20 June 2012

Amazing Perth! - Day 4 (Kings Park + Harbour Town)

Day 4 continued a bit late as the weather was not really good that morning. Very strong wind and slightly raining ala2 macam nak ribut pon ader. We started walking and 'climbing' along the pathway from our apartment towards Kings Park which was quite hilly and steep ala2 pendakian menjejak Gunung Kinabalu bak kata Semah :p Dengan angin yang kuat dan jln yg mencanak, it really took us loads of energy even to push the stroller forward. Silih berganti menolak stroller with hubby and nek umi :p The kids were having fun berlari mendaki dan menuruni bukit ala2 racing, well dun ever compare yourself with the kids. Your metabolisme definitely works and processed slower than the kiddos what more taking into consideration the extra fats reside in the body haha

So after about 20-30 minutes of walking we finally arrived at Kings Park!! Let's digest some of the facts about Kings Park:

Kings Park overlooking the Perth CBD and Swan River is one of Perth's popular tourist and local visitor destinations. Kings Park plants are mostly native Western Australian bush land and trees. The main entrance from Kings Park Road has great cultivated botanic gardens. Through September, the spring, Kings Park Wildflower Festival is a must see for green plants, and some of the best Western Australian wildflower tours.
 Source: http://www.perthperth.com/kingspark.htm

We passed thru some nice terrace houses and beautiful landscape otw to the park. It was freezing cold that morning seriously...angin sgt kuat!!

group photo taken with my humble camera :p

and one 'ngada-ngada' shot by mr hubby :p

with Semah, our permanent companion thru out the trip :)

the mommies with kids. Behind us is the Swan River.

our team!

ok konfem pose lompat adalah pose wajib bagi trip kami nih! :) Pity the kids kena dera lompat beberapa kali utk dptkan the nice shot kuikui. Spot the boy in the middle with black jacket..nama dia Muaz anak si Farra...tgh mogok ke ape takmo lompat sekali :p

beautifully-landscaped, lush greens and tall trees line up along the road entrance to the park. There is a long canopy walk inside the Kings Park, but we were just too tired and malas nak explore the whole park. Try google it out, nice canopy walk they have actually!

Photo mahal ni. Nampak macam study dekat oversea tak? hehehe

Nice group photo by Bull! Depa cakap boleh hantar gambar ni masuk paper...dari kami pelajar-pelajar Western Australia University khas buat ibu bapa kami di Malaysia...dengan ucapan Selamat Hari Raya dan kenanglah kami tatkala menjamah ketupat rendang tu!! :) So ada bran sambung phd oversea???

Oklah cut the crap!
Lepas penat berposing bagai nak rak, our group split into 2 different directions. Me and Semah were going to Harbour Town (HT) while Farra and Aini decided to go to museum in Perth CBD. HT only opens at 11am on Sunday, so we decided to take our own sweet time to take a stroll along the roads right up to HT (well Aini ckp dekat je nak jln, and based on the map it tells you so...takdelah jauh sgt HT tuh!). Jalan punya jalan, passing thru one road after another, kejap2 tgk peta, with strong wind hitting ur face sampaikan tupperware koko krunch yg kami letak di bwh stroller terbang melayang ke atas jln....akhirnya selepas setengah jam (or maybe more) berhempas pulas kami tiba jua di HT!!! Giler penat...but it was the experience that counts :) I bet we burnt loads of calories and did countless of exercise throughout our whole trip. Kira bagus la kan sbb kat Mesia sure korang takkan rela nak berjln jauh macam nih :p

So this is the Harbour Town. Lambang Nike tu dah memanggil-manggil daku!!

HT houses loads of shop outlets carrying medium to high-end brands like Cotton On, Nike, Adidas, Samsonite, Pumpkin Patch, Nine West, Oroton, Seed, Oakley and many more. 2 tingkat jer, tapi silalah bertabah kalau nak habis tawaf the whole floor and shops. We arrived there around 10:40am, and left the place at 5:30pm when it closed. Sakan! There's Ispa Kebab at Ground Flr, there's a huge Parents Room at both flr for you to perform solat at your most convenience. Very convenient sbb sgt luas lengkap dgn comfy sofa set bagai..microwave pon ader...hebat betul Parents Room depa! Kalau penat nak tidur and lepak2 selama mungkin atas sofa tu pon bley hehe

this is rice kebab set...can't remember the price..pardon my memory! Penuh dgn sayur-sayuran so bila mkn rasa mcm sgt lah healthy hehe. No worry as they serve big portion so u can always share with ur partner

Few pairs of shoes bought in HT. Good bargain that was too hard to resist! especially that black nine west heel ala-ala boot that was going at AUD35 only!! kalo tak pk excess luggage harus ku tangkap barang 2-3 pair lagik kuikui. Apart from shoes we bought few tshirts for the kids, i got a nice dull pink Kate Hill wallet and my mom picked a very nice brown leather handbag also from the same outlet. We met Aini and her mom in the same shop, and i bet that wasn't their 1st trip going to that shop hehe

So lepas kenyang mkn dan shopping, we took the Yellow CAT right in front of the HT, stop at Hay St kot for interchange to Blue CAT, and hop off at Stop no 20 (Mounts Bay Road) before continued walking and climbing the steepy hill to go back to our apartment.

Review on HT? emm to us kira oklah, some of the items were selling at really good bargain while the rest are quite pricey when u convert back to RM. Like Farra's said, if ur not a real shopper then just forget the trip to HT and instead it's wiser for u to spend time going to scenic places or catching up some old history at the museum! hehe


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menarik plak tgk pokok yg husband awak peluk tu sbb nampak die putih....

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aku nk tgt gak wallet ko
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Kate Hill nama dia