02 May 2009

Abah turns 29!

Actually not today, but tomorrow insya Allah (3rd May). But since we'll be going for a one day getaway @ Melaka tomorrow, we had the pre-celebration i.e. cake-cutting in advance. Thought of cutting it today, but idlan just couldn't stop asking when can 'he' cuts the cake. Before any of the berries go missing, i'd better snap the pics quickly :p

To B, Happy Birthday to you! Thank you for being at my side, during my ups and downs, throughout our nearly 6 yrs of marriage. I'll always pray for your success, here and thereafter. May Allah bless you with good health and life all yr round. We all luv you beribu-ribu lemon muahsss!!!

p/s: You may view HotStove for the cake details.


puterikiut said...

fuh sungguh menarik.. :)
selamat bercuti ya..

ShaFiAti said...

sedapnyer cake tu yati..hishh..menggoda betul la..habihla diet i camni..heheh

y@tipruzz said...

bukan diet sue..diet kitorang ler hancus agagagaga

Farra said...

wah wah..mengancam! sihat btoi strawbery tu..happy birthday to Pruz!

ummuizz said...

kek itu kelihatannya begitu sedap...
thanks atas tip :)

salam taaruf ye!