28 April 2006

Today is such a good day for us. We went to sjmc this morning for idlan's follow up and dressing. It was amazing to see the hole on his left chest is getting smaller, means new tissues underneath the skin have developed. we anticipate the wound will be recovered completely in a week, insya allah. And oh for my personal record, he weighs 10.3++kg today...yeah he doesnt show much increment since he turned 1. Takper, mama kena put on more efforts after this. Lately he shows interest in biscuits, like oreo, biskut tiger...hope that can help aparts from his regular 2 times rice meal, roti krim 50sen for breakfast and coco pops.

He now understands a few instructions already, tho he only speaks a few words. He goes to kitchen when we ask him to wash his mouth/hands, heads to toilet when we mention the word 'mandi', lift up his legs and hands time bukak baju, go and search for his balls, search for tv remote, look up to the sky when i mention the word 'bird', knows which are pokok, which are flowers, etc...but his favourite toy recently guess what? mama's brown shoes! he takes the shoes from the rack, bring it here n there, and last few days i lost one of the shoes....only later to found out the shoe was safely kept inside his toy box :p And oh yes, he's so excited whenever he sees dogs, cats and babies, be it in reality, or in tv. I think he might as well chase the dog whenever he bumps into that animal...hish harap2 dijauhkan :) He rarely throw things now, maybe he understands the word 'dont throw' that we say to him, hence he'll place hp, toy,biscuits, tv remote or whatever he holds at that time on the floor/table when he doesnt want that anymore. One last note, never ever let him see the vitamin bottle, else he wont go away, not until you give him one or two...

the bonus? hmm 70% of it now safely tucked in TH. the rest bolehlah dienjoykan hoho

24 April 2006

yada yidi yuduuuu

Finally the announcement was out! alhamdulillah for the rezeki given :) tho i only settled for an average level, but still im getting something instead of nothing. the wish list was quite long, but i think the new house deserved a huge proportion from it. And not forgetting my dear sweetie hunny bunchy baby idlan hehe...tak sabar mama nak gi j card day.....nak beli buku, toys, baju, etc etc....myself and b? hmm allocate 5-6% cukup la kan b kan :p

my darling b was down for sore throat, fever and flu since last saturday....hope he's getting better and will be doing fine in his interview today...all the best to u!

safurah/ilish - thanks to u both, he got the offer! i was informed that the interview was just for formality purposes hehe

21 April 2006

the surgery

Ok sumer, i'm back. The surgery was done with success. And he's now safely staying at home with his abah taking care of him today. Sayang, if u happen to read this one day, mama so sorry for not being able to stay besides u today, mama really cant afford to take any more leave. But u dont worry, am sure u know that your abah is really good and skillful at taking care of small baby like u, and maybe u dont remember that the person that took most care of u during the early days since u were born was ur great abah...he bathed u, changed u, cleaned u...etc etc...so mama guess that already justified my action though it was actually very hard for mama to step out of the house and leave u, lucky that the sesame street story that was playing on the tv somehow locked u in front of tv and mama can sneaked out without u even notice me hehe

The surgery took place on wed the 19th, as planned. Unlike any other patients, mama carried u all the way from the ward to the surgery theatre, instead of u being wheeled on the movable hospital bed. U cried your heart out when the time has came for mama to handed over u to the nurse, just before u entered the OT. That was around 8.45am. And mama, though has been trying so hard to withhold my tears and be strong, had finally broke into tears when seeing u crying and wailing for me. Mama's feeling that time, it was indescribable. Mama went out and joined abah inside the waiting room, recited yassin and doa for you. And about 915am, the nurse called us. Mama went inside to look for u, and that time the nurses was just about to put on your diapers. You look a bit drowsy and crying, and mama knows u were damn hungry and thirsty since u have been fasting for nearly 12 hours since 10pm the night before. After that mama carried you to the ward, and tried to sleep u since the nurse said u must be tired and drowsy because of the anaesthetic effect before. But u kept on crying non-stop, showing ur fingers towards the bottles and thermos containing water. Mama and abah, we both worked so hard to calm and comfort u but nonetheless we failed and u became wild and cried hysterically. The doc and nurse said u can only drink a lil bit of water an hour after the op. God we felt helpless for not being able to help and soothe u, waiting for that one hour to pass was really suffering and macam biasa, mama cried, yes i cried for i couldnt even do anything to release your pain and suffers. An hour passed, and we gave u 1 oz of plain water, after seeing u not vomitted, we gave u another 6 oz of milk and after finishing ur milk, u finally fell asleep. U woke up after 1.5hr of sleep, and after that mama's strong son became normal again. U smiled, u giggled, u played and run all over the room...and yeah mama doesnt think ppl would know that this child was actually just finished his op ehhehe...terima kasih ya allah.

