11 August 2014

8.8.2014 - Firas turns 6!

Syukur Alhamdulillah, our small family gathering cum Firas’s birthday celebration turned out well and proceeded as planned. Being a mak yong who is still in the early stage, I had to take an off day on Friday to do the prep i.e. do the shopping, siang ayam daging, masak nasi impit and agar-agar, etc. Me and hubby also had a quick outing to Jusco for my birthday’s lunch treat and scouting for Firas’s birthday gift. I’ve also intended to bake a marble cheese brownie the same day, but the plan did not materialize anyway. Too tired already plus we also had open house jiran that night which the mommies (especially!) mkn2 and borak like nobody business from 9.20pm until almost 12 midnight! huhhh

Saturday came, I hit the kitchen as early as 4.30am. Sambung siang daging (semlm tak sempat kiki), stopped for Subuh prayer and started the cooking process. Line ups of the day – nasi beriyani, ayam masak merah, kari daging, acar timun, nasi impit, lontong, sambal ikan bilis, serunding daging, rendang daging (import mak punyer hehe), agar2 gula Melaka, kek lapis Sarawak (bos kasik), watermelon and air oren. I don’t have a big rice cooker, hence need to cook the nasi twice.

Penat? yes definitely. I had to take panadol that night, mmg sakit kepala yg amat. Happy? of course!!! Seronok dapat jamu orang2 tersayang dengan hasil air tangan sendiri yg tak seberapa. Most importantly, the chance to strengthen the loves n bonding that already exists amongst us, that’s priceless. Our kids especially the birthday boy pun mmg sgt2 hepi dapat celebrate besday dgn cousin2 mereka…Alhamdulillah.
Do we want to have another round of makan2 next year? Insya Allah. tapi catering la kotss hihi…tak larat la nak masak utk ramai orang. Kudrat dah kureng…baru masak sikit dah sakit pinggang yg amats.

 cake topper buat last minute :)

 surprise birthday gift!

 with umi and papa

 pak ngah's family

 chocolate indulgence by SR

the surprise gift i.e. Bumblee bee stands proud next to the cake hehe

 cousins dah berkumpul n ready

 host of the day..muka keletihan amats

06 August 2014

Raya ke-3 di Bukit Merah Laketown

It was quite an impromptu decision for us to have a short family gathering during our Raya holidays. Hubby discussed with his siblings (I think a week before Raya) and finally reached a consensus, yes it was going to be a one-night stay at Suria Service Apartment, Bukit Merah Laketown. Hubby went thru all the booking process this time (which is so unlike him since almost 90% of our family holidays normally were done by meself hehe).  He booked 4 units of 1-bedroom apartment thru Agoda at RM190 per unit incl breakfast. 

So on the 3rd day of Raya off we went to Bukit Merah. Journey is less than 1hr from mil’s house. We had our home-cooked lunch at one of the pergola nearby the pool. Menu is udang gemuk2 masak sos, ayam goreng kicap & sardine. Dessert ada kek suji, lemon cake, rv cake n mocha cake. Dasat woo sumer food habis..mmg sedap msk sendiri even though sempoi jer! Lepas kenyang apa lagi, kids terus terjun pool since tak boleh check in lagi. Mandi dari pukul 1pm+..until 3pm. We had a bad experience during checking in. They are supposed to let us in by 3pm, but our rooms were still not ready and been informed the earliest we can check in will be at 3.30pm! Teruk sangat rasa..sian mak ayah and bebudak dah kepenatan. Front counter mmg agak havoc sket sbb ramai guest mmg tak happy dgn situation tuh. I guess orang lambat check out kot…hence housekeeping tak sempat nak clean up the room by 3pm. 

Finally by 4pm semua berjaya check in. Hish geram yg amat ok. Lepas check in semua terbongkang kepenatan. Mlm pegi tgk fire show dekat Laketown resort…kasi kids main games kejap..then terus balik. The next morning kasi can kids mandi lagi pool sampai 11am…then pukul 12 barula check out n pulang semula ke kampung halaman and sambung beraya lagi hehe


05 August 2014

Gravida 5, Para 3 (+1)

....as written on the front page of my yellow-colored prenatal book.

I didn’t survive my previous gravida 2, God knows well what’s best for its servant and we accepted it wholeheartedly without much questions. Then came my cheeky and handsome little Firas to add more colors to our lives, followed by baby Ammar, who still becomes my lil baby until today, well at least until his real ‘adik baby’ borns into this world.

So they are my 3 little boys who made us smiles and laugh during their sweet n angelic behavior, the same that made us scream and mad over their tantrums n whatnots. 

The current gravida 5 has its own challenge. Migraine, nausea, tiredness…these 3 becomes my best buddies ever since I figured out I am expecting another baby. I didn’t vomited, I have no problem eating any food, I have no problem to cook, but to my surprise I lose some kilos for the past 3 months. I got migraine attack (or at least headache) almost every day, which I tried my best to avoid taking paracetamol during this early stage, that makes the headache worsen and lasted for days. On certain days I surrendered and took the paracetamol, if not I don’t think I’ll be able to leave the bed, go to the office and continue my usual routines like other normal people. Oh I just don’t like this hormonal change in the body, and pray that this will not prolong until the 2nd trimester.

Back in kampung during raya, it seems like most of hubby’s relatives already knew I am pregnant. When we went to a relative house in Sg Petani, hubby’s cousin even asked ‘so dah brape bulan nih?’ Obviously they didn’t see my tummy cause it is still flat (tak tipu tau hehe), but surprisingly the story of ‘Yati getting preggie again’ spread faster than I thought! Malunya!!

The pressure that I got this time is different. If during Ammar’s time I am ALL OK if it is a boy (again!), but this time it seems that everybody (well at least almost everyone that I bumped into) is hoping it is a GIRL. Especially my mom and mil…and Idlan…and Firas…well everyone! To be honest, I am redha and pasrah if it turns out to be a boy, but the thought of revealing the baby’s gender to umi, mak and the rest scares me a bit. Harapan menggunung dari mereka I tell you. But again Allah knows best, and me as the one that is carrying this tiny lil creature in my body only hope that he or she is healthy and complete, and that my pregnancy and later the journey towards labor is smooth without any complications. That’s what I’ve been hoping and praying in each of my du’a.

I have a friend who have 4 girls and now finally is expecting a boy for her fifth pregnancy. I have a colleague who has 4 straight boys and then only followed by two girls. I have a friend who has 3 boys and that’s it. So what’s the big deal if my fourth one turns out to be a boy (again)? me and hubby has decided that this will be our last one…and still both of us are OK if it is a BOY.

So lil baby, whether you are a boy or girl, mama and abah still loves you unconditionally. And because of that, pls grow healthily inside your mommy’s tummy ok!

Salam Aidilfitri 2014

Antara gambar yg sempat di capture di pagi Raya di Ampang. After lunch, kami bergerak pulang ke Kulim, Kedah dan sambung beraya selama hampir seminggu! Selama 5 hari di sana, mmg everyday kuar beraya dari pagi hingga ke lewat petang. Flat yg amat toksah ckp, migrain pon menjadi teman setia sepanjang raya :(
Apa-apa pun syukur anak2 semua sihat dan happy dpt beraya ke rumah sanak saudara, dapat main bunga api 3x, dapat main air dan berendam dlm pool @ Bukit Merah pada raya ke-3, dan memacam lagiklah aktiviti depa sepanjang kat kampung...uishh mmg marvellous raya kali ni :)

Semua gambar dekat Ampang je...kat Kulim langsung x snap picture sebab bz jalan raya :p