05 August 2008

counting time

My neighbour next 2 door is supposed to deliver a week later than me. But she requested to gynae to induce her on this coming Friday for she could no longer bear the persistent backache and whatnots.

To be frank, i am so jealous of her.

Her baby is going to share the same birthdate with me.

ohh adik baby....don't u want to come out on that day as well???

I do hope loads of meetings scheduled this week will put some 'trigger' to the cervicks :p


Anonymous said...

gud luck k for ur delivery soon...

i pun tak sabar nak tgk baby baru...hehehe


CT said...

goodluck...mmg x saba kan nak deliver bile perut tu dah rasa amat besar..:)
wish u n bb have a safe journey..:)