28 June 2012

Ammar turns 21 months already!

This lil boy of mine is big already. Still breastfeeding though not exclusive, he is special & different in his own way than his brothers. A lot of my friends said "ammar ni baik la...sgt behave!" ..well true indeed but he may throw drama in split seconds okey. Drama king yg sgt hebat i'd say :p

Dan dia sorang je yg pandai buat aksi guling2 atas lantai supermarket!

I love u dear. And thank you for keep on wanting ur mommy's milk. Am sure will treasure every single sweet moments we've been thru throughout the years :)

May Allah protect u from any harm...and bestow u wth good health in the yrs to come amin.

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25 June 2012

Congrats my dear Idlan!

Last week he came back home and break the news to me...mama! idlan dah tahu dpt no brape...in a not-so-convincing tone that i first thought...omg dpt no belas-belas la nih. But then when he said he got no 3...i was like legaaaa & syukur...n terus ckp "gud job sayang congrats!"

Last Saturday there was a parent-teachers meet up day...part of it was to hv a look at their xm results & to know our kids' progress at school. His class teacher said idlan was quite shy & doesnt like to volunteer..in other words he's not outspoken enough. Attitude is good..x nakal..cuma tu la pemalu sket..cam mama dia hehe

Today he came back n showed me a note written by his teacher. Ohh ade perubahan dlm marks dia. I knew it well becoz i've checked all his paper n there were few marking mistakes done for his english paper.

Next time parents2 di luar sana jgn segan2 nk cek paper anak2 anda. Biasalah salah kira..salah tanda..that's quite norm but still we need to highlight to the teachers.

Semlm we brought the kids to watch Madagascar 3. It was ammar's first cinema outing but surprisingly he behaved well thru out d movie :) And as promised abah got for idlan gasing beyblade while i bought for him jam baru...tiruan of course mane leh pakai ori! Si abg dpt jam baru...si adik pon indirectly dpt jam baru jugak...cumelsss i like!!

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22 June 2012

What did we buy in Perth?

Day 6 (12 June 2012) -We woke up as early as 2:00am to freshen ourselves and get all things ready as the airport service shuttle are coming to pick us up around 3:00am. We booked the Perth Connect bus via online from Malaysia, and only paid for their service to the driver incharged on the day they fetched us. Charges is AUD48 for our family (3 adults, 2 child).

Arrived at Perth International Airport around 4am, the kids were wide awake except Ammar, who was still deep in slumber (tgh mimpikan kangaroo kots hehe). I pre-booked 35kg luggage before our departure to Perth, and last night while doing the packing we estimated that there will be at least 15kg excess luggage that we need to pay in extra. Nak buat camner kan...damage done already, so kena pasrah jela with the excess. Time check in, wallet dah prepare utk bayar the excess luggage, and we were kind of worried when seeing Aini and her mom busy taking out few things from their luggage in front of the check-in counter...haaa ni mesti kes excess jugak nih! hehe

Our turn came, hubby shoved off our passport and the boarding pass, then the lady asked us to put our luggage on the trolley...after 2 bags the scale showed 35kg on the dot....and we have another 2 bags left unweighed! Jeng jeng jeng!!! Then she instructed to put the rest of our luggage...satu persatu kami letak, and i just couldn't stop staring at hubby when we looked at the weighing scale. Excess almost 15kg exactly as what we expected! Senyum sajelah...then dia mintak kami angkat Ammar since stroller has to be checked in as well. Dia point out satu free stroller dekat airport utk kami ganti letakkan ammar yg tgh syiok tidur tuh. Then stroller pon jatuh masuk ke dlm lorong trolley tuh. Then dia pon ckp..ok that's it...thank you. So i was like....ehhhhh dia tak suruh bayar pon the excess??? macam terpaku seketika..minah ni tak perasan ke, atau sengaja buat2 tak perasan eh? Memang rezeki kami betul lah hari tuh...kami pon berlalu dgn hati yg riang...syukurrrrrrrr!

Since we still have ample time before boarding into the departure gate, sempatlah makan pie dan roti2 yg dibawah dr apartment. Early breakfast habis hehe. Then masuk departure gate around 530am kots and get ready for Subuh prayer.

