29 December 2005

farewell 2005, welcome 2006...

Looks like we have few more days left before we bid goodbye to the year of 2005. There're so many things, events and stories that i'd like to write down but again am not good at rearranging all those stories into proper sequence so allow me to write whatever things that cross my mind now...

I started 2005 with myself grounded at home for confinement period. And yes, alhamdulillah idlan was safely delivered at SJMC on friday, 10th dec 2004. Though i was on c-sect because the baby was breech, and confinement period was quite tense and tiry for i couldnt move around at ease due to the pain, im so grateful for having pruzz, the greatest hubby on earth and my mom aka umi to accompany and help me throughout the period. First few weeks was tough, i was bed ridden on the first day, the next day i could already stand and moved with my body halfly bended, the following days things got easier and again the credits shd go to my hubby, he was the one who mandikan idlan, changed diapers, etc etc...and he was truly good at it tho it was his first time :) Luv u!!!

Days flied with us having new responsibilities, being the mother and father to a little cute baby. Not an easy job for first timers like us, definitely there were flaws here n there, but alhamdulillah we can coped with that. But dugaan Allah tiada sape yg tahu..we fret when he was diagnosed having pnuemonia at 7mo. I was on leave for a week, plus a few more days on mc (courtesy of the doc yg baik hati) to take care of him. The anxiety that we had that time, hanya tuhan yg mengerti. And i guess our prayers were heard...he recovered and till now he grows as a healthy little boy, no more major illness except the normal flu yg sekali-kala dtg bertandang :) At current stage, he can already stand on his own, meniti from one end to another, climb the stairs (i guess he just figured out that the stairs are interesting enough for him to play with :p) till upstairs dgn lajunya, but lucky enough for me he didnt notice that apart from climbing he can also descend the stairs! And the cheeky part about him, he likes to imitate some of the things that either me or hubby did. When we chat and laugh over something, suddenly he laughs as if he understands us, we clap hands he also claps, abah tampar peha mama he also tampar me but mind u the intensity was much higher sbb tgn dia kocik kan, abah buat2 batuk dia pon ikut batuk, abah sembur dia sembur, ask to show hands for salam he also salam and cium tgn kita with the saliva, etc etc....the list is too long to be written over here but ya allah, thank u so much for giving us the opportunity to witness all these things. It was indeed such a great experience that no one can trade it off with anything.

Career wise, well i got nothing to be impressed upon to share with u, overall things going well in 1090, i develop some of the skills of which i hardly used when i was in finance before. Good relationship was established with 'some' of the customers, bad ones still do not exist lucky me :p, negotiating over things that usually of not in the interest of the customer, well am also good at it..now that they should know they're not always in the 'RIGHT' postition. My beloved hubby alhamdulillah settled his master already, so moving on next to c0mplete his journals and later, the phd. As for myself, i didnt intend to pursue, no doubt i had difficulties to decide but after thinking and digging every single views i have, yes i've decided not to. Not in this very short term but who knows i might continue when i reach 30 years old...hehe iyola tuh :p I've no specific reason, not that i'm afraid to face all the challenges or obstacles awaits ahead, ntahla, the determination is not there. I dont want things to be running halfway like before, so better dont than quit in the middle. Well maybe am not ready to sacrifice the time that i have now, lazying around with the family every weekends, tgk tv, tgk movie, shower the utmost attention and love i can give to idlan and hubby, bla bla bla....byknyer alasan aku eh?? hmm i just try to be honest to myself :) So to my dear frens out there (specifically aini and julie), my very best wishes to the both of u, may u all fulfill and complete the course wth flying colours! Aku tumpang gembira utk korang jela ok!

Moving on to the new year, i've already marked my calendar for our jalan2 habis duit activities! Yes am sure there'll be lots of fun waiting ahead, but of course i have to forgo something in order to get something, nothing is free in this real world we're living in right? My cuti my money...ohhhh i keep on looking and calculating and organizing my budget, though sounds pathetic but hey, i need to do proper arrangement so that i can go for the holidays with complete peace of mind kan...hehehe

And hopefully we can move in to our very new/own house next year...though it's not our dream house and it's not that BIG compared to others, it still mean a lot to us because we're forking our very own hard earned money to buy it :) but to move in means another sum of cashflows going out kan? hehe pening pening tp takper, still have time to save and save....

Since there're so many forecasted cashflows already parked in our book, we've decide to apply some cost cutting activities next yr, maybe i shd say our azam taun baru kot hehe...so rank top of the list are:
- no more unnecessary weekend outing to shopping malls (right now i can say almost every weekend we gonna have shopping trip either sat or sunday)
- cut daily expenses by preparing breakfast, both for me n hubby (that requires strength and will to be able to wake up early and cook not only for idlan's meal but also us :p)
- to be in control not to buy soooo many new clothes/other things for idlan (this only apply to me)

The second item works well for the past 2 days, hope we can maintain and sustain the rest of the activities for our own good.

So allow me to wish you all HEPPY NEW YEAR! May the year 2006 shines your life with prosperity, good health, happiness, and more.....thanks to all my visitors, am welcoming any comments/opinions on anything. Nice knowing u all, be it in reality or thru webbie. God bless us........amin.

27 December 2005

when we talk about patience....

A lot of things had happened over the weekend…of which I guess really challenge my ability to control my patience.

On Friday, we went to Poliklinik NurFaxxxxx to get medicines for Idlan’s allergy. He developed rashes and the skin got itchy and it worsen after he scratched it all over. We applied the cream prescribed by the doc while he watched his all time favourite, sesame street count 123. And about 3 min later he suddenly cried and wailed and oh god we did everything we could to comfort him yet he still wailed and crying and crying. Last resort, kami baca ayat2 pelindung dan sebagainya and thank god he felt asleep eventually. So our conclusion that night, he might have saw ‘something’ yg kita takleh nampak….

The very next morning, again before we send him to nursery, we applied the cream. And few minutes afterwards there he goes again like the night before…menangis tak igt. Then we decided to go to the clinic, something must be wrong with the medicine, else he wont reacted that way. We told the same doctor we met yesterday, the doc showed us 2 medicines, asked us to smell the contents and yes, her assistants had gave us the wrong ubat. The one she gave us is ubat kurap u see! No wonder it smells horrible and strong even after I washed my fingers. That time I felt like slapping budak kaunter tuh, even after the doc scolded her, she can still smiled and pretend to know nothing. Dahlah make up tebal giler…eii bley plaks senyum2 kat aku. Both the doc and her assistant apologized for their carelessness…but what if something happen to my son, say the skin get burns or hishh I rather not to say or imagine it here…do they want to bear the consequences for their negligence? Rasa macam nak saman je klinik tuh!

Ok enough about the medicine. Now the story about my new hp. Suddenly on Thursday afternoon when I made call to another party, or received calls, the B party couldn’t hear my voice. I godak2 the hp, checked the menu, take out the battery and put it on again, bla bla bla..but still no one can hear my voice. Time tuh rasa cam nak mendidih dah…ape ni hp baru mahal plak tuh pakai tak sampai 3 minggu dah rosak??? So the next day we went to the shop, I made the talk, my hubby just kept silent. And u know what, I think I’ve managed to frightened that mamat selling the phones. So being not the usual I am, I yelled him, and biasala bebel2 tak igt. He made me to wait about 40 min to check, and alhamdulillah hp tu ok. He said it was due to cross config error with the software, so he re-intalled the software. Ok fine then. And yes, I managed to get my casing changed (tu pon memula mamat tu ckp nak kena tanye bos la itu la ini la), the previous one got a bit scratch here and there, but it wasn’t my fault ok. Mmg dah calar2 sket but my mistake I didn’t checked it the moment he handovered the phone..hehe padan muka dia.

BUT, on Saturday, haa ni mmg rasa cam nak meletup tahap gaban…time tgh charge hp tetiba dia stop. Charger plak rosak!!! Marah tak marah tak??? Eii rasa cam nak pelangkung mamat tuh…luckily I had the old charger in hand kalau idak, I’ll be handphoneless for the rest of the weekend ( tu pun terpaksa pegi ofis amik charger). I didn’t go the shop again to claim for a new charger, hati tak teringin nak tgk muka mamat tuh….i’ll wait till myself get calm and composed, then only im ready to go and face that mamat again. What a hectic weekend la :(

19 December 2005

antara study, career dan family...

Hm baru je selesai bace recent post Aini 'perihal study'. Last week masa on job training ade berborak dgn Erly pasal further study. Erly tgh buat master, dah final stage, tinggal tesis je skang ni. Erly tanye, kenape brilliant students cam korang2 ni takmo sambung dah eh? julie, chot, ko, etc etc.....aku hanya mampu gelak je heheheh...brilliant kah aku?? hoho mungkin tidak lagi sekarang ni :( Kami berborak pasal life bebudak batch aku after grad dari mmu. Erly ckp ramai budak2 yg sambung master adalah average student, yg scorer ape dah jadi? Dan buat ntah ke berapa kali aku pon bukak la story pasal diri aku...kisahnyer....

Right after grad dpt masuk telekom, aku attached kat FMA, financial mgmt & analysis. Dulu time interview depa tanye nak masuk unit mane? aku dgn bangga dan bersemangat menjawab, "SAYA NAK BUAT FINANCE/ACCOUNTING RELATED JOBS'. Dan mungkin dah rezeki, aku dpt buat keje finance. Mmg mencabar that time utk budak baru grad spt aku, keje byk giler, susah plak tu, penat tak terkata, bz toksah nak ckp, slalu stay back lamat balik...tp ramai puji aku cepat pick up..so aku stay lagik kat situ. At the same time aku, mafus, mama and halim pegi register ACCA..bayar dlm RM300++...pegi BCB buat bank draft utk bayar kat ACCA UK. Siap dpt membership card ACCA lagik..bangga bukan main. Taaapi, tak sempat aku nak start kelas, pressure keje dah bertambah & aku rasa dah takleh cope lagi. Kalau nak attend klas after opis mmg aku rasa tak sempat sbb slalu balik lambat. So akhirnya, aku decide utk quit. Duit burn, card dah tak bermakna, segala-galanya hancur. Dlm masa yg sama, aku berkira-kira utk tukar department. Rasa tak larat dah nak buat keje tu. Jumpa AGM, dia tak kasik kluar. Kena ade concrete reason. Hari berganti hari, aku try jumpe agm lagi mintak kluar dgn alasan baru " saya dah tak minat buat keje accounts, saye nak buat sales". AGM kata kena ade org ganti. Aku sibuk tanye bebudak lain kat opis tuh ade tak yg sanggup tukar tpt ngan aku, sorang pon takmo..sumer takut kot hehe...akhirnye dpt tahu ade sorang budak baru nak masuk ofis aku, so berjaye la aku handover keje aku kat dia. Dan bermulalah saat aku bertukar menjadi AE di CGG plak.

