26 February 2007

I'm halfway done with the current subject, another one month to go before i enter the second qtr journey of the mba program. Me and my partner received a well-done notes from the lecturer for our last presentation, talking to the whole class for nearly 3 hours seems too short actually. And we enjoyed every bits of it, including the apprentice video. I'm left with another 2 big assignments and now have started thinking about Langkawi already...blom abis klas pon lagik hehe

We planned to go to langkawi somewhere in end of march or early april, before the new class starts. I need to get some pinggan mangkuk and serving tray, in case tetamu comes i dont have to take out my old and ONLY melamine sets that we have at home (pity us isnt it?) I dont really consider buying things like that all this while, but now after living in our own house, dont think serving foods with melamine would be appropriate any more. But langkawi has more to offer other than that, am really looking forward to try the cable car, get idlan to see penguins at the underwater world, and bring home loads and loads of chocholates! aduss tak sabarnyer saya!

On the other notes, after 1 year and 3 months of waiting, my husband has finally been awarded with his master of philosophy. Thanks to the bureaucracy in the university, i guess my husband was among the unlucky ones for having to go through such dreadful journey along the way. Nevertheless alhamdulillah and syukrillah, our prayer was answered and finally the joyous moment becomes ours. tak sabar nak pegi konvo dia! Congrats b, jgn lupa blanjer pinggan mangkuk utk mama hehehehe. His convo will be somewhere in july or august, and my turn will be next year....the BIG thing is that i'll be wearing a different robe this time :p

And yes my PIL came to our house since Thursday and idlan seems to have forgotten my existence ever since then. He becomes so close with his tok and wan especially, nak wan suap, buli wan main itu ini, ikut lah wan ke mana sahaja. The good thing is mama dpt relaks habis! Tomorrow they're leaving and i hope the attached-to-mama-sindrome won't re-occur :p

21 February 2007

talking about Idlan.....

Anybody knows how to make your child less attached to yourself? if yes all suggestions or recommendations are highly welcomed!

From the first day we moved to the new house, idlan's getting more and more attached to me. I could hardly move around the house, with him clinging at my shirts/kain/pants, following me around here and there. To the toilet, upstairs, kitchen, to be exact every inch of the house is no more free. Even if i go to sink and wash my hands for less than a minute, he'll screamed as if i disappeared and vanished to somewhere where he cannot see me! He'll always sit or stand besides me; time goreng ayam, basuh pinggan, itu dan ini.....I pray and he'll sit or stand still on the prayer mat, wait till i finish, and of course with some interruption going on like touching or belek my kain semayang, intai bwh kain, etc. And now he started producing one kind of sound which we find it quite annoying and very mengada-ngada :(

Night time, i need to accompany him and pretend to sleep when he wants to sleep, which sometimes i ended up betul2 tersleep! Sometimes he sleeps on my hip, stomach, leg, whichever parts of the body that he likes until i got cramp but only able to move him bila dia betul2 dah tido. Recently at the hospital, he slept cuddling my body in a seating position and i can move nowhere.

I know some people says a son is closer to his mom and a daughter has higher tendency to cling more to her dad. This happens to my brother where his daughter is very attached to him and looking at his face with full admiration and obsession (tersgt klakar if u see this :p). But how i wish idlan would give 50-50 attention to the both of us equally, so that i have time for myself, to clean the kitchen, to iron clothes, or do anything with the house chores all alone with no outside disturbance. The dreadest part, when we go for outing, like yesterday to ikea, just imagine i have to carry him most of the time when he refused to walk (this is another problem to be tackle on immediately). I dont want to see Dr George, my orthopaedic again. I dont want to take any pain killer again.

Im not complaining, just hoping that the situation will change so that i got more time for myself. And saying this does not mean that idlan is not close to his father. Of course he's very close to my hubby, especially during part yg bergurau2 lasak/geletek, it's just that he has this kind of 'mother-son-attached-problem' which i dunno its common among other mothers out there or not.

So my dear bloggers out there, pls share your tips to solve the issue hehe thank you!

  • i've scold him - no effect
  • i've left him behind during our outing - he screamed and nangis olok2 of which ppl will start looking and staring at you and they might be saying, what a bad mother she is!
  • have tried to ignore him while settling my chores - still does not solve the issue because he keeps on berbunyi-bunyi and nangis dan terasa sgtla annoying

