30 June 2009

Roseola Virus

Hmm Firas dah demam since last Tuesday, high fever sbb at times his temperature shot up to almost 40 celcius. Kelmarin demam dah almost kebah, but suddenly yesterday he developed lots of rashes, from face spreading down to his neck, arm, chest, back, and abdomen. Campak ke allergic ni...konfius kitorang. Nursery kata dia mkn porridge budak lain, ade ikan bilis (sbb dia dah bosan dgn my porridge huhu). Well aku taknah kasik bilis all this while..was it the culprit?

Pagi ni bwk lagi jumpa paed, and paed kata ohhh this is 'roseola virus'. Very common among babies (tapi idlan taknah kena pon :p). It started with high fever that lasted for few days, followed by rashes. So now back in office i googled the net and found this...just for my further understanding :)

Roseola is a common disease of babies or young children, in which several days of very high
fever are followed by a rash.

Roseola is an extraordinarily common infection, caused by a virus. About 90% of all children have been exposed to the virus, with about 33% actually demonstrating the syndrome of fever followed by rash.
The most common age for a child to contract roseola is between six and twelve months.

Roseola strikes suddenly, when a previously-well child spikes an impressively high fever. The most notable thing about this early phase of roseola is the absence of symptoms, other than the high fever. Although some children have a slightly reddened throat, or a slightly runny nose, most children have no symptoms whatsoever, other than the sudden development of high fever. This fever lasts for between three and five days. Somewhere around the fifth day, a rash begins on the body. The rash is usually composed of flat pink patches or spots, although there may be some raised patches as well. The rash usually starts on the chest, back, and abdomen, and then spreads out to the arms and neck. It may or may not reach the legs and face. The rash lasts for about three days, then fades.

Tadi time hantar firas ke nursery, si abang tgh practise games for his upcoming sports day. Riuh bangat dekat luar nursery ngan bebudak tu sumer menjerit2....tak sabar rasanyer nak attend sports day dia kali nih. Last yr i was in my confinement hence pruzz je yg teman idlan dekat padang. This time around i better be sure not to miss the chance...dan disebabkan itu maka kitorang kenalah cepat tukar digicam baru...nikon yg lama ni sgtla bosan, tade anti-shake, bateri bila dah charge pon still jadi zero, nyawa2 ikan gitu!

29 June 2009

cerita hari ini

Rasa sihat bila dpt breakfast dgn roti wholemeal+1 slice of cheese+horlicks panas pagi ni. Bertambah sihat rasanyer bila dpt menahan diri dari mkn nasi lemak/nasi goreng/mee goreng dan makanan berminyak yg seangkatan dgnnyer. Mlm semlm pon tak mkn nasi goreng..mkn mihun sup jer. Aiskrim dlm freezer cuma mkn 2-3 sudu. Sneakers/kit kat/Mars pon dah seminggu tak beli kat mynews.com di opis tuh. Alhamdulillah kelmarin satu hari perut sihat tade masalah. Harap2 program diet UNTUK SIHAT ku ini berjln dgr lancar hehehe. Hari tu jumpe doktor berat 53.6kg..agak2 kalo lama tak jamah nasi lemak bley kurang lagi tak? :p

Ex-opismate buzz kejap tadi..katanyer dah ade kes H1N1 kat T* (import from singapore). Not sure how true it is since the co didnt make any official statement yet. Bestnyer kalo opis kena tutup temporarily hihi.

Semlm, dgn rasminya kami semua berjaya berpindah balik ke master bedroom (proses mengemas dari pagi ke ptg siap ade break byk kali). It has been left vacant ever since firas was born, maknanye almost a yr la jugak. All this while i slept with firas dekat bilik bwh, sementara idlan dgn abahnyer tido kat living hall. Sian kan? Best rasanye dpt merasa katil queen balik :)) Next week insya allah pruzz akan start dgn make over project utk bilik idlan...hopefully before mak ude balik kl nanti rumah dah kemas dan tidakla berkeadaan spt tongkang pecah macam sekarang :p

26 June 2009

delayed post

1. Luncheon @ SF bersama mommies2 blogger. First time jumpe k.Elin time tuh.
Bak kata farra, next time kena date tpt lain...kalo idak harus kopak macik!
(aku curik gambo ko eh farra tq!)

