19 May 2012

GengLunch @ Seoul Garden, Plaza Pantai

It was supposed to be our final luncheon gathering for bonus but since Farra couldnt make it towards d very last minute, no calling off yet!! There'll be another one last friday next wk..on Farra's of course hihi sian ko!

Anyway here in Seoul u can opt to hv steamboat either wth chicken or tomyam soup. Majority will go for tomyam of course. Wide variety of servings they had, ranging from diff types of marinated chicken, beef, fish n oso some seafood like kerang, kepah n udang. Dun like something meaty? No worries coz they oso hv yong tau foo kind of things like fish ball, crab ball, tauhu n mcm2 lagikla.

Now u wanna hv some anti-ocxidant to detox all d calories & bad cholesterol...u may go for some vegies like kangkung, bayam, sawi, chinese cabbage n bendi!

After detox to wrap up ur visit, never say goodbye without first tasting their dessert! Cendol ada ABC ada jeli n puding ada rojak ada andddd yg paling saya suke...ehemm ehemm aiskrim laa per lagik!! Siap pulun 2 mangkuk tuuu opss pity my stomach :p

Oh lupa, air free- flow yer.

Just take enough food 4 yourselves n do not waste. Any leftovers will be charged accordingly.

And be prepared to come back to office like a walking bbq pit as Kak Tie called it hihi tudung konfem bau mcm arang terbakar! Iskk

Price rm36 per pax.

To Aini, tima kasih bebyk yer!! Moga bertambah rezeki n dpt above average lg taun depan hehehe

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Ummu Auni said...

TQ TQ! tahun depan?? mmm..macam tak kut :P