14 September 2005


Suddenly i feel like doing something else beside the normal routine job i have now. But what would that be? Discussed about this with my husband, there we came out with a few probable things to do. We streamlined and rationalize the ideas, so here it goes! We'll experiment the 'thing', look for its strength and weaknesses, analyse the opportunity, but pls hopefully no threats upcoming along the way hehe....

What is the 'thing'? Humm let us keep it PNC first..if it works, then i'll sure to make a major broadcast on this! After all, it's going to be a 'kecil-kecilan' thingy :p

P/s: tak sabor nak buat experiment weekend nih :)


ottobb98 said...

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zurratulain said...

camne ko leh ada komen dari peminat playboy nih yati.. hehe.. sure dia ingat ko nye entry nih xrated sbb tajuk ko xoxoxo.. hahhaa.. btw, amende yg korang nak wat tuh?? business ke??

yatipruzz said...

spam tu kot aina. tensi aku. business kecik2 jer..nanti dah cfm aku ifm la ko hehe...malu plak aku rasa :p