26 December 2007

new addition...

Alhamdulillah, my SIL has safely delivered a healthy baby boy yesterday at ampang puteri. My mum said she had an easy delivery, same like her first one...she's one lucky lady i guess...rezeki memasing kan :) As usual, my bro managed to capture a video inside the labor room..cant wait to go and meet them next week. Me and B are having bad cold...and this isnt good for a newborn right...so have to postpone our visit until both of us ok...hopefully it was not flu tho huhuhu..lemah satu badan rasa!

The baby's name is Muhammad Huzaifah...not sure the meaning...but i think it is one of the names of sahabat Nabi. So he is now the 3rd grandchild in our family...after Idlan. Makanye Idlan dah ada geng lelaki sorang!

Congrats Sis and Koboi!!!

Talking about my dear Idlan, he is becoming more attached to both us as time passes by...not sure why, but perangai manja dia makin mennjadi. He climbs, hug, and kiss me and hubby as if he didnt see us for 1 week! He watches tv while sitting on me, he reads his flash cards/books/anything..semuanye sambil beriba :p I told him mak long dah dapat baby boy, kak hana dah dpt adik boy..and he'll reply idlan pon ade adik boy while stroking my belly...aduhai so sweet! I notice he can easily remember things that he reads, or see, but unfortunately me and hubby are too bz to attend to him, or even polish his skills. I just wish i could spend more time with him everyday, reading books with him, do some coloring activities and what nots..instead of now just letting him to watch his power rangers cd over and over again...what a bad parent aren't we? I was impressed when yesterday i showed him his flash card, he can easily utter kuda laut, ulat, hammer, piano, etc....bila tanye abahnye...ohh padanla idlan dah tahu sbb baru pagi tadi blajar ngan abah :) I still remember, dulu masa kecik, we were too eager to teach him this and that, show him cards, books, etc....but now, when he reaches the age of where he should be exposed more to all this education thingy mangy, we were not there for him....adus teruknyer rasa diri sebagai parents. Hope we can improve ourselves, and not just let the tv to over rule my kid's brain :(

I miss my baby..........

21 December 2007

specially dedicated to you, B!

Source: New Straits Times, Saturday May 20, 1989

A Newspaper once called a Ph.D. holder a "special doctor". The University of Santa Barbara in America has a sticker for Ph.D. It humorously stands for "Phinally Done." In Malaysia and in most places when you are introduced as Dr So and So, the usual response from a layman is that you are a medical doctor. Few would think you hold a Ph.D.Doing a Ph.D is a test of scholastic endurance. Many less diligent and less determined ones have dropped out along the way. The pace can be very punishing and the direction at times hazy. The mainstay of your PhD i.e. your research must be original and contribute to the pool of certified knowledge, however miniscule it may be.One mortal being looms large in your pursuit of your Ph.D.- your supervisor. He may be your friend, your mentor, your teacher, your critic, your master and your examiner, all rolled up in one. Dealing with him demands PR skills; he is human after all. His role or presence may be sought or assigned. If it is assigned, count your blessings if the two of you can get along well. He cans a world of difference between you getting your Ph.D or not. Many tales of woe have been told of uncaring and unsupportive supervisors. On the other hand, he may be your hero who inspires you to greater heights.The path to a Ph.D. is usually strewn with frustrations. Half of the time things do not seem to work your way, your data may not seem to make any sense, your computer programme does not seem to run. Your morale is low. It is a trying time and you may feel like quitting. If you lack self-discipline, this may indeed be the point of no return. You just pack and go, without even saying goodbye to your supervisor.To those who never say die, they just return to fight another day. Your determination and perseverance begin to pay off; you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Success then comes in leaps and bounds. Your very first paper with your supervisor has been accepted for publication by the Journal of Reproducible Results. Your research promises more such joint ventures in the pipeline. Your morale is lifted. You can sense that the Ph.D is within reached. You are a changed man, more confident of yourself and know the direction you are heading.With hard work and luck, you eventually succeed. But do not feel big-headed about your newly acquired success. The Ph.D is just a passport certifying that you have undergone rigorous training in research. It is up to you to prove that you are capable of independent research from now on. Years later, when you feel that you are ready to become a Ph.D. supervisor, it is much pride and anxiety that you take in your first student. You can see in him or her your green self years ago. Initially, he (or she) may not be bubbling with enthusiasm, or eager to please. You tell yourself, wait till he/she meets his/her frustrations and see how he/she takes it from there.

Hari Raya Qurban

Yesterday's raya was ok, despite us being in KL. Lucky my parents cancelled their plan of going back to Kelantan (my grandma's house) due to flood n the heavy rain, if not the three of us might just stay at home, eating spaghetti the whole day :p

Mlm raya, we spent at my mum's. Once getting there, beef rendang and nasi himpit was ready. On Raya day, my mum cooked pulut (eat with red coconut), and nasi putih with all sorts of lauk pauk (ayam goreng rempah, sayur campur, msk lemak cili api nangka with ikan kurau, udang masak sambal tumis petai, and pegedil)...not forgetting triffle as dessert. And anak dia? hoho as usual me just cooked spaghetti...idlan's favourite as well as myself! This is the good thing when u have ur mum around during Raya...you and family will not be starved the whole day, u and family will never feel hungry as there are lots of things to eat, and waiting to be eaten :p
Just imagine, i've never cook rendang myself before or after married (seumur hidup to be exact!)...during raya, i'll have either my mum's or my MIL's..poor hubby :(

We didnt go out the whole day...my mum invited her old neighbours and my uncles to our house. Idlan had fun playing with his cousin, Hana..both playing n jumping all over the house...and both didnt sleep until Hana left home. Idlan ate 3 ketul mandarin oranges yesterday...he begged for more but i defused by saying the rest has expired! Harap2 dia tak cirit today :)

And now im in office ...the parking lot is empty, less than 10 space was occupied, office is peaceful, much quiet than usual. Tersangatla sangap rasa huhuhu

19 December 2007

1] Terima sms dari Zarid memberitahu ayahanda Fahmy telah kembali ke rahmatullah Jumaat mlm Sabtu yg lepas kerana kemalangan. Al-Fatihah kepada arwah, semoga roh beliau ditempatkan di kalangan org2 yg disayangiNya.

2] 16-18 Dec: We had fun in Melaka. Compared to the last time we were there (somewhere 2 yrs ago I guess), Melaka is a lot different now. There is Dataran Pahlawan, a new shopping mall (with high-end boutiques like klcc) opposite mahkota parade, which I supposed will become the focal point of attraction besides the usual historical places like Famosa, etc. Careffoure building is in progress, next to the dataran and Equatorial hotel. We stayed in Mahkota hotel, opposite MP. Received rm30 Parkson voucher and free tickets to Zoo Melaka. Mahkota hotel is more like a family-friendly hotel, with 1 special pool for kids, Jacuzzi, kiddies playroom, table tennis, mini golf and lots more. We played ping pong and tried the mini golf for 1st time…interesting for kids! Ikan bakar treat is a must, and this time we tried medan ikan bakar kg duyung, which is only 15 min-drive from town. The seafood was fresh, ambience not bad and less crowded compared to Umbai, and what most important, the price is reasonable. Second day, went to Zoo Melaka, which hubby thinks is a lot more interesting, natural and friendly compared to our national zoo. Spent our time there for about 1.5 hour, enough already to ditch out all our energy. But as long as idlan is happy, we’re more than happy to walk him around the whole area. He is now 3, and he can mention and recognize almost all the animals there (except yg susah2 like otter, me also donno it is memerang btw hoho)…sometime he relates the animals to his book…"chimpanzee yg macam dlm buku idlan tu kan kan…”, marmoset like the one featured in cartoon Diego..etc. To B, thanx for the unofficial trip...perhaps next yr you shall attend conference at langkawi or somewhere outside the country ke? both of us will always become your loyal supporter and followers :p

3] Alhamdulillah our prayer was answered. Im now expecting again :) After 4 months of rest, He gives us another hope, which I guess is the most precious anniversary gift this year. This time I hope everything will turn out just fine as what we pray for insya Allah.

Selamat menyambut Hari Raya Qurban to all…may u all have a safe journey to whichever destinations u’re going to!

