17 June 2009

angel of my heart

This little munchkin turns 10 months & 1 week today.

His accomplishments to date:

- 4 complete teeth, 2 on the upper, another set on the lower gums.
- Loves to climb, climb, climb. Last night I break my fast in SR at the nearby Jusco and he was sooo eager to climb up onto our table, looking at the wide spread of foods being served :p And oh he also struggles to climb out of his stroller, facing backward that is.
- Babbles “mamamamama” and no other than that. Si idlan sibuk tanye si adik…bila nak sebut ‘abang’, bila nak sebut ‘abah’? hehehe
- Scream all his lungs out (sgt high-pitch mind u) when being left behind. I’d say my critical time is in between 6:30-7:00pm when I need to leave him on the tilam while I unload their kindy bags, idlan’s uniform, my handbag, cooler bag, and of course that day’s tapau food for dinner out of the car. Sambung jerit when I continue to ignore him and start to arrange my EBMs inside the fridge, place the ice packs inside freezer, bukak tudung, salin baju and heat his puree for 1 min. Sgt tensi bila dia jerit2 tu. He shed tears ok…very dramatic and manja! When all works done I quickly attend to him, dukung, and he’ll smile all over…showing his cheeky face :p
- Last night I fed him with idlan’s spaghetti after he finished his puree. No chocking afterwards…kira pass la tuh :)
- His interests still remain on tissue, any kinds of paper, and rubber band. He can gets very mad if we snatch tissue/paper out of his mouth/hand.

the cheeky lil boy

Idlan eating spaghetti...his favourite!

mak ude here i come!!!


ShaFiAti said...

opss yati...ok lagik la baby wat gitu..if balqis ni...nak dukung je skang ni yati..balik je umah, nak ummi dukung n gi baring ngan die sambil die minum susu dlm bilik..if su wat dunno, mmg melalak le die...so, mmg taleh wat keje lain..so, balik keje tu, su mmg balik terus la umah n hubby yg gi amik diorang naik motor..so that su bleh la salin baju n prepare ape yg patut..sbb bile dah balik je balqis ke umah..mmg kena layan die je..hahaha...tok nyer cakap...adik balqis suka merap ummi..soh die masuk dlm perut balik la..hahahaha..

y@tipruzz said...

hehe dasat tuh balqis adus memacam kan attitude todds zmn skang :p

yati pon penah blk umah dulu, solat, salin baju, baru pi amik depa. Kadang tinga tak tahan dgr dia jerit kuat2...silap org igt kite dera dia hihi

mak ude said...

aikk..'mak ude here i come'?
nak mai grad mak ude ke..hehehhe..buat saspens je.

ShaFiAti said...

tu la...if org yg dengar diorang melalak tu sure igt ape la mak ayah budak ni buat..takkan la tak reti nak amik/pujuk kan..hahah..mak su pun kata gitu..tp su kata, tak mkn dipujuk..heheheh...

y@tipruzz said...

mak ude - nak pi tak mampu laie. Acah2 letak dlm luggage jek :p

laydida said...

hmm..typical BFeeded babies la. diorg ni mmg clingy. kalau tgh main2 tu, sikit2 nak dtg dkt dgn kite. mcm pegi check apa kite buat, offer a kiss ke, peluk2 sikit..lepas tu diorg sambung main.

i likkee!