18 June 2012

Amazing Perth! - Day 2 (Lancelin + Pinnacles Desert + Joondalup Lakeside)

I'd say Day 2 is the highlight of our Perth trip. We had sand boarding for the first time in lives, we saw the miracles of Allah's creation that is truly stunning and amazing. Allahuakbar!

Around 830am, our cars zoomed off onto the highway heading up north towards Lancelin. Located about 127km from Perth CBD, the journey took us around 1hr 30min. Fyi, the highway in Perth is free-toll, menariks kan. There were not many cars on the road that day, probably because it was on weekday. However we couldn't run that fast due to its highway speed limit of only 80-110km/hr.

We stopped by at 'Have a Chat' store to rent the sand boards. Each of our family rented 1 board (AUD10/board for 2 hours). Pergi Lancelin tak lengkap without the sand board yer :)

the view along the highway. Pokok2 yg tumbuh cantik elok je tersusun rapi.

Lancelin!! Here we come ngeh ngeh :)
Panas terik u ols, rasanye it was 11am+ kot that time. 

Sebijik macam padang pasir dekat negara Arab tak?? Pemandangan mmg superb...cantik gilers!! Cuma bersiap sedialah kena sunburn sbb matahari memang terik di atas kepala...without any filters :p

The Dunes area. Kereta kena park tepi gate, then haruslah menapak utk masuk ke dunes area tu dan start ekspedisi memanjat bukit bukau. Sila pilih dunes tinggi mana yg korang nak. Panjat - surf turun - panjat lagi...haa ulanglah berapa byk kali pon sampai korang penat! hehe

ecece abah try dunes rendah dulu...testing 123 baru nih. Agak bosan kalau rendah, sbb dia tak turun laju.
Kawasan dunes ni baru lepas hujan kot, so pasir agak lembab sket...jadi harusla cari dunes yg lebih tinggi supaya board anda meluncur turun dgn lebih laju!

masya Allah cantik kan the view??? that is my hubby...bak kata Bull posing ala2 mat surf sejati :p

i so like this pic!! thnx bull! nampak cam classic sbb awan biru contrast dgn pasir yg putih halus mulus tuh. Anyway pasir dia mmg sgt2 halus...lens DSLR anda bley rosak kalo pasir ni terbang masuk lens, so be careful pd mereka yg bwk kamera canggih manggih tuh :p

Me sandsurfing with Ammar! Once in a lifetime opportunity nih, so haruslah paksa Ammar naik skali! hehe
2 kali je kot bwk Ammar....pastu surrender. Letih la nak ulang alik panjat bukit dukung dia ...

Abah plak bawak Firas...firas muka cuak!

tiga abang long meluncur dgn seronok skali! siap race lagik tu :)

sand dunes yg indah!

lepas surf 2x, mama pegi surf sorang2...tinggallah saya bermain pasir ala-ala di tepi pantai :p Tima kasih nek umi sebab temankan saya!

i oso love this pic!!! nampak sungguh cantik awan putih tuh.

After getting enough of sand boarding and dunes hiking (even tho ade budak mrajuk sebab kena paksa balik dari dunes! hehe) we headed towards one of the picnic area around Lancelin to have our packed lunch. The picnic area was so comfy, with enough bench, toilet, bins...and with an added bonus - the location was next to a beach! We had nasi goreng and maggi goreng that was cooked back at the apartment. Walaupon dah sejuk, tapi tetap sedapppp! Sumer tgh kelaparan selepas penat bersand dunes hihi

cuaca sejuk...so budak2 ni happy je berlari-larian di atas rumput :)

the beach. tapi air agak kotor..tak sesuai utk mandi-manda

Right after lunch, we continued our journey towards the Pinnacles Desert. Located at Nambung National Park, Cervantes, around 203km north Perth CBD....which means about 1hr-drive from Lancelin. We chose the Indian Ocean Drive Highway which is a faster way to arrive at Cervantes as compared to the Brand Highway (if u wish to pass thru the Emu Wind Farm pls use the Brand Highway). Entrance fee to Pinnacles is AUD11/car. The pinnacles drive is about 4km return, what you need to do is to enter into the desert following the route trail, stop ur car, turun amik2 gambar at ur favourite stones, then continue driving, stop and turun amik gambar lagi, ulang2 lah lagi sampai towards the end route. For those who entered in using a tour bus, i think the bus just stopped at the main entrance gate, and u need to walk in all way through...sure penat.

