10 September 2005

BKS farewell and birthday celeb!

It is now 1.22pm and sad to say we still got another 2 hours ++ before we can fill our starving stomatches with sumptuous delicacies ordered for our BKS function. So what do we have for this coming evening jamuan?
We'll gonna have roti jala+kari ayam, laksa penang, fried meehoon, satay, cream caramel, rojak buah, fruits, and not to forget the ever most awaiting Secret Recipe chocolate indulgence and white chocolate macademia! Adoiii laparnyerr peruttsss!!! Some of us already go in and out of the pantry, looking for something to be stuffed inside before the jamuan starts. Myself already had koko crunch and 2 slices of butter bread early in the morning....but that were still not enough to cater for the spacious stomach i have hehe....hmm now we all knew betapa seksanya menunggu pukul 3 petang!

We'll be celebrating 7 staffs who had left 1090 and 25 staffs, whose birthday fall from May till Dec 2005. Since the last time we had our jamuan was on April, we the committees decided to get 2 cakes for this event nyum nyummm :)))

Tak sabarnyer nak pulun!!!

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