Ok tu citer ACCA. Skang citer MBA plak. Since aku dah tak berminat utk buat keje accounts, aku decide utk amik MBA plak. So dpt enroll kat upm around may 2004 kots..time tu tgh pregnant 2 bln++. Amik upm sbb dekat ngan umah kami di seri kembangan. Klas start pukul 630pm till 930pm. Ofis time tu kat menara, so sharp kol 5pm aku blah cecepat naik keta terus direct ke upm. Oh jap, on the way mmg dah jadi rutin utk singgah kat drive thru mines beli beef burger. Kenape beef burger je? sbb tu paling kecik n cepat utk dimakan sebelum masuk klas. Slalunye sampai kat upm ngam2 kol 630pm, or 615pm...so sempatla telan burger tuh. Klasmate 98% chinese, lecturer sumer chinese/indian takde malay langsung, so pepahamla time break tu la kami kena solat and mkn. Nak solat kena panjat 2 tingkat utk ke bilik solat yg teramatla crowded nyer! Time tu jugak rushing utk mkn..kadang mmg aku dah mkn burger tp time pregnant ni aku senang loya kalo perut kosong. So still curik masa utk isi perut...mkn mane yg sempat. Dlm kelas kena prepare asam and sweets bebyk sbb time tu tgh loya tahap gaban. Aku rasa cam robot, dlm klas sure ngantuk, penat keje, penat drive lelaju, penat turun naik tangga nak solat, segala-galanye kena pantas. Balik umah everyday ade assignment, every week ade presentation. Giler ke ape..bila nak discuss ngan groupmate? depa ni tak paham ke kita ni part time bukan full time. Nak sacrifice time weekend utk diskusi? ohh tidakkkss.....so kekadang aku akan stay back utk berdiskusi..that means aku akan balik lambat ke rumah. i really hate that.

Dan minggu ke-3 kot tak silap aku adalah saat pengakhirannya proses pembelajaran aku. Habis dari klas, sampai gate rumah dlm pukul 11pm, aku muntah kat gate...gate baru bukak separuh kot hehe....kepala pening yg amat, tekak loya, bdn flat. Masuk je umah, terus ckp kat pruz, kite nak QUIT! pruz tenangkan aku dulu, tanye betul ke nak quit ni nanti tak nyesal ke bla bla bla...tapi aku nekad jugak. So esok pagi tu pegi upm, antar surat berhenti blajar, cuba dptkan duit refund, mujur sempat berhenti sebelum tarikh yg ditetapkan kalo idak langsung tak dpt refund hehe....dan itulah kisah aku.

sebenarnye apart from berhenti sbb tak tahan pressure, sbb utama aku berhenti ialah tak suke style upm. Lecturer tak mengajar sgt pon, cuma kasik case study and suruh kite buat assignment and presentation. Takde lecture notes, takde pepe. Dtg klas cuma utk berdiscussion. Walaupun subject pertama yg aku amik was accounting (dan sepatutnye aku tak pressure sbb aku dah penah blajar dulu), tp aku still tension ngan lecturer tuh and style dia.

kesimpulannya, aku tak cukup tabah utk hadapi dugaan blajar time keje ni..keje byk aku pressure, yes aku mmg salute kengkawan rapat aku yg dah slamat habis MBA/acca derang. Derang mmg tabah dan rajin!

so itulah yati...skang dah jadik yati 1090, no more accounting thingies in my head. Yati 1090 yg dah bergelar ibu dan isteri hehe...rasanye inilah kehidupan yg dicari-cari kots...and aku bahagia dan gembira dgn keputusan aku. Nyesal tak jadik CPA? takkkkk...nyesal takde master? takkkkkk....am truly really heppy with what i have now....:)

seperti jawapan aku kpd erly, mmg kita kena pilih antara study & family. Bukan sumer org berjaya dlm kedua-dua pilihan yg diambil. Dan aku, aku pilih family.

perjalanan weekend kami...

Sabtu lepas Idlan diberi jab MMR di az zahrah bangi. Sebelum tu kitorang beri dia ubat demam dulu, ni petua yg kitorang dpt utk takmo kasik anak demam lepas injection. Idlan nangis kejap time jarum dicucuk, pastuh good boy diam and sengih balik. Timbang berat, alhamdulillah anak mama dah 9.5kg. Lepas cucuk mama n abah round2 kat warta bangi. Abah nak carik sandal tp since idlan dah ngantuk2 campur rengek sket, lepas lunch terus balik. Ha idlan sempat membuat projek time kitorang lunch, so dlm keta terpaksa salin pampers dulu...kaki dah menendang2 nak marah tp mujur ta** idlan tak kena seat keta hehe

Blk umah kitorang kasik idlan sleep..lama betul dia tido, kepenatan kots. Bgn tido lepas mandi mama feed bubur+sup ikan tenggiri sambil tgk Sesame Street Count 1 2 3. Mmg tak sia2 beli vcd tu, idlan suke benar tgk...so skang time feeding mesti kena depan tv sambil pasang citer tu...gerenti bubur habis dan feeding time pon berjaya dishortenkan kpd 1/2 jam jer :))) Tq soooo much to elmo, bernie, ernie and geng!! Sehari dlm 3-4x akan ade ulang tayang citer ni..so jgn tak percaya kalo aku ckp aku ngan pruz dah almost hafal sumer lagu2 dlm citer ni hehe. Kpd sesiapa yg nak ajar anak mereka mengira sambil have fun, di recommend kan beli vcd ni, gerenti seronok anak anda and sure cepat pandai!

Ptg pukul 6pm kitorang kuar pegi JJ IOI plak. Mama and abah idlan mmg jenis yg x reti duk diam kat umah...weekend mesti berjln. Akhirnyer abah berjaya jumpe sandal yg berkenan di hati. Skang tgh sales, tp tade plak kasut/handbag yg best, so mama just beli t shirt turtle neck yg bertag 'for men' :p

Ahad dihabiskan di rumah sahaja...mujur berjaya stay dlm rumah je, kalo idak sure duit abis lagi hehe. So rutin weekend berjln seperti biasa...bgn pagi masak bubur, masak sup, basuh baju, sidai baju (ni abah buat), breakfast, feed idlan breakfast (kali ni try kasik roti and cheese sekeping, berjaya dia abiskan!), sleepkan idlan..bla bla bla....rasa best dpt spend one full day dgn idlan, kasik dia mkn, mandikan dia, sleepkan dia, tgk dia main ke hulu hilir ikut kita, kitorang lunch dia pon menyibuk nak lunch, mama baring dia sibuk melenjan badan mama, abah bace paper dia sibuk renyukkan paper, etc etc.....hmm alhamdulillah dah setahun lebey anak mama...terima kasih tuhan kerana memberi kami peluang menjadi ibu & ayah kepada insan kecil bernama anak...sesungguhnya kami teramat bersyukur di atas peluang & nikmat yg Kau beri ini....

16 December 2005

1,500,000 FREE seats left

guys, in case anyone of you have missed this adverts, air asia is now celebrating their 4th besday by offering 2 mil FREE SEATS! and today when i opened the site, the number of seats avail is only 1.5mil. so get hurry ok, dont miss the opportunity. oh but one thing, you still have to pay for the airport tax.

you can fly anywhere, be it domestic or any asean coutries.

:: apart from booking the tix, dont forget to reserve your next yr leave!

on job training

Kelmarin & hari ni masa aku dihabiskan di Data MSC cyber utk on job training..aku partner bersama Ina. Dan kitorang diajar oleh En Erly..hehe mujur kenal Erly, kalo idak sure malu2 time nak blajar nih. Hari pertama dihabiskan dgn briefing pasal leased line, network, bla bla bla oleh Erly. Ptg erly bwk naik ke exchange ngan MDF, so buat kali kedua (selepas PUJ) aku dpt tgk caner rupa equipment2 dlm exchange yg sejuk bangat tuh! Skang aku dah kenal apekah node, ddf, channel, port, fiber system, , jumper, fiber cable, copper cable, coax cable, ntu, test gear, etc etc....haha rasa bangga & excited plak sbb dah kenal...so Mr/Ms Customers, pasnih jgn memain ngan yati 1090, yati 1090 dah pandai sket :p

Pagi tadi kami menunggu di ofis data msc, tunggu doket keluar..tp malangnya pagi ni takde doket plak..ish melepas nak ikut repair team pegi buat doket. So erly yg baik hati (dia sebenarnye cuti minggu ni) bwkla kitorang naik kembara TM pi round cyber and seri kembangan. So tadi aku and ina dah kenal mane satu kabinet (ade copper ade fiber), kalo fiber tuh org panggil RT/FTTS..pastuh dari kabinet kami trace D-side overhead/underground cable, pastuh straight trace DP (dari DP wire disambung terus ke umah kite). Ha aku dah kenal manhole, manhole tu yg kat tepi2 jln tu cam lubang ninja turtle. Tapi takleh bukak masuk ke dlm, berat & susah nak bukak yer. Dlm manhole bley muat max 20 org...nak turun kena pakai tangga & torchlight.

Kejap lagi insya allah kalau ade doket bleyla kitorang ikut repair team pi buat doket..bley masuk SDF customer tgk2 ape ade dlm tuh...dan kalau takde doket, erly dah paksa anak2 buah dia utk bwk kitorang pegi bukak kabinet dan tgk bende2 dlm kabinet tuh...tak sabarnyer!

13 December 2005

double celebration

[1] HAPPY 2ND ANNIVERSARY TO US! (13 Dec 2005)

[2] HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY (10 Dec) to our beloved Idlan Farhan. Semoga anak mama & abah membesar dgn sihat, menjadi insan yg soleh & berjaya dlm hidup di dunia mahupun di akhirat kelak...insya allah. Mama & abah luvs u sooooo muchhhh!!

:: Kitorang celebrate besday idlan kat umah umi kat ampang bersama2 ngan besday cousin dia, Hannah Yasmin (29 Nov). Kami beli kek chocolate indulgence utk Idlan, mummy hana plak buat sendiri besday kek hana...atas icing kaler pink, dlmnyer strawberry+walnut kek. Kitorang pot luck food, so umi goreng mihun and buat nasi impit, mama idlan buat fetuccine alfredo and choc chips muffin (kali ni muffin ku menjadi dgn sedapnyerr hehehe) and mummy hana buat roti jala+kari ayam. Kesian mummy hana, mangkuk vision berisi kuah roti jalanyer terhempas dek buatan adik aku time nak angkat dari keta..so disebabkan serpihan kaca termasuk dlm kuah tu, makanye umi terpaksa buang the whole kuah+isi ayam..isk iskkk tensen betul ngan adik ni careless dan kasar betul. Tade rezeki kami nak rasa roti jala kali ni.

