25 May 2009

it's chicken day!

Mood memasak macam tetiba membara bila belek2 majalah Annabel’s Karmel yg saye beli last few weeks. Original intention beli majalah tuh sbb nak kasik variety to Firas nyer home-made purees, tapi isi di dalamnyer sgtla tempting dan sesuai utk various occasion.

Maka last weekend saya try buat Fajitas Nachos, with slight amendment to her original recipe. Original recipe ade byk lagi bahan2 yg saya sendiri tak tahu ape kebendanyer…so ni saya attachkan modified recipe jelah ok.

Fajitas Nachos

Nachos – saye beli yg BBQ flavour
Boneless chicken – sliced
Button mushroom – sliced
Onion – diced
Garlic - sliced
Capsicum – diced
Cheddar cheese


1. Sautee onion and garlic, add in chicken and cook till tender. Add in button mushroom and continue to cook.
2. Add in capsicum, stir for another 3-4 minutes.
3. Season to taste with salt and pepper.
4. Place an aluminium foil on your microwave dish, and arrange the nachos accordingly.
5. Sprinkle cheddar cheese all over, and bake until cheese is melted.

Note: I think the fajitas would taste better if use mozarella cheese instead of cheddar, barulah ala2 pizza hut gitewww. Those yg suke pedas, boleh add in chili sauce or black pepper since recipe yg ku kasik ni more suitable utk kekanak. Boley jugak add in diced carrots or any vege for a more balanced menu :p Ari tu kitorang mkn ni as breakfast bersama-sama roti+marjerin.

Lunch plak ku try recipe blackpepper chicken pie amik from Internet. Fillings dah cun, sedap menjilat jari tapi pastry dia pruzz komen agak memuakkan (pastry guna recipe karipap). Lagi sedap kalo pandai wat dough pastry yg lembut hancur2 tuhh. So nampak gaya next time recipe ni out from my list lah...maintain fillings jer makan dgn roti pon sodap!

21 May 2009

Day 1

Saya dah slamat bertrading secara online :)
Baru buy, belum sell lagik.
Market closed a bit lower, dan saye rugi sket sbb beli pada harga yg sedikit tinggi daripada harga time closing. But to me it's ok...baru DAY 1.

Anyway, bukan senang nak bertrading secara serius. Sifu2 dlm forum byk memberi tips dan tunjuk ajar buat beginner spt saya nih. Bila baca diskusi mereka, aduh mulut mmg ternganga luas bila depa sebut all the technical analysis, jargons, and whatnots. Kiranyer mmg start from zero la nih. Tapi takper, nama pon blajar kan...so i go slow and steady. Copy paste info penting dlm words...google cari terms2 yg depa sebut sumer tuh. No doubt mmg pening...tapi dah nekad nak blajar kan :p Opps lagi satu, rerajinlah tgk market watch dlm thestaronline tuh...tgk chart, trending, baca research report, technical report, etc. Walaupon tak brape faham, cuba buat2 faham jela hehehe. Agak mencabar jugak, sbb takde cikgu yg mengajar di depan kelas, takde formal notes....agak2 dan syiok sendiri jela. Yang pasti, proses pembelajaran kali ni konfem lagik susah dari blajar MBA dulu ahaksss :p

wish me luck!

19 May 2009

being a beginner

Believe it or not, when the men of the house all sound asleep in lalaland, i spent close to 3hr doing speed reading (or i'd say 'marathon') on the forum about stock market. And now at 2351 i already have a list of the so-called 'popular' and mostly hand-picked stocks, from various sectors, together with their price movement from the lowest to the highest.

First step done, that is to register online under my existing account - Jupiter Securities. And oh i'm so glad to learn that its online brokering fees are among the lowest...gud gud!

Second step, waiting for their activation code before i can proceed to login and get familiar with the online environment.

Third step, still pending, and the most important of all, is to go to TH and withdraw some money to be deposited into the trust account.

yepp am so excited! Can't wait to start trading online :)))

17 May 2009

outing lagik?

Opss misi nak stay kat rumah tak berjaya ari ni. Actually dari kelmarin dah pasang 'niat' nak kluar today :p

Dlm pukul 12, kami kluar ke tesco kajang. Catch a quick lunch at TCRS, adik behaved well dlm high chair..so dpt la mkn dgn tenangnyer. Right after that terus menuju ke Nagoya, misi utama outing hari ini. Akhirnye jumpe jugak dgn kain idaman utk buat curtain idlan :) Thanx to kak as from toteboutique.blogspot.com sbb inform ku di mana nak cari kain2 cun yg digunakan utk tote bag beliau. And dlm masa 2jam++ kami spent di Nagoya, akhirnye decide utk beli kain polka dot grey black utk curtain idlan (actually sama fabric dgn tote bag yg ku order dari kak as so kiranyer bag mama sama color dgn curtain idlan hohoho).

polka dot grey black utk dimatchkan dgn 3 rona ungu bagi feature wall
Tangkapan kedua, beli kain baju melayu raya utk pruzz dan kekanak tuh. Color dark magenta, utk matching dgn kain bandung mama yg umi hadiahkan from Bandung. Dan tangkapan ketiga, beli kain curtain utk main hall kami yg taknah ditukar sejak berpindah masuk ke rumah 2 taun lepas :p. Kami pilih 2 kain berlainan utk dicantum, main body color creamish dan top color dark green. Kali ni pilih utk jahit ring style, selamat dihantar ke nagoya utk upah jahit (sekeping RM11 excluding rings).

