19 April 2013

The Devils Attack :)

This week's orders are full with devils food chocolate cake. The very first cake that i fell in love with within just instant! As i can recalled correctly, there are actually lots of variation on the devils food cake recipe that you may find on the internet. Some frost the cake with chocolate ganache only, some gives a combination between ganache and cream cheese frosting. There are also others who prefer to frost the cake with fresh cream. As for myself, i seriously heart the ganache+cream cheese combination..totally sinful and luscious!
I think i've baked countless of this devils food cake for the kids. They too just loved this cake to bits, as much as i do :) But if u're asking me which one do i prefer in between devils or rv, i'd say rv! But again it goes back to individual preference and personal taste yaaa :)

 Devils food cake frosted with ganache only...with angry bird edible image to please the kids :)

 heaven isnt it? the strawberry slices makes this cake to be extra special :)

 cake-cutting time :) No special occasion though, but i loved to bake something that can make the kids happy!
 loved the ganache effect yg meleleh2 nih...air liur pon meleleh time type entry nih :p

 ni kes malas. Cream pon comot, pour the ganache, then taburkan M&Ms and some choc chips and choc curls. This is good enough to make the kids happy :)

i think this one was baked for Idlan's birthday

Back to the order, this was baked for my officemate Shida for her hub's birthday. 

i seriously cannot stop smiling upon reading her wording request. So cute isnt it..guess only the two of them understand the underlying meanings :p

Devils food orange chocolate cake with orange cheese frosting. This was ordered by one of my srikandi friend, Aileen on behalf of her friend.

And this one is for Aileen's office birthday bash. Tqvm dear Aileen for ur order. Dah lama tak jumpa kan...it's been 15yrs since we last met masa zaman sekolah dulu...now masing2 sudah tua uwaaaaa

fondant love and star, milk ganache frosting and dark chocolate curls n choc chips on top

Another devils food cake ordered by kak Ita sempena dpt bonus...blanjer kengkawan katanya :)

last but not least, the final devils food cake of the week goes to my friend yati koko..utk melantak sorang2 katanya since her hub n kids are not really into cakes :p

a repeat order of rv for my colleague Fizah. Khas buat si hubby yg mengidam dgn rv nih. She initially wanted to give a try to my devils, tapi akhirnya mengalah kpd rv sebab sian pada hubby hihi. Takper ye fizah, next in line will be devils yer!

Tqvm frens for ur continuous support. Have a great weekend ahead!

p/s: hub asked if we want to take the kids to Bird's Park tomorrow...dah brape lama jadi warga KL masih belum sampai ke KL bird's park hoho kesian sungguh :p


LiTtLe^m3 said...

can't wait to taste my order May nnt ;)

Smiley said...

ok nak order gak nnti for opis ehehhe

LiTtLe^m3 said...

Kak farah, bake la sendiri :p