06 August 2008

PM: latest distribution

I almost forgotten about performance for one of my funds....duk tingat baby je sampai lupa distribution dates utk these funds.

Public Bank’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Public Mutual declares distributions for four of its funds. The total gross distributions declared for the financial year ended 31 July 2008 are as follows:

Public Growth Fund : 10.00 sen
Public Bond Fund : 5.00 sen
Public Islamic Opportunities Fund : 4.00 sen
Public Islamic Select Bond Fund : 1.50 sen

Meanwhile, Public Islamic Opportunities Fund which was ranked No. 1 for its three-year returns has generated a return of 59.70% for the same period in its category. Public Islamic Opportunities Fund was launched in 2005 while Public Islamic Select Bond Fund was launched last year.

Source: www.publicmutual.com.my

Alhamdulillah, lega dengar. Despite the up downs on the equity sector due to our country's political instability, my fund is still performing well (partly due to the much-stabled oversea investments).
Local stocks are picking up now, nevertheless I'm still waiting for a right time to go out.
Some took the opportunity to sell to avoid further losses, however i still believe and hope for a good
turnaround in long-term.

Patience is the key :)

Oppss sape nak tambah investment, bley la calling2 saya/Pruzz ok. Honestly now is a good time to pour money for additional investment due to the market's downward trend...harga tgh jatuh, buy now and you'll get more units for the fund.

05 August 2008

counting time

My neighbour next 2 door is supposed to deliver a week later than me. But she requested to gynae to induce her on this coming Friday for she could no longer bear the persistent backache and whatnots.

To be frank, i am so jealous of her.

Her baby is going to share the same birthdate with me.

ohh adik baby....don't u want to come out on that day as well???

I do hope loads of meetings scheduled this week will put some 'trigger' to the cervicks :p

04 August 2008

1] Akibat kelam kabut dgn amendment yg disubmit last minutes, dgn org yg baru dtg install pc, ke hulu hilir ke meja ofismate sbb nak pinjam visio dia…aku terlanggar thumb drive hingga dia kemek, terbelah dua & bengkok. Bila test open file…daaaaaaangggg…file can’t open. Hangin satu badan rasa. Dahla byk benda dicopy dlm tuh sbb all this while bekerja menggunakan laptop ofis. Makanye hari Jumaat lepas diakhiri dgn hati yg sgt tensi. Thumb drive tuh hadiah dr pruzz…zaman dolu2 nyer 128mb harga RM100++…sgt mahal time tuh :p

Mlm tu kat umah, tak puas hati lagi….kucuba godek2 balik dan akhirnya….alhamdulillah berjaya jugak laptopku read file2 dlm tuh. Settle masalah! Tapi still takleh tutup sbb dah pecah…so jadikla begini rupanyer hehehe

after 'direpair'

2] Beg sekolah baru yg sgt besar …ditukar dgn J-card points. Excited benar dia gi school pagi nih :)

3] Dan ni...kes ngidam last minute….semakin dekat nak pop out makin byk plak benda yg teringin nak makan…ish ishhh