Finally si kecik ni sudah bangun! Si abang2 segar bugar even tho still early in the morning.

geliat tak hingat
Ok back to the post title...these are some of the things that we bought in Perth. Those were bought in E-Shed Market, Fremantle. Kids tshirt 3pcs AUD20, adult tshirt AUD10. Cap tak igt brape. Keychain 6pcs AUD6.95. Koala 12pcs ranges from AUD1.50-2.  Lanyard AUD2. Pen set + key ring AUD2.50.

kangaroo yg besar sket belah kiri tu seketul AUD2. Tu idlan dah book utk cikgu2 dia :p

these are mine!! suke suke hehe..apron set sekali dgn pelapik oven + mitten. AUD6 jer! Pasni kalo bakar kek mesti teringat Perth ewahhhhh

Cadbury Favourites tu beli dekat Big W..AUD5 sajerr sbb tgh promo. Normal price dlm AUD8-9 tak silap. Disebabkan kotak tu bulky, malas nk beli bebyk...tp bila balik Mesia..rasa menyesal plak iskkk.  The rest of the chocolates tu beli dekat Margaret River Choc Factory. takleh beli byk sbb mahal amat! Yg kotak hitam tu hazelnut bar, rasa mmg sedap lagi terangkat! AUD6.95/bar. Yg kotak merah orange tu milk choc pastilles...AUD4.95/box. Ada perisa milk choc, dark choc & white choc. Ni lah pastilles yg anak2 kami duk repeat amik berulang kali sebab free kuikui! Tak dinafikan, pastilles ni pon sgt sedap...very the milky gitu. 

nuts cluster

close-up sket. Atas kiri tu Macadamia Cluster, kanan tu Cashew Nuts Cluster. Seketul AUD3.25. Yg bwh tu choc praline..tak igt perisa apa..yg putih tu oreo. AUD1.95 seketul. Yang cluster tu sgt sedap...yg praline tu biasa2 jer rasa dia kurang milky.

Ni antara benda yg paling berbaloi-baloi yg berjaya kami beli. Bought at Nike outlet in HT. AUD25! This one for Ammar...tp ammar takleh pakai lg sebab besar...tp harus beli jugaklah sbb murah kan hihi

The red one for Firas! dekat HT takde jumpa size dan design yg cun utk Firas...akhirnya yg ni beli dekat Foot Locker dekat Hay/Murray St area...AUD30.

Ni utk si abang long. Kasut paling mahal yg kami beli AUD50. Beli dekat HT jugak.

Kekanak dah ade kasut baru, mama pon harus ade jugak kan hehe. This is Nine West, beli dekat HT. Price tag tulis AUD49, tp time nak bayar dia ckp ade another 30% discount...mujur tak pengsan bila dengar! :p Kalau tak memikirkan excess luggage, harus mama tangkap barang 2-3 pairs lagik kuikui

Inilah yg dicari-cari sedari hari kedua kami di sana...dan akhirnya ketemu jua di hari terakhir kami berada di bumi Perth! Kata org kalau dah rezeki tu tak ke mana ye tak. Cuisinart Belgian 4-slice waffle maker. AUD85. Nek umi pon beli seketul utk dia :) Apparently tadi timbang berat ai dah naik sekilo...i bet sbb duk asyik makan waffle for the past few weeks kots arghhhhhhhhh

 i like i like!!

 4-slice at one go! senang banget gitu :)

Hah ni satu lagi benda yg tersgtlah value buy yg berjaya dibeli kat sana. Corelle Simple Lines 16pcs square set. Beli dekat Big W Joondalup Lakeside. Time surf dekat mesia rege AUD87.50...tp bila sampai sana derang tgh wat sales...jadikla AUD65.25 sajerrr...sila jgn jeles :p Yang round set cuma AUD41.25...gilers kannn. Mujurla saya masih waras lg time tgk price tag tu kalo tidak hubby mesti muncung kalo kena carry byk2 kotak hehe

Ade beli jugak 4pcs loose dining plate (AUD6.44/pc) + 1 oblong bakesware (AUD19.38). Dekat Big W Belmont dah takde oblong bakesware tu..i guess sold out kots.

inilah dia milk choc pastilles yg kiut miut dan sedap tuh....

khas buat tatapan Farra. Wallet pink Kate Hill AUD14.95. Aini and her mom beli byk ketul aku rasa hehe

Fridge magnet AUD2.30-3.00/pc. Belah kiri beli dekat area Hay St..kanan tu beli kat Fremantle.

