21 March 2014

Of being an ex-Srikandi

The guys said 'poyo' when i changed the fb profile pic into this sentimental green logo this morning. In fact my timeline was flooded with the same logo right after the announcement of last yr's spm result. Cesss this is not poyo ok. It means a tribute to the school n teachers who had taught us lots of things..that made us become who we are today.

STF ranked no.1 amongst the sbp/mrsm league for 2013 SPM's result. Though i was not one of the straight A+s student those days...still rasa sgt bangga okeh haha

Maju maju maju segera maju!!!

16 March 2014

Blueberry cheese tart

I bumped into my ex-MBA classmates in Mid Valley yesterday and the 1st question he asked....eh lama tak post resepi ngn gambar makanan?

Haha ada yg perasan rupanya. Mmg dah lama x update fb. Malas..bz...takde mood..itulah sebabnya. Ditambah lagi dgn misteri kehilangan MH370...aduhai mcm2 yg berlalu lately kan. Moga Allah ketemukan penumpang dan krew MH370 dgn selamat...moga Allah kurniakan ketabahan yg tinggi kpd semua ahli keluarga mereka amin.

Today buat blueberry cheese tart buat kanak2. Kes nya semlm beli 3 ketul kat Jusco...punyelah berebut dlm kereta. Nah hari ni mama buat byk2...silalah mkn puas2 yer :)
Yang best...lepas pulun tart tu, depa bertiga gotong royong tlg basuh tart moulds yg byk tuh. Sejuk hati mama yg semmgnya tgh penat :)


03 March 2014

Red velvet cake

After almost 1.5mths of not baking, it feels so good being able to make one for the family. Bila dah lama tak bake, of course rv would always be my top priority...tak muak, not too heavy, paling penting ada cream cheese haha

Ohh there was a significant increase in the price of cream cheese okey! Also the price of other main cakey incredients like butter, chocolate,etc sigh :( Tatura 250g those days only cost u rm6.50...now increase to rm7.90! Kat tesco rm9++ sgt crazy okeyyy!

02 March 2014

Daun kunyit dari lamanku!

Ayam masak lemak cili api kali ni agak sentimental gitu. Sebab buat pertama kali masak lemak bubuh daun kunyit. Daun kunyit petik dari laman sendiri plak tu. Terharu2 plak rasa haha sori yer bunyi agak poyo tp serius rasa berbunga2 time basuh daun kunyit tu. Special sgt rasa!!
Semalam.dah potong 6 helai buat balut ayam.bakar. Today harvest helaian ketujuh. Now kita tunggu for few more weeks kasi dia membesar...byk.tunas baru muncul elok je hijau2 belaka :)

Donut coklat for dinner

Sgt berbaloi buat donut nih coz kids mkn 5-7 ketul sekaligus. Time panas2 hot from the stove mmg lagikla terangkat.
After isyak baru sempat buat 2nd version i.e. Donut coklat. So itu jelah dinner kami mlm nih..donut gula n donut coklat hihi
For resepi bley refer label 'resepi' atau pergi je button search kt atas blog nih n type 'donut'. Resepi ni mmg menghasilkn donut yg sgt gebu n fluffy. Resepi agak lembik...so sy tambahkn tepung sket time bentukkan donut tu bulat2.

How to reduce housing loan using EPF money?

EPF seriously is kind of super efficient nowadays. I never knew that withdrawing ur hard-earned epf money can actually takes a mere 1/2hr only. Thats really fast voila!! I did that in Jln Gasing's branch last friday, while hubby was super lucky for it took him only 5min in the Kajang's branch.

So wait no more peeps. Go withdraw ur fund in Akaun 2 to reduce ur housing loan. A lump sum direct pymt to our bank will knock-off the principals, and this in effect shall reduce ur no.of monthly installment quite significantly. I couldnt stop smiling when doing a quick calculations on the remaining balance. Alhamdulillah moga cepatlah debt-free!

Oh since this is our 2nd time doing the withdrawal, epf only requires our latest loan statement issued by the bank. No other documentations are required. (Of course the officer will request for ur ic for verification, n u need to place ur thumbprint onto one form). Thumbs up!!

Withdrawal can be done once a yr. We sure gonna visit epf again nx yr :)

P/s: jgn lupa buat e-filling uols. EA form dah keluar. As for me this yr, i wanna claim for my precious cross-trainer bought last yr haha