14 December 2007

series of events...

1] We just got back from hubby's hometown yesterday. Immediately rushed back after a phone call from hubby's BIL, saying his baby just passed away (11th Dec @11pm) few hours before delivery. My SIL was diagnosed with a disease called ITP (blood platelet disorder, a case whereby her immune system attacks and destroys its own platelets—for an unknown reason) during her pregnancy, and the gynae believed maybe that was the reason for the baby's death. Al-Fatihah to arwah Nur Yasmin Zulaikha...may she rest well in peace, and becomes one of the angels in heaven. My SIL is one strong lady, i could'nt have met someone as strong and calm as her. Tak setitik pun air mata keluar when we met her..just imagine that. She must be among the chosen ones...like one phrase we always heard..Allah hanya menduga mereka yg mampu menerima dugaan dariNya.

2] Happy 4th Anniversary to us yesterday! Yep four great years, with its own sweet and sour story (tapi byk sweet je kan B kan hehehe) Still didnt have time to go out and celebrate...with the unplanned balik kampung, with B having lots of replacement class at nights, me with the never-ending assignments, etc. Nevertheless we still have half of one whole SR rapsberry cheese cake (idlan's birthday cake actually :p) in fridge..so let's take it as our anniversary cake as well je la :)

3] We're going to Melaka this weekend for hubby's conference. It'll going to be our last cuti-cuti malaysia cum the closing for yr 2007. Zoo melaka, the ever scrumptious ikan bakar, the new shopping mall...hmm am sure there'll be lots of differences in melaka. Walaupun dekat, still nak declare cuti-cuti mesia jugak :p

10 December 2007

Happy 3rd Birthday my beloved Muhammad Idlan Farhan!
Semoga membesar dgn sihat, menjadi anak yg soleh, dan
sentiasa dilindungi-Nya selalu.
~Mama & Abah~

07 December 2007

testing 456

fully utilize today's lunch time to explore more on this.....:p

testing 123

bersemangat tengok effort sikulat...saye pon nak try sendiri...humm memang leka kalo dah start buat hehehe

05 December 2007

the year-end S*L*S

My mind and soul feel itchy...
- pumpkin patch
- Jakel
- parkson
- isetan

Nonetheless im far away in cyberjaya, weekend is full with class...taking leave for THAT purpose only is sooo unreasonable (plus i dont have many left to carry fwd to next yr!).

Looks like i can just 'tumpang' the happiness of those who managed to shop and scout around to all these places huwaaaahhh

03 December 2007

cerita house-warming @ 1 Dis

Alhamdulillah...majlis berjln lancar, even tho kekadang tak sempat melayan semua yg hadir. Sepatutnye doa selamat bermula jam 1230, tapi last2 org surau dtg after solat zohor. Mujur ramai tetamu datang in staggered...tadela jam-packed rumah hehe. Food pon mujur masih ada yg lebih...kiranye cukup utk semua yg hadir.

Terima kasih eh kepada semua yg dtg...yg memberi hadiah, duit, angpau..etc. Kehadiran korang semua amatlah kami hargai. And minta maaf bebyk di atas segala kekurangan, atau ketidaklayanan kami kepada semua....bila masak sendiri...tuan rumah takleh la nak duduk relaks2 hoho. Tetamu terhormat kami yg terakhir...mardhiah 12 and family..hehe tq eh sudi dtg memlm ke umah aku beb! Ingatkan lepas Aini sekeluarga dah balik, terus nak kemas umah yg macam tongkang pecah...tapi time tgh tidokan idlan...mama nyer sekali terus terbabas. Semlm baru hempas pulas kemas...:) Sori eh kepada sesiapa yg tak dpt goodie bags tuh...mungkin ade yg kami terlupa...dan paling haru, byk packs yg idlan dah bukak sendiri tanpa aku perasan huhuhu.

Kepada umi ku yg tersayang, terima kasih bebyk kerana menjadi chef utama kami...tanpa pertolongan umi konfem kitorang takkan mampu buat semua ni...terharu sesangat dgn pertolongan mak aku...anak dia bukan reti nak masak bebyk :p Kepada papa ku...terima kasih jugak sbb tolong potong rumput and kemas2 rumah kami...rasa tak mampu nak buat berdua ngan pruzz je semua benda hoho

Terima kasih sekali lagi...insya allah panjang umur murah rezeki taun depan kite jumpa lagi!

p/s: gambar leh tgk fotopages...tapi tak sempat snap gambar tetamu...gambar kitorang berdua pon takder huhu sedey!

28 November 2007

Jom Makan-makan!

Assalamualaikum/Salam Sejahtera,

Rakan-rakan, tuan-tuan, puan-puan, cik-cik, encik-encik…..

Saya sekeluarga ingin menjemput semua ke rumah kami pada 1 Disember 2007 untuk makan-makan, minum-minum, borak-borak, etc bersempena majlis house warming + birthday celebration anak kami Idlan Farhan yg ke-3.

Alamat: No 17, Jalan Sutera 2/2, Seksyen 2, Taman Sutera, 43000 Kajang, Selangor
Masa : 1 - 6pm

Semoga kehadiran semua akan memeriahkan lagi majlis. Insyallah.
p/s: Doa selamat bermula jam 12.30 ok.


27 November 2007

Bandung 19-21 nov

It was such a great trip, officially becomes the closing for our year-end 2007. Those 3 days escapade leaves immense and sweet memories, in fact my mom kept on telling of going again next year. 3 days was not enough to be honest, u may need at least 4 days to fully cover all the much-talked about places like FOs, Pasar Baru, etc. Lucky I’ve done some research before going there, glanced thru the forumers’ comments in cari.com, jotting down some of the ‘must-go’ places, and we had fun going here and there, no need for pak supir or guide whatsoever....just the 5 of us (plus umi and adik)…adventure sket :p

A week before that, I’ve called some of the popular hotels (3 star je ok tak boleh memahal!) and we were lucky ada satu hotel yg tak penuh..the rest are ALL fully booked. So dptla stay at Hotel Kedaton (superior room Rp405k which equivalents to around RM150/night). Fortunate enough to tell u, hotel tu dekat banget ngan Pasar Baru….best giler.

Day 1
Arrive bandung around 11am local time. Straight away went to hotel for check in. Right after Zohor went out for lunch at food court in pasar baru. Savour ourselves with its local delicacies…nama dah lupa bley refer pics later hehe. Price is almost the same with our nasi goreng…ranging between RM3.50-4.50 per set. Then terus continue with our first round shopping. Mmg rambang mata…here they sell telekung, blouse (yg sulam2 tu byk sgt and murah2 belaka), handbags, shoes, comforters, kain ela, lace, etc..u name it sumer ader…7 storeys altogether so practically u can get everything under one roof! Yg tak bestnyer, dia tutup awal..around 6-6.30pm ramai sellers dah tutup kedai. Kena cepat2 pilih, cepat2 beli hoho. So sempatla beli few blouses, kain lace, baju spiderman, topi spiderman, cadar spiderman, etc. sumernyer spiderman hoho..yg haru lepas beli terus nak pakai lagik tuh sabor jela. Night time, went to their biggest mall i.e Bandung SuperMall. Our initial intention to look out for nasi padang tapi takder..last2 makan KFC je punyerla bosan. We bought nothing over here…price-wise more or less similar with klcc nyer standard. In fact they have more branded stores compared to the one in KL….so tak mampula kitorang nak beli :p. eh silap sempatla beli their infamous local donuts ½ dozen, called J.Co..ala-ala dunkin donuts la. I think I prefer dunkin’ lagi….except their version is more fluffy and lembut. Sampai hotel terus jot down barang2 yg dah dibeli…and our mind starts calculating and planning what to buy on the next day.

