28 September 2005

Idlan and diarrheoa

We decided to see paediatrician when Idlan's diarrheoa problem still persist after 1 week of suffering. Previously the GP at the nearby clinic advised us to stop giving milk and give him glucose instead. So Friday and saturday we just fed him with glucose and porridge. Sunday came, looks like he already recovered, so at noon we gave him milk...and sad to say Idlan cirit balik!!

So yesterday, after nearly 4 hours of dreadful waiting, we got to see the same paediatrician when Idlan was born 9 mths ago, Dr Sofiah Ali. She got jolted when we told her we fed idlan with glucose only. She even got surprised when we said that was what being informed by the local practitioner. And then she said why would we want to give him sweet things, of which logically is not good for health....it's like you're teaching him to prefer sweet things at an early stage and that was wrong! Even if idlan tak cirit pon she advised us to stop giving him glucose...no glucose at all! Better opt for plain water and fresh juices only.....and hehe both of us were just sitting there and nodded showing we comprehend and understand everything she said :)

She gave us a small tin of Bebelac FL (free lactose) and 3 sachets of med powder for treating cirit birit. She said all the bacterias/virus inside the body already vanished but Idlan's usus is still not fully recuperated, hence is not ready to digest lactose contains in milk.

p/s: pening pala pk bila jumpe doc ni ckp lain jumpe doc lain ckp lain...confuse!!!


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ED said...

cian idlan..uhuk uhuk..uncle ED pray U get well soon ;)

yatipruzz said...

tq uncle edd:) saye dah sihat dah...dah main2 sampai ke dapur dah tengok mama buat ape kat dapur :p