27 May 2012

Dinasours Live @ Pusat Sains Negara

2nd trip to PSN. This time because they hv dinos' exhibition in place. So we thought the kids must've had fun watching the dinos..live right in front of them!

Arrived there around 1030am, big crowd

already that we had to park outside n walked crossing d roofed bridge. Tix price RM15 adult, RM12 kids above 6y & RM6 for kids 3-6y. However there's a family package that costs u less..RM42 for 2 adults n 2 kids...value buy huh.

Did the kids hv fun? Well idlan enjoyed himself to the fullest n even asked to tour d hall for 2nd round. Firas was scared n opt to be seated inside d stroller all way long. He didnt even want to go any near to the dinos...what more to touch their bodies n all. While ammar...hahh tis boy scared to his death that i need to carry him all throughout! Nangis keluar air mata okehhh hihi

There's a butterfly farm outside the exhibition hall...also small pond housing the orange  carps.

So overall...this place considered ok if u want to spend some quality time with family. But be sure to arrive early as the parking was full n loads of cars lined up in double lane after 2pm.

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25 May 2012

Geng Lunch @ Salero Negeri Amcorp Mall

Another fulfilling lunch trip by Geng Lunch, this time we decided going to Amcorp. The twins n kak tie kinda expert wth everything about Amcorp..the layout, the food stall & even the shop that sells blouses as cheap as rm15! Dasat korang seh!!! As for me, i think this is my 3-4th visit here ever since i worked in menara...agak koman ok haha!

Back to our lunch, this restaurant serves masakan Padang/Minang's style. Quite an extensive range of lauk pauks to choose from..taste wise ok n sedap...well kalau x sedap takkan ade org sampai mintak nasi tambah kan :p

We had ayam goreng rempah, daging salai, keli goreng, lemak pucuk ubi, terung goreng cili, gulai urat ketin (erkkkk semah suke bangat nihh)..oso tapai aiskrim & sagu gula melaka for dessert.

The damage?? Ermm not sure exactly since it was Farra's treat tis time. ..pepe pon tq beb moga murah rezeki slalu!!

Lepas lunch sempat melilau ke 2 kedai. Semah berjaya menyambar tudung 'perth' while me farra & aini menyambar blouse 'perth' hehe cam poyos sumer beli sbb perth :p

So nx visit A&W plaks ok...ramai mommy2 yg mengidam waffle ice cream yg sedappp itu!! Opss dlm gambar ade 3 members yg missing...ade sorang tu bz pegi menempah baju raya :) haaa korang dah beli ker???

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21 May 2012

Restoran Sup Urat Ketin Seksyen 7, Bangi

Sekali cuba, pasti nak lagi! Teringat masa zaman pregnant dulu, hubby slalu bwk mkn kt sini. Sup dia power..sedap bangat! All kinds of soup ade..sup daging, tulang, ayam etc..paling femes is urat ketin. But believe me, so far dh brape kali mkn sini x penah ade kekuatan nk try mkn urat ketin tuh...takuttt!

Apart from soup, sate dia pon sedap. Sedap from Samuri but still cannot beat Willy.

Sape taknak mkn sup, goreng2 pon ade. Time siang, dia jual nasi lauk.

Ambience ok..dulu agak crowded, tp now dia dh expand jadik 2 kedai..so agak selesa jugakla.

Ok sekian review ikhlas utk restoran sup uk..takyah gi jejauh nk mkn sup sedap :p

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20 May 2012

(19) Carrot cake- few slices a day won't guilt you!

Ok so on Friday night i made marble cheese brownie for Aida. Then told myself, why not i forced myself to bake one 4 our family. So carrot cake it was then! Use the very same recipe given by Farra (check out under the label recipe), i baked the cake on Sunday morning and only managed to frost it wth cream cheese in the afternoon..after we got back from Firas's Sports Day.

What a tiring but fruitful weekend!

Idlan's done wth his exam, firas wth its rumah Kuning got no 2, and i got the fridge stuffed up wth delicious carrot cake haha

Ok now i got to get back to work! Still hv piles of unfolded clothes to attend to..bosannyerr!