Day 2
After having our buffet breakfast, went again to pasar baru, main intention was to change my mom and my blouse size..tak muat beli semlm nyer hoho. This time we split up between the guys and the ladies…and limit ourselves for 2 hours only to cover everything. So belilah blouse lagi, telekung, shoes, brooch, kerepek2, chiffon, kain sulam, etc…drop our things at hotel and then board the cab and heading to FOs in Jalan Riau. FOs ni ala-ala reject shop, but they offer wider varieties of branded items, original and imitate nyer version. Those mak and pak budaks mmg bley pinar2 mata because kids’ clothes mmg byk…brand2 yg tak penah dengar pon byk dijual kat sini. I can get idlan’s clothes merely around RM25-30 for one suit of t shirt n jean…murah giler kan hehe. So sambar la 4 pasang baju idlan…none for me as nothing caught my intention. Took a trishaw and ask the pakcik to bring us to any restaurant offering nasi padang. Mmg heaven dpt pekena masakan depa…re-energize balik after lunch. That time I bet all the muscles and legs macam dah nak tercabut…but still we have to move on else tak sempat nak cover tpt lain :p hm FOs ni ade byk standard, ade yg murah…ade yg mahal…semua nama lain2..all located within walking distance from each other (the best is Heritage pasal byk baju murah). Penat banget nak jln from one to another. Kekadang idlan mintak dukung…mmg faham la kita yg dewasa ni penat apetah lagi budak kan. Dekat nak maghrib we went to FOs along Jln Dago plak….kat sini lagi meriah, but since kaki and badan dah penat…tak byk spent time kat situ…tak larat dah. Sambar 2-3 helai baju idlan…and that’s it. Idlan mmg dah tertido..terpaksa gilir2 dukung with my mom and abahnyer. Mlm pekena nasi padang tepi hotel je. Tido mlm tu mmg tak ingat dunia..penat yg amats!

Day 3

Our flight tentatively was at 1035am….lepas breakfast my mom, brother n myself walked to pasar baru (5 minit je) to do our last minute shopping. Within 1 hour we try to catch up apa2 yg rasa teringin nak beli lagi hehe. Balik hotel, check out, and terus gi airport. The journey from hotel-airport took us only 15 minutes…mmg strategic!

So basically tu jela ceritanyer…for guys I think bandung ni biasa2 jer. B only bought few shirts and jacket for himself. But for women, this is one of the highly-recommended places for u to go and indulge urself. U can easily get nice shoes for less than RM20…of course it did not carry any established brand but to me as long as it is nice to wear, who cares brand aper dia tulis kan :p Telekung, kain and baju sulam…ni mmg best giler..but I didn’t spent much on that since takder size….byk size besar2 je baju dia…ralat sgt rasa L

Itu jela serba sedikit ceritanya..those yg nak pegi, can always call me and I can give u some guides/tips on places to go, things to buy and whatnots. Org bandung mmg best, sumer peramah and mesra, very courteous, polite..tak sombong. Sight-seeing places, hm rasanye tak byk….i’ve been there five years ago, so basically yg popular cuma Tangkuban Perahu (bekas gunung berapi) and hot water spring. Lain tader kot….yg best shopping je ler hehe

The following day after arrived in KL I took an urgent leave, to finish up my take home exam and settle all the laundry. This week is pretty hectic with meetings, ISO, training, and whatnots...lucky dah submit paper exam kalo idak haru biru hidupku. Nothing much awaits in December, except I’ll be following hubby to melaka for his conference…and also preparing and organizing for our house-warming cum idlan’s birthday bash …tunggu email jemputan eh :)

Gambar dah upload..refer fotopages eh!

09 November 2007

It was Deepavali day and yet still many of my friends invited for makan-makan sempena Syawal. We managed to go to only one house in Keramat, tu pun sebab nak drop the cake.... Idlan suddenly down for fever the previous night...mujur dia tak merengek kat umah org :p

choc chips cheesecake for my ofismate...Aida

He's getting better today, though the temperature still going up and down, accompanied by thick flu.
He talks a lot nowadays...especially when he meets my mum....antara org yg paling dia sayang besides us :p He make-do his own story-telling, revise few songs that made us laugh...

"tepuk amai-amai belalang pupu-pupu..tepuk biar pandai..idlan upah susu...susu lemak manis, santan kelapa muda, mama jangan nangis..idlan pegi keje.

When asked kenape idlan nak pegi keje...dia ckp nak cari duit beli robot Batman!

Sometimes, back from nursery, he tells us...Aiman jahat, dia buat Idlan. Bila tanye buat ape..dia ckp...Aiman tolak idlan masuk swimming pool.

That's our beloved Idlan...with his own sweet tales :p

07 November 2007

Jamuan lagik

We had pot luck Jamuan Hari Raya at my unit today. As usual, lots of varieties as expected in our team....we even emailing each other days before today to book for own's menu.

And i brought this...first time i saw this at my neighbour's open house last weekend...so tempting...so tiru idea dia hehe...

here goes baby banana coated with melted chocolate...insya allah bakal menjadi menu kami time open house nanti...:p

sempoi giler...coat je ngan coklat...siap!

05 November 2007

We're back from Kuching for good. Alhamdulillah the trip went well, i was all OK throughout, no pain attack whatsoever. For piccas and story visit our Fotopage (still in uploading progress).

Yesterday went to 3 makan-makan invitations including Semah's....semah upload la gambar2 ok!

Now it's time for books and assignment again!

31 October 2007

from one to another

---> Yep unda, endoscopy (using camera) was done indeed...yesterday. Horror jugak eh huhu.

Monday tu, the doc just scanned my stomach, turned out i had the same luck with Aini...ada batu karang :( One stone, measured at 4mm roughly. Since my explanation was a bit weird (ppl had batu karang usually feel the pain at the lower part of perut/pinggang/abdomen eh?) but i did not...mine was more on the ulu hati, so he concludes i need to do further test.

Yesterday, he did the procedure, first spray ubat bius inside anak tekak (pahit giler, lucky i did not vomit in front him :p), then after one jab at my hand, terus pengsan tak sedar. About 15-20 minutes je kot..ntahla...cant remember anything. A camera was inserted, from mouth going to tekak, not sure whether it reached the stomach or not hehe. The result, he said inflammation at my esophagus (called esophagustrities, apology for my spelling ok tak tahu :p), so he just gave 2 types of medicine. As for the stone, he told not to worry or do anything..nothing serious about that, i should be alarm only when i have the symptons like sakit2 kat bwh perut tu. Betul ke unda? what your lecturers/experience/books tell u about this?
Please advise if u/any friends out there know specific foods/drinks to eat so that the stone can hancur by itself and wipe out thru urine. Seriously i was freaked the whole day yesterday but today i guess myself is back to normal kot...alhamdulillah harap2 this is not as serious as i think. Follow-up will be next Tuesday, hope i am all ok as usual.

Today am on mc. But now im in the office, settling some works, attending jamuan hari raya office, and hehe obviously writing this entry. Tomorrow we will be off to kuching until saturday. Sunday got two makan2 invitations...harap2 no gastric attack during these precious wonderful days ahead. As for me, starting from this episode, i should take more precaution on my food intake...do not dare to put my health at risk after this kind of things happening at my age. Kena control makan..jgn belasah je ok!

Salam all...take care!

29 October 2007

more on gastric...

Last Friday another attack striked again. I was all ok from morning till 4pm when suddenly i felt the difficulty to breath, loya and vommited thrice (including once in car while driving back home :p). That night again the doc said my sugar level did not improved...it reads at 5.3 (compared to the previous one was 5.2), despite eating lots of foods that day (2 office invitations in a row, with lontong, rendang, nasi impit, lemang, nasi lauk, etc and of course, air manis!)

Felt a bit relieved after series of vommiting, maybe angin dah takde dlm perut. Weekend came, i was all OK with no signs of gastric at all. Lucky for me since we got few invitations on these 2 days, but i made a point to myself not to overeat or else i might go to the toilet again :) Yesterday we went to 2 houses in Bangi and Equine, also to Nilai 3 in between to look for something and ended up bought other things :p This evening i had an appointment with a doc, specialized in gastroenterologist, hope he'll able to give some detail explanation and solution to my stomach problem.