:: time nak tiup lilin dua2 besday boy and girl tgh keletihan sbb x cukup tido...idlan dah merengek2, so kami pump susu kejap kasik dia bertenaga balik, kak hana dia pon dah rengek2...kasik relaks dulu. So kami makan2 dulu, in the middle baru potong kek. Tu pon susah nak capture shot menarik utk besday boy n girl ni. Payah yg amat nak kasik depa behave depan kek huhu...so gambar pakai amik jela mane yg sempat janji ader!

:: Alhamdulillah perut sumer kenyang dan food byk lebih. So cam biasa at the end tu sesi tapau mentapau dijalankan. kek idlan hampir runtuh sbb dah lama duk kat luar :(

:: Mama & abah kasik vcd sesame street : ELMO count 123 and flash card to idlan (sori eh mama n abah tgh kopak taleh beli hadiah memahal)...to hana kami kasik vcd sesame street jugak...umi kasik idlan kasut garfield (tp mama yg belikan hehe), mummy hana pon kasik kasut kat idlan, mickey kaler biru. Papa kasik baju kat idlan n hana....and taun yg pertama ni cuma ade sorang kasik besday CARD kat idlan...that is mak ude!!! tq mak ude :)

07 December 2005

jalan-jalan habis duits

Maybe I shall declare yesterday as our ‘pokai’ day.

We went to IOI Mall, the bowling alley was our first target. We played 4 games straight till our legs and hands got shaking all over. But surely u don’t wanna miss the offer of RM2/game right? And yes I shall also consider yesterday as my lucky day. I did well in most of the games yeyy!

Right afterwards we had our lunch at Pizza. And honestly the newly lauched cuisine ‘greek mousaca’ (betul ke spelling ni?) doesn’t taste good. My advise for those who doesn’t eat eggplant (in bm they call it terung ok J), just forget to try it else u’ll regret for the money spent. It looks like lasagna with alfredo and Bolognese sauce on it, plus mozzarella cheese on top, but the fillings inside totally disappointed me….ade ayam2 hancur yg almost tak berasa ayam and lots of eggplants (I REALLY MEANT A LOT OK!) So just imagine u eating terung covered with spaghetti sauce and cheese, sedap tak hehehe..and the terung cut is quite big ok.

Then we moved on for our next plan at the next place, that is MINES! At last, after about 2-3 hrs of surveying and bargaining, I got for myself the nokia 7610 (org panggil nokia daun) and B took sony ericsson K700i. And it saddened me for the fact that I had to let go the one and only, my dark blue 3310, the one that gave its service up to the max level ever since I bought it on feb 2003. trade in for just RM50, huhuhu sedey kan? Initially the shop was willing to take it at RM70, then they figured out the phone ringing tone was totally out, the buzzer was damaged and they had to replace for a new one…so last skali dptla RM50 jek. Hp B pon dpt RM50 jer but to me the bargain was quite good since his was already outdated hehehe dah tade dlm pasaran pon :p

Our night was spent reading the manual.

Happy ke tak ade phone baru? Emm ntahla biasa je kots :p tho the functions are wayyyy much advanced than my old one, still rasa kehilangan. Dah siap jerit2 report kat B apsal tade calculator ni padahal diri ni still terkulat-kulat nak carik menu tuh haha

countdown: lagi 3 hari besday si bujang yg sorang tuh!

05 December 2005

blajar bersabar....

Weekend lepas mmg amat mencabar kesabaran aku.

1] time feeding idlan - skang nampak gaya dia dah kureng suka mkn bubur. nampak je aku sua bowl and spoon dia terus lari. puas memujuk dia still takmo mkn. sampai mama dah marah beberape kali, dia stare je balik bila mama marah, memula mata nampak cam nak berair tapi tak jadi nangis terus gelak n senyum balik...adoi terus cair hati mama. Try lagi pujuk tapi tak berjaya...ptg pon camtu..sudahnyer satu hari tak mkn bubur! instead dia mkn potato bun ngan roti jala sekeping (kat open house umah jiran). Adoi caner la nak pujuk anak mkn bubur...for info aku dah byk kali eksperimen ingredients dlm bubur tuh..carrot+potato+brokoli+ikan...utk buang hanyir ikan aku bubuh raisin. dulu bubuh ayam, tp nampak gaya dia takleh tolerate ayam sbb naik rashes...so stop ayam. Kadang kasik sayur and raisin je tak bubuh ikan. Anybody out there yg ade suggestions caner nak kasik anak suke mkn bubur? dulu penah mash nasi, tapi dia nak termuntah plaks...dia tak reti nak kunyah, instead dia cuma kumam je makanan yg masuk mulut dia.

2]penat hambat idlan during meal time dia ditambahkan lagi dgn penat pagi tuh buat choc chips muffin cilok resepi internet. first time bake muffin keras hehe..overbaked kots..luar keras dlm sedap. Second tray bake muffin cun...TAPI tak fluffy and berongga dlmnyer...bila citer kat umi aku bubuh 1 TABLESPOON baking powder umi terkezut giler..dia kata maybe sbb tuh kot muffin aku terlalu heavy/padat dan tak fluffy..ye ker kengkawan? kalau la betul, hishh maknanyer resepi internet tak boleh dipercayai cettt! Takper, still ade seminggu utk eksperimen sebelum tiba 10 december nnt utk idlan's besday celeb ehehe..akan mama usahakan sampai menjadi yey!

3]jadual ahad pon tight. pagi dimulakan dgn membuat bread pudding (versi bakar) plus castard serving dua loyang..satu utk mkn sendiri, satu utk kasik umah papa sempena open house utk close families kitorang. walaupun badan penat, tapi still rasa something missing kan B? rasa tak complete weekend tanpa outing ke shopping complex hehehe.....tp duit dlm bank dah menyusut..caner nak jln2 kat shopping complex yer?

:: B duk pujuk pi survey handphone. nokia 3310 biru tua ku dah amat nazak. cuma bley vibrate jer, ringing tones sumer dah ilang. angkara idlan termuntah 2x di atasnyer hehehe...sian phone mama. Dulu idlan suke main hp aku, tp sejak dah tak bunyi ni dia pon tak heran dah. aku plak antara sayangkan phone ngan sayangkan duit utk tukar hp baru hehe...kalo ikut hati nak je biar sampai dia langsung tak boleh beroperasi. nak beli hp baru ape pon tak tahu yg mane berkenan di hati. diri ni dah lama tak keep up to date pasal model2 hp di pasaran. nama model tak tahu, apetah lagi teknologi2 yg dioffer oleh setiap hp...oh terukkah aku? ade sesape nak suggest model ape yg best/lawa dgn harga yg tak brape mahal..say RM1k and below? oh kalau bley nak yg ade kamera skali lagik cun!

02 December 2005

chicken little chicken little!

Bila kitorang cakap "chicken little chicken little" sambil gelak2, terus dia kepak-kepakkan tangan dia cam ayam/bird nak terbang....hehe comel sungguh! ntah mane dia blajar ntah..mama ngan abah tade plak beli vcd citer tuh. Skang suke betul kepak-kepak tangan...dlm keta, sambil duduk, sambil tgk sesame street, etc etc...haa bila bukak cd sesame street terus dia kalut sibuk nak berdiri pegang skrin tv tuh...bila elmo and geng nyanyi, dia pon mumbles cam paham..ikut nyanyi sama kots...kartun bob the builder pon dia suker tgk, lagi satu kitorang perasan dia suke tgk iklan shampu, musykil plak aku...dia suke tgk wanita cantik ke suke tgk rambut pompuan tuh??

Pasnih nak mintak limaunipis burn kan vcd tilmiz, kang kalo asyik tgk kartun je payah gak! Bebudak nursery pon ckp idlan suke giler tgk kartun, mulut bising bukan main. Dan akak nursery cakap dia antara yg paling lambat habiskan makanan (kat umah mama amik masa dekat sejam nak abiskan satu meal)..makan lambat tapi mulut pot pet bukan main lagi yer???

Tapi kenape bila pegi umah orang mulut macam terkunci sayang? rumah org mmgla tak sama macam rumah kita..tapi kat rumah org ade ramai org macam kat nursery, tapi kenape mulut tak bising sama macam duduk kat nursery?

01 December 2005

pontianak II

We went for pontianak harum sundal mlm II movie last tuesday (both of us took off ok, bukan curik tulang :p) at GSC, sunway pyramid. The story? hmm so-so la...along the way i kept on asking B ---> why like this, why like that, ni hantu ke sape, bla bla bla...so conclusion is it's kind of hard to understand the whole story though u've seen the first one. My advice, go and get some gist of the story so u wont be sitting inside the panggung, berkerut-kerut muka sambil berfikir apesal laa jadik camni. But credits go to maya karin, she acted very well as a banshee (B in fact asking me, kenape panggil banshee, bukan vampire? hehe)...background music also ok, sinematography tip top, overall i rated 6/10. Not bad for a malay movie la kan? and make sure u pay attention to the baby, she's soo adorable and innocent..and kesian dia sbb asyik kena culik dek pontianak tuh huhu

Before that we had our lunch at chicken hartz and we were like haaa dah RM16.90 per pax? hish hish mahalnyer...we used to pay only RM12++ during our univ time and the place was indeed good for large kroni's gathering+chit-chatting. Unlike those early days, this time we just couldnt eat as much as we used to. Situation was different i guess, takde kengkawan yg ramai sebagai pembakar semangat utk pump in the food hehe

OK time to sign off, a lot of hassles in the office right now...just because of the lauching of THAT new system! we're supposed to move forwards and be advance in everything we do rite? but things happened in an adverse direction ..we're now struggling to cope up with this new thingy and going backwards like the old days where manual data input takes place...apolaaaa!