Dan ini, adalah hadiah giveaway from k.elin bersempena contest 1000th post by her. Kiut and comel kan? Eni jgn jeles :p Tima kasih daun keladi lain kali buatlah contest lagi hihihi.

2. Si kecik still demam+batuk+sesema+muntah lagik..since Tuesday. Finally yesterday we made a visit to his paed, and was given antibiotic on top of his usual medications. Today hantar ke nursery, sian dia flat je muka huhu. Cepat sembuh ye adik!

3. Gastik ku still belum ok..on off tapi everyday mesti akan kena. Pelik jugak, diet dah control, ubat pon dah makan, tapi still kena. Letih betul camnih. Dugaan dari Dia kots...harap2 cepatla ok, pose ganti masih byk berbaki :(

4. Umi, Papa ngan Adik tgh berleisure2 di korea skang nih. Esok depa balik, tak sabor nak dgr citer ape yg depa borong kat sana. Berjaya jugak derang jejak ke Jeju Island yg duk disebut2 dlm TV3 tuh :p

and last but not least,

Congrats Mak Ude!!!
or shall we address you as Dr. Nurul?
hehehehe balik sini cecepat yer!!!

22 June 2009

changing your lifestyle?

After careful thoughts, i think it's about time i take a serious step towards changing my lifestyle (read: my diet). Say NO to chocolate, spicy and oily foods (bubye spaghetti bolognese & tomyam), fried foods and many others as stated in my previous post. I foresee it's not going to be easy, but i'm still young (ye ker?), and to stay healthy is important above any other things in this world. Since i'm on mc today, i cook this just now. Mee sanggul leftover yesterdays to be eaten with carbonara sauce. No chilli, less oilly. Kira ok dok?

This one was made yesterday, mee sanggul hailam (mee diimport dari kedah lagik you dijamin halal :) ...no chilli padi added, tapi B kata still sedap. Disebabkan sedap, kasikla semangkuk ke jiran depan umah hehe...kalo tak sedap malu wooo nak kasik2 org nih :p


I warn you, this is a very long entry, merely posted for my personal reference. The gastro said my condition is more towards a reflux, so i googled the net and found this....

What is gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)?
Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, occurs when the lower esophageal sphincter (LES) does not close properly and stomach contents leak back, or reflux, into the esophagus. The LES is a ring of muscle at the bottom of the esophagus that acts like a valve between the esophagus and stomach. The esophagus carries food from the mouth to the stomach.
---> Yup my doc did mention that my valve is some kind of loose hence make it easier for the acid to come up to esophagus.

When refluxed stomach acid touches the lining of the esophagus, it causes a burning sensation in the chest or throat called
heartburn. The fluid may even be tasted in the back of the mouth, and this is called acid indigestion. Occasional heartburn is common but does not necessarily mean one has GERD. Heartburn that occurs more than twice a week may be considered GERD, and it can eventually lead to more serious health problems.
---> of late i experience heartburn every time after consuming food, even in a small amount. It really causes serious discomfort, at times i feel like not wanting to eat at all.

What are the symptoms of GERD?
The main symptoms are persistent heartburn and acid regurgitation. Some people have GERD without heartburn. Instead, they experience pain in the chest, hoarseness in the morning, or trouble swallowing.

the doctor may recommend avoiding

sodas that contain
chocolate and peppermint ---> choc?? my favourite!!
spicy foods like pizza
acidic foods like oranges and tomatoes
fried and fatty foods

What causes GERD?
No one knows why people get GERD. A hiatal hernia may contribute. A hiatal hernia occurs when the upper part of the stomach is above the diaphragm, the muscle wall that separates the stomach from the chest. The diaphragm helps the LES keep acid from coming up into the esophagus. When a hiatal hernia is present, it is easier for the acid to come up. In this way, a hiatal hernia can cause reflux. A hiatal hernia can happen in people of any age; many otherwise healthy people over 50 have a small one.

Also, certain foods can be associated with reflux events, including

citrus fruits
chocolate --> my favourite
drinks with caffeine
fatty and fried foods --> my favourite
garlic and onions
mint flavorings
spicy foods ---> favourite jugaks!
tomato-based foods, like spaghetti sauce, chili, and pizza --> no wonder i had a serious attack last thursday rite after i took spaghetti for lunch

1. Foaming agents, such as Gaviscon, work by covering your stomach contents with foam to prevent reflux. These drugs may help those who have no damage to the esophagus
2. Proton pump inhibitors include omeprazole (Prilosec), lansoprazole (Prevacid), pantoprazole (Protonix), rabeprazole (Aciphex), and esomeprazole (Nexium), which are all available by prescription. Proton pump inhibitors are more effective than H2 blockers and can relieve symptoms in almost everyone who has GERD.