Open house? NO it will not be in this Syawal due to our packed schedule. However i expect we'll be able to 'open' our house for frens and relatives somewhere in December insya allah, right after exam. Cannot play2 anymore since i 'kantoi' a bit in my recent modules...guess i need to be more serious and persevere for the next 6 subjects je lagik nyeh nyehhh

p/s: Aini, jgn malas2 mkn ubat...jgn gi shopping time mc :p

24 October 2007

of gastric

Had another attack yesterday near lunch time, caused me to stay in the toilet for about 1/2 hour, vommiting and sitting there hoping the pain will ease and yet it continued...so at last i decided to go back. Went to clinic (my 3rd visit in this Syawal), hope the doc will refer me to specialist since it's already over a week. Mr Doc checked my body pressure, inspect the stomach (malu wooo), and lastly did a sugar test. The result - pressure all OK, lack of sugar (my reading is 5.2, normal level should be above 6 kot?). He concluded - i need to take more sugary drinks and foods to increase my sugar level, so that the body activity can operates as normal to digest foods and reduce the acidity. Of course NO hot n spicy, sour, makanan berangin etc...lega kejap bila pk as nothing serious according to him :) Hope everything will be back to normal. It hurts like he** when it attacked the 'ulu hati' and i can hardly breathe out and rasa macam sakit jantung (tho i dont know how sakit jantung exactly feels like...)

Back home, try to sleep and rest but couldnt...so lepas asar, terus ke garden cewahh...semangat waja gitu! But upon seeing almost all the newly-planted pokok2 macam nak layu, terus rasa pressure huhu...either the plants get shocked because we transferred it to tanah, or it was just merely our hands yg soooo panas dan tak rasi :( Sedey banget rasa huhu. But anyway, guess the project is almost 70% completed, pending to clean the porch and awaiting ppl to install pergola and pond.

Night time, around 940pm, our neighbour next door ajak pegi beraya ke rumah jiran...so lepas beraya, sambung berborak kat luar rumah sampai 11pm....sakan kan :p

Weekend is coming and am fully booked with open house and class....nx week will be going to kuching, cant wait to savour the ever delicious kek lapis cadbury nyeh nyehhh...soon after that Bandung is waiting....wah wah...lepas tu terus exam punyerla tak best :(

22 October 2007

Cerita Eid kami - 2007

12 oct- sibuk membuat cheese tart, brownie and blueberry cheesecake utk mkn2 sendiri and bwk balik kg.

13 oct - It's Raya today...kami kat Ampang dari pagi raya hingga ke ptg...umi masak nasi beriyani, nasi impit kuah kacang, rendang daging, lemang beli je...aku? tukang tolong sket2 jer. Sempat berjln ke umah makcik je kat kg pandan...lepas asar, terus bertolak pulang ke Junjung, Kedah. Hujan lebat yg amats...tapi alhamdulillah selamat sampai mlm tuh dlm pukul 9 kot. Lepas rehat kejap terus kuar beraya rumah mak lang bole tak?? hehe mkn mihun sup...balik terus terbongkang keletihan.

14 oct- beraya di Alor Setar umah mak ngah & pak lang...pekena mee kari.

15 oct- Pagi pukul 530am dah kuar ke airport bayan lepas hantar mak ude pulang ke UK...jgn sedey2 unda hohoho. Idlan busuk...mandi kat airport je hoho...lepas tu terus gi beraya umah mak chak kat perak kat mane ntah lupa dah aku huhu...balik lepas zohor kepenatan yg amats...sakit kepala, telan panadol actifast.

15 oct - mlm tu pegi beraya umah pak teh...tetiba aku kena gastric attack yg horror skali..terus pruz antar balik naik motor...mujur dekat je. Lepas tu duk sesorang dlm bilik...mkn ubat ayah Aktel...tak tahan lagi, tgh mlm pegi cari klinik kat kulim..mujur ade klinik bukak....teruk jugak kena kali ni.

16 oct- kali ni duk umah je..perut tak sihat lagi. Ptg tu abang2 ipar+pruz buat BBQ..ikan siakap, sotong, udang, kerang, etc ...+ tomyam campur. Sedap banget...aku mkn tak byk sgt. Lepas mkn terus muntah, gastrik still ade lagi...adusss menahan sakit lagi mlm tuh.

17 oct- balik KL, selamat sampai ptg kol 2 lebey. Mlm tu kena attack lagi, terus pegi Az Zahrah amik injection...lega kejap rasa.

18 oct-pegi Pusat Flora Cheras dan Bangi beli rumput, batu , stones, tanah, etc utk projek laman kami. Sempat order pond skali kat balakong...next friday insya allah sampai la pond ku :P

19 oct- patutnye keje tapi nursery idlan tutup lagi...so aku pon cuti la...gastrik ade sket2...tapi still kuar today...membeli barang2 utk laman lagik. Malam pegi ampang beraya umah abg...mkn lamb chop ngan mihun... :-> Mujur perut ok...tapi mkn taleh byk..nanti dia kuar balik huhu

Sabtu- Family aku (mak, abg, sepupu) datang serbu rumah utk raya. So startla projek memasak dari 930am sampai ke 4pm kot...penat den, sambil masak kunyah biskut raya...takut kena attack lagi kan. Abah bz kat luar menanam rumput...idlan terbiar keseorangan..sampai nak tertido depan pintu anak teruna ku itu...sian dia! So ptg tu alhamdulillah...dptla menjamu mereka dgn mihun sup, soto, spaghetti, roti jala...and not forgetting kek terbaru ku..chocolate chips cheesecake. Since makanan byk, jemputla jiran tetangga sama...asalnye jemput 3 family aku je...last skali membiak jadi 9 family yg serbu rumah sampai ke 12 tgh mlm....sakan giler tak? heheh 1st time beraya sampai tgh mlm! Mlm tu lepas org dtg beraya kami plak bergilir2 raya ke rumah jiran sederet+depan umah....penat sungguh. Idlan sampai tertido kat umah jiran sebelah. Balik umah kemas+basuh pinggan mangkuk sampai kol 1 pagi! Makanan still ade lebih lagi, so bleyla dipanaskan utk wat breakfast esoknyer.

Ahad- pagi tuh ade jiran dtg beraya lagi...then kami kuar beraya ke rumah jiran + sepupu kat Puchong. Pagi tu sempatla abah menyiapkan projek lama kami. Tapi still tak complete...laman belakang masih semak samun. Dan porch comot yg amat...hujan je kan..mmg lecak abis! Petang sempatla tido sejam lebih...cover balik kepenatan weekend yg masih ada. Malam tadi dinner cekodok pisang je sian kan? :P

Photos...sila la jenguk kat Fotopageje..malas nak upload byk kali :p

11 October 2007

Biskut Raya #5

Irish Cookies
Sumber : Noorbaya

Bahan A
180g butter
130g gula castor
20g shortening
1 biji kuning telur
1st nescafe
1st esen coffee

Bahan B
1/2st baking powder
200g tepung gandum
100g tepung ubi
40g nestum (kisar kasar)
Hiasan: kuning telur – sapuan, badam flake dihancurkan dan choc. rice

Sebatikan semua Bahan A lalu masukkan Bahan B. Canai dan terap. Sapukan dengan kuning telur dan taburkan badam flake dan Choc Rice.
Nota: Nestum kisar boleh diganti dgn cornflakes kisar

Well i guess majority has taken leave starting from today. It feels a bit pressure when u're still typing and sitting in the office, reading emails with lots of ucapan hari raya from friends, thinking what they're doing right now, and u can do nothing except waiting for the clock to tick at 430pm...arghhh tak sukenyerrr!

hm hmm...got this yesterday from a customer, looking at the exterior itself mmg dah kagum, take a peek inside terus teruja :p Thank you my dear customer, and sori for giving you nothing in return, my cost center is lacking of budget when it comes to 'entertainment thingy mangy'.

chocolate with kurma and Amos cookies...sedap!

And this is hari raya cake for Sue...blueberry chocolate delight. Topped cream cheese pagi tadi with non-stop interruption from idlan...menduga sungguh!

To all my dear friends, blogger/non-blogger...Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir Batin yer!