28 November 2005

such a weary weekend

Again as usual the weekend was spent up to our max energy level. Saturday we headed down to keramat first for my ofismate, Aida's open house. We had LOADS of foods, (yummylicious i'm telling u!) to serve our unfilled stomach since the morning. We arrived there quite late, it was about 3pm something i guess and zaiti, vat and their couples were about to leave that time. Hubby really enjoyed Aida's mee kuah, and undeniably it tastes sooo good! In fact we thought of having it twice but our stomach already said no to any additional food intake, plus we had another one open house trip near my mum's:)

430pm we left aida's house moving to my long time fren, nina's. But upon reaching ampang point area Idlan felt asleep, and there and then we decided not to singgah at nina's...no point of going cause we dare not to wake him up. Kalo kejut sure dia mengamuk hehe...so we proceed and later instead of going back home we stopped at IOI Mall..hunting for the oven hoho. Masuk JJ, not many choices available...went to Seng Q, again none really catched our interest. We ended up buying baju tido for idlan and our anniversary gifts, speck hitam for hubby and a pair of gloves and socks for me. Why on earth i'd want to wear gloves in mesia? ade winter ke kat sini? hehe for info, ofis kat cyber tuh sejuk bangat cam dlm bilik server...at times i got bad headache because of the sooo cold uncontrolled air-cond. We're freezing man!!! The mgmt might think that we, human can stand the coldness like the server equipment kots :p Oh not to forget we met julie, chot and cutie aisya at JJ :) Julie borong sakan hehehe

Sunday came, initially thought of spending the rest of the day at home. Tapi since oven tak dpt lagi, later at noon we decided to continue searching. So mivalley here we come! Parking at all level almost full due to the last day Home Decor, but lucky at last we managed to find one at H level. So after spending there for about 6 hours, hunting and hopping from one shop to another (we looked for the oven in all electrical shops tau!), at last we bought one at the best dengki. It was the cheap (murah ke, pd aku tadela murah sgt hehe) Elba RM399 best offer! Kaki cam dah nak patah, plus idlan yg dah tak selesa and merengek-rengek, bahu pon tersgt lenguh sbb bergilir2 dukung dia (dia tak suke duk dlm stroller), we dragged our legs pushing the heavy trolley and stroller to the lift till the parking lot. Penat giler oiii!

ok enough my weekend's story, i'm out for lunch...tadaaa..oh btw, i'm trying to familiarize myself typing the keyboard using my new gloves hehe...weird sungguh!

p/s: kak aidura, projek masakan tak menjadi sepenuhnya as planned. Cuma berjaye membuat steamed bread pudding pagi sabtu tu :)

25 November 2005

projek masakan

Setelah eksperimen membuat pau berjaya (1st time buat pinjam pengkukus jiran sebelah, second time buat guna pengkukus baru), hati ini tiba2 bersemangat nak beli oven plaks. Masa terluang kat ofis diguna utk surf resepi2 menarik yg bley ditry guna oven baru nanti. Dah nekad, ahad ni pegi survey oven, kalo berkenan terus beli. Besday idlan nanti bley mama masak resepi2 baru dlm internet tu...yeyeye! Macam2 resepi yg aku dah shortlist : baked pasta/macaroni, lasagna, chicken pie, egg tart, apple & macademia muffin, pizza, choc moist...adoii banyaknyerrr...bestnyer kalo sumer try menjadi hehe..kalo try tapi tak jadi sure frust :p

Meanwhile, pengkukus baruku itu akan diguna pakai lagi weekend ni utk memasak bread pudding & cream caramel...mintak2 la menjadi gaks! Dan kalo diri ter'extra' rajin, dapur lamaku itu akan menjadi saksi sama ada fettucinni alfredo (cilok resepi internet gak) ku menjadi spt yg diinginkan atau tidak :)

nota: Selamat berhabisan duit la eh kpd farra, aida & aini bersempena sale @ Sogo nih! Walaupun aku jeles takleh join sbb ofis aku jauh, tapi on the positive side, duit aku tak abis hehehe

23 November 2005

He rushed to the dinning chair, placing one hand on top of it, the other hand firmly rested on the floor. He paused for a few minutes, thinking and trying how to get up. First attempt, tried to let go his left hand off the floor, tak berjaye..second attempt, tak berjaye gaks. Obviously he had a very hard time to take his hold body up...we were like ishhh rasa cam nak tolong jer but then we just let him continue trying and trying. And when he succeed, we clapped both hands and gave our very sweet cheering song, soooo loud so as to let him know he made it. And he, smiled sheepishly sambil goyang and henjut2 punggung cam berjoget ( dan sambil tepuk2 tangan atas kerusi tu dgn kuatnyer --> x sakit ke sayang?)....so sweet!!!

:: On my personal note, last nite was the fifth time he stumbled to the floor within a week, on his attempt to get up on his own...cam biasa nangis kuat giler.

21 November 2005

cerita open house lagi....

Sabtu, 19 nov
Pepagi lagi dah antar idlan pegi nursery, after that terus start masak...sampai ke tgh hari. After zohor amik Idlan, then head down to umah umi. Seperti biasa Idlan memula cam tak biasa tgk umah lain, pastuh bila dah warm up dia start menunjukkan skill baru memanjatnyer hehe...gelojoh giler anak mama pusing2 kat bwh, pastuh try diri kat sofa..pastuh let go tangan sesuka hati nak terkam mama...adoi kalo umi lambat sambut sure dah terstumble ke lantai cam kat umah kite ari tuh hehe

Ptg pegi umah abg, kumpul kat sana...actually kitorang ade sort of family gathering, pot luck raya. So umi wat nasi dagang, kak eda bawak lontong, aku wat pasta goreng ngan pau and kak Ida as the host buat lasagna nyummy!!! Sumernyer sedap, perut kenyang gilers..before balik sesi tapau mentapau food lebey as usual hehe...bila mkn lasagna tuh tingat zaman bujang dulu penah try wat lasagna skali utk pruz, tapi kos nyer adoi mak mahal bukan main...mozarella cheese tu dah brape ringgit..pastuh guna sket tak abis last2 buang begitu saja huhu...beli yg dah siap lagi berbaloi, unless kalo nak buat byk giler utk jamu org.

Ahad, 20 nov
Memula pegi open house umah famy/zarid...hoho byk giler food derang masak sendiri sumernyer, ade nasi ayam, rendang and pulut kuning, nasi putih, spaghetti, choc cake, agar2...hmm puas hati giler hehe. Since kitorang lambat sampai, kronis yg lain sumer dah berangkat ke umah farra. Sempat la borak sket ngan hani and jumpe aiman anak dia yg second. Idlan cam syok plak lepak umah famy sbb coffee table derang rendah..senang dia nak hold and diri...cam asyik plak main meja famy hehe

Pastuh pegi umah farra/deman plaks, dekat je dlm 3 minit drive. Kronis still ade lagi lepak2 kat sini...bingit aar kejap umah farra. Food byk giler gak, farra wat laksa penang, mihun sup, choc cake, cheese cake, agar2...sumernyer sedap tapi tak sempat merasa sumer sbb perut dah overload. Masa aku tgh solat, pruz citer auni si anak aini nangis gegiler sbb kena debuk dek afiq, anak sulung hani hehe...sian auni, dia cam eager nak main ngan afiq tapi tetiba afiq tolak kepala dia terus terjatuh ke belakang...rugi aku tade time scene tuh. Idlan pon buat rekod kat umah farra, tengah sibuk duduk main sendiri tetiba dia terjatuh terlentang ke belakang...sakan la nangis isk isk sian anak mama.

To famy, zarid, farra and deman...tima kasih bebykla eh organize rumah terbuka utk kami2 ni....insya allah taun depan kite wat lagi turn rumah terbuka as usual ok!

p/s: to my dearest b, congrats for the completion of ur master. So where shall we start? tgk movie ke bowling ke ikan bakar treat ker?? hehehe jum celebrate!!!

ohhh my....

On Thursday his nursery caretaker said he can already seat on his own. That amazed me because last night he made several attempts to stand up, using our sofa as a support, and he made it. Two days later he startled us with another new movements..god he actually crawls! Though he's kinda late compared to others of his same age, three different kind of developments in a week was awesome :) caiyo caiyo!!!

18 November 2005


Umi called up early in the morning merely to tell me she's going to Padang & Bkt Tinggi this coming 22 dec...together with adik. I was like haaa...why the sudden change of plan? Last week she told me she's going to KK, and today she said KK was cancelled, now indon plak. Why bringing adik? because starting from 2nd dec onwards he'll be enjoying his honeymoon time after striving and battling for the spm papers.

Asked me whether i'd want to go..deep down inside definitely i'd loooove to follow, but thinking back about the budget and all that..plus the fact i'm no more single and alone all by myself..have to make passport for B and idlan somemore..budget for shopping somemore...pastuh already agreed with mak kat kedah that we're going to share 2 portions of cow for idlan's aqiqah on next aidiladha...then i was thinking to make join 1st birthday celebration with my bro for idlan and his cousin on 10th dec, pastuh 13th dec is our 2nd anniversary (this time we must celebrate because last year i was in my 3rd day confinement period huhu)...ehh why soooo many events have to happen in december?? does anyone heard any news of bonus whatsoever in dec? hehehe mimpi di siang hari la yati!

and before she hung up, she said she's going to puduraya to get return bus tickets to langkawi on 15th dec...and i was like screaming on the phone asking apsal nak pegi langkawi plak niiiii? and the answer...adik ajak pegi langkawi beli digicam, nanti tak best pegi Padang takder kamera.

i sighed...the sense of jealousy striked all over the nerves..hampeh betul adik!

then sempat lagi tanye utk menyedapkan hati sendiri, kalau dik nur tak kawin lagi umi bwk tak? my mother answered...of course la umi bwk..ni dah ade 3 org tak larat umi nak sponsor!

17 November 2005

bila mama tgh boring kat ofis.....

Soldier tgh praktis masuk terowong bwh tanah...

Gigi saye dah ade 8 tapi depan tu jarang hehehe

Auw cak auw cak sayang mama sayang abah!

satu peristiwa

Suatu pagi di bulan Syawal - 0750; 17 nov 05

Mama tgh blender bubur kat dapur, abah plak tgh kemas2 masukkan barang dlm beg nak pegi keje...tetiba abah dengar bunyi bukkkkkkkk! Tak lama pastu mama dgr bunyi budak nangis...lari ke depan tgk abah tgh dukung dia...air mata meleleh2...mama cecepat amik dukung dia.

tanye kat abah ape jadi? abah kata bila dia toleh tgk2 Idlan dah terlentang atas lantai. Hehehe taper eh sayang mama strong kan...jatuh sesikit normal la tuh time nak blajar diri nih...takper next time cuba lagi eh!

p/s: skang dia tgh cuba berdiri sendiri, sakan mencuba sejak mlm tadi... so far bila diri kat sofa je berjaya...tpt lain dia tak try lagi :)
caiyo caiyo!!!

My Happy Family

Ni gambar masa first hari raya...mama, abah and Idlan pakai sedondon kaler maroon, while abang, kak Ida and idlan's cousin Hannah Yasmin in pink. Idlan and Hannah ni lahir pd tahun yg sama, tapi bulan yg lain... Hannah tua 10 hari jer dari Idlan. Notice the kopiah? haha we had such a very hard time to look for this tiny kopiah that can suit his head and after searching nearly at 5 stalls the evening before raya, at last we found
this one.

