19 April 2013

The Devils Attack :)

This week's orders are full with devils food chocolate cake. The very first cake that i fell in love with within just instant! As i can recalled correctly, there are actually lots of variation on the devils food cake recipe that you may find on the internet. Some frost the cake with chocolate ganache only, some gives a combination between ganache and cream cheese frosting. There are also others who prefer to frost the cake with fresh cream. As for myself, i seriously heart the ganache+cream cheese combination..totally sinful and luscious!
I think i've baked countless of this devils food cake for the kids. They too just loved this cake to bits, as much as i do :) But if u're asking me which one do i prefer in between devils or rv, i'd say rv! But again it goes back to individual preference and personal taste yaaa :)

 Devils food cake frosted with ganache only...with angry bird edible image to please the kids :)

 heaven isnt it? the strawberry slices makes this cake to be extra special :)

 cake-cutting time :) No special occasion though, but i loved to bake something that can make the kids happy!
 loved the ganache effect yg meleleh2 nih...air liur pon meleleh time type entry nih :p

 ni kes malas. Cream pon comot, pour the ganache, then taburkan M&Ms and some choc chips and choc curls. This is good enough to make the kids happy :)

i think this one was baked for Idlan's birthday

Back to the order, this was baked for my officemate Shida for her hub's birthday. 

i seriously cannot stop smiling upon reading her wording request. So cute isnt it..guess only the two of them understand the underlying meanings :p

Devils food orange chocolate cake with orange cheese frosting. This was ordered by one of my srikandi friend, Aileen on behalf of her friend.

And this one is for Aileen's office birthday bash. Tqvm dear Aileen for ur order. Dah lama tak jumpa kan...it's been 15yrs since we last met masa zaman sekolah dulu...now masing2 sudah tua uwaaaaa

fondant love and star, milk ganache frosting and dark chocolate curls n choc chips on top

Another devils food cake ordered by kak Ita sempena dpt bonus...blanjer kengkawan katanya :)

last but not least, the final devils food cake of the week goes to my friend yati koko..utk melantak sorang2 katanya since her hub n kids are not really into cakes :p

a repeat order of rv for my colleague Fizah. Khas buat si hubby yg mengidam dgn rv nih. She initially wanted to give a try to my devils, tapi akhirnya mengalah kpd rv sebab sian pada hubby hihi. Takper ye fizah, next in line will be devils yer!

Tqvm frens for ur continuous support. Have a great weekend ahead!

p/s: hub asked if we want to take the kids to Bird's Park tomorrow...dah brape lama jadi warga KL masih belum sampai ke KL bird's park hoho kesian sungguh :p

17 April 2013

the shawl addicts

Before we talk further about my current addiction towards shawl, let's take a peek on some of the bakes that i've made last week :)
This is devils food choc orange cake with orange cheese frosting...an adaption from the original version of devils food cake recipe. For those who prefers a combination of chocolate and mild orange taste, then i guess this cake suits best to her tastebuds. Tqvm Su for ur order..do come again :)

Our signature red velvet cake ordered by Kak Fatin for her brother's birthday.Tqvm Kak Fatin sebab sudi order dan sanggup pick up dekat rumah...lepas ni bley mai dtg lagi sbb dah kenal rumah kan :) Apparently Kak Fatin's cousin happened to be my hubby's childhood friend back in his hometown yearssss ago...orang Utara jugak la kiranye :)

A repeat order from Kak Ramlah who already seems to hook on our signature rv. She had first ordered this cake for her hub's birthday and now was for her office's birthday bash.

tqvm kak Ramlah...next time boleh try kek lain pulak kots? hihi

Walnut dark choc brownies for my neighbour kak Shima yg tgh preggie dan mengidam mkn benda2 manis. Pantang nampak ai upload gambar kek, mesti dia tanye hehe...tqvm kak for ur positive response n recommendation...pasni try rv plak yer!

Mempersembahkan geng lunch's latest addiction iaitu shawl! Introduced by Farra, berjangkit kepada si kembar, si yati, si zuraini, dan lain2 lagi kecuali sikulat :p This is one of the plain shawl (color: Terra rosa) that we bought from Shawlbyvsnow. Compared with few other shawls that i have, the collection from vsnow is the best i'd say..in terms of the length (200cm x 54cm), material type, its half moon cuts at both sides, everything mmg best lah!

