03 April 2013

Red velvet again!

Some of the recent orders mostly from my repeat n loyal customers. We thanked you very much for ur endless support. Hope our treats somehow delight your day :)

 Ain Damia is 6!!

 Some M&Ms and Princess theme edible image for this lovely girl

This is a regular size devils food choc cake with strawberry fillings & buttercream frosting ordered by a colleague. Tqvm dear Haliza...glad ur dotter loved her cake very much :) Haliza came to me the next day informing that her dotter kissed n thanked her many times for this cake...huhu terharu plak baker rasa alhamdulillah...

Red velvet cuppies also ordered by Haliza for Mia's birthday celebration at home :)

those colorful sugar candy can be eaten yer 

This is red velvet cake ordered by Kak Ramlah via my friend Hany Fariza. Jiran Hany katanya...she texted me during my stay in GCMR asking if i can bake her cake on Friday. I said no and sorry for we're still in our holiday mode. But kak Ramlah said she's willing to pick up the cake on Saturday at my house on her way back from Melaka...so oklah tu sgt cun!

Safely picked up on Saturday...kek utk besday hubby katanya :) tqvm much kak Ramlah..hope ur hubby enjoyed the cake!

A small size red velvet for kak ija's friend (sori i forgot her name already) ordered via k.ija. Thanks k.ija for the recommendation! :)

the rv was delivered together with kak ija's cake :) This is a large devils food choc cake with strawberry fillings & fresh cream frosting. Owner leave it to me to decide on the deco, but it must be in pink with lil dash of white katanya :)
rumput in pink color. Apparently i really loved doing the rumputs hehe

my not-so-neat- rainbow sketches

with colorful sugar candy

This is my first order for orange mochachinno cheesecake. A baked cheesecake infused with a separate layer of mocha and orange flavour to give a lil twist to ur tastebud...set on a crunchy oreos base & finished with dark chocolate ganache :) hope u and the whole family love it Aida!


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fresh cream ko letak sket kaler eh?

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Yer beb