04 October 2007

Biskut Raya #4

Butter Cookies - source hanieliza

Ingredients :
135 g butter
60 g castor sugar
150 g flour
30 g cornflour

Method :
1. Cream butter and sugar.
2. Add in sifted flour and cornflour bit by bit.
3. Place the soft dough into the piping bag with a big star nozzle and pipe the dough into papercups.
4. Bake in a pre-heated oven at 170 C for 18 - 20 minutes.
5. Leave to cool and keep in an airtight container.
6. You can also drizzle with melted cooking chocolate and sprinkle some '100's and 1000's' (manik berwarna) on top

Did this after sahur, lucky managed to reach office on time :)
1 batter only yields about 50 pieces...sikit sgt kan huhu

03 October 2007

Biskut Raya #3

Biskut Arab - source mamafami
250 gm tepung gandum
125 gm gula halus
125 gm minyak sapi
pewarna..merah ..kuning dan hijau

1. Gaulkan semua bahan sehingga sebati.
2. Bahagikan adunan kepada 3 warna dan masukkan warna yg berlainan saperti
merah, kuning dan hijau.
4. Bentukkan adunan spt bebola dan cantumkan 3 warna seperti di dalam
5. Masukan adunan dalam paper-cup kecil.
6. Bakar pada suh 180'c selama 20 - 25 minit.
7. Taburkan gula halus bila dah masak.

Sempoi sesangat (tayah guna mixer) and rasa pon sedap..cuma 1 adunan bley dpt dlm 75-78 biji jer...kejap je ngap dah abis :p

01 October 2007

resepi resepi

hehe farra...tunggula taun depan kalo nk wat bisness baru upgrade oven..mmg x larat sungguh oven kecilku itu..dah la dapur aku tade fan! cuba bayangkannnn betapa panasnyer kuikuikui

Pegedil - source umi saye!
kentang - 5 biji
daging - agak2 je..blend
daun sup - potong halus
2 sudu besar tepung jagung
bawang goreng

Rebus kentang sampai empuk..dlm 25-30 min..buh garam sket.
Goreng daging sampai masak..buh garam sket.
Then lecekkan kentang sampai hancur.
Gaul kentang, daging, tepung jagung, daun sup, bwg goreng. Bentukkan bulat2.
Celup telur, then goreng...tu saje!
(ade org letak black pepper kalo nk pedas..aku tak letak)

Ni ade satu lagi resepi sempoi tapi sedap sesgt aku rasa...tak muak, dan sgt menyelerakan!

Udang goreng daun kari - source Umi
Udang - perap garam and kunyit
Goreng udang sampai masak...then angkat.
Then tumis bwg dgn daun kari, akhir skali masukkan udang.

Sempoi sesgt kan...tp serius saya suke sbb aroma daun kari tuh best...sila cuba ok!

tiring yet satisfying weekend!

Projek Sabtu
After sahur terus melekat @ dapur buat projek biskut raya #1 : Quaker Oats resepi mak. Biskut favourite since last yr, and taun ni modify sket dgn top kan biskut with chocolate unlike last yr just sprinkle with choc. rice. Hasil dia..mmg menarik! Dah nak masuk lunch time, terus masak mihun sup utk idlan...utk kami berbuka sama. Tapi idlan mkn mee, dia tak brape suke mihun. Lepas zohor sumer, start buat pegedil. Hari jumaat dah siap call umi tanye camner nak wat...1st timer ni hehe. Alhamdulillah projek pegedil menjadi dan pegedil ku comel2 belaka...tingin sesgt mkn tuh bersama2 ngan mihun sup!

Lepas tuh, buat kek batik plak...modify resepi ina, aku bubuh nestum and serbuk koko sket....hasilnyer mmg memuaskan....2 hari loyang dah licin! Lepas tuh, buat plak my favourite cream caramel...ari tuh baru buat tapi x puas mkn hoho...again kali ni habis weekend sumer licin alhamdulillah. Kiranye hari ni mmg produktif sungguh...sampai flat tak igt..lepas terawikh terus surrender :p

Projek Ahad
Pagi kami ke KLIA, jumpe mak, ayah and unda yg baru sampai dari menunaikan umrah. Alhamdulillah semua sihat. Time nak balik ade tunjuk perasaan sket...Idlan jerit nak naik kapal terbang! adus siap ditarik tgn mama tpt nak masuk check in passport tuh..ish ish...sabar eh sayang..next month kite gi jalan2 naik aeroplane okeh!
Balik dr KLIA, singgah ke Jusco...mujur x shopping sgt hehe...balik rumah dah pukul 2 lebih...penat giler rasa, terus tido nyeh nyeh. Before asar bgn, then terus ke dapur buat projek biskut raya #2: Chocolate chips.
Sambil bakar biskut, sambil masak kari ayam utk di makan dgn mihun kelmarin yg terlebih celur dgn byk sekali :p Jadikla 2 hari berturut-turut mkn mihun hoho. Habis wat kuah kari, pukul 6 lebih pegi melawat zarid sat. Mlm pas terawikh sambung bakar choc. chips tadi...adunan mmg byk, so ntah brape kali trip membakar, dgn oven yg kecik tuh...adus penat menunggu. Dlm kol 11 baru siap kot huhu...lotih mama!

Sahur tadi mkn mihun kari lagi....dan disebabkan mihun still byk, terus buat mihun goreng and kasik bebudak nursery idlan...at least tiada pembaziran :)
Ptg ni dapur berehat..mama ada majlis berbuka puasa bersama customer Max** kat klcc...so terpaksala abah berbuka berdua ngan Idlan je.

25 September 2007

tart lagi...

This time it was for Tini...tima kasih eh kerana setia ngan tart aku ni hehe

Topped with chocolate

and yg kecik comey ni meant for darling2 kat rumah tuh :)

Today i shall granted off day to Mr Kitchen..we'll drop at Jusco since B wants to buy something.
I just cant help it, keep on thinking what to get for our iftar...KFC, Mc D, nasi ayam, bla bla bla....huhu teruk betul fikiranku ini!

24 September 2007

the word 'FREEDOM'

I am now considered 'merdeka' for the next 2 weeks. Next class officially commence on 6th Oct, so i have super duper ample time to bake my raya biscuits, and enjoy my precious upcoming weekend, no book, no assignment whatsoever!

How was the exam? Well i was confident with my answers throughout the xm, but suddenly the world turned upside down when we discuss the answers, later after submission. It was like 'the person is guilty and i said not guilty". This is law, and obviously when we give judgement contradict to what the law says, it means we already made a huge mistake! aduhhhhs habisla diriku...and some more the Q itself accounts for 40% of all damnnn. Just to comfort myself, some of my friends also had the same opinion with me..harap lecturer kasik la markah kesian :p

After exam we had a small gathering cum pot luck at my mom's, i cooked tomyam and it was a bit tawar, my brother claimed it was not only tawar, but tak pedas, tak masam, tak umpph langsung..but ironically his plate was full with all the tomyam's isi dan sebagainyer...sabor jela!

Sunday came, right after subuh i prepared sardine curry puff and frozed it, think they can last for about 3-4 days. For berbuka we had mee hailam, curry puff and tepung pelita..my favourite! Idlan had a small ketumbit and we brought him to clinic that evening, and later drop off at bazar ramadhan bangi to get the tepung pelita. 1-2 minutes before azan,while both of us were bz at kitchen sorting out the plates and everything, we heard a loud thunder and the only thing i knew, idlan landed himself on the floor, him gum bleeds a bit and of course cried his lungs out. Tapi takdela teruk sgt pon i guess..more like nangis manja :)

And these are cheese tart for my officemate kak alimah...i've been owing these to her since the last 2 months kot hoho..dia kata rindu ngan cheese tart yati .....adus terharu plak daku :p, and since 'ethically' i was bind by the promise...here goes for u!

19 September 2007

menu ramadhan

Semlm lepas berbuka terus pengsan….mengantuk sesgt takleh tahan dah pukul 9 dah doze off. Berbuka kelmarin dgn daging black pepper…favourite big bos and aku sendiri. Appetizer cempedak goreng...tu pon time azan still lagi menggoreng hehe sungguhla tak efficient :p So tadi terjaga pukul 130am…lepas solat sumer terus mengadap pc sampailah ke waktu sahur. Sahur recycle je daging semlm, goreng telur dadar ngan ikan masin gelama…alhamdulillah. Tinggal satu soklan je lagi yg pending..nampak gaya mlm ni kena stay up lagi huhuhu…mataku sudah mengantuk skarang ni helpppp!