This one is bought from Sugarscarfbyriqa. Material type macam cotton jojet yg sgt flowy dan tak perlu digosok. Sesuai utk mommy2 yg bz seperti saya ewahh :p

Latest addition from Safiyya Hayaa (check out their Instagram). One of the co-owner is our friend kak Elin the kek's. They personally bought the material and had it sewn in HCM...ganaz. Loved this to bits jugak...cumanya dia terlalu besar dan panjang..susah sket nak adjust time pakai :p Bak kata one of our friend, terlalu besar sampaikan parts yg tak perlu cover pun terus tercover haha tak bley tahan ayat si kak tie :p
My latest addition from Sugarscarf..color code: Monotec Aztec. Suka sgt material dia ala2 cotton silk yg nmpk cam silky smooth. Easy to handle, dan yang penting cukup labuh :)

Oh just to update, Vsnow baru je update shawl terbaru....tergugat keimanan bila tgk color2 baru yg cunssss...tapi kena tahan nafsu nih ohhh silalah bertahan!!!

08 April 2013

cakes and coffee

People often see cakes and a cup of hot coffee as a perfect combination for tea-time, brunch, after-meal dessert or even supper. A simple chocolate cake infused with lil dash of coffee or mocha flavour definitely brings something special out of the cake. The aroma, the scent, the contrast effect it gives to the sweetness of the cake...hence explained why some people can get addicted to a coffee-flavoured cake :p

This is walnut dark chocolate brownies ordered by a long time supported of myHotstove..for her office gathering this morning. Recipe adapted from The Baked Brownies by Matt Lewis. Sorry i've tried to search for the softcopy inside my lappy to share it here, but unfortunately i couldnt locate it. Guess it has been deleted unintentionally. Nevertheless this recipe is surely a keeper, just google it out and try to bake at least once for ur family. They sure gonna love it! Anyway when i say adapted, it means i've done some changes to the original recipe. Especially on the sugar content...ohhhh please do keep in mind that whenever u try an English recipe, do cut down the amount of sugar by at least 1/4 or 1/2 of it...theirs are extremely sweet in most cases :p

Tqvm Tini..hope ur colleague enjoy the brownies!

This was ordered by my colleague Fizah, who is not a cream cheese lover for sure but really wants to try out my red velvet. Hence she told me to hv a lesser cream cheese frosting for the cake hehe. 
Few minutes after she picked up the cake, i got a msg from her...salam kak, masuk keta ja trus potong mkn. honestly cream cheese tue mmg sdap. hubby yg peminat tegar choc cake pun kata sedap..siap tanye fizah pndai buat tak? seems like we're hooked to ur cream cheese..mmg best!
Hehe tqvm dik for ur lovely comment. Memangla sape tak minat cream cheese sgtla rugi! ahaks

This is devils food chocolate orange cake with orange cream cheese frosting. Recipe adapted from the original version of devils food cake, infused with some orange flavour to give a contract effect to the chocolaty taste of the cake :)

 Ordered by my ex-colleague in Finance yearssss ago, kak Aliza for her son's birthday :)

 also a 1.5kg of the same cake to be celebrated at Asyraf's taska with his friends :)

tqvm kak Aliza..hope the birthday boy and ur whole family enjoy the cake!
 Our last red velvet for the week goes to Kak Sarahani..my ex-senior in MMU who is now working in the same co with me :)

The comment that i received was positive..alhamdulillah kak Sarah n her staffs loved the cake...tqvm kak :)

06 April 2013

Devils food chocolate cake - the step by step

Thought of sharing these 'simple' steps of the making of our favourite devils food choc cake. Before we take a peek on the steps, let's first hv a look on the normal recipe that i've been using all this while. There are actually quite a number of recipes or variations on the devils food cake, but i've been sticking to this recipe for quite some time :) The name of the devils cake is actually pretty much influenced by the moist and heavy texture of the cake, that comes with luscious chocolate ganache and cream cheese frosting to add to its sinfulness...hence the name 'devils' came into the picture haha :p

DEVIL’S FOOD CHOCOLATE CAKE – 7X7” (source: Rima of bisausatoi)
1 cup all purpose flour
1/4 cup cocoa powder (i used valrhona)
3/4 tsp bicarbonate soda
1/4 tsp salt (i used 1/2 tsp)
1/2 cup granulated sugar - i reduce to 1/4 cup
1/2 cup brown sugar (i used light brown sugar) - i reduce to 1/4 cup
65 gram butter ( i used unsalted butter)
1 large egg - size A
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 cup buttermilk (i used fresh milk and added vinegar)
1/2 cup warm water