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(18) Marble cheese brownies

Ordered by my neighbour but ended up given out to our kids' teachers @ the tadika during sports day this morning. Surprise kek teachers day gitu :)

Looks like i now bake once in a month gitu...bila bz, its kinda difficult to get back the momentum hurmmm

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19 May 2012

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GengLunch @ Seoul Garden, Plaza Pantai

It was supposed to be our final luncheon gathering for bonus but since Farra couldnt make it towards d very last minute, no calling off yet!! There'll be another one last friday next wk..on Farra's of course hihi sian ko!

Anyway here in Seoul u can opt to hv steamboat either wth chicken or tomyam soup. Majority will go for tomyam of course. Wide variety of servings they had, ranging from diff types of marinated chicken, beef, fish n oso some seafood like kerang, kepah n udang. Dun like something meaty? No worries coz they oso hv yong tau foo kind of things like fish ball, crab ball, tauhu n mcm2 lagikla.

Now u wanna hv some anti-ocxidant to detox all d calories & bad cholesterol...u may go for some vegies like kangkung, bayam, sawi, chinese cabbage n bendi!

After detox to wrap up ur visit, never say goodbye without first tasting their dessert! Cendol ada ABC ada jeli n puding ada rojak ada andddd yg paling saya suke...ehemm ehemm aiskrim laa per lagik!! Siap pulun 2 mangkuk tuuu opss pity my stomach :p

Oh lupa, air free- flow yer.

Just take enough food 4 yourselves n do not waste. Any leftovers will be charged accordingly.

And be prepared to come back to office like a walking bbq pit as Kak Tie called it hihi tudung konfem bau mcm arang terbakar! Iskk

Price rm36 per pax.

To Aini, tima kasih bebyk yer!! Moga bertambah rezeki n dpt above average lg taun depan hehehe

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17 May 2012

New Hair Cut

First time abah bawak pergi potong rambut dekat kedai. Baik rupanye dia, behave jer all way long. Kalau kat rumah time potong dengan mama, bersilat dan menjerit sakan bagai nak rak dalam toilet!!

Kira rambut pendek utk pegi Perth la ni hihi tak sabarrrrrrrrrrrr (rasa nk jerit pon ader hoho mode stress kes byk keja pending :p)

Till then!! see u in Perth!!
hahaha berangan lagik dik non oiiiii

13 May 2012

Hepi Mothers Day!!

Hepi Mothers Day to all mommies!!!

Moga kita semua akan menjadi ibu2 yg terbaik buat keluarga kita!

To Umi & Mak,

Terima kasih di atas segala kasih sayang yg diberi. Moga kalian sentiasa dilindungiNya selalu amin.


Shall we hv a special luncheon again??? Hehehe

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10 May 2012

legacy stripe hippie

Cik stripey dah sampaiiii :)

Tq Yang!!!!

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06 May 2012

ayam bakar wong solo

Family gathering at Ayam Bakar/Penyet Wong Solo. Located near balai polis Tmn Dagang Ampang. We took set 4 consists of 6pcs chicken, 2 fish, 2 squids, 2 sup ekor, 2 fried kangkung, 2 tauhu n tempe set & 10 bottles of mineral water. Total price for this set is rm178. Fruit juice costs u around rm5-7.

Taste-wise...sedap especially ayam bakar dia!

Ambience sgt ok...rasa selesa duk bersila meja pjg. They also provide normal table n chair settings at G flr.

Overall review- recommended!

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Geng Lunch @ Noodle Station MV

As promised n planned, the second lunch celeb was held at 'Nudle Station' as spelt by k.tie :p. Majority of us chose its Springy noodle in tomyam soup. Its ice blended mocha n chocolate were awesome..highly recommended! Its prawn fried wanton also taste delish! Banana split ok...black pepper wings pon ok. Whats important, price-wise is reasonable...at least thats wat matters most when we choose to dine out isnt it?

Pepe pon, we had a fun chilled-out girls session dat day. No major damage done. Perhaps everyone is insaf already after series of shop-till-u-drop done on the previous week hoho

Thnx to Team 3 for the treat!!

Pasnih tunggu turn Team 1 plaksss :)

Till then...this post remains as draft..dah 4 hari internet out! Today kontraktor dtg replace modem, still kenot online. Suspect dslam problem n hv to wait for rno to come n fix. Stressss takleh online grrrrrrr

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