This morning the doc asked whether i am covered? i said yes. Then he said okla i give you Nexium. This is imported, very expensive tau. I'll give you for a month's stock.

hmm bersyukurnyer keje kat T*............:p

20 June 2009

Di waktu pagi:
Kacau mama basuh pinggan lagi....ha dudukla dlm tuh :p

Di waktu tgh hari:
Abang dtg interprem plak hehe

Semalam perut dah sihat lepas kena gastric attack yg agak teruk khamis baru ni. Tu pon ku control makan betul2...breakfast cuma mkn roti 2 keping, lunch mkn nasi tak pedas, dinner mkn roti jer. Serius takut kena cam kes khamis, ptg tuh...tido pon tak lena menahan sakit. Malangnyer ari ni attack dtg lagi....aduhai tak selesa betul. Perut rasa stuffy jer....agaknyer asid naik ke esofagus (refluks) lagik. Perut rasa lapar tapi disebabkan sakit, selera langsung takder.
B dah bising soh pegi jumpe specialist balik....tapi ku malu hoho. Sebab patutnyer follow up last month, tapi bila sihat sket biasala aku mengelat. Now ni sakit mcm nak menjadi2 balik, adesss perlukah berjumpe Dr Ong ku itu? malu satu hal, takut kena marah sama sbb tak pegi follow up...adesss dilemanyer lahai!


Lepas puas mencari-cari akhirnyer ku berjaya jumpe appointment card Dr Ong.
Kalau esok teruk jugak, confirm senin ku gagahkan diri berjumpe dgn dia :p

17 June 2009

angel of my heart

This little munchkin turns 10 months & 1 week today.

His accomplishments to date:

- 4 complete teeth, 2 on the upper, another set on the lower gums.
- Loves to climb, climb, climb. Last night I break my fast in SR at the nearby Jusco and he was sooo eager to climb up onto our table, looking at the wide spread of foods being served :p And oh he also struggles to climb out of his stroller, facing backward that is.
- Babbles “mamamamama” and no other than that. Si idlan sibuk tanye si adik…bila nak sebut ‘abang’, bila nak sebut ‘abah’? hehehe
- Scream all his lungs out (sgt high-pitch mind u) when being left behind. I’d say my critical time is in between 6:30-7:00pm when I need to leave him on the tilam while I unload their kindy bags, idlan’s uniform, my handbag, cooler bag, and of course that day’s tapau food for dinner out of the car. Sambung jerit when I continue to ignore him and start to arrange my EBMs inside the fridge, place the ice packs inside freezer, bukak tudung, salin baju and heat his puree for 1 min. Sgt tensi bila dia jerit2 tu. He shed tears ok…very dramatic and manja! When all works done I quickly attend to him, dukung, and he’ll smile all over…showing his cheeky face :p
- Last night I fed him with idlan’s spaghetti after he finished his puree. No chocking afterwards…kira pass la tuh :)
- His interests still remain on tissue, any kinds of paper, and rubber band. He can gets very mad if we snatch tissue/paper out of his mouth/hand.

the cheeky lil boy

Idlan eating spaghetti...his favourite!

mak ude here i come!!!

16 June 2009

things about going online....

Notice the rare post I made recently? Well the M.a.l.a.s mode is still there, spreading all over though at times I do feel like writing so many things and have it transpired onto my blog.

Anyway, despite the lazy mode striked in, I still occupy myself by actively monitoring the stocks movement, narrowed down to my favourite’s only. Few transactions exchanged already after 3 weeks indulging in this field, and I made $$$ profit so far. Not that much but kira okla for a beginner. Since I didn’t have any basic knowledge on stocks trading, what more to learn about the technical analysis and several analytical tools commonly used by stock investors, I just use my basic instinct+market news+ monitor the volume and highly active stocks, as guidance for stocks selection. The morning and day summary write-up by the experts would also help in making my decisions. I notice without proper knowledge you may have problem to determine at which level would be the best entry and exit point. That happened to me when I exit too early, instead of waiting for several few days to lock in higher profit (tapi dah dapat profit tu pon kira ok dah :p) Some retail traders fall into the ‘followers’ category, just follow the trend in guiding their decisions. To me this is ok so long as you have your own pre-determined target to shape your trading style, and so long as you don’t make losses, that’s pretty good enough.