Kiranyer sekarang hunting mission utk stuffs projek kid's room all completed, cuma pending bab implementation jer :p Tunggu abah free baru bley start dgn kerja2 mengecat dan sebagainyer.

16 May 2009

carbonara anyone?

Macam tak caye jer, we managed to stay at home throughout the day yey!
Tu pun come evening, i started to feel itchy and suggested hubby to go out to catch something for dinner, but thanx hubby for stopping me since we still have the leftover pasta cooked in the afternoon.

As promised to k.nani, here goes the carbonara sauce recipe for you to try it out. Insya Allah sedap muehehehe. This time i use small shells for the pasta...the taste is good when blends together with the sauce :))

Pasta Carbonara

button mushroom
whipped cream (sekotak kecik tu jer)
cheddar cheese (i use Australia natural cheddar)

The action:
1. Sautee garlic and onion with butter.
2. Add chicken, then put little bit of water.
3. Add mushroom. Then add the whipped cream (make sure you're on slow heat).
4. Add flour to thicken the sauce. Put more water.
5. Add salt, oregano, and last but not least cheddar cheese to give it the cheesy & creamy taste.

* The flour is used to thicken the sauce (same rules apply when u want to make mushroom soup). Today i use superfine flour since i'm running out of wheat flour...kira mahal sket la nih carbonara ku kali nih :p

Makes about 7-8 servings. Sangat puas dpt mkn byk kali hehehe. And this is one of idlan's all-time favourite (he ate 3 plates ok!). I used to cook this for him since he was 1yr+++.

and ohh earlier today i made pancakes (topped with chocolate sauce, blueberry and whipped cream) for brunch. Sangat menyelerakan specially with the fresh cream in place....tp x sempat nak snap pics lenkali ok :)

15 May 2009

Our Unit xxx ~ Retreat & Reheat Program
When: Monday – 18th May
Time: 830-530pm

Wajib’ activities:
-Management Games
-Obstacle Course
-Flying Fox

Free & Easy:
-Karaoke (croon your friends or make them suffer hehe)
-Rub & Tub Spa
-Complimentary facilities: Swimming (with proper swimming attire please), volleyball, basketball, Jacuzzi & futsal

They also have horse riding, go-karts and many more.
It sure gonna be lots of fun bebeh!

Satu unit will be missing the whole day akakakakka i likeee!

14 May 2009


Tix KUL-OOL successfully secured. It’s going to happen on April 2010, still a long way to go yet I’m thrilled all over.

Thanx AA for the promo :)

11 May 2009

mother's day

On the mother's day, as planned and agreed we convened at my house in the afternoon. Umi told me not to prepare anything since my brother got lots of free KFC snack plate coupons, just redeem and have them take aways for our tea-time. Nonetheless i cooked the easiest dish, my all-time favourite spaghetti bolognese. Umi brought nasi goreng cina, some pulut+sweet coconut and sira keledek. So at the end, we're stuffed to the max with all the foods hehe. We also had vanilla buttercake+blueberry as the dessert :)

And oh, the men of the house got me these as the mother's day gift :) The two of them went out to send kak tie's cuppies and dropped by at jusco just to buy this. And tak sempat nak surprise idlan already spilled the secret by shouting from outside"mama mama ade hadiah!"
Anyway thank u yer sayang!!

Tiring yet it was one lovely evening spent with the whole family...alhamdulillah.

08 May 2009

Buat seorang ibu....

The parcel has safely arrived at my mom's house this evening. She called me just now, sounds sad+terharu (i initially thought something not good is happening) and i can sense she was talking with teary eyes.

I'm glad she's happy with the gift. I'm the only daughter in the family, and she said i'm the only one yg always give her something (well i know my bro is not the type yg show his love by giving gifts). I just told her, sekali sekala surprise bukannyer every month...lagipon sementara hayat masih ada.

Happy Mother's Day Umi!
I can never thank you enough for being the best-est mom in this world.
For all the loves you showered to us, for all the sacrifices made in bringing us up,
and for made us a person we are today. Your love is incomparable to anything, and there's no best word or act can describe how much you're meant to me.
Semoga Umi sentiasa dilindungiNya selalu, semoga rahmat sentiasa berpihak kepadamu. Dan hanya Allah jua yang dpt membalas segala jasa dan pergorbananmu selama ini.
I luv you always, now and forever.