Happy family...mama+abah=Idlan Farhan
(...tapi abah lupa pakai kopiah isk iskk)

Idlan dan nenek kesayangan dia....tersengih luas sbb dpt duit raya byk :p

14 November 2005

hectic weekend :)

Jumaat 11hb: plan asalnyer cuma si Aida, Aini and Farra nak singgah umah aku esok ari dtg beraya after pi wedding mizie/ida kat putrajaya. So aku igt just nak masak sket jerla...nak test power wat pau daging/kaya resepi mak, and goreng pasta..tu jer. Tapi tetiba ptg jumaat tuh si khairy fahmy call aku ckp kroni-kronis nak serbu umah aku b4 pi wedding mizie...adoi mak terus pening kepala aku. Mlm tuh pruz pi carefoure cari mangkuk and cawan polisterin & bhn2 nak masak. Tapi byk dah licin...ramai giler org dah beli awal2 nak wat open house gamaknyer...oh pening pala kami. Pruz beli mane yg ade jer..cawan & sudu garfu je ade..lain licin. Start kol 9pm aku rebus nasi himpit..dapur dahla satu je bley guna, satu lg rosak..lagila melambatkan kerja aku. Rebus nasi himpit dekat 2 jam lebey...pastuh start la wat inti pau, pruz uli tepung 1/2kg, then kukus (siap pinjam pengkukus jiran sebelah hehe)...kerja2 membuat pau habis kol 230am. Baru nak tido tetiba idlan bgn plak nak susu...so at last tido kol 330am.

Sabtu 12hb: Bgn kol 530am solat isyak...then sambung masak balik..watla lontong, sambal ikan bilis, and goreng pasta. Pastuh rasa cam food sket...terus decide buat pau satu round lagi..so total buat 1kg tepung. Tak sempat buat dessert agar2 sbb masa tak cukup mlm tadi. Tetamu start dtg kol 11...tapi aku still sibuk duk kukus pau lagi hehe...peak hr kol 12 lebey..huishh ramai giler yg serbu..terkejut aku...dan tak sangka seramai itu hehe...

kol 1.40pm gerak pi kenduri mizie reramai...kol 3 lebey dari kenduri mizie ade lagi 4 keta dtg beraye umah aku...sampai 5 lebey. Pastuh sempatla rest kejap and merasa pasta yg tinggal setoet tu. Mlm after maghrib Pak Andak's family plak dtg beraya...sian depa, lontong tinggal sket jer, pasta licin, pau licin...so pruz kuar beli goreng pisang and bahulu utk dijamu huhu...tade rezeki derang. 9 lebey derang balik, aku cuci pinggan and kemas2...kol 12am tido..lutut lemah longlai...badan sakit sana sini...tapi hati rasa tenang & puas :)

Walaupun kepenatan, alhamdulillah food habis, ramai dtg, dan itula...satisfied giler..tak penah aku jamu org seramai ni..ade dekat 40-50 org kots...walaupun aku tak sempat merasa lontong and pau cuma dpt rasa 2-3 cubit tapi takper...rezeki mereka sumer...kitorang dpt pahala pon cukupla hehe...and yg paling aku heppy si idlan baik je the whole day...tak meragam langsung...alhamdulillah..tq eh sayang! Tapi aku agak ralat sbb tak dpt nak berborak ngan sumer yg dtg tu...aku sibuk melayan abg and akak ipar aku sbb takut derang rasa terasing dlm keramaian kronis. Sori la eh kengkawan....

To all yg hadir, tima kasihla bebyk kerana luangkan masa dtg ke majlis jamuan mkn ad hoc kami (koboi, kak ida & hana cute, aida family, aini family, semah bull family, julie family, zarid famy family, ijah&zahan, wanie, sam, munir, aniza, hanizan, pn siti family, rahimi family, farra aiza family, sheeril wife, junior pruz, ...sape lagi ek yg tertinggal? haa utk si kecil2 yg dtg si hana, aisya, fawwaz, auni, afif, syafi, izzul, amirul, atiqah, mus'ab, azim & adik dia...auntie lupa la nak amik gambar korang2 sumer..kalo reramai kumpul amik gambar sure havoc kan!). Minta maaf la eh sbb tak terlayan korang sumer and sori eh utk memana yg terkurang tuh....taun depan pjg umur murah rezeki jumpe lagi...hehe tapi katering la kot ekeke tak larat aku oii :p

Ahad 13hb: plan nak pi serendah, N9 ikut rombongan anak pak andak yg nak bertunang...on the way around 10 lebey idlan tetiba muntah dlm keta. 2x plak tu..baju spare pon dah abis...baju aku pon abis kena muntah, seat pon abis kena muntah...cuak plak aku tetiba je dia muntah. Sampai umah kak ros, kami pinjam baju anak kak ros, pegi klinik amik ubat, pegi kedai bintang fashion beli baju 2 pasang sbb umah umi tade baju idlan and pruz drop aku kat umah umi sbb idlan makin teruk muntahnyer. So pruz jela yg pegi rombongan tu...Idlan muntah dekat 7-8x...susu ke air kosong ke, after minum terus muntah..adoi kesian dia..aku risau giler takut dia dehydrated..last skali dia tertido 2x after penat muntah dgn perut yg kosong huhu...kol 3 lebey after dia bgn tido aku try kasik susu lg skali..kali ni alhamdulillah dia tak muntah dah....kol 5 lebey bila pruz balik, kitorang terus pulang ke seri kembangan...penatnyer rasa weekend ni...mlm tu idlan dah tak muntah...tapi sesema plak ish. Aku rasa idlan muntah2 maybe sbb dia makan benda memacam kot semlm...aku adela suap nasi impit, pau, biskut raye ngan nasi minyak mizie...sket je suapnyer tapi ntahla, perut dia taleh terima kots...nyesal aku kasik dia rasa benda2 tu sumer isk isk

09 November 2005

sesaje blog hopping kat site2 kengkawan...tetiba aku terbace satu post yg menarik...silala bace...tersentuh hati aku bila bace ni....tetiba rasa rindu kat si toet tuh..apela dia tgh buat skang ni hum hum....

Suatu hari seorang bayi siap untuk dilahirkan ke dunia. Dia bertanya kepada Tuhan : "Para malaikat disini mengatakan bahawa besok engkau akan mengirimku ke dunia, tetapi bagaimana cara saya hidup disana, saya begitu kecil dan lemah"?

Dan Tuhan menjawab, "Saya telah memilih satu malaikat untukmu. Ia akan menjaga dan mengasihimu."

"Tapi disini, di dalam syurga, apa yang pernah saya lakukan hanyalah bernyanyi dan tertawa. Ini sudah cukup bagi saya untuk berbahagia."

"Malaikatmu akan bernyanyi dan tersenyum untukmu setiap hari. Dan kamu akan merasakan kehangatan cintanya dan menjadi lebih berbahagia."

"Dan bagaimana saya bisa mengerti saat orang-orang berbicara kepadaku jika saya tidak mengerti bahasa mereka ?"

"Malaikatmu akan berbicara kepadamu dengan bahasa yang paling indah yang pernah kamu dengar; dan dengan penuh kesabaran dan perhatian, dia akan mengajarkan bagaimana cara kamu berbicara."

"Dan apa yang akan saya lakukan saat saya ingin berbicara kepadaMu ?"

"Malaikatmu akan mengajarkan bagaimana cara kamu berdoa."

"Saya mendengar bahwa di Bumi banyak orang jahat. Siapa yang akan melindungi saya ?"

"Malaikatmu akan melindungimu, walaupun hal tersebut mungkin dapat mengancam jiwanya."

"Tapi, saya pasti akan merasa sedih kerana tidak melihatMu lagi."
"Malaikatmu akan menceritakan padamu tentang Aku, dan akan mengajarkan bagaimana agar kamu bisa kembali kepadaKu, walaupun sesungguhnya Aku akan selalu berada di sisimu."

Saat itu Syurga begitu tenangnya sehingga suara dari Bumi dapat terdengar, dan sang anak bertanya perlahan, "Tuhan, jika saya harus pergi sekarang, bolehkah Kamu memberitahuku nama malaikat tersebut ?

"Kamu akan memanggil malaikatmu, Ibu."

hari raya!

hmm seperti yg diduga kat ofis still lengang lagi..ramai lagi ofismate belum habis bercuti. So ape citer hari raya kami?

Mlm raye berkampung kat ampang umah umi...ptg tuh sibuk mencari kopiah utk idlan...pegi sampai 5 tpt at last jumpe gaks kopiah kecik utk dia :)

Pagi raye aku bz siapkan idlan...org lain sumer takde pi semayang raye...so pepagi lepas masak bubur idlan, mandikan dia and pakaikan baju melayu. Hehe comel betul dia pakai baju melayu walaupun kaki suar dia menggelebeh sket...tapela janji comel! Menu pagi tu rendang daging bersama pulut kuning, lontong & nasi himpit bersama kuah kacang. Sedap giler umi masak...aku masak ape? hmm tade ape pon yg aku buat sendiri...hampeh betul anak dara sorang ni! Pastuh abang and family datang...depa sumer theme pink...kiut je hana pakai baju kurung pink...then tetiba rasa nak balik kedah ptg tu jugak...so after zohor dlm kol 3 kami bertolak balik kedah....jalan tak jem pon..sampai dlm kol 8 lebey.