In between baking and trading, no doubt I find trading is much fun+relax. You just need to have some guts,and be prepared for the worst (even small losses count tau hehe). And opps not to mention the accompanied risk awaiting once you’re IN the field. Buat kek kurang thrill (and suspense) nyer, but the best part is when you received complimentary smses from your customers saying thank you and all that. Main stocks ni doesn’t involve other person, you untung/loss sorang2,senyum sorang….suspense pon sorang2 jer :p

* i'm hungry and tired actually, and am counting time to break my fast...hence pls bear with the boring post. Know the Gardenia butterscotch bread? yep i had my sahur with 3-4 slices of butterscotch + plain water. If not because of the azan i may end up finishing half of the whole bread....sgt s.e.d.a.p!

LV bag anyone???

ShoppingLifestyle Magazine Readers' Contest: Win A Louis Vuitton Neverfull Bag

11 June 2009

jom try!

58 perkataan

Kamu mencapai 297 markah, jadi kamu berada di posisi 5013 dari 120638 dalam senarai kedudukan
Kamu menaip 423 aksara seminit
you mendapat 58 perkataan betul dan
kamu mendapat 3 perkataan salah

Cuti-cuti Junjung

Last week kami tak ketinggalan bercuti-cutian spt org lain. Jumaat bertolak pulang ke kedah, selasa baru balik ke KL. Cuti kali ni agak lama sket, and mmg rasa puas sbb byk aktiviti. Sabtu kami ke perak utk kenduri cousin pruzz, cantik betul theme yg dipilih, dark brown. Bilik siap buat feature wall dgn wallpaper gitew. Idlan spt biasa bila jumpe cousin 2 sekawan tu (aiman & haikal) teramatlah hepi. Kemana-mana mesti bertiga…esok bila adik firas besar bley join sekaki hehe. Rumah tok mmg bingit and havoc dgn suara depa. Time naik keta apetah lagi..mulut memasing mmg tak diam. Ahad kami ke Kamdar di BM, shopping baju raya kekanak tuh dan baju mak ayah. Dekat sejam lebey spent time kat situ jek. Penat nak memilih kain bercampur penat nak kawal kekanak bertiga tuh. Punyerla pening rasanye dgn depa berlari-larian + menjerit-jerit dlm kamdar. Adik sporting abis, behave bukan main and hepi je bermain2 dgn kain and tag2 harga kat situ (tapi all the time berdukung dgn mama dlm carrier cam nak patah bahu!). Habis shopping di kamdar, kami proceed ke jusco seberang perai city…besar giler ala2 jusco bukit tinggi klang. Cun2 kedai dlm tuh, tenants pon byk..kiranyer lagi best dari jusco kat umah kami tuh. Sampai je situ terus mkn Mc D sbb memasing dah lapar tak igt even tho baru pukul 6++. Adik plak dah start cranky sbb penat last2 berjaya tidokan adik and mama pon dptla mkn dgn amannyer. Abis mkn terus balik…niat nk sambung shopping terpaksa dilupakan sbb sumer dah penat.

Senin, kami bermandi-mandian di Air terjun Ulu Paip dekat mana ntah mama dah lupa nama kawasan tuh hehe. Before that sempat singgah di petronas and belikan bebudak tuh baju transformers. Haikal paling hepi..punyer la lama tenung baju dia. Air terjun kat situ punyerla sejuk, tapi kekanak tu cam biasa had a blast fun sesama mereka. Firas pon had his first contact dgn air terjun ari tuh…memula takut tapi lelama dia ok…siap bf sambil baring dlm air gitew :p Petang abah ngan mama pi main ping pong kat umah mak su….mama baru pukul few times adik dah bising takmo duk lam stroller. So terpaksala mama lupakan niat nak bermain. Si idlan bermain ‘football’ dgn cousin2 abah…tapi budak bandar sorang ni tak reti nak rebut bola…takut terjatuh katanyer walhal kekanak lain tu sumer dah terguling-guling atas pasir. Aduhai anak mama takut benor jatuh atas pasir :p

the 4 stooges a.k.a. cousins

- adik dlm sinki tok
- idlan & haikal kesejukan dlm air terjun

Weekend ni mama akan berkampung kat ampang plak since abah nak pegi match volley kat UTP Tronoh. Caiyo caiyo abah!!!