So ini adalah detail expenses kami utk trip Perth nih...in case siapa2 berminat utk membuat rujukan :)

Flight ticket RM2869
Mountway Apartment $775
Danish Patisserie $66.50
Margaret River Choc Factory $24 + 2 Hot choc $9
Caversham ticket $66
Fuel $83.79
Corelle set $65.25
4pcs plate $25.76
Oblong bakesware $19.38
Pinnacles entrance $11
Sand board rental $10
Train ticket to Fremantle $9.30
Fish n chips Cicerello's $66.65 (thanks mak ude sbb blanjer!!)
Souvenir @ Aussin $115
San Churros Chocolateria $41.80
Nike Idlan $50
Nike Ammar $25
Adidas Firas $30
Sweater abah $8.50
Nine west mama $34.30
Tshirt pumpkin patch $22
wallet kate hill $15
transperth to belmont forum (to n fro) $17.60
Insan's cafe $43
waffle maker $85
turtle necks firas n ammar $12
chocolate cadbury 8
misc - snacks n drinks 15

total expenses = around RM7.7k

Lebih kurang sama dgn expenses dekat HK and GC dulu tak silap....

Overall review on Perth:
Sgt2 best, highly recommended! Nice ppl, nice weather, efficient transportation, cheap corelle (haha), byk scenic places that u can go (especially on the down south of western australia which we did not cover due to time constraint and distance). Perth is truly a laid back city, ppl walking here n there in slow pace, less traffic in the city center that u dont see ppl honking into each other atau menjerit marah2. Org perth ni sgt baik, very good manner dan tersgtlah polite, they dont treat u like a complete stranger or stare at u as if u're someone dr planet marikh ke ape...kesimpulannya u can feel the sense of belonging dekat bumi Perth ni ewahh cam over plak bunyi nya. In fact Deman siap terpk nak migrate ke Perth haha....so trust me it's all worth every penny, time n energy spent if u visit this place. konfem tak menyesal! We really really did a lot of walking throughout our trip, that's how u can actually appreciate the surroundings and explore every single thing that Perth has to offer to u. Kalau naik bas, takleh la nak tangkap gambar dekat patung2 tepi jln tu ye tak :p Pastu takleh la nak feeling2 jln dengan baju tebal siap dgn gloves bagai macam kat obersea tu hehe. 

So that's all about Perth. Harap tak bosan la korang baca. Sape nak kitab Perth, nnt bley roger saya okeh :)

21 June 2012

Amazing Perth! - Day 5 (Swan Bell + Belmont Forum + Hay St & Murray St)

Semah & family already went back to KL early that morning, Farra's decided to board a train to Mandurah while Aini and her mom wanted to check out for more Corelle at Belmont Forum. We continued our itinerary as planned, that was to explore the Perth CBD area as it was our final day already sob sob.

We took a blue CAT and hop off at the Esplanade station where there is a bus port in the opposite of the station. From there we walked for another few hundred metres to go to the Barrack Square, the home to Perth's Swan Bells. There is a large tower called the Bell Tower, standing proud right in the area which is very close to the astounding Swan River. Some facts about the Bell Tower:
The Bell tower houses the twelve bells of Saint Martin in the Fields church, the parish church of Buckingham Palace, and also features a viewing platform and exhibitions. It is open daily from 10am - 4.45pm. Entrance ticket is AUD14 (adult) and AUD9 (child).

The bridge connecting Mountway to the city center. Ntah berapa kali kami lalu bridge ni everytime nk cross jalan amik CAT bus :)

OK sudah sampai the Swan River. Tempat wajib pegi kalo pegi Perth! Yang menarik kat sini ade pathway utk laluan basikal...so mmg nampakla mat salleh2 yg penuh bersemangat mengayuh basikal pergi ke tempat kerja or just for exercise. Cuaca sangat cerah dengan angin sejuk sepoi2 bahasa...perfect for walking and picture snapping!

