26 June 2015

Irfan turns 5mo today

Our special baby turns 5mo today, how time flies. Finally after almost 3mths been here in the hospital, we'll be going home today, upon me and hubby's request.

Irfan's breathing and airway are still not ok, he is still having frequent stridor and chest/neck recessions upon inhale. Nevertheless we decided not to proceed with anymore surgery, despite so many theories and assumptions made by the surgeon. Two surgeries for the past 3 mths were rough on him, we just couldnt bare seeing him having to go thru tough recovery process again..at least for now we think that home is where he needs to be. Seeing his tiny little hands and feets being pricked so many times for courses of antibiotics via iv is painful. He has had so many dosage of steroids n medications, series of tests n procedures, etc which i bet is not easy for his little body to cope with.

Alhamdulillah, his reflux seems to be improved. The doc has allowed him to take bottle feeding once a day, to be gradually increased over a period of time. The rest of his milk intake shall be given via Ng tube through a feeding pump. I had a hard time introducing bottle to him, for he has been fed via a tube for 3mths..hence his sucking and swallowing reflex were poor.

It will definitely going to be a long journey ahead, for Irfan needs to undergo physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech to improve his body muscles, tone n swallowing. He cannot reach for toys or even hold them tightly, and he still doesnt roll. There are lots of things that he needs to catch up, which he will go thru together with his mama n abah insya Allah.

That's all for now. Me and hubby cannot thank enough to all our dear family members n friends who keeps on praying for our little guy, and has donated a huge sum for him. May Allah rewards your kindness with more rezeki and pahala, may we all be blessed with whatever endeavours we're pursuing.

Please continue lending your prayers for him...and wish us luck for our journey ahead being a special parent to our special needs child.

Salam Ramadhan semua :)