Some facts about the Pinnacles before kite layan pics:

In the Pinnacles Desert, right in the heart of Nambung National Park, thousands of huge limestone pillars rise out of a stark landscape of yellow sand. In places they reach up to three and a half metres tall. Some are jagged, sharp-edged columns, rising to a point; while others resemble tombstones.
The raw material for the limestone of the pinnacles came from sea shells in an earlier epoch rich in marine life. These shells were broken down into lime-rich sands which were brought ashore by waves and then carried inland by the wind to form high, mobile dunes. Three old systems of sand dunes run parallel to the WA coast, marking ancient shorelines.
source: http://www.safaris.net.au/info/pinnacle.htm

konon tgh feeling la tu :p

posing under the hot blazing sun...tetap layanz! The view is truly amazing. Mmg indah sungguh ciptaan Allah!

kita hanyalah secebis insan kerdil di sebalik keagungan ciptaan Allah..so true.

dulu before depart pegi Perth the mommies dah sepakat konon nak our kids posing gambar kasut memasing. Tapi susah benar nk dptkan that shot and kasik cukup kuorum. Tiba2 dekat Perth dpt idea baru nak suruh kids posing aksi lompat. And the result...sgt comel!! hehe

i lurve this pic!!! Impromptu idea jugak nih. Mommy posing angkat baby memasing :) Bukan senang nk dpt this shot, kena angkat byk kali nak kasik sumer org rhyme...letih dah tangan woooo

my boy surrendered under the hot sun. Letih betul awak exploring the Pinnacles yerkkkk

sun burn sun burn! mencik!!!

a very nice shot group photo by En Dzul. truly breathtaking!

kids melompat but with a nicer shot again by En Dzul. Yerla guna kamera den yg koman tu konfem takkan dpt shot yg cun camni :p

uishhh kids dah settle melompat...mama pon nak join the boat bley??? tapi terover la plak si mommies2 nih :p Jangan tiru aksi ini ok!

I bet if u come here during summer mesti tak tahan nak jln lama...sgt panas! We were lucky sbb even tho cuaca panas angin nya masih sejuk.

posing manja dari Mawaddah :)

Once in a lifetime opportunity menunaikan solat di puncak Pinnacles. Ada mat salleh lalu time kami solat depa senyum2 jer hehe

Ok lepas penat berjalan, posing, melompat dan sebagainya it was time for us to leave the Pinnacles and head back home. It was Friday that day, which means a late night shopping time for us! We left the desert around 4pm++, and has decided to stop by at the Joondalup Lakeside shopping mall to scout for Corelle, waffle maker and buy some provision for our next days at Woolworths. The Lakeside houses loads of big anchor tenants like Woolworths, Big W, Coles, Kmart, Target and many more. It was located just next to the main road, so very easy to spot the place. We arrived here around 630pm if I were not mistaken, and during that time only the big tenants are still operating until 9pm, while the rest of the smaller shop outlets and its food courts are already closed at 530pm…sangat bosan depa ni tutup kedai awal sgt! Before that we refueled our tank at the nearby Caltex.

I bought my Corelle at Big W. They were having sales u ols I like!!! I’ve checked the price via online before going to Perth and it was going at AUD55 (round 16pcs) and AUD87.50 (square 16pcs). But my oh my that night it was selling at AUD41.25 (round) and AUD65.25 (square). Giler kan?? Haha. But there were not many designs left on the rack since I was told that the sales have been going on for one week already. I took one square set, 4pcs loose dining plate and 1 bakesware oblong shape. Waffle maker already  sold out, so takder rezeki malam tuh :(
Lepas bayar Corelle we went into Woolworths to buy some eggs, milk and pies. Harga groceries kat sini mmg murah la, best giler kalo duk sini hehe. Woolworths ni ala2 supermarket cam Giant/Carefourre/Tesco kat Mesia. Oh if u intend to buy frozen halal pie, pls look for Mrs Mac Frozen Pie brand ok…halal certified by Perth mosque as informed by the locals.

So that’s basically wrapped up our 2nd day. Balik apartment, had our home-cooked dinner…then zzzzz. Penat betul hari ini tapi sgt seronok!!!!


LiTtLe^m3 said...

Err.. panas2 tu x migrain ke??

Smiley said...

bila masa lak ko sun burn? x nampak pon

suke2 gambo lompat2 tuhh ehehe..terpaksa aa cilok dr kamera bull

y@tipruzz said...

Baiti...x migrain sbb x igt ofis langsung. 1st day masuk ofis trus migrain. Irony sungguh!! :p

Burn teruk bila bukak tudung hukhuk pastu gi phuket bertambah2 burn nnt arghhhh

CT said...

seronoknye!!!!! suka gambar lompat2 tu...and u r so true...ciptaan Allah sungguh indah kan...

sue said...

salam yati..nice blog..sgt banyak ifo berguna since kami plan akan ke Perth this sunday 9Nov2014, nak tanya, corelle tu bawa balik naik flight macamana? handcarry ke?