24 October 2007

of gastric

Had another attack yesterday near lunch time, caused me to stay in the toilet for about 1/2 hour, vommiting and sitting there hoping the pain will ease and yet it continued...so at last i decided to go back. Went to clinic (my 3rd visit in this Syawal), hope the doc will refer me to specialist since it's already over a week. Mr Doc checked my body pressure, inspect the stomach (malu wooo), and lastly did a sugar test. The result - pressure all OK, lack of sugar (my reading is 5.2, normal level should be above 6 kot?). He concluded - i need to take more sugary drinks and foods to increase my sugar level, so that the body activity can operates as normal to digest foods and reduce the acidity. Of course NO hot n spicy, sour, makanan berangin etc...lega kejap bila pk as nothing serious according to him :) Hope everything will be back to normal. It hurts like he** when it attacked the 'ulu hati' and i can hardly breathe out and rasa macam sakit jantung (tho i dont know how sakit jantung exactly feels like...)

Back home, try to sleep and rest but couldnt...so lepas asar, terus ke garden cewahh...semangat waja gitu! But upon seeing almost all the newly-planted pokok2 macam nak layu, terus rasa pressure huhu...either the plants get shocked because we transferred it to tanah, or it was just merely our hands yg soooo panas dan tak rasi :( Sedey banget rasa huhu. But anyway, guess the project is almost 70% completed, pending to clean the porch and awaiting ppl to install pergola and pond.

Night time, around 940pm, our neighbour next door ajak pegi beraya ke rumah jiran...so lepas beraya, sambung berborak kat luar rumah sampai 11pm....sakan kan :p

Weekend is coming and am fully booked with open house and class....nx week will be going to kuching, cant wait to savour the ever delicious kek lapis cadbury nyeh nyehhh...soon after that Bandung is waiting....wah wah...lepas tu terus exam punyerla tak best :(

1 comment:

Farra said...

teruk jugaknyer ko kene gastrik
tak dpt bayangkan, sebab rasanya aku pon tak penah kene

wah nak ke bandung? teringin juga nak cuti kat bandung amik tiket airasia masa dia wat promosi, tapi deman tak suke ke negara Indon, nak wat cemana..simpan je la duit ;)

pegola harga bapa ek?