Ni resepi yg dijanjikan kelmarin…

Udang masak cili kering – resepi mak pruzz

Cili kering
Santan – maybe ½ kelapa kot…ntahla tak measure pon senarnyer :p
Bawang besar
Bawang putih – sket je
Serai – sebatang cukup kot mkn 5 org
Asam keeping - satu
Belacan – sket je
Garam & gula

Blend cili kering bersama2 dgn bwg besar, bwg putih and serai

Tumiskan cili tu sampai pecah minyak, masukkan santan

Then masukkan belacan sket, asam keping, garam n gula. Masak sampai kuah kering (tapi jgn kering sgt biarla ade kuah)..opps jgn lupa masukkan udang ok.

Tu je sempoi je kan hehe..tapi sedap J sbb ade rasa serai tuh….mak masak ketam, tapi since saya tak penah beli ketam, so jadikla udang jer hoho

Daging black pepper sempoi

Daging – hiris
Kicap manis
Tepung jagung
Bwg besar - hiris
Bwg putih - hiris
Lada hitam – tumbuk sampai halus (saye x suke guna serbuk tak umpphh sgt)
Tomato sebiji dua
Hiasan – cili hidup, daun bawang, capsicum

Tumis bawang/halia, masukkan daging, tambah air and masak sampai empok (air jgn byk sgt, agak2 terendam daging)

- Then tambah kicap, tepung jagung, and lada hitam

- Last masukkan tomato, and cili hidup, daun bawang, capsicum, etc

- Kalo ade button mushroom bley tambah lagi best!

- Daging tu biar berkuah sket..baru best..kalo kering sgt tak berapa rasa black pepper tu..

Ok sekian resepi utk hari ni! Measurement tu saya agak2 jer...sbb sumer pakai campak je...

18 September 2007

update update!

In response to k.nieta’s challenge, here goes the updates….:P

Since everybody is talking about their menu, I’ll be sharing mine as well.
Well like last year, I choose to cook during the holy month of ramadhan. The rest of the months, we usually opt to buy foods from outside. No need for justification, it’s just me and the penyakit “M”, to answer your question hehehe. Perhaps the spirit of Ramadhan and its ‘barakah’ that turns me slightly ‘rajin’ than before :p

First day, I cook nasi lemak for sahur. Woke up at 4am and managed to get everything ready earlier than expected. Well B has mentioned he wants something heavy during the earlier weeks, that’s why la nasi lemak menjadi pilihan. The first day was indeed challenging, I felt so sleepy like monsters and could hardly opened my eyes at office. The sleepiness even made me dizzy and later gave me migraine like hell huhu. Sampai loya2 dlm kereta on the way back (bukan preggie ok). But again thanks for the barakah in ramadhan, I still cook for berbuka..kari ikan bawal, sayur campur telur and chicken poppers….simple and enough to feast our stomach alhamdulillah.

Taking lesson from the 1st day, the second day I woke up a bit late, 440am hehe. Recycle the last’s night curry, goreng telur kicap and ikan gelama masin….ishh sedap sungguh pekena ikan masin! It was my 1st time in life I bought ikan masin and fry on my own, serius x tipu hehe dahsyat kan….
So menu seterusnye, ayam masak kicap, sausage sweet sour, kangkung goreng belacan dan cempedak goreng. The next day we had potluck at my mom’s and I cooked udang masak cili kering+serai & sup daging n fishball. I even prepared popia and freeze it, senang goreng je time berbuka….this time special thanx to B, he was the one who did all the folding :) Sunday came, B suggested to go to bazaar ramadhan and I declared a public holiday to Mr kitchen. And yesterday, again simple menu jer..ikan kerisi goreng, bilis goreng cili padi, sup sayur n nugget.

Well am not that very good in cooking but tak kira, nak share jugak tips of fast (1 hr cooked time) and simpe cooking….blend cili kering siap2, kupas segala jenis bawang siap2, perap ikan/ayam siap2 and letak kat fridge the lower part…(sumer orang dah tahu ni kot haha) And either am so organize or pathetic, I even prepared my menu list (so far sampai 10 hari je, sbb blank dah x tau nk masak ape :p). Kepala ni jugak dah fikir macam2 pasal dessert, but so far only popia and cempedak goreng yg materialize…the rest is still in white paper. I’ll be having my final this com Saturday, after that I have sufficient 2 weeks to prepare dessert yg best2 sket and biskut raya yeye!

Opps it’s already 4.24am. The two angels of mine still in deep slumber, and me from 12am burning the light pulun wat assignment :( I wonder if anyone else out there also doing what I’m doing right now….aini yuhuu ko tgh stay up jugak ker???? Jgn diriku menjadi zombie lagi hari ni sudah ler huhuhu..
Oh menu sahur kejap lagi..dried fried noddle! Off to kitchen peeps!

p/s: I’ll share my MIL’s udang masak cili kering+serai tuh next time ok..insya allah sedap, but no picas whatsoever…dlm kelam kabut mane sempat capai kamera daa.

amacam k.nieta...panjang tak hehehehe

12 September 2007

Ramadhan Al-Mubarak

Insya Allah esok kita semua akan menyambut Ramadhan, bulan yg mulia. Betapa beruntungnya kita dpt menempuh sekali lagi kenikmatan bulan Ramadhan, hati dan fikiran rasa tenang...dan perilaku seharian pun insya Allah akan lebih terkawal dan bertambah baik :) Azam ku tahun ini........

- nak lebihkan membaca Al-Quran
- nak masak sendiri utk sahur dan berbuka puasa
- kurangkan berbelanja di pasar ramadhan
- kawal diri, kawal hati, kurang marah dan membebel :p
- study rajin-rajin, jgn malas-malas dan tido jer!
- buat biskut ngan kek raya sendiri
- takmo buat bisnes...nak rehat-rehat jer :)

ok tu saja, nampak list sikit tapi berat juga nak melaksanakan semuanya...moga Allah beri kekuatan fizikal, mental dan iman utk aku melaksanakan semua azamku ini....amin.

Kepada kengkawan semua, Selamat Berpuasa...semoga amal ibadat kita diterima olehNya...

06 September 2007

I: Sambil menyelam minum air
Akibat membuat group discussion @ MidValley, duitku habis tanpa disangka2 dgn membeli comforter set, cadar & kasut. Yang menarik, shopping hanya dilakukan dlm masa beberapa minit, main entrance dah half-way closed, dan kami sumer kluar melalui emergency exit :p

Idlan happy sungguh tgk girrafe n lion nih...:)
II: Shoppin' galore
Ini mmg planned shopping, bukan impulse buying ok. Pergi Ikea dan tesco ampang utk mencari barang2 hiasan rumah...dan juga hadiah besday :) Dapatla membeli 6-7 ketul pasu dan pokok hijau. Pokok ni penting, sbb papa dah membebel rumah kami takde 'green effect' langsung! Pokok2 lain bley tgk fotopages...

pokok cinonet saya!

III: Makan-makan
The best thing about my office and colleagues, we love to gather and stuff ourselves with wide array of foods, tak kesah la..brunch ke, lunch ke, tea time ker...mesti grand makanan nyer! Ari ni ada pot luck lagi, sempena bakal menyambut Ramadhan, dan sempena dah lama tak organize mkn2 formal. Mee kari, mihun, spaghetti bolognese, choc cake, cheese cake, mango cake SR, talam berlauk, nasi goreng, apam, ayam black pepper, fun fries, cream caramel, pecal, air pelbagai jenis, etc...aduss kecur perut ku...macam pasar ramadhan plak rasa :p
Aku bwk bread pudding and cuppies...buat cuppies sbb nak bwk blk kampung sama esok utk cousin2 idlan :)

Esok cuti balik kampung yey!!!

SRM...3 years already

Aiman-Haikal-Idlan..the three stooges
Tapi nama Haikal dah hilang, terjatuh time nak angkut dlm kotak huhu

27 August 2007

meaningful weekend!