Alhamdulillah, ur apetites back to normal, u almost finished the large bowl of fish porridge that they served u during lunch n dinner time. U walked and run inside-outside the room, u watched tv as usual, u talked and strike a conversation with us as usual, and yes everything was back to normal. But the suffering came again everytime the nurses came for dressing ur wound. Mama hopes u can bear the pain for the next 1-2 weeks everytime we need to go for dressing ok. Do u know that the doc and nurses actually praised u? they said u were such a very strong boy, u never cried when the nurse took a sample of ur blood, u never cried and struggled when they gave u medicines, and u didnt even struggled to free yourselves everytime they did dressing. They said other boys might already kicking and jumping out of the bed when the nurses were about to do the dressing and u, the brave boy of mine, never did that. u see how strong u are? we both are very proud of u :)

Ok, mama has to stop now...u make sure to behave and dont create trouble to your abah ok. and u must finish the ikan haruan soup that mama made for u this morning. I shall tell you that u'll be on the ikan haruan menu for the whole one week ahead hehe...but it tastes good trust me, tambah2 mama yg masak lagikla sedappp!
Recapping this whole story really saddened me, and mama actually cried a few times when i wrote this...semoga anak mama tabah slalu! mama ngan abah sayanggggggggg idlan! And thank u so much to everyone out there, for the calls, smses, messages, prayers, etc...really appreciate that :)

18 April 2006

anak oh anak

A'kum semua...

hmm at last ari ni aku masuk ke ofis setelah 10 hari bertapa di rumah...well last week mmg kami blk kampung di junjung kedah. Selasa sampai kl. Dan hari selasa last week bermulalah episod anak oh anak :p

Permata hati kami idlan kena bisul. Mulanya kami x sangka itu bisul, sbb a day before balik kg kami cuma tgk macam ade bekas kena gigit nyamuk pd dada kirinya. Kecik sesgt, merah pon sket jer. 4 hari lepas tuh barulah nampak dada dia bengkak sket, tu pon kami igt biasa jer...sangka kami serangga special yg gigit idlan, so kami just sapu mosquito cream dan minyak gamat. Selasa blk kl, on the way back tetiba dia demam. Very high fever, so kami bwk ke klinik ari rabu. Doc ckp dia kena bisul, sbb dah bengkak sgt dada dia...tp takdelah membonjol macam bisul, cuma merah. Khamis pagi, semasa aku nak bgn solat, tgk ada tompok2 darah kat baju dia...rupanye bisul tu dah pecah..mungkin terpecah sbb dah masak atau sbb idlan tido meniarap. Bawa dia ke klinik sekali lagi, kali ni doc buat dressing..picit nanah2 tu kuar...masya allah idlan nangis punyerla kuat...kami cuma mampu pegang tgn n kaki dia...siannye tgk dia...sayu hati kami. Byk giler nanah+darah kuar...blk rumah temperature idlan terus drop, demam terus ilang..rupanye dia demam sbb bisa bekas bisul tu.

3 hari pagi dan ptg kami ke klinik buat dressing...every time dressing idlan akan nangis kuat giler...sakit yg amat for sure..sian dia...after 3 hari nanah masih tak berenti..at last on friday doc refer ke specialist. Sabtu kami ke sjmc jumpa paed surgeon dr zul. Doc masukkan sejenis kapas special ke lubang tpt bisul tu utk serap nanah. Doc suruh dtg blk on monday utk kuarkan balik kapas tu, if still ade nanah, maka kena undergo minor surgery utk buang pockets2 of nanah di sekeliling area affected tuh. Dgr je surgery, ish cuak kami...idlan kecik lg, kalaulah terpaksa proceed ngan surgery tu...god tak dpt kami bayangkan. Isnin, pegi lg ke sjmc, doc kuarkan kapas, cfm masih ade nanah. Maka esok, rabu 19/4, doc akan buat minor surgery ke atas idlan, utk buang segala nanah2 yg ade, clear infected area and tissues dan sebagainya. Rasa nak luluh jugak hati bila mendengarnya, idlan baru 16 mths, dah kena OP. Sedeynyer rasa...kalaulah sakit tu boleh dipindahkan kpd aku, aku rela...tp Dia yg maha kuasa, segalanya ditentukan olehNya. Kelmarin dekat 5 jam kami bertapa kat sjmc, lepas jumpa doc, pegi ke admission counter utk book ward. Malam ni, bakal menjadi malam ketiga mama dan abah akan tido di sjmc selepas 16mths yg lepas di mana idlan dilahirkan kat sini...idlan kena berpuasa mlm ni...tp aku pon tak sure puasa macam mana. Kena tunggu doc ckp camner. Esok op akan dilakukan around 1130am oleh dr zul, paed surgeon...idlan akan diberi GA thru gas..bius whole body...dan kami takleh masuk temankan dia iskkkkk sedeynyer! Even though doc kata op tu cuma around 10 min, and it is minor, but still it's going to be an operation! poor child, isk cian baby mama...sapela yg gigit idlan sampai jd camni.

