26 September 2015

I'm 8 months young

Suka guling2. Make circles 360 degree, gostan ke belakang pandai, ke depan blom dpt ilham lagi hihi.

Duduk agak stabil, slightly assisted still. Tak lama dh nih bole lepas pegang insya allah.

High separation anxiety dgn mama, still. Yang ni mmg kes parah, sampai mak ude kena tutup mata dia bila mama lalu nk gi toilet :)

Takmo tido meniarap dh, tido menelentang pusing kiri kanan sesuka hati.

Selera makan ok, sama cam dulu. Kalo takde baby chair, jenuh perang time mkn.

Kurang minum susu. Nk main jer. Easily distracted ini budak, jenuh paksa dia baring time minum susu.

Stridor makin kerap pulak :(
Maybe sbb makin aktif, pas mkn dia pusing, cfm akan muak susu/solids. Harap2 larynx awak tak inflame teruk yer sayang.

Makin kerap kuar bunyi2 yg comel. Nek umi pun terhibur td..igtkn suara abg ammar. Rupanya suara awak!!

Hepi 8mo sayang mama. Cepat sembuh yer. Cepat2 merangkak tau..pasni bole kacau lego abang2 hehe

12 September 2015

Irfan @ 7.5mths

Alhamdulillah, he finally gets the hang of it!! Pusing byk kali from back to tummy tanpa perlu diacah2 dah. U really made my day sayang..walaupun mama dr pg migrain sampai skarang x ok lagik! haishhh x stress dgn keje ofis pun asek migrain lately :(

Lepas ni cpt2 merangkak ye sayang. Boleh kacau mainan abang2 hehehe

08 September 2015

Pool time!

His 2nd 'hydrotherapy' cum chilling session with abg2 at Precint 16's pool. We now no longer bring him to physiotherapy at PPUM since he cried all the way throughout the session, hence physio relax2 dgn mama abah jelah :)

I happened to know fr a friend that swimming is a very good therapy for childs with developmental delay, low muscle tones and even works best for adults who suffered fr certain types of injury that requires physiotherapy. As for the child, swimming prolly can help them to strengthen their muscles, improves their motor skills, and also help to increase their weight gain.

Irfan so far seems to enjoy the water, but after an hr or so he will start to cry and wanted to go out of the pool. Surely it was tiring but u had fun most of the time aren't u??

Oh did i mention that until today he still didn't roll in front of me or hubby, but will do it in front of his abg Idlan? Idlan acah2 sikit pun dia dah pusing. Tapi mama lepak tepi dia lebih sejam langsung taknak pusing! Frust betul ok. Tak tau nk acah and encourage mcm mana dh. Mmg adik kesayangan abg long betul nihh :)

01 September 2015

Ergo baby Sports Carrier

Love it so much. But honest speak wearing him inside this carrier for more than an hour is enough to induce backache...not because the carrier is no good, but my lower back has been weak since years ago. Hence a buggy is still a must when we go out :)

I'll get him into the carrier when he is about to sleep. After few minutes of rocking or walking he'll normally doze off. I guess most babies just love being snugged tightly onto their mums' or dads' :)