Memang syok kalo weekend tade klas...assignment dan presentation ade next week (org balik kg cuti merdeka, kitorang kena present :p), tapi satu menda pon tak start lagi, even draft pon tak finalise, relaks giler kali ni, maybe sbb subject lepas dah lelah giler hoho. Esok plan nak berkumpul n discuss, and start pulun habis-habisan...oh kali ni subject law, mmg menarik...lebih menarik bila lecturer citer pasal kes Altantuya, Dato' Seri Anwar, etc etc...yg mana sumer high profile case tuh, terus tak jadi mengantuk dlm klas :p

Ok back to weekend's story, bgn awal2 pagi utk topping kan cuppies birthday Alesha....adela dekat 2 jam lebih buat...org tak expert katakan :p Time nak pack dlm kotak, terkantoi dgn idlan...adus dia menjerit nak kan cuppies elmo ngan star tuh....penat pujuk x mkn saman...last skali masuk la dapur balik pipe kan cream utk idlan plak..mujur ade cup cakes lebey kalo idak tade rezeki alesha :p

a small birthday gift for Alesha...

ad-hoc cuppies utk Idlan :p Byk piping bag mama dah buang, so jadikla elmo kaler oren jer hehe

Then siapkan breakfast, basuh baju settle kan chores sket, kol 11 lebih kuar pegi Tesco beli provisions. Balik umah dah penat, ngantuk pon ader....so tido la kejap. Paksa idlan tido dia takmo, alih2 kol 450pm baru dia terlelap....aisehman Tini jemput pegi umah dia pukul 5pm. Takde harapan Alesha nak mkn cuppies awal :p Pukul 630pm baru idlan bgn, cepat2 mandikan dia, terus kuar gi umah Tini kol 7...dekat je umah kitorang rupanya, dlm 10 minit gitu. Pulun laksa sarawak yg sedap (tini cepat blajar!), siap tambah lagi aku, then lepas solat terus gerak gi Kepong utk majlis tahlil arwah baby Zarid & Famy. Zarid looks better, harap2 dia cepat recover..physically and emotionally. Sempatla jumpe kengkawan yg dah lama tak jumpe....aida, aini, sam, halim, ika, aniza, farra, zahan...etc...balik sampai umah dah pukul 12am...penat sungguh.

Ahad, bersemangat nak memasak! Pagi lepas breakfast terus masuk dapur, buat inti popia, masak sup daging idlan, rebus spaghetti, last skali buat kuah bolognese. Pastuh rehat2 kejap, then start gulung popia, and freeze kan utk mkn petang. Kenyang perut ari ni...hati pon senang. Baju sumer dah siap iron....umah kemas...wahh perfect rasa weekend kali ni :) Bestnyer kalo every weekend tade klas kan.............:p

24 August 2007

birthday wish...

To my special friend a.k.a ofismate........

Hepi Besday Aida!

Moga panjang umur, murah rezeki, sihat dan dirahmatiNya selalu dlm segala urusan yg dilakukan.

p/s: dah kaya esok jgn lupa i eh :p

Takziah buat Zarid & Famy

Dugaan yg mereka terima sangat besar kali ni....harapan kami moga Allah beri kekuatan kepada mereka utk berhadapan dgn situasi seperti ini. Mmg benar, berat mata kami yg memandang, takkan sama dgn berat mereka yg memikul dan menanggungnya.

Pasti ada hikmah di sebalik semua yg terjadi....bila difikirkan apelah sangat ujian yg aku terima baru2 ni berbanding dgn apa yg Allah turunkan kepada mereka berdua.

Aku masih ingat kata2 sokongan Pn. Limau sebelum ni..mungkin Allah akan menggantikan dgn yg lebih baik daripada ini...

Semoga Zarid & Famy tabah dan redha dgn ketentuan Illahi, insya Allah arwah akan menunggu kalian berdua di sana.


22 August 2007

convo cuppies

I've had the intention long ago. But only yesterday i managed to squeeze myself into the kitchen and made the oven operates again after such a long hibernation period. Though belated, still considered better than never kan B :p

Surprise surprise...hope u like!

jgn lupa spare seketul dua utk idlan :)

13 August 2007

frame ikea

Our piccas corner @ home....guna frame ikea..murah je...kalo nak sila la pegi beli..saya bukan dealer :p

bunga tu sila la abaikan...hehe

Hepi convo abah!

To Abah…

CONGRATS dear!!! Despite all the bitterness and impediment caused by the management, you’ve at last made it. We both are proud of you…hope this will provide a stepping-stone and encouragement for you to move further and higher. May Allah bless you, and gives high spirit and perseverance for you to hold till the end…amin.

Oh btw, mama dah abis xm...what a huge relief!!! :)))

31 July 2007

It’s already half of the journey and it gets tougher as time passed by. This time it’s Decision Analysis, and it drives all of us crazy…not understand what’ve been taught is 1st thing, stuck at dead end with the assignment Q is 2nd thing…and the ultimate will be next week, that is our final..my oh my. I can see my level of cuakness increases by then, yet I still have time...i hope…at least to grasp the concept pon jadiklah :p

The 1st assignment, my group mates and me stuck and couldn’t even reach the first level, and so do the rest. Hence 4 heads in one group combined into 20 heads with 4 groups, hoping the synergy would yield something…tapi gagal sumernyer haha. When we finally have the courage to raise our problem to Prof, cuba teka ape dia jawab?

“……oh I’m sorry it’s my mistakes for not teaching u guys on this…just leave it there halfway and proceed to the rest…”

Imagine how we felt upon hearing that…penat!

I just hope to get B…yes at least B! And after this I ONLY have another 7 papers to go…yeszaaaa :)

p/s: minggu depan umur bertambah setahun, pruzz plak ade konvo, examku baru abis.....wahh ade byk event dan alasan best utk beli indulgence seketul besar dan pergi release tension di ikea :p

18 July 2007

the 9th july

Well im back…for a quick 5-7 minutes for blog updates :p Am now in my hubby’s office, being here just for the internet connection for my online tutorial class at 8pm, only now to find out the session has to be postponed to tomorrow….geram giler!

To those who had received the news, thanks for the smses, wishes, etc…to those who still didn’t know, am really sorry for not telling you all…jgnla kecik hati, it’s not something that is nice and sweet to be disseminated around, hence justified my reason for keeping it secret and disclosed only to certain person. Even none of my classmates knew about it, I attended class as usual (walaupun on mc hehe), acted the normal way I used to.

Am all ok now, mental-wise am back to my normal self..in fact I was more than prepared before the doc confirmed it verbally. Partly due to the mother’s instinct I’d say. Was more calm than my hubby at that time…really…that’s the good thing about not being too optimistic and positive…at times you may need to spare some negative thoughts in your mind to prepare for the future :)

Just got back from kelantan actually, we received news that my grandma was in bad condition, she collapsed and totally unconscious, and the moment they were saying that we may not have time to see her, air mata dah bergelen-gelen turun. To make thing worst, my parents were in Indonesia, unreachable. So me, hubby and idlan hurriedly went back to kelantan, by car, bcoz the earliest flight was only in the afternoon. Btw, she’s getting better now, masih pjg umur alhamdulillah. She collapsed due to lack of sugar (she over-controlled her diet, too scare to take sugary foods), and after 2 bottles of drip, she regained conscious.

Am still not 100% physically fit, the body ached all over (langsung tak sempat pantang, definitely u cannot expect to recover kan :p). Maybe because of the tiring journey, the shocking news, the missed class, and tones of assignment waiting ahead. It was a month full of challenge, yet am blessed everything is ok. I still have my supportive hubby and idlan to keep me pull through all these things…they’re my heart and soul, and there is no reason for me to be overly sad and regret for what has happened. Life goes on, next time cuba lagi hoho. Plus we still have some good things happened recently, our house small deco project is currently ongoing, my results so far very satisfying, and what’s more…hmm idlan is getting clever and semakin byk mulut! enough to keep me happy…. :) Ok am going back home now…sambung mc goyang2 kaki till the weekend jgn jeles.

p/s: to those who placed their cake orders thru email/sms, am really sorry for unable to fulfill ur orders….i may need to temporarily close my Hot Stove, and will only be back once am ready. Tq.