Preheat oven at 170C .. greased cake tin (i used 8".. next time i will use 7")
Sieve flour, cocoa powder, bicarbonate soda, salt, and set aside.
Beat butter with sugars until light and fluffy, add egg.
Add dry ingredients (flour, cocoa powder etc) alternately with liquid ingredients (buttermilk + warm water) in three portions
Add vanilla extract and continue to mix till well blended
Bake for about 30 minutes or until just cooked

Cream Cheese Frosting
250 g cream cheese (room temp)
125 g butter (room temp)
1 cup icing sugar - sifted
1 tsp vanilla extract
juice of a squeezed slice of lemon, to rid the cheese taste - i omitted

Beat cream cheese and butter, just until creamy, add the icing sugar, vanilla and lemon juice.

This is actually the steps taken to make the Russian Black n White Cake. You make stripes alternately between ganache n cream cheese frosting. But since i am just too lazy to follow the russian cake recipe, i've decided to follow the steps BUT was using the devils cake recipe :p

Cake filling is done! wahhh dah terliur time nih hihi. Next you put the second layer of the cake on top and cover the whole cake with cream cheese frosting. Then use the remaining ganache and pour onto the whole cake until it is completely covered. I then cut each sides of the cake to leave it bare, just to see whether my chequered black n white square menjadi ke tidak...and the result is as below....

Kurang menjadi!!! my conclusion is next time i have to make a thicker fillings to enable the chequered effect visible! haha
but nevertheless, this is good and scrumptious enough to be brought to our Raudhah gathering held at Ijah's house :)

Tadaaaaaaa! We had chicken and marinated lamb BBQ as the main course on that day. Thanks to Ijah as the host, also to all the participants for ur food contribution on that day. We surely had fun catching up with each other thru our endless mommies talk :p

Farra brought a moist n flavourful carrot cake for Mawaddah's birthday on that day :)

Fathers' talk :p They looked more serious than the mommies obviously haha

Ex-Raudhah in action! Huda-Ijah-Semah-Farra (bukan ahli raudhah tapi ahli geng lunch hehe)-myself. Some were missing on that day...but insya Allah we look fwd for another fruitful gathering very soon :)

Wanie's non-identical twins in action! Both are super-debab, si abang sgtla aktif, si kakak sgtla behave and managed to stay still on our hip without much movement :)

Apa pun alhamdulillah for the gathering. Hoping that our ukhuwah will remain forever amin....

03 April 2013

Red velvet again!

Some of the recent orders mostly from my repeat n loyal customers. We thanked you very much for ur endless support. Hope our treats somehow delight your day :)

 Ain Damia is 6!!

 Some M&Ms and Princess theme edible image for this lovely girl

This is a regular size devils food choc cake with strawberry fillings & buttercream frosting ordered by a colleague. Tqvm dear Haliza...glad ur dotter loved her cake very much :) Haliza came to me the next day informing that her dotter kissed n thanked her many times for this cake...huhu terharu plak baker rasa alhamdulillah...

Red velvet cuppies also ordered by Haliza for Mia's birthday celebration at home :)

those colorful sugar candy can be eaten yer 

This is red velvet cake ordered by Kak Ramlah via my friend Hany Fariza. Jiran Hany katanya...she texted me during my stay in GCMR asking if i can bake her cake on Friday. I said no and sorry for we're still in our holiday mode. But kak Ramlah said she's willing to pick up the cake on Saturday at my house on her way back from Melaka...so oklah tu sgt cun!

Safely picked up on Saturday...kek utk besday hubby katanya :) tqvm much kak Ramlah..hope ur hubby enjoyed the cake!

A small size red velvet for kak ija's friend (sori i forgot her name already) ordered via k.ija. Thanks k.ija for the recommendation! :)

the rv was delivered together with kak ija's cake :) This is a large devils food choc cake with strawberry fillings & fresh cream frosting. Owner leave it to me to decide on the deco, but it must be in pink with lil dash of white katanya :)
rumput in pink color. Apparently i really loved doing the rumputs hehe

my not-so-neat- rainbow sketches

with colorful sugar candy

This is my first order for orange mochachinno cheesecake. A baked cheesecake infused with a separate layer of mocha and orange flavour to give a lil twist to ur tastebud...set on a crunchy oreos base & finished with dark chocolate ganache :) hope u and the whole family love it Aida!