08 April 2013

cakes and coffee

People often see cakes and a cup of hot coffee as a perfect combination for tea-time, brunch, after-meal dessert or even supper. A simple chocolate cake infused with lil dash of coffee or mocha flavour definitely brings something special out of the cake. The aroma, the scent, the contrast effect it gives to the sweetness of the cake...hence explained why some people can get addicted to a coffee-flavoured cake :p

This is walnut dark chocolate brownies ordered by a long time supported of myHotstove..for her office gathering this morning. Recipe adapted from The Baked Brownies by Matt Lewis. Sorry i've tried to search for the softcopy inside my lappy to share it here, but unfortunately i couldnt locate it. Guess it has been deleted unintentionally. Nevertheless this recipe is surely a keeper, just google it out and try to bake at least once for ur family. They sure gonna love it! Anyway when i say adapted, it means i've done some changes to the original recipe. Especially on the sugar content...ohhhh please do keep in mind that whenever u try an English recipe, do cut down the amount of sugar by at least 1/4 or 1/2 of it...theirs are extremely sweet in most cases :p

Tqvm Tini..hope ur colleague enjoy the brownies!

This was ordered by my colleague Fizah, who is not a cream cheese lover for sure but really wants to try out my red velvet. Hence she told me to hv a lesser cream cheese frosting for the cake hehe. 
Few minutes after she picked up the cake, i got a msg from her...salam kak, masuk keta ja trus potong mkn. honestly cream cheese tue mmg sdap. hubby yg peminat tegar choc cake pun kata sedap..siap tanye fizah pndai buat tak? seems like we're hooked to ur cream cheese..mmg best!
Hehe tqvm dik for ur lovely comment. Memangla sape tak minat cream cheese sgtla rugi! ahaks

This is devils food chocolate orange cake with orange cream cheese frosting. Recipe adapted from the original version of devils food cake, infused with some orange flavour to give a contract effect to the chocolaty taste of the cake :)

 Ordered by my ex-colleague in Finance yearssss ago, kak Aliza for her son's birthday :)

 also a 1.5kg of the same cake to be celebrated at Asyraf's taska with his friends :)

tqvm kak Aliza..hope the birthday boy and ur whole family enjoy the cake!
 Our last red velvet for the week goes to Kak Sarahani..my ex-senior in MMU who is now working in the same co with me :)

The comment that i received was positive..alhamdulillah kak Sarah n her staffs loved the cake...tqvm kak :)


Smiley said...

design RV tu cantek! good job! ehehe

y@tipruzz said...

hehehe boring kan asyik roses jer :p kering idea!

Smiley said...

aku mmg dah kering idea huhu..

LiTtLe^m3 said...

kak.. adik mu ini adalah sgt teringinnya nak try brownies mu tapi kan tak kan nak order byk2 tu kan setakat 3 org je kat rumah ni dan yg tak selalu ada kat rumah... nanti la saya order bila ada makan2 ye :)

y@tipruzz said...

uik adik ku...sape lg sorang kat dlm rumah tuh? jeng jeng jeng :p

LiTtLe^m3 said...

Kakak ku x yah speku sgt. Adik ku kan tinggal bersama. Hihihihi...

y@tipruzz said...

ohh ye ke baru ku tahu hihi takpe takpe moga speku jadi kenyataan aminnn :)