Beraya di kedah : hmm balik kg kali ni aku agak geram sket sbb idlan langsung takmo kat org lain...asyik nak berkepit je ngan aku or abah dia isk isk...maybe sbb dia tak biasa kot..ntahla...dulu nak je kat sumer org..dah besar ni plak yg susah ish...

raye ketiga kami berjalan sehari suntuk dari 930am sampai 10pm..pegi berjln ke rumah sedara mara belah mak...penat giler toksah nak kata..mujur idlan quite ok...agak behave jugakla...the rest of the days kat kampung just spend kat umah jer...penat tak ilang lagi hehe

balik kg kali ni aku blajar benda baru lagi...blajar wat pau dari mak! hehe kalo nak tau pau ni feveret pruzz...dia skali mkn boleh bantai sampai 5-6 ketul. Since tukang uli nyer tangan kuat2 belaka (pruz ngan abg dia), maka pau kali ni naik lawa giler...lembut and sedap giler..lagi sedap dari kedai! Insya Allah nanti aku akan try wat...test power cewahhh

Idlan plak, pencapaian dia kali ni amat memberangsangkan..dah pandai sebut "Abah" dgn clear skali...cayalah sayang!!! Walaupun sebut abah bukan mama, tapi takpela..mama tak kecik hati hehe...ntah mane ntah dia blajar...aku sibuk train dia sebut mama, tapi nampak gaya first word dia "abah" gak...hehe abah kembang ler tuh :p ....and now dia nak masuk 11 bulan dah, gigi dah ade 8! Tapi time mkn malas betul nak kunyah :(

31 October 2005

~cuti mode~

It's my last day in the office before i join the rest of my colleagues for a long hari raya holiday. There're 7 of us over here, still receiving calls and entertaining our customers' requests.
We had fun during the kroni's buka pose gathering over last saturday. Halim and his two siblings did a great job as a host. We managed to gather most of our kronis that day, together with the babies and toddlers. Thanks so much to the guys, whom were so bz doing the 'membakar' thingy till maghrib. We had loads and loads of food...but thanks again to idlan who restrain me for eating too much. The guys should thanked the ladies and mommies for because of us they had the capacity to finish out the foods.
I think we had a blast this yr...loads of foods at a very comfy house, spacious space for the toddlers and babies to move around, and what's most important majority of us did turned up that day....but ohhh i wished i could eat more foods! I only ate a few bites of ayam bakar and sandwiches, half plate of spaghetti, a piece of kek batik and a cup of already-melted ice cream huhu...

29 October 2005

Selamat Hari Raya sumer!

Waaaa since ramai org posting pasal persiapan raya, saye pon nak tulis gakla persiapan raye tahun ni buat kami sekeluarga.
Well, ni tahun kedua saye sambut raye bersama B tercinta...tapi tahun pertama menyambut raye bersama our beloved Idlan Farhan....so boleh dijangka la kan kemeriahannya sure berganda berbanding tahun2 lepas. Kalo tahun lepas saye tgh sarat membawa Idlan, makanya baju raye saye tak special pon, just pinjam jubah umi jer hehe....
Tahun ini....
- kami decide utk pilih theme maroon, sbb mak hubby dah belikan kain baju melayu kaler maroon utk Idlan
- so utk diri sendiri, saye beli kain and buat dress, B beli kain buat baju melayu...semua baju kami dijahit oleh akak ipar hubby...thanks kak ja! Oh lupa plak, saye ade satu baju kurung baru kaler hitam kuning, umi kasik kain...thanks umi!!!
- tudung saye takde lagi...tgkla either pakai mane yg ader, or pi jenguk jln tar last minute
- Utk Idlan...hmm ni yg special ni...dia ade baju melayu, suar jeans mak ude kasik, khakis, dan pelbagai shirt and t-shirt mama and abah borong 2x kat midvalley ngan sogo. Kitorang beli kaler oren, biru, hijau and merah..kasut kaler biru...topi tade baru, pakai yg lama jer...tinggal satu lagi bende tak beli lagi, kopiah! Nanti nak pi cari kat jln tar gaks hehe
- Biskut raya : hmm tahun ni beli 300 pieces jer...jimat duit la katakan...so mama dah borong tart, almond slice, semperit and cornflakes blackcurrant. Kerepek2 or kacang tade beli pon.
- Utk rumah, well takde benda baru pon yg kami beli since skang duk umah sewa jer..semangat nak hias umah takde pon :p insya allah taun depan bila masuk umah baru, bleyla wat persiapan mega raya utk rumah baru cum house warming :)) So time tu barulah boleh pening2 kepala pk nak beli langsir ker pinggan mangkuk ker alas meja ke ape-ape ker....
- Open house : hmm tade open house pon, tapi sape nak datang umah kami amatlah dialu-alukan..tapi make sure call dulu eh!
- Menu pagi raye : hehe ni kena tanye umi, sbb saye akan berkampung kat umah umi the day before raye...so ape yg umi masak itulah menu saye..tapi insya allah saye akan wat pasta special utk hubby (senarnyer feveret diri sendiri :p)
- Raya pertama saye di Ampang, petang raya kami akan bergerak pulang ke kampung B kat Junjung...balik kampungggggggggg ohohohoho balik kampunggggggg
- Tahun ni agak special sket sbb kami akan pulang bersama Matrix baru hehe...surprise wat mak and ayah kat kampung! Tapi sedey gak melepaskan baby kuning tu...keta tu la yg byk berjasa pada kami sekeluarga.
- Ape lagi eh?? hmm rasanye raya ni meriah sbb ade si toet tuh...sure kiut miut dia pakai baju melayu + sampin+kopiah! Pastuh sure best dia nanti dpt collect duit raye bebyk...uhhh jelesnyer mama!
Ok all, kepada yg nak pulang ke kampung halaman tu, berhati-hati di jalan raya, bila makan tu berpada-pada, jgn melantak sampai sakit perut...hehe nanti takleh nak jejalan raya. Kepada yg tak balik kampung lagi tu, keje rerajin, jgn ponteng2..:p
Selamat Hari Raya sumer...maaf zahir & batin..halalkan makan minum saye, maaf dipinta jika selama ni terkasar bahasa sama ada di dlm blog or di alam realiti...wassalam.

27 October 2005

tup tup dah tinggal seminggu je lagi kita akan meninggalkan Ramadhan dan bakal menyambut Syawal. Bila borak ngan kengkawan ramai yg dah nak start balik kampung. Aku? hmm umah mak dekat je kat Ampang...so pagi raya kat Ampang, petang raya insya allah akan bertolak balik ke kampung B kat Junjung. Tak sabor rasanye nak balik kedah...lama dah tak balik...ape yg syok kat sane? hehe kalo tanye yati, jawapannyer sure la sbb makanan byk best2 kat sane :p Mak masak best, makcik2 masak best...kesimpulannyer perut ni sentiasa dijamu ngan food yg lazat2 :)
Lusa confirm gathering kroni redang kat umah halim...as planned, BBQ still akan proceed...bersama2 ngan lauk2 pot luck yg lain. Excited nyer bila pk...lama dah tak jumpe derang sumer, sure meriah!
Idlan dah 10.5 bulan skang..tak lama lagi masuk 11 bulan..tak lama pastuh dah sambut 1st besday! Hmm tak sangka dia dah besar....bila flashback balik time dia kecik2 dulu...hmm tersenyum aku sesorang. Dia terer ape dah skang? ni soklan feveret org la kan...hmm idlan still tak merangkak, mengengsot je laju...rasanyer dia tak merangkak kot, ikut pak long dia. Panjat2 pon dah terer, tapi duduk sendiri still tak reti. Mulut kepoh yg amat, perkataan yg dia slalu sebut abababababababa, tetetetetete, dahhdahhhdahhh...ape yg dah aku pon tak tahu hehe...mama takde sebut ker? ohh ader...time dia nak nangis carik aku baru la kuar mamammamamama...kalo idak sure dgr bunyi abahhhh jer....ish anak abah kot :p
Feveret spot dia still kawasan dapur, bawah kusi meja, and opps tepi sofa...bila dirikan dia kat sofa tu amboi sakan terloncat2...kalo abah dia agah dia, lagikla galak cam nak terbang terjun dari sofa tuh...feveret toy dia takder..skang suke hold petak2 animals dia...toy lain tak layan. Mujur mama tak spend byk duit beli toy, idak rugi jek. Feveret rancangan tv dia, hmm tak byk...kartun Pingu, Ninja Turtle...oh satu lagi Bob the Builder...lain dia tak layan...lagi satu dia suke selingan lagu TV3 yg ade org loncat2 tuh...and kadang bila start buletin 830pm tu bila pembaca berita tu start bercakap, dia akan senyum sesorang dia..hehe perasan anak aku nih :)
Akhir disember kitorang igt nak pi bercuti...cuti dah apply, tapi nampak gaya cam takleh approve iskkk bos ni...tapela doa2la cuti approve....kelmarin siap dah surf2 tpt best2 kat utara...sambil bercuti then terus balik kg mak kedah...memula igt nak pi pangkor, tapi pk2 balik cam payah plak bila bawak si toet tuh..cane nak snorkel, caner nak kayak, caner nak itu ini..hehe..pastuh igt nak pi melaka plak, melaka ade ikan bakar nyummmss...tapi dah ke arah selatan....hmm skang tgh pk penang..tapi ape ade kat penang? hmm buntu buntu

20 October 2005

16 Ramadhan

Hm today dah masuk 16 Ramadhan...means dah lebih 1/2 bulan Ramadhan berlalu...target aku nak baca Quran 1 juzuk sehari tak tercapai la...dah way behind target isk isk...

Skang aku tgh excited giler pasal bukak pose kroni's on 29hb ni...kat umah halim confirm BBQ as main menu yey! Tak sabor nak bergather2 sesama kengkawan..lama dah tak jumpe reramai cam zaman dulu2...dulu slalu gather kat pulau..sejak kawin aku dah lama tak jejak kaki ke pulau huhu.

Tahniah kepada kawan baik B merangkap kawan lelaki yg aku percayai merangkap teman sepermainan ping pong kitorang...saudara Armizy and tunang dia Ida...semoga majlis kalian berjalan dgn lancar insya allah....tade aral sampaila aku, pruzz and idlan kat majlis ko! Wah 1st time attend majlis kawin kengkawan kat masjid putra hehe...best best :)

Skang dah setengah bulan berpuasa..tapi aku cuma penah masak air tgn sendiri 2x jer huhu...nasi ayam dan tomyam....nyummmsss....betapa malasnyer aku nak masak weekdays..balik ofis penat...kan best kalo ofis abis kol 4pm :p Weekend ni bukak pose umah umi lagik...sambil2 tuh nak pi amik biskut2 raye yg org tempah...next week bukak pose umah halim...next next week? ohhh raye dah kita eh!!!

14 October 2005

plan hari esok

Ptg ni nak pi pasar mlm...hoho lamanyer tak jengah pasar mlm...nak beli lauks pauks...dlm freezer cuma ade lauk utk Idlan jer hehe...esok dah determine nak masak nasi ayam ngan tomyam (my all time feverets)...adoiiiss nyummmy!!! Kak Erni jiran sebelah penah kasik murtabak utk bukak pose, so kitorang kenalah balas balik kan....sampai skang tak berbalas lauk lagi utk dia...hopefully plan esok menjadi :) Kalo ter'extra' rajin, nak wat samosa skalik...huishh cepatla esokkkk!

Untuk Idlan cayang, since mama excited nak try resepi baru, tunggula esok mama try wat Applesauce and Pear for u ok dear....(special thx to ummimon for the recipe!)