Kepada Mak, dan ibu2 dan mommy2 lain di luar sana, Happy Mother's Day to us. May we become the best-est mother to our kids and family. We may not be super great in everything, but we can always become supermom in our very own way :)

Have a good weekend ahead peeps!

07 May 2009

income tax

I received a love letter from L*DN yesterday asking me to pay nearly RM1.5k for income tax 2007. I was like what the he*l is this? They’re the one who supposed to refund me and yet now they’re asking for my decent money. Hello it’s not that my gaji is 10k per month ok! Not wanting to waste any minute I quickly look up for my personal file, took out all the slips and evidences, and cross-refer with my printed BE form. And yes I confidently think they were wrong. To add further to my frustration the calculation didn’t show any waiver that I’m entitled to, i.e. individual claim RM8k, insurance, kids RM1k, kwsp, and whatnots. The only thing that was being minus from the calculation is my zakat and dividend. Haha what a silly and blatant mistake! While baking and deco kak nor’s cuppies, my mind is working with all sort of sentences and wordings that I’m gonna use to defend myself tomorrow.

So today first thing in the morning I stormed into their office, konon nak jadi garang but later terus melt bila akak counter tu tersgtla baik hahaha hampes plak rasa. She showed me her screen, all the calculation sheets, etc…and finally that sweet lady said “awak takyah bayar pepe dik. Kami yg kena refund sebyk ni $$$”. Haaa zaaaassss ku dah agak dah. Then I said, habis tu kenape hantar surat camni kat org…very confusing la kak. Dahla amount byk bukan main..kalo seratus dua takper jugak. Dia pon ckp…a’aa mmg ramai dah complaint…ramai yg confuse, tapi awak ignore jelah surat tuh.

See, sometimes ignorance is a bless isnt it?

Before I left, I asked her about my refund.
“Bila bley dpt kak? Dia pon kata…dalam sebulan dua dptla…byk prosesnyer.
Aku reply balik…ye ke sebulan dua….ramai je yg bertahun2 tak dpt.
Then dia pon quickly reply…
Ok takper, akak tulis nota pada bhgn pungutan utk minta diorang refund…awak tunggu la nanti yer.

And then I left, smiling ear to ear. Harap2 dah jumpa face to face ni cepatla dapat akakakakka :p

Pengajaran: sila abaikan jika anda terima Borang J dari pihak yg dinyatakan di atas. Amount tertulis most likely is not accurate :p

Opps lunch tadi saya beli buku Annabel Karmel Family Cookbook dari mynews kat bawah ni. RM29.90 dan resit saya simpan! hahaha

05 May 2009

030509 @ Melaka

Melaka, as usual never fails to excite us…a very short getaway yet truly satisfying!

Kicked off the day with a visit to Zoo Melaka, the last time we were there was back in 2007, I was carrying Firas that time :) We decided to tour the area by taking a tram, konon takut penat + cuaca panas. But later after half of journey we board off the tram…haaa baru puas berjalan hehe. Managed to catch the elephants show around 12noon (while people were hovering towards the elephant I slowly got out of the crowd to feed firas under the trees :p). Had a quick lunch at McD drive thru, and off we went to Mahkota hotel just in time for check in.

After lepaking and having a short nap we went down to the kids pool. Abah had ‘fun’ watching and safeguarding idlan mandi-manda. Later we let idlan to play ‘mini’ golf before heading back to our room for Maghrib prayer. Our initial plan to have dinner @ ikan bakar was cancelled, considering tpt tu panas + not comfy for the kids. So we settled down at Kenny Rogers @ MP instead. That’s the end of day 1.

Day 2 after buffet breakfast, idlan lepas gian at pool once again while adik dozed off in lalaland. At 11ish we checked out and jln2 at Dataran Pahlawan. Such a big shopping complex with lots of high-end outlets. Got a t-shirt and a pair of shoes for adik, and a ben 10 sticker book for idlan at the Brands Outlet. And after lunch we head off back to KL. That’s the end of abah’s besday celebration. Bila tanye abah hepi tak? Dia kata asal bebudak tu hepi…okla!

02 May 2009

Opps before mama terlupa, at 8 months 3 weeks, Firas dah tumbuh 2 gigi kat bawah :)))

Abah turns 29!

Actually not today, but tomorrow insya Allah (3rd May). But since we'll be going for a one day getaway @ Melaka tomorrow, we had the pre-celebration i.e. cake-cutting in advance. Thought of cutting it today, but idlan just couldn't stop asking when can 'he' cuts the cake. Before any of the berries go missing, i'd better snap the pics quickly :p

To B, Happy Birthday to you! Thank you for being at my side, during my ups and downs, throughout our nearly 6 yrs of marriage. I'll always pray for your success, here and thereafter. May Allah bless you with good health and life all yr round. We all luv you beribu-ribu lemon muahsss!!!

p/s: You may view HotStove for the cake details.