05 July 2007

some important recaps:

- lusa exam, pastuh cuti seminggu, pastuh terus start subject baru , kali ni kite blajar mengira balik...wohooo dah 8 thn lupakan statistics, kali ni ia dtg kembali.
- dah lama tak gi shopping, bz sgt rasa kali ni...SM mmg byk menggunakan masa, otak, dan resources ku....makanyer ahad ni kite celebrate kemerdekaan sambil shopping!
- skang every night kena main football ngan idlan...gilir2 mama dan abah, penat woo..kalo tak dilayan, dia dah pandai protes dan memberontak dan menangis...kadang kesian jugak, jadi budak terbiar sbb mama abah bz sokmo. Ayat default idlan, "mama, main ball sama-sama tak?" btw dia bukan ajak, tapi menyuruh dgn suara yg tinggi!
- idlan dah pandai pronounce "idlan" dgn jayanyer! gooood boy :)

27 June 2007

counting the days

Semakin cuak!

Ingatkan lepas 1st meeting dptla come out with all the solutions and answers, tapi after 3 jam + 5 kepala brainstorm pon masih stuck dan blur at the end....habisla kitorang kali ni!

Pukul 11pm, semua dah tepu...dalam cuak dan blur dan tensi tu bley plak bergelak sakan dlm bilik meeting 8th floor tuh...mmg kitorang je pon yg ade kat situ, termasuk la pak guard yg slalu duk lalu lalang depan bilik tu tgk kitorang.

Akhirnye kitorang adjourned, tak larat...balik umah tido jela..esok lusa pk...tapi ade 3 hari je pon lagi, sempat ke berfikir dgn waras? habis habis 40% ku! Mmg teruk outcome kali ni...tak menjadi langsung brainstorming kitorang.

Kol 1130pm baru sampai umah, sempatla singgah kedai beli cornetto vanilla..tu jela dinner aku semlm (sad).

Pagi ni bgn lemah sendi dan otak, tapi kena pegi ofis jugak...bosan.

Patutla super seniors kata subjek ni among the toughest of all...now i wonder kenape subjek ni tak di offer time final semester huhu

Aini, jgnla amik strategic management :)

Sempat jumpe Halim sekejap semlm, dia ckp Yati makin kurus! huhuhu lunch ni mesti mkn byk!

26 June 2007


Bosan...dan buntu...

- keje cam biasa, tade pepe yg menarik dan terbaru berlaku in my working department, company baru buat realignment, tapi saya masih di sini tak berganjak dari bumi cyberjaya ni
- sifat malas semakin berleluasa, oven dah lama tak berasap, pinggang pon asyik sakit jer
- study tak tentu hala, mlm tido awal, kunci jam pukul 5am utk bgn wat keje tapi x bgn!
- minggu ni presentation besar, 40% carry marks lagik tuh, tapi satu benda x start lagi, mlm ni kena pi kl, baru nak berjumpe ngan groupmate dan brainstorm for answers...huishh saya sangat risau!
- minggu depan dah final exam, 7 july 07, ramai naik pelamin, saya bakal perah otak menulis dan mencari jawapan....tapi buku teks pon tak amik lagi...dan of course tak penah bukak dan tgk lagi...camner ni?
- lepas exam dah start subject baru, takde rehat...bagus bagus, cepatla saya dpt pakai jubah lawa nanti :)
- ohh baru blk dari kampung tok ngan wan idlan...pulun durian, manggis, mee kuah, dan bermacam lagi. Perut tak sempat rasa lapar, asyik mkn jer :p
- adikku masih berholiday di rumah lepas final exam, it was his second semester in his univ life and he scored 3.9...bagus bagus....
- esos sekejap je naik, target nak 11 tak tercapai...today harga turun berdesup...isk sabor jela, segala angan-angan terpaksa tinggal jadi angan-angan jugak la hehe
- hish mata ni semakin mengantuk plak...okla sekian buat kali ini.

p/s: mlm semlm dan pagi ni for the first time in life saya buat cekodok pisang sbb pisang byk dr kampung, jgn gelak ok, ni mmg fakta betul .Pagi ni sedekah cekodok ke budak2 nursery sbb byk sgt. Disebabkan saya takde pelecek pisang, makanye pisang2 itu ku lenyek dgn cawan jer...ok jugak, still hancur macam biasa hoho. It's kind of new idea yet it works...try la kalau tak caya hehe

15 June 2007

when 'bz'ness hits our day

while mama is struggling with her case...

and abah bz doing some reading for class and research...

the little boy talking and playing alone all by himself

and swim himself in the world of superheros...

And that lasted for the next 3 hours until he finally surrender and uttered "mama, idlan nak tido atas riba..."
Sayu plak dengar....on the other hand, cepatla abis blajar huhuhu

Sori sayang and thank u for your understanding. We both love u so much !!!

06 June 2007

Tadi borak panjang ngan umi, dia kata terngiang-ngiang suara Idlan time dlm keta balik kl dari terengganu ari tuh.

"mama jgnla bwk laju-laju nanti Iyan pening...."

tetiba miss plak kat idlan...clever boy, kecik-kecik dah pandai advise mama eh :)

well, he still cant pronounce "Idlan" properly...jadila "Iyan" jer hehe

the meeting

He’s super duper cool, humble, soft-spoken, yet credible.
A very nice, fair-looking guy (tade jerawat if I were not mistaken hehe)
We’re sitting in an oblong-shape table, with wide array of foods lining up the table.
The food tastes nice, but I bet no one shows his or her true self including me. I didn’t even finish up my cup of coffee….sad.
We talk about our company, our works, general issues, etc.

He ends the meeting with a question that was very hard to answer.

“You all are among the brightest stars in your school, but why did you only score average during your performance appraisal? I want to see 4 and 5 next year!”

hehehe aku hanya mampu tersenyum. There were a few of us speak out on the force ranking issue, bell-shape curve and all that….but there’s another Dato’ menepis segala issue2 tersebut, of which none would dare to argue further.

Oh by the way, pls don’t call it force ranking, better say ‘moderation’ from this now on.

I'd consider it as once in a lifetime opportunity, being able to talk face to face with him, smile and laugh with no formal protocol.

~saya yg sangat lapar~

05 June 2007

I'm back!
Some important notes on our cuti-cuti balik kelantan:

- managed to eat nasi berlauk and nasi dagang for breakfast every morning...jgn jeles!
- grab 4 blouse and 4 tudung at rantau panjang/pengkalan kubur, also baju and topeng spiderman for Idlan hehe
- ate sate ikan panas2 with sos manis kaler pink 2 times...mmg puas :)
- Idlan finally gets closer with my brother after he lends Idlan his two shell cars, if not idlan would never dare to look up at his face
- Idlan and his cousin, Hana gets along very well during the whole 5 days they spent together
- B got diarrheoa and angin2 from Sunday until today
- i drove from Kelantan to Terengganu on sunday and we stayed at pantai batu buruk, but didnt go to pasar payang bcoz B still not ok
- and yesterday i drove from terengganu to KL for 8 hours alone bcoz B's stomach still not stable
- It's fun and much better to be a driver rather than becomes a back passenger :) except that i have to continuously eat sweets and mentos to avoid getting sleepy

Today the two men of the house still 'holidaying' at home, B still not 100% ok while idlan suddenly got his right's eye infected. And me, being forced to go to ofis bcoz i need to submit my pic for tomorrow's breakfast with Dato', the girl from yayasan kept on calling me since last week asking for my profile and pics...boring betul.

Last but not least, check out our June Promotion at Hot Stove!

29 May 2007

jeng jeng

Breakfast bersama Dato' CE?
6 June @ Menara TM

waaa terpina-pina sekejap beta hehehe

May highlights

Things going on pretty well for this month, and ends up great too I’d say!

- Final exam is over, such a huge relief even tho I did not set high target for this paper
- The whole family will be going back to kelantan tomorrow after a year of not seeing my grandmother (just figured out am not the only one being considered ‘bad’ cucu in this case :p) And don’t get envy with me, am already plan to eat 2 bungkus of nasi dagang and nasi berlauk for the whole 3 days spend there hehehe. We’ll be heading to Terengganu to spend a night there near the beach before driving back to KL.
- My hubby finally got awarded with his Master of Philosophy after one dreaded year of waiting and hoping. It’s time for him to move on and gear up for the next stage; i.e p.h.d.
- Two of my BP2008 insya Allah will materialized…thanks Pn Limau for the fruitful chatting and sharing of info :) Alhamdulillah…
- Presenting my official cake blog, Hot StoveHappy viewing!