Perth Convention Center. Tak pasti lah apa ada dlm nih sebab kami tak masuk hehe. Agaknya macam dewan PWTC la kots? 

Swan River + the buildings at Perth CBD

The Bell Tower...standing tall in the Barrack Square

pose wajib

The jetty at Barrack Square, the departure point for river, winery and Rottnest Island cruises, as well as ferries to South Perth and Perth Zoo. Kami tak naik ferry nih...sebab nak kejar for last minute shopping at Hay St/Murray St.

Ok if u're curious the full meaning of CAT..inilah jawapannya! Central Area Transit yer kengkawan :) Kalau jumpe bus stop yg ada lambang CAT ni, hah mmg lega lah. Tgk je map yg ade dekat bus stop tuh, and pilihlah destinasi yg anda suke! Kalau nak tour the whole town naik CAT ni pon ok...in case anda ragu2 nak pegi mana...biar je CAT tu bergerak ikut route dia and anda buatlah impromptu decision nk turun at which stop..tekan loceng je tak susah mana pon :) Bila kaki dah penat, sometimes lepak dlm CAT bus ni pon ok hehe..bus selesa, air cond, luas, stroller tak payah lipat bila nak masuk...very convenient lah kesimpulannya! Dekat bus stand tu ada loceng utk anda tahu when is the next CAT bus is coming...keluarlah suara omputih ckp "the next bus is coming in xxx minutes time"...mmg tepat plak tu waktu dia dtg!

Operating hour for CAT bus:
6.20am-6.20pm except Sunday 10am-6.20am

Captain Cook Cruise
Perth City Sightseeing Tour Bus (hop on hop off). Umi mmg teringin nak naik bas ni, kids pon mesti suke kalo duk dekat upper deck tu..tapi mama malas sbb takut buang masa...byk benda lom shopping lagik nih :p
Ticket for HOHO: adult AUD27.50, child AUD17, and it's valid for 2 days. Kira berbaloi jugaklah kalau nak amik kan! Takperla tunggu kalau ade repeat Perth nnt leh la naik ewahh berangan gitu :p

Lepas puas posing bagai dekat area Swan Bells tu, we board a Blue CAT to go to the Esplanade station (kes malas jalan hihi). From here we purchased a Transperth bus ticket to go to Belmont Forum Shopping Center. Bus ticket AUD2.60 adult, kids AUD1.00. Just catch bus no 37, 38, 39, 288 or 293 and hop off at stop no 11304. Dlm 25min je kot dah sampai Belmont. For info, Belmont Forum ni more or less similar as Joondalup Lakeside, where u can find Big W, Coles, Woolworths, Harvey Norman and many more big shopping outlets under one roof. Senang gitu! Main intention dtg sini adalah untuk mencari waffle maker yg masih belum ketemu!

dah sampai di stop no 11304 - Belmont Forum at Wright Street. Opposite bus stop ni ada rumah org2 tua/warga emas...

igt yer senarai bus2 yg anda boleh naiki utk sampai ke Belmont

yeah i can spot Big W from a far...tak sabar!!! Angin sangat kuat pagi tuh ala2 mau hujan/ribut.

Belmont Forum Shopping Center. Dlm tu ada Harvey Norman. Dengan hampanya waffle maker dah sold out dekat sini isk isk. Harga Kitchenaid mixer quite mahal...dlm AUD799. Ah lupakan! Tapi seronokla dpt tgk mixer cun2 yg sangat colorful...hijau ade merah ade biru ade kuning ader....rambang mata! Cuma poket je tak mengizinkan kuikui

Masuk Big W, again sangat hampa kerana waffle maker sold out jugak kat sini. Isk mat salleh ni suke benar mkn waffle kot sampai sumer tempat sold out! grrrrrr sedey sedey! Akhirnya aku cuma membeli coklat dlm Big W nih utk mengubat hati yg lara hehehe...actually happy sbb dpt beli coklat Cadbury Favourites dlm kotak cun tu at AUD5 only! Menyesal plak tak borong bebyk...again takut excess luggage sbb kotak tu quite bulky.