So kpd kengkawan dan pembaca blog tersayang, doakanlah agar idlan selamat dlm surgery esok pagi. And saye mungkin akan sambung bercuti sampai bila..ntahla tak sure lagi hehe...tapi kalo orang tgk idlan berlari ke hulu ke hilir, main kejar2 ngan bebudak lain kat sjmc kelmarin, sure tak sangka yg budak ni nak kena op esok pagi hehe...alhamdulillah dia masih aktif, mkn pon selera...physically dia nampak ok, cuma nanah tu jela masih ade lagi...kalo tak buang takut spread ke tpt2 lain plak.

ok sekian updates buat kali ni, rasa janggal plak dah lama tak masuk opis. Datang today ni pon sbb nak jimat cuti huhu..dan nak tgk maps...tp malangnye taleh masuk...tp rasanye dpt average je kot....alhamdulillah rezeki la tu kan....ikutkan hati nak stay temankan idlan...cian dia menangis kuat giler bila mama tinggal dia pagi tadi isk isk...wassalam.

p/s: lupa plak, aini, aku dah dpt offer letter mmu :p kalo ade email dr HR cecepat sms aku ok!

05 April 2006

obsessi posessi

Pelik ke tajuk kat atas tuh? tp itulah hakikatnyer baru-baru ini....si anak teruna ku itu sudah mendevelop satu behaviour di mana dia tersangatlah obsess dgn mamanya (mungkin seperti si imanus tigerus yg obsess pd umminyer hehe) Mama sedikit sebanyak terasa banggala jugak sbb si anak nampak terlalu sayangggg pd mamanya, tp dlm masa yg sama, terasa sedikit rimas. Kenapa rimas? Sebab, ke mana saja mama pergi dia akan ikut. Mama basuh pinggan, dia ikut ke dapur sembam kat bontot n belakang mama, mama duk atas sofa dia marah suruh turun bwh duk ngan dia atas floor, mama baring dia marah suruh bgn, mama manja2 ngan abah pon dia marah tarik2 abah...hatta mama ke toilet membuat projek pon dia nak ikut! Adusss idlanku sayang, kenapa jadi sampai camni sekali ek? nak kata mama terover manjakan dia, tak jugak. Sama je treatment ngan abah. Sekarang ni asyikla melepek atas riba mama. Mama naik atas nak mandi pon dia bley nangis isk isk...

Ha sekarang ni dia dah pandai buat trick...nangis olok-olok. Kalau tak dpt ape yg dia nak, tak puas hati ke ape ke, dia akan pura-pura nangis. Bukak mulut luas-luas, mata jadi kecik, pastuh keluarlah bunyi nangis pura-pura tuh. Kekadang sampai keluar air mata. Tak tahula air mata palsu ke original hehe. Tapi bunyi nangis olok-olok tu..iskk tersangatlah menduga kesabaran kami berdua. Bingit tahu tak hehe...geram pon ade bila dengar tuh. Pastuh bley plak dia stop sendiri...kadang takyah pujuk pon dia senyap sendiri. Aduhai anak, lenkali tolonglah jgn buat bunyi2 camtuh lagik, mama ngan abah rasa tersangatlaaaa geram :p

Sekarang dia ada satu habit baru, gonggong botol susu/air masak. Walaupun susu dah abis, dia still mahu gonggong and hisap...isk hisap anginla kiranya tuh. Sampaikan mama or abah terpaksa rampas secara ganas botol tuh haha...nangis kejap je..pastuh ok balik..like i said, nangis olok-olok :p

lusa kami akan balik kampung tok di kedah..lama dah tok ngan tok wan tak tgk idlan...tak pernah tgk idlan jalan lagi....doakan kami selamat sampai yer!