Whatever it is, mama still loves you and it never becomes lesser as time passes by :p If nothing helps then i guess i must accept it as parts n parcels of motherhood life hehe

what we did over the CNY weekend

Our balik kampung plan has to be cancelled. Idlan was warded at Az-Zahra Bangi due to his high fever since Monday. On Friday after ofis hour we headed straight to a panel clinic to get referral letter, then proceed to az-zahra to meet the paed. Idlan's blood was taken as sample, then the paed decided idlan has to stay there due to some inconsistency with his blood counts. We were unlucky for all the single rooms were fully occupied, hence resorted to 3-room, sharing with a girl suspected to have dengue, and a baby girl sufffering diarrhoea. First night was quite terrible, with water drip on his left hand, i could hardly sleep because i need to consistently adjust wire yg berbelit-belit sbb idlan tido tunggang terbalik. At times the wire stuck below his tummy, later the wire berbelit at his neck, etc....with the baby girl next door crying out loud in midst of the night....what with the small bed i had to share and squeeze with him...sakit belakang woo. The next day we moved to a single room, nevertheless idlan's condition never gets better, the nurse took his urine for sample. His fever still on yo-yo, he refused to eat and drink, and the water drip has to be continued. Sunday came, he got slightly better and we managed to get him eat/drink a bit. And on Monday morning, we got the green light to go back but still he needs to continue with the antibiotic. Yesterday he's back to his own feet, and we spent the whole day outside, outing to ikea and a few shops in bangi and serdang.

We're yet to received his urine test result, but that did not worry us too much upon seeing him back to his normal self. The doc said it could be the viral infection, hence causing the prolonged on-off fever for more than a week. Whatever it is, alhamdulillah dan syukur Ya Allah. Dan hikmahnya, kami tak stuck dlm traffic jam yg teruk ke Utara kalau blk kampung on that saturday hehe.

15 February 2007

of making a decision

1] My lawyer fren and i will be having a big presentation right after the CNY. We'll be taking our prof's position and do the talking in front of class for 2 hours. The topic will be Communication and Decision Making. And as of today, we haven't start anything, our progress is zero, even the outlines or draft have not been finalized yet :p The points to be included are simple and easy, we can just look out for several books on the relevant topic and prepare our write-up and slides. The toughest part is on the presentation. Talking for 2 hours and grabbing the whole class's attention is not easy. To reach the target of 2 hours time is another BIG issue. To make sure they do not fall asleep is another challenge. Adoi diriku bukan seorang lecturer! Btw the carry marks is 30%, which is a lot man!

2] Idlan is still on high fever...his tonsil does not improve. Yesterday from 7am till 2.30pm he refused to take any food/water...after much forces i managed to get him drink 4oz of milk...tu saje. Sian dia, and sian mama too...sbb dia berkepit je ngan aku ke mana sahaja ku pergi! When night approches only he showed some intention to eat a bit and drink some water :(

3] The bos finally told me the 'thing'...only after i got the informal info from another bos. And now the dilemma comes into the picture. It's a coincidence since i'm presenting the decision making topic next week hehe...theoretical part is easy, apply this tool, use that technique, evaluate bla bla bla...when you've been placed in that position, then only u know the difficulty of making the best decision!

09 February 2007

latest pics

Khas untuk mak ude...gambar terbaru idlan taken at nearby playground. Skang dah jadi aktiviti wajib, dari nursery mesti pegi playground dulu before balik umah...dan mama secara paksa rela terpaksa korbankan citer Muatiara Hati every petang huhu ...dahla slalunyer takmo balik, terpaksa PAKSA dia balik even tho dah pukul 7pm :p

06 February 2007

Gelang/cincin for sale

Dear frens,
Im selling this on behalf of my mum...shud you interested do call/mail/ym me for orders ok. Insya allah next batch of order will be received by end of this month. It's not emas, tapi emas tipu...the stones came from Burma (mak la ckp ni aku tak tahu okeh). They come in green, light pink, light purple, yellow topaz and white. I only have green and black color samples for viewing at the moment. For clearer view, do come and meet me at ofis/house hehe

1] bracelet + ring RM90 (without ring RM80) - comes in all color mentioned above

2] bracelet + ring RM80 (without ring RM70) - comes in all color
- yg ni murah sket sbb batu halus comel

3] bracelet + ring RM90 (without ring RM80) - comes in all color
- yg ni mahal sket sbb batu lagik besar

selingan...gambar Idlan time Raya Haji taun lepas (not for sale ok!)

Ok that's all for today, sape blom buat Maps baik cecepat buat nnt jam ahakss

02 February 2007


1] Bila mama tengah rajin.....

Dan mama boleh mengucapkan selamat tinggal to La Boheme.....:p

2] Akhirnya setelah lebih setahun menanti, abah dipanggil untuk viva/thesis defence pada 8 Februari 2007.....via video conferencing lagik tuh hehehe. Gud luck sayang..moga Allah permudahkan segalanya. Harap2 lepas ni kita dua takde dah komplen pasal birokrasi yg berlaku kat Univ kite ni huhuhu

3] Idlan dgn gembiranye melangkah masuk ke nursery baru dia pagi tadi. After salam kami, terus dia main lego, jumpe kawan2 baru, cikgu baru. Bila mama start enjin keta je, terus dengar dia crying dgn kuatnya....oo' owww sori sayang, ptg ni abah bwk pi playground ok!