After about 1 hour pusing2 dlm Belmont Forum suddenly black-out! haha apekahhhhhh. Satu mall tu gelap gelita dibuatnya. Rasanya time tu dlm pukul 11am kots. Sebelum black out tu sempatlah nek umi shopping 2 helai blouses hihi. Kami lepak2 for few minutes and hoping for the security to make official announcement ke ape ker...tapi hampa. Slowly one shop after another closed down their business, then hubby asked of the pak guard to get some insight on the black out tapi dia pon tak pasti brapa lama...so dgn berat hati kami decide utk meninggalkan Belmont dan pulang ke city centre. Naiklah semula Transperth dan turun di Esplanade bus port. Naik blue CAT dan turun di area Hay St/Murray St untuk jalan-jalan carik halal food for lunch. Duk study map utk mencari either Cafe Karache, Oleh-oleh Cafe atau Insan's Cafe sebab all are located in this area. Puas jln last2 kami cuma jumpe Insan's Cafe. So ape lagi, kite terjah sajer!

Posing kiut dari Ammar :)

Insan's Cafe ni agak glamer amongst Malaysian tourist. Forumer dah pesan kalau dtg sini wajib order beriyani or mee goreng mamak dia sbb sangat kaw. Lepas study menu, we all order mee goreng mamak AUD10.50, nasi beriyani ayam (AUD10.50) dan nasi goreng ayam (AUD11). 
tu diaaa...such a big portion leh share 2 org! :) Review: mmg sedap gilerrrr kalah mee goreng mamak kat Mesia...serius tak tipu. So next time kalo dtg sini wajib order menu ini ok!!

Nasi goreng ayam..not bad sedap jugak! Bley share 2 org jugak nih.
Nasi beriyani ayam dia pon sedap...tp lupa nak snap gambar sbb dah bz mkn kuikui

Halal ok...so bolehlah masuk dgn konfiden :)

Settle lunch, kami terus meneruskan misi last minute shopping di area Hay Street/Murray Street. Area ni mmg glamer sebab byk line-ups of shopping outlet di sepanjang deretan jalan tu. Jalan punye jalan, ternampak David Jones...terjah masuk dan mata agak terpana seketika melihat cutleries, dining set, kitchen appliances dan segala mcm peralatan dapur dan rumah yg designer brands gitu. Donna Hay la ape la  macam2 nama ada den pon dah lupa...agak kaget melihat tag price setiap brg tuh hehe konfem tidak mampu milik! Then bila sampai di section electrical appliances, ternampaklah Cuisinart Belgian Waffle Maker yg diidam-idamkan tuh. Arghhh bukan seketul, byk ketul ader! So ape lagi, terus rembat dan pegi bayar. Nek umi pon amik seketul hehe. Kiranya memang tak sia-sialah kami masuk ke David Jones nih...mmg dah tertulis rezeki kami waffle maker ada dijual di sini :) Disebabkan kami masih belum mahu pulang dan masih ingin explore deretan kedai di sini, terpaksalah buat muka kesian minta dekat customer service utk simpankan waffle maker yg sgt berat tuh...dlm 2kg tauuu, mana larat nak kendong ke hulu hilir. Mujur omputih tu kasik :)

Ammar posing depan Myers. Myers ni glamer kat Perth, shopping mall yg agak besar jugaklah. Barang byk mahal2 dlm nih, tapi aku sempat rembat turtle neck brand Milk Shake for the kids...AUD6 je sehelai after discount :p Dan bila jln dekat section kitchen, terjumpa lagik waffle maker tapi brand Breville!! Lagik murah, tapi smaller size la compared to Cuisinart...Cuisinart tu leh bakar 4 slices at one go, Breville ni kecik sket...so justified dan tak ralat la beli Cuisinart even tho mahal byk :p

Foot Locker ni agak menarik. Byk kasut2 branded yg dijual kat sini. Sempat beli Adidas utk Firas seketul.

Idlan main cak-cak dgn Ammar dan Firas sementara abah bz pilih kasut :)

Dlm CAT bus, otw back to Mountway selepas seharian berjln

This is London Court. Another shopping arcade dekat area Hay St/Murray St.

So that's basically wrapped up our final day in Perth. Mlm tu bz packing dan sebagainya sebab flight balik KL pukul 6.50am pagi esok....

Lepas ni ai list down hasil tangkapan di Perth yer :)