Resipi Applesauce and Pear - for your baby/toddler
Ingredients: Apple, pear, raisin, cinnamon powder
-cut apple and pear in small pieces, and put into pan. Spread cinnamon powder (i might most probably exclude this one) onto it. Add raisin. Bring to a boil over high heat then slow down the flame. Simmer for 20-30 min. Blend into desired consistency. Freeze. (according to ummimon, it can lasts for more than a week...so everytime nak serve kat your baby, just melt it in pan, sejukkan and it's ready!)

13 October 2005


Now that i notice i talked a lot about food during this Ramadhan. Haha serve as proof that i love to eat sooo much that i couldnt resist myself from thinking and talking about food :p So what do by and i had for yesterday's iftar? I helped myself with laksa penang and cendol (tawar dan tak sedappps), by had mee rebus and cendol. I settled in front of tv after terawikh with nestle vanilla drumstick and seketul karipap pusing....by already drifted away in sleep that time....i woke up at 5am for sahur and only to find that by already heated up yesterday's murtabak and roti john. So tunggu ape lagi....makan la! Hmm btw we bought all the foods at bazar ramadhan Putrajaya in Precinct 2. And the stalls there were like....huh so many stalls and all are sooo appealing that if not due to our budget constraint we might end up buying a lot more! hish nafsu nafsu...pergila jauh2 dari diriku.....

Oret stop talking about food...so how was our pengisian ramadhan so far? Do we perform our solat 5 waktu on time? Manage to perform terawikh at all nights? Have you start reading the Quran? When you have your food, were there any leftovers which leads to pembaziran? Ever thinking of donating some penny in your wallet to those in need? Have you try to reduce or avoid talking nonsense and mengumpat at work? Hmm if none of the above fit in your list, then we better be hurry or else we'll find how fast this yr ramadhan flies by and leave us..and He doest guarantee that we'll be experiencing the same ramadhan al-mubarak next year and the many years after......gud luck frens...and also to myself :)

kroni's gathering

We had problems to decide the best venue suitable for all (isteri, suami, budak2 keciks, single mingle) for this year upcoming kroni's bukak puasa gathering. Among places in our list are Oasis Bangsar, Mejaaku at Maju Junction, Mc D, and last but not least rumah Halim :p I personally would really really love to try Oasis but since by, rahimi and zahan oppose to have it at Oasis, hmm looks like have to keep my mouth shut! Reason is simple yet sensible, they serve beer. So Oasis was out, tinggal 3 jer. I called Bora Ombak to survey on the price and menu, unfortunately they only provide malay/kampung cuisine. Most of us are heavy eaters and cost consciuos, definitely we're expecting something more than the-usual-cook malay dishes with the high money to be spent. Plus a place that can offer exra comfort specially for those about to bring their babies/kids. Halim proposed to just have it at his house while his parents and sister are away, with BBQ as the main dish. And i think that was great. Para suami will be sitting outside, doing the membakar things and all that, para isteri stay inside taking care of the little ones...hehehe and we dont have to rush for our maghrib prayer since many rooms are avail to cater all of us. In fact the guys can have their maghrib berjemaah some more! So what are we waiting and arguing at guys? let's just decide who brings what and what :P

p/s: aku cop spaghetti eh!

- to my dearest ex-coursemate & ex-housemate zarid, Heppy wonderful 25th Besday! May life be filled with happiness and blessing from Him till end of time...insya allah.
- and also to my ex-uni mate zueika, Heppy 25th Besday jugak! Moga bertemu jodoh cepat2 hihi...dan moga hidup ini terus dilimpahi rahmat & kurnia dariNya...ceria2 slalu!

11 October 2005

menu Ramadhan...contd.

3 Ramadhan:
buka - mkn nasi ayam + tepung pelita

4 Ramadhan:
sahur - koko crunch+honey star+air masak
buka - ohh i can say this was the best buka pose time we ever had. Mkn umah mak? hummm definitely you can expect a wide range of menus awaiting ahead, specially made by our mother when her daugther, son, menantu2 and cucu-cucu were coming back. So that day we had kerabu togey, ayam masak tomato, sambal tumis udang, pajeri nenas, ikan cencaru goreng, kerang rebus...plus air kelapa, tebu and home-made sirap bandung cincau...plus kuih muih import from bazar ramadhan desa pandan, like tepung pelita, sardin roll, agar2, and more. Perut penuh??? ohhh sudah semestinya hehe...the best part is Idlan was ok and just played all by himself while we had our bukak pose, making it a lot more easier for me and hubby to enjoy our foods....sayanggggg Idlan!!!

5 Ramadhan:
sahur - mee goreng + sardin roll semlm punyer
buka - nasi lemak bungkus + ikan pari bakar

08 October 2005

menu Ramadhan

1 Ramadhan
sahur - 2 keping roti bakar + air masak
buka - nasi putih + ayam masak pedas + sayur lemak nangka (kedai masakkan :p) + tepung pelita 2 biji

2 Ramadhan
sahur - nasi +sardin + french fries
buka - nasi minyak + ayam masak merah nyummmsss

3 Ramadhan
sahur - nasi + drummet hot spicy ayamas + french fries
buka - hmm tgh dok pk la nih heheh

Bila bace report kad si limau, adoiiii strict nyer diet dia....takpela...asalkan berat aku tak naik time pregnant dulu udah ler...hehe ni halle nano nak dpt, sure lagi kurus aku hihi

Esok balik ampang bukak pose umah umi, huishh menu dah ade dlm tgn aku...ikan bakar cicah asam, kerabu, udang masak lemak cili api, sotong masak pedas, ayam goreng .....belum campur kuih muih aku nak pi beli ngan pruz nanti...adoiii lambatnyer esok!

05 October 2005

perfect weekend!

Sabtu lepas pegi umah Pn Siti sempena kenduri aqiqah anak bongsu dia, Nabilah Husna. Kol 2 lebey dah sampai...ade mizie ngan ida...mkn, borak2 sumer...mizie distribute kad kawin dia lagik tuh :p (tahniah eh kawanku)...semah, bull & anak2 mereka plak sampai....sambung borak2 lagi...pastuh halim called soh tunggu derang sampai...hishhh depa ni slalu sgt lambat, pastuh suke soh kitorang tunggu...penting sgtkah kau halim?? hehehe jgn marahh....kol 3 lebey baru la rombongan en Halim, Famy & Zarid sampai...kitorang sambung borak2 dan mkn dessert plakss....pastuh kaum lelaki duk setempat borak pasal Matrix...isteri2 plak duk borak pasal anaks2...hehe as usual...kol 4 lebey baru bertolak kuar dari umah Pn Siti....hish camni la bebudak PLM, kat umah org ke umah sape ker...sure borak tak hingat and buat cam umah sendiri...hish hish hishhh..mujur Pn Siti ok :p

Dan mujur si keciks - Idlan, Amirul dan baby Atiqah tak wat perangai...hehe senang mama-mama nak boraks. Cayanggggggg Idlan mama!!

01 October 2005

soldier masuk dapur :p

Jarum jam hampir ke 7 pagi. Mama tengah bz campur tekun masak bubur Idlan. Tetiba dengar bunyi2...lerr rupanye dia dah masuk dapur...dekat ngan pintu toilet. Mujur tak masuk toilet! Pastuh syok je dia jilat kaki kerusi kat dapur tuh...eiii kotorrrrrla sayang!!! Mama pegi ke depan, duduk kat petak kaler warna-warni animals Idlan...konon nak pujuk dia soh dtg ke depan balik..penat acah-acah...dia still nak duk kat dapur tu jugakkk....hmm ape-ape jela sayang......Then abah datang angkat dia letak atas petak2...bila abah leka, dia datang balik dapur. Hehehe suke tengok mama masak ehhh????

30 September 2005

Hmm tiba2 rindu giler kat Idlan...time boring2 kat ofis sure akan belek balik fotopages dari awal sampai akhir....hmm be good at nursery ok sayang...takmo nakal2 pukul muka akak!

28 September 2005

Idlan and diarrheoa

We decided to see paediatrician when Idlan's diarrheoa problem still persist after 1 week of suffering. Previously the GP at the nearby clinic advised us to stop giving milk and give him glucose instead. So Friday and saturday we just fed him with glucose and porridge. Sunday came, looks like he already recovered, so at noon we gave him milk...and sad to say Idlan cirit balik!!

So yesterday, after nearly 4 hours of dreadful waiting, we got to see the same paediatrician when Idlan was born 9 mths ago, Dr Sofiah Ali. She got jolted when we told her we fed idlan with glucose only. She even got surprised when we said that was what being informed by the local practitioner. And then she said why would we want to give him sweet things, of which logically is not good for health....it's like you're teaching him to prefer sweet things at an early stage and that was wrong! Even if idlan tak cirit pon she advised us to stop giving him glucose...no glucose at all! Better opt for plain water and fresh juices only.....and hehe both of us were just sitting there and nodded showing we comprehend and understand everything she said :)

She gave us a small tin of Bebelac FL (free lactose) and 3 sachets of med powder for treating cirit birit. She said all the bacterias/virus inside the body already vanished but Idlan's usus is still not fully recuperated, hence is not ready to digest lactose contains in milk.

p/s: pening pala pk bila jumpe doc ni ckp lain jumpe doc lain ckp lain...confuse!!!

23 September 2005

the baby soldier...

"come on sayang come on come on come on!!!"

Mama claps both hands cheerfully to encourage him to move forward.

He moves forward leisurely for the initial attempts...now he can move a bit faster than before.

Mama giggles when seeing him acting like that....sejibik cam ulat bulu :)

Other things that encourage him besides mama's big applause--> kaki buai dan botol2 susu :)

Luv u son! caiyo caiyo caiyo caiyooo!!!

14 September 2005


Suddenly i feel like doing something else beside the normal routine job i have now. But what would that be? Discussed about this with my husband, there we came out with a few probable things to do. We streamlined and rationalize the ideas, so here it goes! We'll experiment the 'thing', look for its strength and weaknesses, analyse the opportunity, but pls hopefully no threats upcoming along the way hehe....

What is the 'thing'? Humm let us keep it PNC first..if it works, then i'll sure to make a major broadcast on this! After all, it's going to be a 'kecil-kecilan' thingy :p

P/s: tak sabor nak buat experiment weekend nih :)

10 September 2005

BKS farewell and birthday celeb!

It is now 1.22pm and sad to say we still got another 2 hours ++ before we can fill our starving stomatches with sumptuous delicacies ordered for our BKS function. So what do we have for this coming evening jamuan?
We'll gonna have roti jala+kari ayam, laksa penang, fried meehoon, satay, cream caramel, rojak buah, fruits, and not to forget the ever most awaiting Secret Recipe chocolate indulgence and white chocolate macademia! Adoiii laparnyerr peruttsss!!! Some of us already go in and out of the pantry, looking for something to be stuffed inside before the jamuan starts. Myself already had koko crunch and 2 slices of butter bread early in the morning....but that were still not enough to cater for the spacious stomach i have hehe....hmm now we all knew betapa seksanya menunggu pukul 3 petang!