Ohh weekend depan ramai org2 ofis mama akan ke S’pore bersempena CommunicAsia. Pegi sampai 4 hari lama sgt….mama mmg tingin sgt nak pegi tapi to leave the boys behind is not an option. So lupakan saje labu :p

03 June 2009

- Lagi beberapa hari adik nak masuk 10 bulan.
- Gigi dah ade 3, satu gigi kapak, 2 lagi di bawah.
- Still been fed with finely blended puree. Rasanye dah boleh upgrade to a

more lumpy food, tapi ntahla…mama malas nak try. Again, kes malas!
- Suke sgt dgn finger foods dia a.k.a. biskut carrot/original/chicken

di mana abang pon slalu tumpang sekaki…sedap kots :p
- Develop chronic attachment dgn mama. Pantang nampak mama/dgr suara,

mesti nak terjah ke arah mama. Hmmm sama kes dgn idlan time kecik2 dulu.
Masalah besar sungguh!
- We notice he detest sweet foods a.k.a whatever type of fruits eg apple, pear,

manggo, etc. In fact he prefers plain porridge instead of those sweetie thingy….hmm pelik.
-Also detest baby foods sold over the counter including nestum. So kalau

pegi hotel terpaksalah mencari plain porridge jugak :p The good side about this,
dia suke masakan mama yg tak seberapa itewww above anything :)))
- Suke menjerit! High pitch plak tuh...adess kadang rasa bingit telinga ni hoho

-Si abang plak, sangat manja dan pandai layan si adik. Suke sgt acah2 adik…

and adik pon mmg syiok kena agah dgn abang.
- Slalu baca hadis2 yg mama sendiri tak hafal and taknah dengar….teruk betul mama.

Alhamdulillah hati dia mudah utk terima segala ajaran cikgu2 di sekolah. Syabas abang!
- Suke tgk citer hantu!
- Sangat sensitif, pantang kena marah sket…mesti merajuk dan harus dipujuk :p

Tiada kaitan...tapi nak tunjuk gaks. Tote bag yg baru kuterima kelmarin. Hasil buatan Kak As from
http://toteboutique.blogspot.com. ---> tgk kes malas nak buat link hehe
Comel comel i like very much. Jahitan kemas...pruzz pon puji.
So pasnih bley sumbat baju2 spare kekanak tuh, pampers, etc time leisure outing :)
Beli bag ni, dpt free pyramid coin purse yg kecik tuh...
So sape berminat, bleyla contact kak as ok...service efficient gitu!

01 June 2009


Kenapa sejak dua menjak ni semacam malas nak mengupdate blog yer.
Bukan itu sahaja, malas bab2 lain sama. Malas nak pump, malas keje, malas baking, malas segala-galanya. Indahnye kalau dapat baring2 dan tido jer :P


Sebetulnyer saya tidak ada mood. Hari ni puasa ganti lagi. Pagi masih awal tapi angin sudah naik ke kepala. Aduhai besarnyer dugaan puasa ganti kali ni. Tekak kering, tapi proses mengepam still kena buat seperti biasa. Bertambah penat bila tgk hasil pump yg tak seberapa…sedih ok. Tolak hari ni, saya masih ade baki 20 hari lagi..mampukah diselesaikan sebelum tiba Ramadhan nanti? Kite tunggu dan lihat sajelah. Sebenarnyer saya rasa tak larat sesangat. 9 hari telah berjaya diganti, tapi penangan 9 hari tu cukup hebat. Saya migrain sepanjang hari dan muntah setiba nya di rumah without fail. Yer 9 hari yg sangat mencabar pada saya huhu.

Oh semalam kami ke pesta buku di Mines. Hasil tangkapan tak byk mana pon, penat berjalan je lebih sbb Firas refuse duduk dlm stroller, makanye terpaksala ku dukung je dia bergilir-gilir dgn hubby. Niat di hati nak cari buku ‘I love stocks’ tapi author tak igt…so confirm tak jumpela kan. Last skali cuma tangkap satu buku masakan keluaran Pa&Ma….buku masak lagik? Masaknyer idakla rajin sangat hehe.