22 June 2009

changing your lifestyle?

After careful thoughts, i think it's about time i take a serious step towards changing my lifestyle (read: my diet). Say NO to chocolate, spicy and oily foods (bubye spaghetti bolognese & tomyam), fried foods and many others as stated in my previous post. I foresee it's not going to be easy, but i'm still young (ye ker?), and to stay healthy is important above any other things in this world. Since i'm on mc today, i cook this just now. Mee sanggul leftover yesterdays to be eaten with carbonara sauce. No chilli, less oilly. Kira ok dok?

This one was made yesterday, mee sanggul hailam (mee diimport dari kedah lagik you dijamin halal :) ...no chilli padi added, tapi B kata still sedap. Disebabkan sedap, kasikla semangkuk ke jiran depan umah hehe...kalo tak sedap malu wooo nak kasik2 org nih :p


Farra said...

yati..makanlah roti butterscotch byk2...patut la ko ni slim aje! take care

unda said...

a'kum k.yati,
dh pass exam dah..heheh..
nk tunggu convo je lagi.

Idlan + Firas said...

CONGRATSSS!! Mak Ude..Sampai je KLIA make sure book hotel utk 7 hari yer..Pas 7 ari baru abah dtg amik..