing is caring right :) Another thing, those who feels like finding more info on bf, you may find it worth buying this book written by kumpulan penyokong penyusuan susu ibu..cant remember the title, rasanyer “panduan penyusuan ibu berkerjaya”. Priced at RM10 only, can get it at MLO.

Idlan is more attached to his abah these days. Tido ngan abah, abah bancuh susu, mandi ngan abah..sumer abah. Pity him as most of my time was spent looking after Firas (adik ni extra manja…baru letak sekejap dah berbunyi). I do feel guilty but couldn’t help much to rectify the situation. he once said this to me one night when I lie down next to him…’rindunyer kat mama’. Sedey kan? Padanla ade kuar artikel ‘dilema anak sulung’ kat magz.

Stopla…cam tade mood plak huhu….slamat bermkn-mkn..sure byk jemputan jamuan raya kat opis kan!

15 October 2008

delayed Raya entry

Salam I'dulfitri dari kami sekeluarga...dah 3rd week raya baru nak wish eh :p

Firas tgh tido...
with my bro and SIL

my two angels

abang dan adik...