We'll be celebrating 7 staffs who had left 1090 and 25 staffs, whose birthday fall from May till Dec 2005. Since the last time we had our jamuan was on April, we the committees decided to get 2 cakes for this event nyum nyummm :)))

Tak sabarnyer nak pulun!!!

24 August 2005

acca...the flashback :p

5.15pm - received call from Halim. The moment he screamed at my name, i can clearly imagined her joyful face and he sounded sooo and extremely terribly happy over something. I asked him "kenape happy sgt ni?" And he replied ..."teka la teka la cepatttt".

And the one and only thing that came across my mind would be of course....hmm mesti pasal ACCA nih!

So i guess.....
"ko dah pass ACCA ker Halim?"
And he said....
"A'ahhhh Yati A'aaaaahhh!!!!" (dgn teramat kuatnyer)
Then he continued...
"Yati, thanks eh selama ni support aku sume nih..."
i said...
eh aku mane ader buat pepe pon utk kau...
he replied...
ala kan kite dulu sama2 nak jadik CPA, sama2 pegi register pegi bayar sumer tuh...aku mane lupa org2 yg mula2 berjuang sesama nak amik acca nih hehe...

me: hehehe gelak je la

So there he goes...passing the ACCA means another episode of nightmare in his life is over - no more text books, tight classes and schedules, tonnes of assignments, etc etc....what a bliss! As his friend, as his ex-thesismate, as his ex-classmate, and as his ex-acca mate, of course i feel proud for him. He has gone thru one of the toughest obstacle for someone who wanted to be the CPA...though ACCA might only be the initial phase, but it was indeed a good start!

Flashing back on the old memories, i can still remember the six of us - mafus, halim, elly, rahimi, zarid and i...we all wanted to have our own big 5 accounting firm. With all of us having the CPA title, we were very sure at that time that we'll be having great success and able to build our own empire and name in the accounting arena in our country. But now, i guess the dream will just remain as a dream. It cant be turned into reality. If it can, then the partner inside the corporation definitely will change. There'll be no more myself inside there. Obviously am not qualified to be part of them. Elly? She also has decided not to pursue his acca. Zarid and rahimi..both of them successfully have completed their MBA. Hence, the dream can only be realized by Halim and Mafus, they are the only two that can be depended upon to pursue the dream.

Halim used to keep on asking me this kind of question, his favourite one actually...ko betul ke takmo amik acca yati? kalo takmo acca pon, amikla master...rugi tau yati...rugi segala ilmu2 yg ko ader dulu tuh.
And my default answer would be, ntahla halim....acca konfem takmo amik dah, master tunggu la dulu.

So here i am now, picking up calls as a call center agent, and is still learning to master in the parenthood and babies thing. Am i happy? hehe the answer is definitely YES! Regret of quitting my acca? My answer is definitely NO! :)))

To Halim and Mafus, chaiyo chaiyo chaiyo chaiyo!!!

20 August 2005

Restructuring..the second one!

We in contact center 1090 just received our new appointment letter, some were transfered out of 1090, some goes to other units under same division, and some stays. Myself stays here (sigh with relief :P) and we'll be having a major re-opt internally. If previously all of us are doing the same job of handling fault complaints from TMWS customer, now we'll be segregating ourselves according to the original plan of establishing this center - fault complaints, sales order & enquiry and billing complaints. And me if some of u can already predict, will be doing billing things after this huhuhu...

To start of with the plan, me and the other 2 colleagues sitting in the billing function will be having discussions and meetings with Finance Wholesale to identify our new tasks and activities and ways to assist finance/CMU to chase customers for collections and bad debts.....AND guess what? The first meeting of which to be held on next thursday requires me to go to the 12th floor menara telekom, meeting with the finance people...and 12th floor is used to be my old office! And i'm going to meet my former bos, and i am sooooo scared and 'segan' to meet all those my former finance colleagues...not that i loathe them or hate them, but it is merely because i used to be the 'girl', who kept on insisting and pleading my bos to go out of finance after 8 mths been there...after all the suffers i endured during the period...and ohhh god so many things had happened that finally made me to quit my acca course, and the worse thing is, the experience in finance was the one that made me hate accounting sooooo much! (but pls note that i'm proud to be an accounting grad!) And i couldn't imagine if they find out that i'm going to do billing! Billing and accounting - they are related what!!! Hish tensionnyer rasa isk iskkk :(((

Wish i dont have to see all those familiar faces that coming thursday, i wish my former bos will not be in the office that day, wish that i could change the venue, wish that i'll be on mc that day!

p/s: I think Idlan already fully recovered from his virus fever, flu, cough and seangkatan dgnnyer :) Mama and abah will be taking him to JJ this weekend yey! It's been a month since his last visit to shopping malls hehe

09 August 2005

Monday the special day!

I was cooking Idlan's porridge early in the morning when suddenly hubby came from behind giving me a kiss saying 'Heppy Birthday sayang!" Hehe sooo sweet for i myself almost forgot my own birthday. Usually every morning of previous years i will wake up in the morning eargerly telling myself ''hmmm besday aku ari nih!"....

It is wonderful realizing that God gives u the opportunity to celebrate the 'day' again this year, with all the people u loved most surrounds u. Alhamdulillah for all the gifts given by Him, a great hubby who always stay beside u, a cute and brilliant son who never fails to cheer your day, being healthy, and many many more. Words are just not enough to describe how grateful i am for all the things granted by Him all these while.

Thank u soooo much hubby for the utmost love and kindness showered in our family, thank u umi for all the loves given from the day i was borned to this world till now, thanks to all my family and frens for allowing me to be part of your life..........and to my cutie son Muhammad Idlan Farhan, MAMA LOVES U SOOOO MUCH!!!

02 August 2005

harga sebuah pengalaman & pengajaran

Hm dekat 2 minggu tak update blog, and dekat 3 minggu idlan berkabung tak sihat, dan aku hampir 2 minggu cuti tak masuk ofis jaga idlan.

1st week - idlan kena mild flu + batuk sesikit
2nd week - flu + bad cough
3rd week - demam every night, siang sihat walafiat, flu and cough dah hilang

Sepjg 3 minggu tuh, aku ngan pruz ulang alik pegi klinik, klinik biasa + specialist. Dekat 5 jenis pelbagai ubat doc prescribed utk idlan termasuk antibiotik yg rasanyer tak best tuh. Masuk 3rd week, idlan start nak muntah everytime mkn ubat...aku paham dia sure dah muak ngan ubat, nampak kitorang masukkan ubat dlm syringe dia dah start buat muka semacam...pity him i cant replace him to take the medicine, pity him for he's too small to understand the benefit and reason of having to finish all the medicines prescribed. Somestimes kitorang terpaksa skip kasik ubat tuh..tak sampai hati and kesian sesgt bila muntah, abis kuar bubur or susu yg baru dia telan. Specialist kata dia kena lung infections. Kahak dia byk, doc terpaksa kasik nebullizer. Tapi dia bagus n kuat, sepjg 15 minit kena sedut gas dia tak meronta langsung. Akak nurse pon puji Idlan,...."kalo ade 10 org baby camnih kan bagus!"

Doc kasik aku mc 4 hari, the rest aku amik EL jaga dia. Berkurung dlm rumah jer...otak aku agak buntu tapi idlan punyer pasal terpaksa berkurung jer. Start 2nd week dia dah jadik manja sbb asyik attach ngan aku je kot, goreng ayam ngan dia, masak sup sayur ngan dia..ke mana-mana ngan dia...pening pala aku but again...ape nak buat intan payung sorang jer :) Bila dia demam mlm, aku nak tido pon sometimes tak sedap hati...asyik bgn je check temperature dia..bila panas sgt tuh hati aku rasa frust sesgt, dah kasik ubat tapi still demam gak...rasa macam takmo percaya temperature nyer reading tuh!

Last sabtu and ahad mlm dia dah x demam alhamdulillah, hopefully mlm ni pon tak demam, if tak demam meaning infection dia dah betul2 hilang..if still persist, doc kata dia kena warded. Kena masukkan antibiotik thru vein plak sbb bila mkn ubat tuh tak berjaya utk membunuh kuman2 dlm badan dia...so last option is cucuk masuk jarum ubat tuh. Rasa cam nak pengsan je bila dengar doc cakap camtuh...mintak2la dijauhkan tuhan. Tak sanggup aku nak tgk dia kena warded..god help me pls.....

16 July 2005

the 7 mth-old Idlan Farhan...

Idlan still hasnt fully recovered from his flu+bad cough since last Sunday...and i already took two ELs this week, Monday and yesterday. Doctor and his nursery caretaker said maybe because of the recent cold and rainy season.

Despite the routine of having to take three types of medicines one after another, Idlan looks soooo active as if he is not sick....and to add to my surprise yesterday, he almost got himself lying under our dining table from the 'toto', that was about 6 feets away from the table. I left him for just 2 minutes to wash my pan and clean the kitchen and i heard him yelling and babbling outside..and u see, he was already lied next to our dining chair, leaving the toto far behind him :p When i put him back to the center of the toto, a minute later again he'll be out of the toto boundary, happily menggulingkan dirinyer hehe

Last 2 week he got fever and at the same time berjaya meniarapkan diri. This week he got flu and cough, and now he can menggulingkan badan here and there, 360 degree. Hopefully he doesnt fall sick when he is up to have his teeth :) And last night i was fighting with him till 2am in the morning, just to make him doze off to sleep...*sigh*...am still not sure why his enery was like over recharged for one whole day!

Hopefully he'll be recovered today as tomorrow we were supposed to off to genting with umi and my brother.

p/s: gud luck to my hubby for his work completion seminar in melaka today, hopefully everything goes well as planned :P

09 July 2005

no title~

I've finally bought myself some items of tupperware products from Aida! Here goes the list:

1. Tumbler - RM7.60
2. Water container - RM23.10
3. A set of square tupperware (3 pieces) - RM55.00

- all are subject to 10% discounts.

And this morning, woke up at 4.50am, and at 6.30am :
~ ikan bawal masak masam manis - done
~ sotong goreng masak kicap - done
~ sayur campur - done

note: cuma satu stove je digunakan, satu dah rosak..sbb tu lambat masak hehe

And i went to the office bringing along my tupperware containing lauk2 di atas dgn hati yg gumbira hehe..and of course the same content of another tupperware for my hubby!